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1.- You should investigate when the movie is going to be in theaters. Check the movie theater webpage for the date that the film is going to be on the screen. 2.-Once you know the schedule of the movie go to the movie theater at least a week before the premiere and buy the numbers of tickets you want. If the movie you are going to see is wait it usually have a pre-sell of tickets. 3.- The day of the premiere is already and what you have to do is go to the cinema and stan at the waiting line. Be on the theater like a hour earlier. 4.-If you invited your friends, send them to buy popcorn, because what a movie premiere is without snacks? 5.- Set down with you fellows and enjoy the movie.

The duet Jesse & Joy went to Mexicali, Baja California on March 12, 2012 in their tour “¿Con quién se queda el perro?” of México. The people who attended were divided by sections; the first one was the premier zone which was completely filled with great admirers, the second one was the largest zone of the concert: the preference. And the last one was the general section which ended at the entrance.

The Mexican alternative pop duet has a lot of teenagers wait hours before the concert started because there made a runway of a company that was sponsor of the event. Later Jerry Demara showed up singing “Mentiras piadosas” he’s achievement. The concert started at 11:00 pm with the song “Aqui voy”, and then they sang songs of their last album “Esta es mi vida” in which ones the audience start singing in chorus. One hour later the duet said goodbye and leave the stage but the public were screaming “Corre, corre, corre” which is a very famous song. Jesse and Joy come again to the stage and sing the acclaimed song. It ended almost at 1:00 am and all the people there were satisfied about the excellent concert, it’s seems that if they come again to Mexicali there would be a lot of fans in there and it’s would have a lot of greats comments about it.

The public wait for the beginning of the show for almost 2 hours. Finally the show started at 10 pm and ended at 2 am, the environment of the audience were relaxing and fun, everyone was enjoying the show. They could participate on it making a joke in front of everyone. At the end of the show everyone were satisfied about it, there were a lot of good comments, news and reviews of how good the show was because almost ever year they came to Mexicali and make a incredible show.

The book Juliet, the The other story include it is author, Anna Fortier develop on the 2011 Siena, try to explain the back Italy and the principal role grown of the story that is a girl descendant of the supposed inspire the play real Juliet, how try to figure wrote by Shakespeare. out what happened with the dead of her parents. The novel can be read on an In this part the author, enaleatory way the story be- force herself to create an attween the real Juliet and mosphere of intrigues, mysRomeo, how their families tery, action and love, but acbecame enemies and the fa- tually is boring and seems mous tragic love story; this like a bad intent to fill blank part, ambient in the age of pages. Siena 1340, its fine cause have, all the elements that a So if you are interest on read story have, action, love, and tragic love story based fights, tears, forbidden love, on the Romeo and Juliet by things that every romantic Shakespeare, you can skip novel has to have. that chapters how talk about Siena 2011, you aren’t going to lose anything.

This American T.V. series it´s about a man called Ted, an who is telling to his daughter and son, from the future, the story about him and his friends 2005 until the day he know their mother.

The pilot is about Ted the main character realize that he want find a girl and get married just like his two best friends Marshall and Lily are getting marry. Moreover, by the season continuous could be saw how Ted lose the faith on find her dream girl, the many times he almost know the mother, all the crazy things he did with his gang.

The T.V. series also tells the story of all Ted´s friends, Robin an exgirlfriend who is afraid of compromise and doesn´t like kids and workaholic; Barney an incorrigible lady´s man, who anybody knows what he does for work and give us phrases, like cool story bro, and Lily and Marshall a particularly couple who know each other since college, she is kind of crazy and evil master mind and he has strangers ideas.

The season eight, might the last one, Ted finally is going to find the girl of his dreams and be happy as he always dream.

