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Identity design / / / / / / / //////////// Principle Cigars is a new cigar company based in Tenessee. The look and feel of this company's identity was inspired by heavy art deco with some art nouveau influence. The most important thing the client requested about all designs is that they look amazing and vintage: “Designs need to be serious, vintage, yet cool. They should look like art and make you want to own them”. The Aviator Series brand has a strong art deco feel, while Accomplice is it’s feminine version, with art nouveau elements.

Accomplice box illustration art-nouveau inspired

Accomplice cigar band


- concept - logo design, label & band graphic - cigar boxes concept & graphics


- concept - logo design, label & band graphic - cigar boxes concept & graphics

- art deco 20s geometry inspiration - bold gold colors over dark background. - the minimal icon graphics and font choice makes the vintage design current.

PRINCIPLE CIGARS -e-commerce site-

- concept - mock-up design - background and icon design, 3D visuals


Iconic/Symbolic / / / / / / / ////////////// Icons and symbols are compelling yet uncomplicated images that are emblematic. Symbols are less direct than straight text, leaving room for broader interpretation of what the brand stands for. In order for a symbol to be a truly effective logo, it should be instantaneously recognizable and memorable.

magic blog

stone artistry logo

business development company - proposal

Tautaechoko - South-Pacific heritage personal logo

dental company

business development company- final logo

IMPERIAL DENTAL CONCEPT The client requested a logo as a cross between abstract, emblem and word mark for his professional modern practice located in a downtown residential part of Toronto, Canada. The retro feel, yet modern touch of the graphic matches the crisp and clean interior design.


dental clinic

- id development - logo design, business cards, stationary - exterior awning graphic; interior graphics proposals

AURORA GLOBAL inspired by nature The icon is a reflection of the nordic lights image of fluidity and light. The color combinations were chosen in close relation to the natural phenomenon, but still helping communicate the seriousness and impact the company was looking for.

id development shape & color inspiration

AURORA global


Wordmark / / / / / / /////// A logotype, commonly known in the design industry as a "word mark", incorporates your company or brand name into a uniquely styled type font treatment. Script fonts imply a sense of formality and refinement. Thick fonts proclaim strength and power, whereas slanted type fonts impart a sense of motion or movement. I also like using type font treatments like hand-drawn letters, characters or symbols that have been rendered in such a way as to intrigue the eye and capture the interest. Images can also be integrated into a logotype, often to great visual effect.

personal identity logo - Expert Tax Lady

online organic food store

lyfestyle blog logo

dental business logo

raw fruit & juice bar

startup clothing brand

online organic food store

sticker graphic company

raw fruit & juice bar

LIQUID JUICE LOGO The client wanted to have a wordmark logo, with a beautifully created font. The main idea behind the design was connecting the letters in a fluid way, using simiar geometry and basic mirror and rotation actions.

LIQUID LIFE juice bar

- id development - logo design, bottles graphics

CISCO KIDS LOGO CONCEPT This wordmark logo for a young and fresh clothing store combines the simplicity of a script font with a modern 3d feel. The client was especially intersted in having the logo in a single color, that will be used on print and web.

id development logo design, icon design, business cards.

CISCO KIDS clothing store


Lettermark / / / / / / /////// Lettermarks are exclusively typographic. They use a symbol representing the company through the use of its initials or the brands first letter.

magic4education blog

personal logo

OD logo

develop media studio

Archi book - professional network website

L7 - wireless based unified communications carrier


Photo Full name, 01/01/19xx, Country Road, Bristol 0000, United Kingdom

Professional Profile


OmniDynamics is committed to investing in the individual promoting a diverse, dedicated and enthusiastic team. For every challenge, the wide skill set and boundless imagination of our team gives OmniDynamics a unique advantage over our competitors.

Master Degree, Name of the school

OmniDynamics is a driven and enthusiastic company providing clear, simple and functional products setting our place at the head of the rapidly emerging field of robotics.

