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variety of actions, promoters and goals involved, the experiences are predominantly positive ones that provide important initiatives to the people and their communities. Some examples of the social networks that linked the diaspora SANSA South African Networks of Skills Abroad was created in 1998. It has more than 2.200 members distributed in 60 países where the 85% are educated in South Africa. The purpose is to connect the highly skilled personnel in science and technology with their collegues in South Africa, creating a collaborative environment and knowledge transfer. The network is oriented to promote the economic development in South Africa. CHISA Chinese Scholar Abroad ASTA Arab Scientists and Technologists Abroad is an electronic directory (or database) for scientists and technicians from Arabic origin who work in advanced industrial countries. Its goal is create a space where the scientists of wathever area in abroad could be contacted by the Arab institutions interested in this expertise area. It facilites to establish conferences and workshops with governmental or private funding as well as the arab institutions in abroad. SIPA Silicon Valley Indian Professional Association attempt to support to the Indian community from the professional as well as a personal point of view. SIPA provides a common platform for the professionals joining beyond the professional roles, creating a healthy climate of mutual hep and personal growth. The goal of SIPA is to work for creating a powerful network of professional in Silicon Valley that create “influential mark” in the work for the mutual benefices. Red Caldas In 1992, the Colombian Institute for the Development of Science and Technology "Francisco José de Caldas" - COLCIENCIAS, launched the project Red Caldas as a resource of communication leads to the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge among the Colombian researchers abroad and the national scientific community. The aim is linked to the activities of science and technology of the home country. The Red Caldas is a national strategy of the international policies of the science defined for the National Science and Technology System. The objectives of this politicy facilitate the setting of the virtual community of knowledge leading by scientists and Colombian researchers in and out of this country, and the running of the participation program and public domain of knowledge of science and technology in Colombia. R@ICES Its purpose is strengh the scientific and technological capabilities of the country by means of the development of the policies oriented to link Argentinian researchers resident living abroad, as well as actions aimed at promoting the stay of the researchers in the country and the return of those people interested in developing research activities in Argentina. R@íces, Network of Argentin Researchers and Scientific in the Abroad, is a program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, depending on the Directorate National of the International Relations. Source: Adopted of Solimano, 2008, and other web information

Besides these resources, the social networks developed around mobility programs are also frequently used by the financing institutions. These networks have several functions related to instrumental issues, support, publicity and diffusion of the promoted activities (cultural, social, scientific or types of business). Related to FC community we found three types of networks. The FC have developed an institutional network for their grant-holders named Carolina community. This is an instrument for fostering the relationships of exchange, cooperation and training growing out of the different programs of the FC (training program, research, visiting and social responsibility) between Spain and Latin America. It is aimed at fulfilling the cooperation action

The diaspora of highly skilled ICT workers - contributions to economic development  

In this paper we will focus on the mobility actions promoted by the Carolina Foundation (FC), a Spanish non-profit organisation cooperating...