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Avoiding Google Slap in Six steps I guess no one likes a slap but when it hurts the PPC campaign in the form of Google slaps. Google slap is when a ad and associated landing pages are of poor quality that Google will remove your ad from the paid listing and raising the bid is no longer economical.

A Google Slap is when your ad and associated landing pages are determined to be of such poor quality (known as the Google Quality Score) that Google will endeavor to remove your ad from the paid listings by lowering its position and raising the bid price so your campaign is no longer economical.

No everyone knows that to avoid it but how these are the six steps to avoid it 1. Have multiple page website linking to your ad to a single page just won't cut it anymore. Ideally a website should contain at least of 10 to 15 page. About us and contact us pages. 2. Links to other pages on the website when a visitor clicks on the page of website he should be not distracted navigational links on the side should be removed top and bottom links to page should be there so that visitors can click on other pages of his choice. 3. Avoid the additional advertising Apart from the main message so that visitor is not distracted. 4. Don’t bounce visitors to an affiliate link – links directly to your website then to an external affiliate links into redirects. 5. Keyword optimize the landing pages the keyword should be totally focused on the keyword the bidding is on. Make sure that keyword driving the landing page should make the visitors see that this is what I was looking for. 6. Avoid sending the visitors to the affiliate link as soon as possible keep in mind that valuable visitors are landing on pages to give you long term benefit. To cut down the PPC costs

Sure it's not the end of the world if you do get slapped but it's the end of your campaign and you can either wait it out (could be months). The smart thing is to try and avoid it in the first place. Writer AnandKK

Avoiding Google Slap in Six steps  

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