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real artificial grass Nature is art’s tutor

Introduction – MAGAL ENTERPRISES Magal Enterprises, was formed in 1989 under the leadership of Mr. Ravi Magal. The company was started with the intention of providing aluminum windows and building facades (Structural Glazing & ACP Cladding) for residential and commercial sector. We have completed many residential and commercial projects for leading architects, builders and contractors in Bangalore. 1995, Hunter Douglas, a multinational company leaders in the architectural products (False ceiling, External claddings, Sunlouvres, etc.) appointed us as their dealers to market and install their products. With our expertise in installation and their product, Magal Enterprises developed a large clientele and reputation due to our strict quality controls and adhering to time schedules. 2007, Hunter Douglas also world leader in window covering products were looking for gallery partners to display and market their window covering products. Magal Enterprises opened Hunter Douglas’s First Window Fashions Gallery in Bangalore. In 2007 Hunter Douglas worldwide group took over 3form USA and started marketing their products in India. Since then we are marketing 3form products too in Bangalore. 2009, Fenesta Building Systems -the window experts, looking at our track record invited us to be their marketing associates to market their already famous UPVC windows. 2012. Namgrass, is one of the leading artificial grass companies in Europe and is a very fast growing and vertically integrated company that can design, produce and distribute high-end artificial grass products for residential purposes. Today Magal Enterprises is a one stop shop for windows, false ceiling, facades, window covering products and 3form.Today Magal Enterprises is a one stop shop for windows, false ceiling, facades, window covering products and 3form.

Introduction - NAMGRASS Since its introduction in the mid seventies, numerous green areas worldwide especially pitches - have been laid with artificial grass. Over the past few years, more and more private persons use the green luxury product for home applications. A large family garden, a trendy roof terrace, a tidy golf green, a small city garden or a neat strip of grass along the pool, there are many places where grass has little to no chance at all of growing. The solution? The new generation of artificial grass! Thanks to intense research on the structure of natural grass, Namgrass can offer a very realistic product. Mowing, sprinkling, killing weeds and fertilising the ground are things of the past.

Namgrass today Thanks to its unique vertical structure, Namgrass can innovate continuously, at any stage of the cycle. Namgrass itself is responsible for the complete quality, production and distribution process. This way, remains a oneer on the level of artificial grass products in more than 20 countries now, with its main focus in eastern Europe. On top of that, Namgrass has been the best selling artificial grass since 2009.

The advantages of artificial grass Beautiful A beautiful and green lawn, throughout the year, no discoloured or dry spots. Low maintenance No more lawn to mow, weeds to pull, borders to trim, moss to remove or soil to fertilise. Low cost No more sprinkler, fertiliser, pesticides, sowing or buying and servicing garden machines. In short, artificial grass is a good investment and it will add value to your property! Ecological No more contamination of the groundwater by chemical fertilisers and pesticides. No more wasting precious water. No more fumes or noise from lawn mowers. Mowing the lawn and getting rid of garden waste are things of the past. And on top of that, Namgrass is completely recyclable! Clean No more dirty sand or green marks on your shoes or clothes. High durability and wear resistance Namgrass has a long lifespan and a high UV resistance. It is resistant against the chlorine water of your swimming pool and against excrements from cats and dogs. On top of that, it is completely wear resistant, even when intensely used by playing children or animals.

Substructure • Option 1: sand cement / cement stabilised sand

Cement stabilised sand 1.50cm under paved surface (terrace/patio)

Cement stabilised sand 10cm thick – 100kg cement/m²

2,00 m

2,00 m

Cement stabilised sand 10cm thick – 100kg cement/m²

Place ekki posts or treated wood posts along on the outer edges, the artificial grass +geotextile can be fixed to these post. Posts at every 2 metres along the edges of the surface. Ekki posts of 40 cm long, 4cm wide/thick

• Option 2: soft natural soil with top layer (2 to 3 cm of crushed sand) Advised against for: • • •

Intensively used gardens Risk of moles/rats (next to meadows, open areas,…) Tough, hard to drain subsoil (clay,…)

Some Answers to Your Questions

Can the colour of Namgrass fade? Discolouration of the grass is prevented by the addition of a unique UV stabiliser and the special composition of the fibres of the grass. Namgrass is tested for UV stability and protection against discolouration under the most severe circumstances. Heavy rain, prolonged exposure to the sun, frost and severe hail do not pose a problem. This is why Namgrass can offer an 8 year anti-discolouration warranty on its product range.

What can artificial grass be used for? There are numerous applications for artificial grass: gardens, terraces, events, the building of stands, lounges, wall covering, finishing of ponds and swimming pools, golf greens and pitches, showrooms and shops.

Does artificial grass need maintenance? Natural materials such as leaves, catkins of trees and seeds of surrounding plants need to be removed. This can be done by means of a leaf blower/vacuum or simply with a broom or a rake. The special layer at the bottom of the artificial grass stops any weeds from growing.

What about animal excrements on the artificial grass? Small faeces will decompose naturally and disappear after some time. It is advisable to remove the faeces of larger animals manually, as is the case with natural grass. Urine and such are not harmful, it will not cause discolouration of the fibres.

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Real Artificial Grass Nature is art’s tutor