First saw this on cable TV. Thumbing through the channels I stopped just as Donnie Darko was beginning. I thought the title was weird, and readied my thumb on the remote channel selector pointed it at the TV and it stayed there for the rest of the movie! I couldn't stop watching! I've never seen a movie like this. I think the main theme of this film was summed up somewhere in the middle, where Donnie is speaking to a not-so-helpful self-help guru and says something to the following effect: "Yes, I am scared and I am confused. But I think you are the f****** antichrist." In the end, Donnie Darko is a film about people who feel life and all the emotions within it very deeply. Donnie himself is a basically sweet-tempered (often courageous) young man who is pathologically terrified of loneliness and the thought of spiritual isolation. His quest for meaning and selfdiscovery drives him to the fringes of our reality, which only serves to isolate him more from the world he loves. The few who understand what Donnie is going through go largely unnoticed (such as his girlfriend Gretchen or a tragically overweight yet remarkable sensitive little girl) or unappreciated (such as Karen, the English teacher whose only sin is trying to show her students that there is no such thing as a true end.) Of course, this movie far from polarizes its characters (indeed, polarization is the last thing this film wants to accomplish) and the majority are just a mishmash of the beautiful and the grotesque: Donnie's parents, who are at the same time loving and perpetually confused; the aforementioned selfhelper Jim Cunningham, who is desperate to spread the lie that keeps him sane to everybody else; and Donnie's sister, Probably the best thing about this movie, though, is its incredible emotional range. It manages to inspire hope, love, dread, laughter, and tears at different points throughout the movie without making you feel least bit like there is a contradiction between those states.

They say that if you combine a great character with a great actor, you're halfway to a great show. "House M.D." seems to do that with most of its cast, but especially Gregory House and Hugh Laurie. House is a snarky, sarcastic, occasionally callous but adorable jerk. He is also the most brilliant yet least well-adjusted doctor at PrincetonPlainsboro Teaching Hospital. Around him are three junior doctors, all three of whom have varied but interesting personalities.

There is also his only friend, James Wilson, an oncologist and his superior with whom he has a rather antagonistic relationship. House involves strange, rare and complicated cases with no easy diagnosis, resulting in the spouting of some mind-numbing medical terminology (which I thought was a brave and successful attempt at retaining some reality) and often character-driven story lines. "House" has the best writing for any show in America, if you don't believe me just check the "quotes" of the series for samples of dialogue.

House had an infraction in his leg, resulting in it becoming painful and near -impossible to move, which made him addicted to a painkilling drug known as Vicodin, which proves to be the source of many problems. House is, for all his imperfectness, a genius, a master of observation which is depicted in his clinic cases as he can instantly detect either and environmental cause for the disease/problem or find some the patient themselves do not know about. He is a deep character, though, and flawed, but likable, making him a cornerstone for this shows incredible success with the critics. It’s very difficult for someone to not fell in love with this show, everything it’s just in the right place, this is a 10/10 Tv show, so go on and watch it with no doubts at all.

The Suzanne Collins´s bestseller it´s also a blockbuster, but what this movie has that so many people watch this movie.

The trama it´s about a girl named Katniss who is going to the traditional games, where one girl and one boy between 12 and 18 are selected randomly by the government also kwon as Capitol; Katniss go because she propose her as volunteer taken it the place of her little sister. For win The hunger games she must kill 23 tributes from the twelve districts of Panem. Another problem for the main character is the fake love story with the boy of her district Peeta, also playing, because that way they will be help to win, she doesn´t agree it at the being, because she have no fellings for Peeta, but he does and the boy believe that she loves him back. At the end when almost all the tributes are die an announcement from the Capitol change the destiny of Katniss and Peeta from district twelve.

Roger Waters Born on September 6, 1943 in Surrey, England, Roger was only an infant when his father, Eric Fletcher Waters was killed in action in Anzio, Italy during World War II. Roger really never got over the loss of his father, or the rage towards the system which took his father from him. Roger as a teen joined the Naval Cadets, which didn't last too long. He didn't like it, so instead quit and received a dishonerable discharge. Most of his songs after Wish You Were Here are his personal dealings with both of these ghosts from the past. It wasn't until The Flickering Flame do we hear Roger start to make peace with his demons. In his early 20s, Roger attended Regent Street Poly in London, studying architecture. He formed a band with fellow classmates Richard Wright, Nick Mason and Clive Metcalf. Calling themselves "Sigma 6", they went on to change their name (and management) several times. T-set, The Architectural Abdabs and The Screaming Abdabs were a few of the names chosen. Later, after Clive had left, a childhood friend of Roger's from Cambridge, Syd Barrett, started sitting in on sessions. Soon they began billing themselves in local pubs as "The Pink Floyd Sound", a name Syd Barrett came up with by merging the names of two of his favorite blues guitarists, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Later it was simply changed to "Pink Floyd" and the group had begun. Below is Nick Mason, Roger, Richard Wright and Syd Barrett.

