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Anamorfose Cahier 5

Guest curator An Defoort’s 20 favorite photos

Anamorfose Curiosa

Vrijdag – zaterdag –zondag 10u – 18u Nieuwstraat 11 B-8870 Izegem, Belgium Phone: + 32 476 49 19 71 Š 2014 Xavier Debeerst

We would like to start a new initiative. Be curator of the Anamorfose Cahier. Everybody is welcome to do so. Just pick your 20 favorite photos from the website and send us your selection. The first curator is An Defoort. She’s my partner and full time working at Anamorfose. She’s the female touch of Anamorfose. People who visit the London and Paris fairs will know her. I asked her to pick her 20 favorite photos. Some of them I knew to be in the selection. Others where real surprises. I hope you enjoy her selection. Best regards, Xavier Debeerst


It’s always magic to see people make a selection of photos. Sometimes it’s predictable, other times surprising but it always learns you a lot about the person.

AD: From being married to a photography lover for over 15 years ;) Over the last decade I met many photographers, photography dealers and their photographs on various occasions. XD: What’s according to you a good photo? AD: A good photo is a photo that touches me emotionally and that continues to intrigue me even after many years. The technique or photographic process is of minor importance to me. XD: How did you make your selection? AD: I just went through the database and picked the 20 photographs I liked at first sight. I did not check the photographer, nor the price of the photograph. The photographs I chose are photographs I would like to be surrounded by in my home. XD: If you only could select one photo? AD: I would choose Dutron’s rendez-vous. A dark photograph capturing solitude and hope in subtle shades of black.

And as the following are not really photographs as such, I can choose them too ;) · ·

Photogravure Marissiaux with the wonderful light beams entering through the factory windows The autochrome of an interior : I always find it fascinating to get a glimpse of the “color” of the past.


XD: How did you learn to know Photography?

Erich Angenendt (attr.), Unreadable title, 1927, Germany, Information label on the back, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Not mounted, 19,8 X 22,8 cm â‚Ź650,00Erich Angenendt (1894-1962) was the first of three generations of award-winning photographers in the Angenendt family. All are well-known in Germany and Europe for their commercial and fine art work. Erich, his son Rudi (b.1924) and the third generation Christian (b.1956) were featured in a major exhibition of their work at the The Museum for Art and Cultural History, Dortmund, Germany in 1996, which was accompanied by a large catalogue "Angenendt: A Family of Photographers" Rolleiflex stamp on the back. Photo ID: 5268

F. Beckman, Licht & Schatten bei Nacht +/- 1930, Germany, Information printed on the back, Vintage silver print, Very Good, Not mounted, 23,5 X 17 cm â‚Ź350,00Published by Zeiss Ikon Photo ID: 5333

Foto Balsar, Sterny, 1932, Czech Republic, Signed, titled & dated, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Not mounted, 20,9 (23) X 15,5 (16,5) cm â‚Ź650,00Photo ID: 5259

Georges Lugon, Clock and shadow 01/12/1935, France, Dated, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Original mounting, 17,9 X 22,8 cm â‚Ź650,00Georges Lugon (1896 - 1989) was a French traditional painter. His early photos are in contrast with his paintings. Inspired by surrealism and modernism his photos have a lot of humor. Photo ID: 5269

Georges Lugon, Chapitre +/- 1930, France, No inscriptions, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Original mounting, 24 X 17,9 cm â‚Ź650,00Photo ID: 5275

Gustave Marissiaux, Sous le Triage +/- 1900, Belgium, Photographers name and title, Photogravure, Very Good, Not mounted, 14,4 (25,4) X 14,3 (20,1) cm €300,00From “Association Belge de Photographie” Photo ID: 4636

Gustave Marissiaux, Les Pauvresses (Platinum print) +/- 1906, Belgium, Signed, Platinum print, Excellent, Original mounting, 22,4 (40,7) X 16,5 (30) cm €2.200,00For the first time we found an original platinum print of a photogravure from “Vision d’Artiste” by Gustave Marissiaux. The print is in excellent condition. In the platinum print you have the impression the person is floating. Photo ID: 4697

Jaroslav Průcha , Untitled +/- 1930, Czech Republic, Signed, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Not mounted, 22,5 X 16,5 cm €850,00Jaroslav Průcha (24 April 1898 – 25 April 1963) was a Czechoslovakian film actor and painter. He appeared in over 50 films between 1929 and 1963. Photo ID: 5325

Jules Lejeune, La Promenade 4 (two prints) +/- 1920, Belgium, No inscriptions, Vintage silver print, Good, Not mounted, 28 X 22,9 cm â‚Ź800,00Set of 2 prints of the same subject: 1 large paper negative and 1 smaller positive print. Photo ID: 4830

L. Dutron, Te laat (large version) +/- 1950, Belgium, Photographers label on the back, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Original mounting, 29 (40) X 39,4 (51,5) cm â‚Ź450,00Photo ID: 5199

Ludo Vanden Haute, Interieur avec vase +/- 1910, Belgium, No inscriptions, Autochrome, Very Good, Original mounting, 10,7 X 8 cm â‚Ź450,00Photo ID: 4691

Paul VaulĂŠ, Shot wound during World War I X-ray 14/06/1915, France, Signed & dated, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Original mounting, 26,8 (35) X 19,5 (26,8) cm â‚Ź950,00Photo ID: 5585

Puiseux & Loewy, Plate XII;, Corne Australe, VallĂŠe de Rheita - Petravius 07/03/1897, France, Titled & dated, Heliogravure, Excellent, Matted & framed, 57,5 (70) X 47 (56) cm â‚Ź1.900,00Plate XII from "L'Atlas photographique de la Lune" published by the Observatoire de Paris. This atlas is one of the first photographic moon atlases made. Loewy and Puiseux worked 14 years at this atlas between 1896 and 1910. After the death of Moritz Loewy Charles Morvan finished the atlas. Photo ID: 5106

Roger Populaire, Le pĂŞcheur 1930, Belgium, No inscriptions, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Not mounted, 16,8 X 22,9 cm â‚Ź350,00Photo ID: 4551

Unknown photographer, SantĂŠ 1/08/1921, France, Dated, Vintage silver print, Excellent (traces of a removed photo on the back on the mounting), Original mounting, 7,5 X 9,8 cm â‚Ź180,00Photo ID: 3924

Unknown photographer, Leafs and reflection +/- 1920, Belgium, Handwriting on the back, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Not mounted, 17,7 X 12,7 cm â‚Ź200,00Photo ID: 4713

Unknown photographer, Last kiss #2 +/- 1920, No country indicated, No inscriptions, Vintage silver print, Very Good, Not mounted, 8,3 X 13,2 cm â‚Ź370,00Photo ID: 4785

Unknown photographer, Colette and her piano +/- 1950, France, Handwriting on the back, Vintage silver print, Excellent, Not mounted, 16,8 (18,3) X 12,4 (12,9) cm â‚Ź350,00Photo ID: 5567

Victor Guidalevitch, Untitled +/-1930, Belgium, Photographers stamp on the back, Vintage silver print, Good, Original mounting, 30.2 X 40.4 cm â‚Ź450,00Photo ID: 632

Anonymous, Sun Worshippers 21/11/1937, UK, Labeled, Vintage silverprint, Very Good, Not mounted, 19,2 X 24,1 cm â‚Ź250,00Photo ID: 228

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Anamorfose cahier 5 Guest curator An Defoort  
Anamorfose cahier 5 Guest curator An Defoort  

It’s always magic to see people make a selection of photos. Sometimes it’s predictable, other times surprising but it always learns you a l...