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Life Through  A  Lens     From  Anand  Pandya  

Mind Map   Busy   shopping   centers    

Tourist aAracBon    

People having   Lunch   Tourist    

Life In   the  City    

Families on  a  day   out    

People walking  

Different Transport   Families   on  picnic  

ArBst Research     •  • 

MaA Stuart     MaA  Stuart  is  a  famous   photographer  who  does  not   use  lights  and  different  types   of  technology.  He  is  reliant  on   a  small  Leica  camera.  MaA   tries  to  capture  the  best   moments  and  has  a  lot  of   paBents  and  waits  for  days   when  finally  coming  to  a   conclusion.  When  he  captures   the  best  moments,  and  when   looked  back  in  the  future,  they   get  a  clear  and  memorable   photograph  inside  them      

This is  my  first  set  of  photos  taken  in  London  

Set 1  

EvaluaBon   • 

•  • 

My IntenBon  of  capturing  this  photograph  was  to  capture  twins  ,  doing  different  things.  One   is  enjoying  the  lovely  scenery  taking  photos  making  it  memorable.  And  the  other  one  is   answering  a  call.  The  mood  is  different.  One  looks  like  she  has  quesBons  that  needs   answering.  I  also  like  the  fact  that  it    is  in  black  and  white  to  digitally  enhancing  the  negaBve   space  and  the  crop  tool.   I  was  parBcularly  impressed  by  the  overall  outcome  of  the  photography  with,  two  messages.   If  I  had  the  chance  to  retake  this  photograph,  I  would  try  and  get  some  sky  in  it.     Overall  I  think  it  was  a  successful  photograph  

My intenBon  of  capturing   this  photograph  was  to   capture  the  lady  waiBng   to  cross  the  road.  The   composBon  of  the   photograph  is  verBcal,   taken  fairly  close.  The   mood  of  the  photograph   is  relaxed,  peaceful.    

EvaluaBon   • 



My intenBon  of  capturing  this  photograph  was  to  capture  a  person  riding  a  bike  and  to  get   the  background  blurred.  The  composBon  of  the  photograph  is  horizontal  and  was  taken  up   close  hiding  in  the  bushes,  so  I  could  capture  the  right  moment.     I  was  parBcular  inspired  that  I  had  the  shuAer  speed  Bmer  adjusted  properly,  I  also  like  the   fact  that  if  the  photograph  is  looked  closely  it  makes  people  think  that  the  other  person  in   the  background  is  a  reflecBon.  In  the  photograph  I  was  able  to  capture  the  person  in  a   relaxed  mood  and  enjoying  the  beauBful  weather.     Overall,  I  think  this  photograph  was  a  success,  actually  the  best  photograph  I've  ever  taken.  I   also  learnt  how  important  it  is  to  having  paBents,  which  is  key  of  capturing  the  perfect   photograph.    

Secondary ArBst     •   

Michael  Kay    


Michael Kay  is  a  famous  photographer  who  is   one  of  the  most  experience  photographer  who   captures  good  quality  food  images.  When  he   captures  a  photograph  he  tries  to  get  as  much   light  as  a  possibly  can.      

EvaluaBon   • 

My intenBon  of  capturing  this  was  to  capture  so  many  people  in  one  place,  in  different   mood.  This  restaurant  is  one  of  the  biggest  and  the  best  sushi  in  London.    This  photograph   was  taken  from  a  fairly  high  view  point  from  the  corner  looking  slightly  upwards.  The   lightning  is  excellent  and  taken  during  an  excellent  Bme,  people  on  lunch,  weekends.  


I was  parBcularly  inspired  by  how  much  I  was  able  to  capture  in  just  one  photograph,  so   many  people  looking  helplessly  for  seats.  People  disparate  for  food,  children  crying,  tourist   visiBng  for  free  samples.  The  composBon  of  the  photograph  is  horizontal,  with    a  range  of   colors.  


Overall, I  was  impressed  at  the  photography    



Trip EvaluaBon     My  intenBon  of  going  to  London  was  to  capture  different  people  in  in   different  daily  situaBon  of  the  life  in  the  city.  I  captured  photographs  of   people  in  offices,  breaks,  tourist,  exhibiBon.  The  successful  part  of  the  trip   was  I  able  to  capture  different  photographs  of  people  keeping  my  idenBty   hidden.  The  weakness  of  the  trip  was  I  went  during  a  wet  day  which  meant   that  there  were  less  people.    

What I  did?  

In the  studio,  the  photographs  that  I  took  in  London  and  the  best  seven  I   put  them  in    collage,  and  then  took  different  photographs  of  different   sec=on  within  the  collage  and  had  lights  over  the  subject.      

Life through a lens  

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