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Various Bingo to have fun HOUSIE BINGO

Bingo is also called by some as housie Housie game is fun game which can also be played by money in which you win or lose just for fun. Origin of game is unknown. Housie is played in UK, New Zealand and Australia where it is called housey.

This game is somewhat different to American bingo. The American history of housie Most of housie women were women. Hotels were expanding rapidly with running a housie bingo gambling on behalf of the organization allowing gambling in the hotel.. According to the survey women were spending more than men in New York. Many women were totally depended on the earning from housie. Major plays of bingo were in the hotels of the labor class localities. Blue color collars were spending more than white collars workers surprisingly. Keeping this the government passed the law than not more than $24 will be spent on the game. Maximum of 24 cards.

Housie is so much more than game. It is full of fun for working-class women and senior citizens, it is highly sociable game and enjoyable.

Simple instruction to play the game: 1.

Housie ticket caller highlights Tickets have to be purchased. Best is to choose minimum to avoid the potential losses if you are beginner.

2. If you look at your housie ticket it contains the first numbers from 1 to 9, in second column 10 to 19, third column has 20 to 29. This pattern continues until the final column which contains 80 to 90.

3. Numbers are called on the screen. You can always mark it with mouse click to highlight the numbers as the numbers appear on the screen.

4. Object is to make row, column or full housie , call out first once your numbers are filled and you win as simple as that.

5. Calling style is housie! Or Whoo as may you like it. 6. More tickets you purchase more or the chances of winning and call before someone also calls. 7. Play by the rules. Don’t criticize the players don’t distract them. Most of all make sure that you pay attention and have fun while playing you can also chat with others while playing. Writer AnandKK Play Best Bingo Games , Play Bingo Free Online , Play UK Online Bingo , Free Play Video Poker Games , Free Slots Gaming Bingo , Online Jackpot Poker Game , Internet Bingo Game , Play Best UK Bingo Games, Win Internet Casino Games , Play Free Best Scratch bingo , Lots Of Bingo, Play Scratch Cards Online, Free Play Online Jackpot Games, Play Slots Online Games, Bingo Boogie Freek

Various Bingo to have fun HOUSIE BINGO  

Housie game is fun game which can also be played by money in which you win or lose just for fun. Origin of game is unknown. Housie is played...

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