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Bharatanatyam Mudras and meaning Asamyukta Hasta or Single Hand Gesture Asamyukta hastas are done using single hand. Following are the list of all the Single hand Gesture: 1. Pataki 2. Tripataaka 3. Ardhapataaka 4. Kartarimukha 5. Mayura 6. Ardhachandra 7. Araala 8. Shukatunda 9. Mushthi 10. Shikhara 1. Pataki Pataki means “Flag”. Pataki is done with all fingers held straight like the Stop sign. There should be no gap between the fingers.

2. Tripataaka Tripataaka means “three parts of the flag”. In this Mudra, all the fingers are held straight and close together like the stop sign except for the ring finger which is bent.

3. Ardhapataaka Ardhapataaka means “Half Flag�. It is done by bending the little finger after doing the Tripataaka.

4. Kartarimukha Kartarimukha Mudra is done when the little finger and the ring finger is bent and pressed against the thumb. While the index finger and the Middle finger is stretched to show a scissor.

5. Mayura The ring finger and the tip of the thumb touch each other while the other fingers are held straight without any gap.

6. Ardhachandra In Ardhachandra all the finger is held straight and together, except the thumb finger which is held apart. It is just like the Pataka gesture, but the thumb finger is held straight and not bent like in Pataka.

7. Araala It is done when the Index finger is bent while doing the Pataka Mudra. Here the index finger is bent along with the thumb, while the other fingers are held straight.

8. Shukatunda When the Ring finger of the Araala mudra is bent we get Shukatunda Hasta.

9. Mushthi In simple words it is a closed fist position of the palm. When the four fingers are pressed closely against the palm, while, the thumb is held tightly between the palm and the other four fingers. The thumb can also be placed on the four fingers

10. Shikhara Here all the fingers are bent and pressed against the Palm except the thumb. The thumb is raised and held erect. (Like the thumbs-up Sign)

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Bharatanatyam mudras and meaning  
Bharatanatyam mudras and meaning