He wrote the song “Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk� on their debut LP, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The album was a critical success and positioned the band for stardom. His best friend and band mate Barret started to have mental problems, Waters was unable to continue writing and composing for the band because of the time he was having taking care of him. Waters attempted to coerce his friend into psychiatric treatment; this proved unhelpful, and the band

Growing tensions within the band, and Roger threatening to withhold his parts of The Wall from the rest of the band caused Richard Wright's eventual departure, then Roger leaving the band himself in 1985. He went on to a solo career, releasing 6 albums including the ones he released prior to leaving the band. Roger tried to stop former band members from using the Pink Floyd name, as he thought they would take it in directions he believed were contrary to what he thought the band represented. A court battle ensued, but was eventually settled out of court. Pink Floyd was able to continue without Roger and made several successful cds after his departure. Nick Mason made a guest appearance in 2002 during Roger's In The Flesh show, causing Floyd fans to cheer. David and Roger have not had very many nice things to say about each other to the press in the last 18 years, and neither has spoken since. Rick attended one of Roger's shows in 2002 as well, but was not received very well when he showed up backstage. Despite fans wanting Pink Floyd to reunite with Roger, the chance of this is next to impossible.

He was born December 1, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York. As a young boy he became intrigued with magic tricks and playing the clarinet, two hobbies that he continues to these days. His childhood was not particularly happy: his parents did not get along, and he had a rocky relationship with his stern, temperamental Mother. Allen spoke German quite a bit during his early years. After high school, he attended New York University, where he studied communication and film. He later briefly attended City College of New York and soon flunked out. Later, he learned via self-study rather than the classroom. He eventually taught at The New School. He also studied with writing teacher Lajos Egri. He broke into show business at age 15 when he started writing jokes for a local paper, receiving $200 a week. He later moved on to write jokes for talk shows but felt that his jokes were being wasted. His started doing stand-up and telling his own jokes, he agreed and, although he initially performed with such fear of the audience that he would cover his ears when they applauded his jokes.

After performing on stage for a few years, he was approached to write a script for Warren Beatty to star in: "What's New Pussycat?" and would also have a moderate role as a character in the film. As production was ongoing for the film, Woody gave himself more and better lines and left Beatty with less compelling dialogue. Beatty inevitably quit the project and was replaced by Peter Sellers, who demanded all the best lines and screen time. It was from this experience that Woody realized that he couldn´t work on a film without complete control over its production. Woody's directorial debut was in "What's Up, Tiger Lily?", but His real directorial debut came the next year in the mockumentary ( is a type of film or television show in which fictitious events are presented in documentary format) "Take the Money and Run." While best known for his romantic comedies Annie Hall (1977) and Manhattan (1979). In his long career, Allen has won a total of 21 Academy Awards and 8 Golden Globes, He is one of the most awarded directors in the history of modern cinema. To the list of those awards we must add,s multiple Bafta, and, above all, the Prince of Asturias Prize for the Arts, which was granted in 2002.

As a writer has also published most of his scripts, highquality literary pieces themselves, several novels and, above all, stories. Should be emphasized with reports in Spain, and How Tales featherless end once and for all to culture. At 15, Woody Allen was renamed and three years later he enrolled at New York University to study Cinematography, but after stopping a course of production and bored to tears, dropped out after one semester in the university classroom to engage to write gags for come-

In 1956 Woody married Harlene Rosen, whom he divorced in 1959. In 1966 he wrote the play "Do not Drink The Water", which premiered successfully on Broadway and in the same year he married Louise Lasser, actress who appeared with Allen on several of his initial films. They divorced in 1969. He won the Oscar for best original screenplay for "Midnight In Paris" (2011). He has a son named Ronan (born in 1987), from his relationship with Mia

People love music for much the same reason they're drawn to sex, drugs, gambling and delicious food, according to new research. When you listen to tunes that move you, the study found, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical involved in both motivation and addiction.

