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• Major 3D Printing Applications : • Automotive • Aerospace • Defence • Engineering • Industrial • Consumer Elect • Tool & Dies • Medical Devices • Medical Implants • Dental Implants and anything that you can imagine..

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INDUSTRIAL METAL POWDERS (I) PVT LTD PUNE, INDIA Since 1974 Factory : Gat No 699/1, Koregaon Bhima, Behind Kalyani Forge, Pune-Nagar Road, Pune - 412 216 Sales Office : G11/S11, Paresh Industrial Complex, Shankar Sheth Road, Pune - 411 037

Introduction - IMP

Export to

Since 1974 Koregaon Bhima,

32 countries

World Class Facility

Industrial Metal Powders


Pune Best Supplier Awards




Iron Powders and Flakes

Oxygen Absorbers

Aerospace & Engineering

Cutting Tools

Introduction – Incredible AM Pvt. Ltd.  Established in September 2017  Plant size: 14,000 sqft  State-of-the-art facility at Pune, India

 Solutions for Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Mold and Tool Dies and General Engineering Applications  Solutions for Dental and Medical Implants.

We are Services & Solutions Provider

Introduction – Infrastructure •

Metal Additive Manufacturing Machines Renishaw AM400 – 2 Machines build platform of 250x250x300mm

Heat Treatment Argon Vacuum Furnace

Muffle Furnace

Post Processing

Finishing Tools

Bead Blasting Machine

Tumbling Machine

Buffing and Grinding

CMM and material testing

Ultrasonic and Steam Cleaning

Materials Offered Titanium

Stainless Steel


Maraging Steel

Inconel In625 In718

Cobalt Chrome

Introduction – Materials Material

Material Properties


Titanium Alloy

High corrosion resistance | Excellent biocompatibility

Medical implants | Surgical tools Aerospace and Defense

Stainless Steel

High corrosion resistance | High machine-ability

Surgical tools | General Engineering


High specific strength High Thermal and Electrical conductivity

Automotive | Aerospace | Electronics |Consumer goods

Maraging Steel

High fatigue strength & Hardness| Good machinability

Tooling inserts | Mould and die | High strength components

High creep, corrosion and oxidation resistance | Excellent welding characteristics

Automotive | Aerospace | Oil and gas industry | Nuclear

High creep and corrosion resistance

Aerospace | Gas turbine blades | Exhaust manifolds | Rocket motors

Excellent biocompatibility | High corrosion resistance

Medical implants | Dental implants

Nickel Alloy -

Inconel 625 Nickel Alloy -

Inconel 718

Cobalt Chrome

Benefits of Metal 3D Printing

Applications in Automotive Engineering

 Optimized Design

 Faster Development Time

 Weight reduction

 Less wastage of Material

Applications in Aerospace Engineering Helicopter Exhaust Gas Nozzle  Integral Cooling Channels designed  Eliminating unwanted material

 Reduction in Weight  Reduction in Build Time

 Low volume production  Made-to-Order  Improved Structural Rigidity  Material: Inconel 625

Applications in Mould and Dies Tool Engineering Conformal Cooling Application

Traditional Cooling Channels

 Faster Cooling Rate  Increased Surface Area of Cooling

 Reduction in Cycle Time  Increased Production Output

 Better Quality of Output Parts  Zero Defects

Conformal Cooling Channels by using 3D Printing Technology

Applications in Mould and Tools inserts

Applications in General Engineering – Part Consolidation

 Light weight and Part Consolidation

 Reduction in Inventory of Spare parts

 Eliminating Multiple Joints

 50% Reduction in Weight

Applications in Creative/Decorative Products

Applications in Healthcare Applications - Implants Dental




Economics of Additive Manufacturing Cost per Unit

ďƒź AM is most Cost Effective for Low Volume Manufacturing

Economics of Additive Manufacturing Geometric Complexity of Parts METAL 3D PRINTING

 AM is most Cost Effective for Complex Geometry parts

WHY Additive Manufacturing ? Save time: wait hours or days, not weeks and months No part-specific tools are needed for 3D Printing. Savings from reduced downtime, faster routes to product and improved production agility add up.

Save money: building up vs. milling down When you 3D print metal parts, you only put material where it is needed. Waste is minimal. Almost all material used goes into the final part

Do more: many birds, one stone previously had several separate parts in bolted or welded construction, you can now have only one, printed in one go. You can print assemblies

Do it better: no limits 3D Printing allows us to let form follow function, to design the part as we need it to be, not to suit the tools we’re using to make it

Protect your competitive edge Metal 3D Printing is on the cusp of going mainstream. Stay ahead of the curve and build your case for printing metal.

Why INCR3DIBLE AM? 43+ Years of Experience in Manufacturing Team of Experienced Engineers and Professionals Strategic Location - PUNE World Class Manufacturing Setup Quick response to customers Design, Software and Manufacturing Skills Competitive Pricing



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3D Incredible- A detail overview of different industries in 3D printing and its future in India  

With growing demand for 3D technology, 3D Incredible discover the transformative potential of 3D printing. 3D Incredible originated from IMP...

3D Incredible- A detail overview of different industries in 3D printing and its future in India  

With growing demand for 3D technology, 3D Incredible discover the transformative potential of 3D printing. 3D Incredible originated from IMP...