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After seeing the newest body of work by Ana Mercedes Hoyos, can one ever again look at a drum without wishing ¡t were orange? Without wishing ií were bigger? And shaped as boldly as ¡t sounds? And who ever saw a knife with a pink handle? Not the usual passive handle ¡oined to an energetk blade, this knife ¡s a harmonious whole, a powerful shape be ¡I thrust inlo a platter of fruit or seen by itself in a canvas that echoes ils lines. The drum, the knife, the fruit, the ruffled skirts of the girls, all belong to the life of San Brasilio de Palenque, a village near Cartagena, Colombia, which was the last refuge for freed and escaped slaves. In this seríes Ana Mercedes Hoyos, who hal photographed and painted the women of Palenque for more than six years, decided to move in very cióse. No longer do we see a full parade, but in one painting two magnificent drums almost totally blocking ouí the drummers who carry them. In another there are the ruffled skirts, brown legs, and shoes and socks of dressed-up young women who have gathered to watch the festivities. The still-lifes all include the pink handled knife, variously cropped by pieces of fruit, and important both compositionally and psychologically. In the narrow vertical picture where the knife is ¡solated, Hoyos crops the blade to heighten the visual tensión. These close-ups are an important new step ¡n Hoyos’s continuing Palenque series. She chooses her sub¡ects intuitively, her cropping is bolder, more dramatic, and her color is simple and superb. By now there ¡s no doubt that Hoyos can make a good painting. In this series she adds dimensionality and deepens her communication of the spirit that enlivens these extraordinary women. — Anne Horton, 1993




4. UNTITLED (Pink Knife I)

5. UNTITLED (Pink Knife II)

6. UNTITLED (Pink Knife III)

7. UNTITLED (Pink Knife IV)

8. UNTITLED (Pink Knife V)

For me, the discovery of one pink knife became a great revelation for my work. I had always been interested in the knife as a symbol. I had thought of the knife as full of meaning and the best way to ¡Ilústrate the reality of my country, Colombia. I had always found it in biack and painted it that way, always present as an integral part of my work. Then, on one of my trips to Cartagena, I saw a knife with a pink handle. I sensed the importante of this sign, and I began to think of ¡t as an isolated object. I took it out of the compositions and painted ¡t by itself. The knife btade still means the same — vioience, bloodshed, and rupíure, but this symbol now has a different meaning. The pink can mean redemption and the possibility of changing Colombia’s reality. Such a reality could embrace the ¡mportance of an isolated culture such as that of Palenque, a town founded by íhe descendants of African slaves and to which I pay tribute in my paintings of its ¡nhabitants. — Ana Mercedes Hoyos, 1993

9. UNTITLED (Pink Knife)

10. UNTITLED (Watermelon VIII)

11. UNTITLED (Watermelon IV)

12. UNTITLED (Watermelon V)

CATALOGUE I. DRUM 1993 Oil on corvos 47’A x47’/4¡n, 120 x 120 cm YG No. AMH-93001

7. UNTITLED (Pink Knife IV) 1993 O!l on convos 393A x 39% in, 100 x 100 cm YG No. AMH-93007

2. UNTITLED 1993 Oil on convas 49 V. x98’/2¡n, 125x250cm YG No. AMH-93002

8. UNTITLED (Pink Knife V) 1993 Oil on canvas 393A x 393/» in, 100 x 100 cm YG No. AMH-93008

3. UNTITLED 1993 Oil on canvas 39% x39%in, 100 x 100 cm YG No. AMH-93003

9. UNTITLED (Pink Knife) 1993 Oil on canvas 193/« x 94’/2¡n, 50x240 cm YG No. AMH-93009

4. UNTITLED (Pink Knife l) 1993 Oil on canvas 39% x39% ¡n, 100 x 100 cm YG No. AMH-93004

10. UNTITLED (Watermelon Ill) 1993 Oil on canvas 193/a x94’/2¡n, 50x240cm YG No. AMH-93012

5. UNTITLED (Pink Knife ll) 1993 Oil on canvas 39% x393A in, 100 x 100 cm YG No. AMH-93005

11. UNTITLED (Watermelon IV) 1993 Oil on canvas 193A x 94 Vzin, 50x240 cm YGNo. AMH-93013

ó. UNTITLED (Pink Knife III) 1993 Oil on canvas 39% x39%in, 100 x 100 cm YG No. AMH-93006

