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Welcome to First Choice Reporting & Video Services Chances are, getting to know us will surprise you. We are a group of people committed to extraordinary service. We’re united throughout in this common goal and it shows. There’s an enthusiasm, an attitude and a camaraderie that’s real and tangible. We will take personal responsibility for your requests. And that, we believe, will earn your business. And then some.

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"Across the board, all staff and reporters of First Choice are courteous, professional, punctual and excel at their work. They have made impressive technological advances with their facilities and capabilities." - Chris Norris, Managing Attorney Liberty Mutual Field Legal, Orlando

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How to Prep Your Office for Hurricane Season

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This is a guest post written by Justin Petrie, an attorney with Kandell & Kandell, P.A. in Miami It’s that time of year again: hurricane season is just around the corner. Most individuals are confronted each spring with a hurricane preparedness checklist for the wellbeing of their home and family, but surprisingly few business owners …


Get the scoop on what's happening Serving the children of Nairobi, in Africa. Learn More the President's monthly report. Read Here

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