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Advanced SEO for Quick results

Advanced SEO for Quick results Welcome back everyone , probably the best results for quick ranking of websites are given below

Do not use Black hat techniques Black hat for short time beware your site might get off the search engine list while white hat will be for long time choice is yours.

Purchasing high PR links Links can be purchased from many places.Benefits of purchasing high PR links: not only can you gain the high PR link very quickly without too much effort on your behalf, you can also directly select where your link will come from. So you are completely on top of things. People don’t always like to link from a high PR to a zero PR site. There are quite a few reasons for that – these are some of them: •

They thought that they could actually lose PR by doing that. You cannot lose your PR effectively – you can tunnel your PR in a more beneficial way for yourself, but you will never lose PR by linking out. They want to know that the site has passed the time value test of Google basically. If the site has been in the Google search engine for a fairly decent amount of time, chances are they’re going to have at least a page rank of some description, they could have been kicked out, or they listed well – either one of the three. So, that can be a reason for not linking into a PR 0 site – they might think that it’s a very new site without doing too much checking into it, and don’t want to risk linking into it.

Where else can you get high PR links from? I’ll say there are probably 3 main methods to finding high PR links: 1. Going through a broker service like – you will pay a premium price

for your links through a service like that. The benefits would be: you can guarantee that the link is going to be placed and you also have a very large range of sites where you can select from (you can almost guarantee that there’ll be a site within your topic or niche that will have a link for sale). 2. Through private forums – such as (a very large forum). Under their site and links for sale, you can get some extremely good deals on links for on-topic sites. You’ve got to be a little bit more careful, making sure that you purchase from a website that is guaranteed, reputable, and ranking relatively well. 3. Contact the site owners privately – you can use a piece of software like SEO Elite to do that if you just want to do a search for high PR partners.

Cluster Method This is something that is probably going to be more prevalent in the future as Google gets better at what it does. When you are setting up your sites – most of us would not just have 1 or 2 sites but, as we build our business we are going to have 10, 20, 50, or 100 sites (I even know someone who has proper 1,000 domains). You want to think of it from the perspective of the following: If you have a single host, and you register all your domains for a single name registration place (let’s say GoDaddy). Then, if you are doing internal linking within those domains (which some people in the SEO world say is a good idea to do – and it is). However, if you think about it long -term, it’s effectively artificially boosting the linking power of your site. Now, if you have multiple hosting accounts (the C-class IPs). This method allows you to do this: as soon as you get a new domain you can link, rank highly, and get it indexed really quickly. But it also gives you staying power from a long-term perspective as the engines get better at recognizing where the links are coming from, whether they’re relevant or not. Exactly. So, what you want to do is, each time you register a domain, you might have 10 different name registration places where you would register (like GoDaddy, Registerfly, whatever – there’s a bunch of them). You then have a hosting account, and we prefer to have dedicated hosting but it costs more to have. You register an X domain on a different register, you host it on a different host, and you select different IPs for every 5 clusters of sites for that one. So you might have 5 sites in different topics, you register them with different IP Addresses when you put it into the hosting account. What you want to do is this: you want to link it in a method that is effectively random – not like in a circular linking strategy because eventually it will be picked up.

Feeder Sites Feeder sites are kind of similar in a way. All you are basically doing is: you have your central theme site (like dog training for example). And you might set up some blog- a-blogs and other domains (on German Dog Training or Dog Training Aggression or whatever). So the sub-topics of that main site (again, you can do it on different hosts) all feed into the main site. So you have your core niche (which is dog training) – you want to rank highly for that term. You set up multiple domains on sub niches of the dog training, and you feed them all into the main site. So basically you just point links from those domains into your main site. And as those other sites get more traffic, so does your main site. Not only is there a benefit from the link, but also from the traffic – it is targeted traffic to your main website. The whole purpose of the feeder sites is to drive traffic and valued links to your main site.

Authority Sites At the end of the day, you should be doing some outbound links anyway to authority sites. Even in your links, people think that you shouldn’t link out to people – but actually it’s a good thing if you are linking to a few authority sites on dog training.

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Advanced SEO for Quick results  
Advanced SEO for Quick results  

Welcome back everyone , probably the best results for quick ranking of websites are given below