Pop music, as a genre, is very eclectic, often borrowing elements from other styles throughout its course such as urban, dance, rock, Latin and country yet there are core elements which define it.

Scientists have predicted pop hits by performing MRI scans on people listening to unreleased tunes. Future hits lit up pleasure centers in the brain; dopamine was released when melodies occurred that the brain had predicted. "Pop music is basically cranial crack." the songs gave their brains the kind of high you usually have to break a bunch of laws to achieve, they consciously went against their brainwaves in order to seem less inclined to pop music than the MRI scanner showed they were. And not only does your brain go apeshit when it hears pop music, but also it actually derives pleasure from predicting the melodies as you listen, anticipating the emotion associated with certain types of music. When your brain is expecting something to happen, and when it actually does another rush of dopamine comes in from an entirely different part of the brain. And this is where your brain enters Addict Mode.

That night the sky was falling to pieces, to Lara wouldn´t surprise if the rain turns into hail. She was alone at her home and then she stared to remember all the horror films, that she saw with her best friend Luz; that movies were the principally reason for why she was holding a baseball bat from her brother. She hearted a noise coming from the second floor, she became alert and went go upstairs and heard a new sound, she looked carefully at the place where the noise came and discovered that just was Philip, her little brother´s rabbit , that escaped from it cage. Lara smiled for herself, took Philip in her arms and came back to the living room to watched T.V.

She was having that dream again. She was being chased, and no matter how far or how fast she ran, she could never get away. And just before she thought she would get caught, she'd wake up, breathing hard, sweating, and terrified. She checked the clock on her bedside table. It was 3A.M. on a Saturday morning. She glanced over at her window, and could've sworn she saw shadows. She shut her eyes and shook her head, and when she looked again they were gone. "Breathe," Asia whispered to herself. "Nothing could be there. Nothing bad ever happens here." Asia had to stop herself from giggling hysterically. Sleep depravity was becoming a problem. Just earlier this evening she had thought she had seen the shadows that before she had only seen right after waking up from the nightmare. Her parents were becoming

worried, but for now, Asia told them she was fine. Though, the shadows never went away. Every night, the nightmares kept on coming. Every night the shadows were there, if only for seconds. The nightmares were becoming worse. Tonight, she was running until her voice was hoarse from panting, sweat running down her face. Shadows followed until the dark hands would be grasping at her back, then she woke up in her bed. This time though, as Asia looked out the window, the shadows didn't go away. -"STOP!" she screamed. -"LEAVE ME ALONE!" She continued, her eyes glued to the growing shadow, slipping down the window, curving its way around the bed post, blackening everything in its path. She pulled up the covers

leaving just enough space for her to see, her hands shaking, beads of sweat on her forehead, cold, tears filling her eyes. "I'll do anything, just, please... just go..." she sobbed, gasping for air. The shadow stopped halfway up the sheets, and a dark velvet voice asked "Anything?... "She said to leave her alone," came a voice from Asia's open window. Her eyes darted to the window. "Austin!" she exclaimed. The boy jumped down from the window, and slowly walked over to her bed. -"Leave her alone," He growled. -"Don't make me say it again." The shadow snarled and recoiled in response, and quickly slithered away, back out the window and into the night. Asia let out a sigh of relief and relaxed her body. Then she looked over at Austin, her best friend for years.

If we look closely we see that within societies there are groups opposed to the rules it imposes, dress and act differently, they do the same activities as other people do not have common tastes. The groups of people are called subcultures or countercultures, they do not follow the behavior of the dominant culture, if not with their own beliefs, ideologies and behaviors. There are many different subcultures may be young, religious, even sexual orientation, as each has its own rules. When a subculture operates within a city is called urban tribe, and there are many, we can find the punks, graffiti artists, rockers, geeks, among many others, but in this work we only are going to trite the subculture of otaku.