Certification, Name of school

details details details details


Name of office position & details

Name of office position & details

Name of office position & details

may 2013

Bachelors Degree, Name of school

Certification, Name of school

position & details

june 2010 february 2011 october 2010

Technical Skills 2012-2013 2010-2011 2009-2010

David Graves

Employer Company

Name of office

John Smith


+44 7850 015601

Software Name of the software, Name of the software, Name of the software, Name of the software

Hardware Name of the hardware, Name of the hardware, Name of the hardware, Name of the hardware


Core competencies New & Emerging Technologies


Dear Mr./Ms. Jones (if you have a name; if not, leave this out)

The results for the last experiments

Body of Letter: The cover letter should tell the employer the name of the job you are seeking, what makes you a good candidate for the position and how you plan to get in contact with the employer in hopes of obtaining an interview. The body of the letter is broken down into the following sections: The First Paragraph: In this paragraph you want to mention the name of the job you are seeking and you should also mention any mutual contact you have within the company. This should be a short paragraph so that the intent of the letter stands out. If there is not a specific job, then simply state that you are seeking employment. The Middle Paragraphs: In this paragraph you will want to augment what the employer can already read in the resume. You need to sell yourself to the employer and make him or her want to contact you. It is important to make a case for your qualifications and skills in relationship to the job. Give evidence of your experience, such as internships or co-ops. Break down the text into two or three paragraphs. The Last Paragraph: The final paragraph should primarily thank the employer for his or her time, and explain how you will contact the employer. Give the employer at least a week. You have a responsibility to follow up. You can also send an e-mail or a fax to follow up on the hard copy of your resume and cover letter.

Message The basic function of a memo is to solve a specific problem by making the reader aware of specific information. A memo can be written to persuade others to take action or give specific feedback on a particular matter. When written properly, memos can be very effective in connecting the concern or issue of the writer with the best interests of the reader. Yours Sincerely,

Signature Typed Name

Yours Sincerely,

Signature Typed Name

Providing Clear, Simple and Functional Products Bespoke Solutions Interdisciplinary Application Development Client Needs Fulfillment Dynamic Problem Solving


bespoke technological solutions

Road, Bristol 0000, United Kingdom

+44 7850 015601

- logo design - business card & stationery design

Road, Bristol 0000, United Kingdom

+44 7850015601


logo design

L7 Mobility communications carrier


Combination Marks / / / / / / / / / / /////////// Combination Marks are graphics with both text and a symbol/icon that signifies the brand image of the company or organization. Concise text complements an icon or symbol, providing supplemental clarity as to what your enterprise is all about. There are integrated and stand alone combination marks. For instance, DonyaYoga logo has the text with the graphic integrated, whereas the Amco logo has the icon separate from the text.

social media consulting company

yoga studio logo

magic blog

wine website logo

personal coach logo

startup software company


software company

- id development - logo design, business cards, stationary

DONYA YOGA LOGO CONCEPT The logo uses a type of circular image, with chinese/asian pictograms, which are often used in spa, wellness related activities. The design uses the most basic geometric shape-circle (inspired by the name “donya�-world of yoga), that also rotates along a circle, creating a flower-shaped element. The 2 smaller elements on the upper and bottom of this shape create a vertical axis and help in reaching in positioning. For the icon logo I used one of the smaller graphic elements used in the main logo design, and the letter D.

DONYA YOGA yoga studio

- id development - logo design, icon design, business cards, membership cards. - interior graphics proposal

photographer logo

oil company that deals with restoring the environment

bath products company

personal logo

commercial construction

personal coach logo

FLICK IT paper football mascots

FLOUSEY photo sharing location app

STATS ICON system statistics app


FLICK IT paper football app

GUN RUN location based tactics game

- app icon design - game app graphics - GUN RUN & FLICK IT (mascots, menus)


Design portfolio  
Design portfolio