12. UNTITLED (Watermelon V) 1993 Oil on canvas 193/<x 193Ain, 50x50cm YG No. AMH-93014


Born 1942 Bogotá, Colombia Lives and works ¡n Bogotá and New York Education 1961-65 Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad Nacional de Colombia The School of Fine Arts at the University of Los Andes Selected Solo Exhibitions 1993 Colombian Consulate, New York, New York, Works on Paper Museo Rayo, Roldanillo, Colombia, Exhibition of Graphic Arts Galería Ramis F. Barquet, Monterrey, México Galeria Fernando Quintana, Bogotá, Colombia, 1981-1988 1992 Galeria El Museo, Bogotá, Colombia, Symbols o! America 1991 Galeria Época, Santiago, Chile, Oils and Drawings Rempire Gallery, New York, New York 1990 Seymour Berger Center for the Arts, long Island, New York, Drawings and Prints Rempire Gallery, New York, New York, The Final Touch 1988 Museo La Tertulia, Cali, Colombia 1987 Galeria Alfred Wild, Bogotá, Colombia, Still Lifes of Palenque 1986 National Press Club, Washington D.C., Journey 1985 Galeria Confamiliar, Barranquilla, Colombia, Sunflowers and Rainbow 1984 Galeria Garces Velasquez, Bogotá, Colombia Fíeld of Sunflowers (Homage to Van Gogh) 1981 Centro Colombo-Americano, Bogotá, Colombia, Ana Mercedes Hoyos: A Decade 1980 Galeria Cóndor, Barranquilla, Colombia, Rainbow and Landscape Panamanian Institute of Art, Panamá City, Panamá 1979 La Galeria, Buenos Aires, Argentina Galeria Belarca, Bogotá, Colombia 1978 Galeria San Diego, Bogotá, Colombia, A Process Eugenio Mendoza Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela 1976 Museum of Modern Art, Bogotá, Colombia, Paintings and Drawings 1974-76 1974 Galeria Belarca, Bogotá, Colombia, Windows

Selected Group Exhibitions 1992 Expo Sevilla 92, Seville, Spain, Colombian Contemporary Art Galeria Alfred Wild, Bogotá, Colombia 1991 Museum of Modern Art, Cali, Colombia, Three Colombian Artists — Small Formal Colombian Center, Permanent Mission of Colombia to the United Nations, New York, New York, Painting 1990 Fuji Museum of Tokyo, Japan, Colombian Art 1989 Galeria Alfred Wild, Bogotá, Colombia, Women Artists Rempire Gallery, New York, New York, Exhibition of Contemporary Colombian Art 1986 MOCHA , New York, New York, Abstract Vision 1985 Museum of Modern Art, Bogotá, Colombia, One Hundred Years of Colombian Art Santillana Foundation, Santillana del Mar, Spain, A Vision of Colombia XXVIII International Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil 1984 National Anthropological Museum, México City, México, Colombia, Half a Century of Painting and Sculpture 1st Biennial of Havana, Cuba 1983 Palacio De Bellas Artes, México City, México, Colombian Paintings, Cultural Agenda on Colombia School of Fine Arts, Paris, France, Art From the Workshops, Art From the Street 1982 Center for ínter American Relations of New York, New York, Women of the Americas: Emerging Perspectivas Museum of Modern Art, Bogotá, Colombia, Colombian Art From the Sixties Colombian Embassy, Bonn, Germany, Contemporary Colombian Graphics 1981 IV Biennial Art Exhibiton of Medellin, Medellin, Colombia National Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela, El Paisaje Libérrimo Galeria Santa Fe, Bogotá, Colombia, Inaugural Exhibition 1980 Galería San Diego, Bogotá, Colombia, Canvases From Five Artists La Fundación Miró, Barcelona, Spain, Premio Dibujo Miro 1979 Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan, XI International Biennial Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango, Bogotá, Colombia, Prints and Drawings of Colombia II Biennial Painting Exhibition, Cagnes-Sur-Mer, France

1978 1977 1975 1972 1971 1970 1968 1966

Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Art Now Ill/Lalin America: Sensible Ceometry International Monetary Fund of Washington, Washington, D.C., New Artists of Colombia Bogotá National Museum, Bogotá, Colombia, New People of the World X París Biennial, Paris, France Bogotá Museum of Modern Art, Bogotá, Colombia, 1900-1975 Landscape House of the Americas, Havana, Cuba, Biennial Exhibition Institute of Latín American Art, Santiago, Chile Bibloteca Luis Ángel Arango, Bogotá, Colombia, Graphic Artists oí Colombia Museo La Tertulia, Cali, Colombia, Salon of the Americas Galeria Belarca, Bogotá, Colombia, Erotic Art Museum of Modern Art, Bogotá, Colombia, Envíronmental Spaces Galeria Marta Traba, Bogotá, Colombia, Los que Son Galeria Goya, Bogotá, Colombia



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