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7 Startegies for marketing facebook fan page

7 Startegies for marketing facebook fan page Best strategies to implement for successful marketing of fan pages and it costs a penny !. 1. Message your Fan base

If you have good fan base message them and on your wall multiple times during promotions. Message fans at least three times for special promotions and to remind the fan the time is running out. Thought should be very precise and attractive. Check out hoe Bingo free, who published a on there wall multiple times for all the promotions additionally posting the wall maore than once for all there fans at different times to all the fan at different times of the day.

2. Ask your friend

Don’t have fan to promote to? Why not kick –start your friend by helping a friend? Do posting in your own profile so that your friends learn the compaign. Ask your friends to the same.It will take just 30 secnds to promote and reach hundreds and thousands people.

3. Sending the mail Update

If you have the mailuing list then task becomes little easy regularly messaging the content will help the reach to maximum level.This is powerful way of yaur facebook page. 4. Update the twitter We can laso promote the page by the campign in the twitter. Tweet out message of less than 140 characters or tinyurl can be used to shorten the URL to the campaign therefore it is easy to set up your account in these. 5.Targeted advertising You can use targeted advertising on facebook to drive the campaign .it takes five minutes to set up and you can target users according to age,gender,geography and other criteria.

6. Contest and Sweepstakes can be registered in directories. There are many websites that are dedicated to the tracking the huge lists os running contest and go register there

7. Most popular bloggers should be reached

If the brand is in popular categories like vidieo ganme or parent bloggine or vooking etc.For example, McMommy, a popular parenting blogger from Florida tweeted out her participation in a Cadillac promotion for charity. 24 hours later, her most engaged Twitter followers brought her vote tally from 65 (when we first voted for her after reading her tweet) to 665 (when we checked the counts the day after). Now that’s being social.

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7 Startegies for marketing facebook fan page  

Best strategies to implement for successful marketing of fan pages and it costs a penny !.

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