The otaku are those who have a fascination with Japanese culture, read manga5 (Japanese comics), come anime1 (Japanese animation), collect video games, practicing the famous cosplay2 (worn as anime or manga characters), and many other activities. In the late 80's early 90's is subculture emerged in Mexico, thanks to Japanese anime that began to become popular thanks to television broadcasters, but otaku do not get so popular so far. Each time this urban tribe is being noted, events are larger and made going to the streets in their cosplay outfits. You have to take into account that they are normal people like us, only that their interests were taken to another level, rather than a hobby, now became a lifestyle. This research seeks to explain exactly what they do, their origin, how are members, and how it has developed in our city to over the years Otaku is also a formal way of saying "you" and "you" in Castilian. Young fans of manga and anime were very shy and used the word otaku in excess, that’s why people started calling the otaku-zoku (otaku tribe). Now, the concept has changed again, is equivalent to what we call nerd, geek or nerd, here in the West, that people generally are withdrawn and shy. Still, the Japanese are taking it as an outrage. In Europe and America, the term otaku is used to refer only those who have an obsession with Japanese culture, especially the fans individuals manga and anime.

Interview to a music producer Luis Gallego is known in Mexicali for having one of the best recording studios in the city, he works as a producer, and he studied Lic. Mercadotecnia in Cetys Universidad, we ask him about the local artist in Mexicali. Fernando Perez: Why do you work on this area? Luis Gallego: Well, this is not my only work but I have this passion for music since I was a kid, I always wanted to have my studio and working on this area, maybe this is just a hobby but I love it. FP: What are the reasons for someone to creat a band? LG: People have several reasons, but I think principal ones are just to be famous and have money, it’s a dream for everyone that plays any instrument. FP: Do you think that the musical scene in Mexicali really has something to give? LG: I think there are few artists in the city that deserves a try and deserves to be listened, but for their bad luck that’s not just what you need to be successful in this business. FP: How has been the scene in the last 10 years? LG: There has been a lot of new artists, for example Insite is one of those bands that represents what the local artists are, if a city wants to be looked from different parts of the world musically speaking, it needs to have someone to represent it, in this case, Insite, Reik and that kind of bands does it.

FP: Is there any artist that takes it to another level? LG: Well in this moment I think the best example is the hardcore band “Our Reflections” they are looking right now to be signed by “Sumerian Records” and if that happened it’s definitely going to be big. FP: Are there any awards for the city into the music business? LG: There aren’t actually, I think the best recompense for a local artist it’s knowing that the people is helping him coming out. FP: What are the influences of the local artists? LG: It depends on the artist, not every artist here have the same taste on the genres. FP: Is there any support for music in the city? LG: Definitely, the only thing that really bothers me here is that some people complain about paying like $100.00 pesos max and that’s basically nothing compared to USA. FP: What do people expect

from a local artist? LG: People definitely expect the best, here in Mexicali we love to criticize that’s why the artists here need to be prepared for it. FP: Can anyone be part of the music business? LG: No, you need to be different from everybody, you can recognize if someone has potential in the instant you see him. FP: What do you need to be successful in the business? LG: Lot of guts, money and time. FP: What are the principal genres that people hear? LG: Right now, hardcore and techno is what most people hear, this happened because we are in the border, we are influenced by the US and because of this everything that’s popular there, it starts to be popular here.

Ana Osuna: How old-you were, when you started to write? Carmen Osuna: “I was twelve; I started to interest because I read too much. AO: What do you want do when you grow-up? CO: Literature Teacher or Historian AO: What inspires you? CO: I could said that everything around me, from a phrase or word to a color, something that catch my intention AO: Do you have support for be a writer? CO: Yes, actually everyone I tell my intention to be a writer they love it, and supports me; for example: my dentist, my history teacher, my big sister, my parents and the rest of the family. AO: What do you usually write? CO: Fantastic stuff. I tried once to write realistic trams, but the only topic that came out was magic or angels, the last one is one of my favorite topics too.


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