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CROATIA : ISLAND KRK Discover the wonders of Croatia and Island of Krk in 3 days.

Located in the centre of the Kvarner bay, it is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Its mild Mediterranean climate, good geographical position and variety of natural and cultural beauties gave it, even in acient times, the name „golden island“. The 45th parallel passes through the island, whilst its longest part is 38 km and its widest 20 km long. On the island of Krk there are tree streams and two lakes. Discover our island – uncover its charms and treasures in every season: cruise through its beautiful and varied landscapes, visit its thousand year-old monuments, museums and galleries. Breathe in the feeling of wellbeing whilst walking along the romantic pathways by the sea or along the wild shepherd's rock paths. Enjoy the magical tastes of Krk cuisine and delightful home-made wine. Take advantage of your stay by enjoying the delights the entire island is offers in the solidity of its rich and varied accommodation, and tourist and catering offer.

Day 1: Malinska-Dubašnica Start of day 1 is in Malinska with beautiful view of the coast. You can take a walk on the coast and take beautiful pictures and have little brake in „Kings caffe“. Malinska is situated in a wooded bay on the western side of the island of Krk with another twenty surrounding villages belongs to a territory known as Dubašnica. Dubašnicas name comes from the name of an oak tree, and there are dense forests and pastures located here together with some cultivated land. From there is know traditional dance called folklor.

After brake you will keep walking to the natural beaches in Malinska. The pier you are walking on was back in history an island port for the export of wood, and a favourite tourist destination for Viennese aristocracy.

Place near Malinska is Porat. There is monastery and the church of the third Franciscan order of St. Mary Magdalene. There is known Glagolitic tradition wich you will visit in Francisian monastery in its museum with rare exhibits including a collection of Glagolitic Lapidarium ( stone monuments ).

Also in Francisian monastery are holded a number of concerts of both classical and traditional music. You will see church-gallery complex of St.Nicholas in the centre of Malinska.

After sightseeing the Malinska and Dubašnica you will have lunch in the best tavern on island called „Bracera“. Offer for lunch is handmade traditional pasta named Makaruni with goulash.


After lunch you will visit Omišalj. Omišalj is a village wich is situated at 85 meters above sea level and it dominates almost three kilometre-long bay. Omišalj has existed for more than 10 thoustand years. The name Omišalj is mentioned for the first time under the Latin name Castro Muschlo in a gift from 1153.

When you arrive very first thing you will see on main square will be Memorial House of Krk Folklore. Inside it you can see folk costume from every village on island Krk, items od daily use and local musical heritage.

Also on main square in church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Deeper in village get lost in cobblestoned and narrow streets and you will find Castle and beautiful viewpoint from where you can see whole bay of Rijeka and biggest beach Pesja.

There you can take beatiful photos and panoramas. From that point you can get near the sea by trail that goes through Forest park Dubec.

Near the sea is Mirine-Fulfinum in wich is holded Day of Ancient Rome which are holded these days. There you will

meet with Rome tradition on this area and you can participe in various workshops and have fun.

After fun and full day you can relax along with dinner in Konoba Ulikva. There you can try traditional dessert Presnoc which is made from sheep cheese and a glass of homemade vine.

Day 2: Local wine and food, main sights and Vinotel Gospoja.

Before going out, take a breakfast in Pekara Vrbnik, or take a coffee in caffe bar „Dubravka“. Pekara Vrbnik is a bakery traditional for Vrbnik. You can buy all sorts of pastry and croissants there. You can even get burek, puff pastry filled with meat or cottage cheese. Orehnjača is traditional sweet pastry filled with walnuts and raisins ideal for breakfast.

After breakfast, make your way to the “Klančić”. Klančić is the narrowest street in the world. Its wide only 42 centimeters. From Klančić head to oldest library on the island of Krk. It has over 15 000 books in stock currently. Oldest and most valuable book is “Atlas scolasticus et itineraries” written in 1718.

Or take a ride outside Vrbnik and experience the “Vrbenske štrogli”. Legends that head back all the way back to 19th century. The most popular one is legend of “Maličići”, the tiny creatures that lived in forest and messed with humans. They used to show up nearby open fire when lit in houses.

If you are feeling hungry after all these activities, you can grab lunch at “Luce”. Beautiful restaurant. For the first course a lot of people would recommend you try prosciutto and homemade cheese. For second course you can have a taste of šurlice, homemade pasta traditional for Vrbnik.

Also, you can have a taste of their homemade wine called Vrbnička žlahtina. Vrbnička Žlahtina is most popular wine at this area. Restaurant Nada produces its own wine. When the dark falls you can visit one of the Vrbniks hidden gems, the jazz festival called “Ribarnica jazz fair”

Day 3 : Baška and Jurandvor

First stop on the way to Baška should be on „Žanac“ in front of „Draga Bašćanska“ where you have to „kiss the Old Woman“ as the legend says. People liked to jokingly scare the children of Krk with the following words : „When you go to Baška for the first time you'll have to kiss the wet Old Woman“. There you can still get a drink of cold, natural water from the pipe that has been installed.

As the part of „Baška Glagolitic Trail“ you will see 35 stone sculptures with Glagolitic letters. The Baška glagolitic trail will lead you through winding cobbled streets and the many wonders nature has to offer. It is the best way to discover the stories that shaped Baška and its trademark, the glagolitic script, an invaluable piece of Croatian culture and history. One of the most famous letters is the letter „A“ . The Glagolitic letter A is the first sculpture in a series of sculptures of the trail. The Baška tablet also begins with the letter A . There is a beautiful view over the green Baška Valley, which extends all the way down to the sea, the island of Prvić and Mount Velebit. The A sculpture is 6.10 m high, 7 tons in weight and is currently the largest stone monolith in Croatia.

After you had a fresh,cold water for drink, head to small village Jurandvor. There you can see and learn something about „Baška tablet“ which was found there in the church of St. Lucy. The Baška tablet is probably the most famous monument of early Croatian literacy, dating from about 1100. Its size and weight are impressive: 2x1 m, 800 kg. Its importance is due to the fact that in its third line we can read "Zvonimir, Croatian King". Baška tablet is the oldest known document in which the Croatian name is written in Croatian language, and moreover, in Croatian Glagolitic Script.

Craving for some traditional food? Continue your trip to Baška,you can stop at the restaurant „Forca“ and enjoy in local fresh lamb and potatoes with the view that will absoultely take your breath away. Take a walk by the sea and grab local specialty „pacica“ , ideal dessert for kids and adults.

After lunch you can relax on your boat ride to the small island Prvić where you can take a walk around the island and see

„mrgari“. Mrgari are dry wall buildings that take the shape of stone flowers, and are intended for the temporary collection and classification of sheep owned by different people. The largest one can hold up to 1500 sheep. These beautiful examples of local architecture can only be found around Baška and the uninhabited island of Prvić. There are around 15 in total and most of them are still in use. There are only two other places in Europe where similar constructions can be found – Great Britain (Wales) and Iceland.

At the end of the day and your trip take a walk by the sea and through the old town. There you will be stunned with interesting small houses, all so similar,but all so different and special. In the evening enjoy in a glass of wine by sea with magical view on the starry sky and the whole bay.

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Unconventional package - Croatia  

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Unconventional package - Croatia  

Let's Living and Moving Consciously in our Europe 2018-1-RO01-KA201-049106