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1980’s Magazine By: Nicole Hellmund, Ana Mendes, and John Schappert

Table of Contents Education in the ‘80s ……………………………………………………..…..…… 2 Fashion of the Era .……………………………………………………..………..… 4 Film & Theatre right now! .………………………………………………......... 6 Where & what to eat ……………………………………………………….……… 7 Culture of the ‘80s ...………………………………………………………….……. 9 Sports Highlights ……….…………….………………………………...………... 10 Modern Music ……..…………………………………....……………………..…… 12 The Way We Live ……….………………………………………….………..…… 14 Government & Politics …….…………………..………………….……..……… 15 Law & Justice …………….………………………………………….…..…..…… 16 Foreign Affairs …………..………………………………………………..…..17-18 Domestic Affairs …………………………………………………………..…..19-20 Matilda book review .…………………………….………………..………..…… 21 Word Search ……………………...…………………………………………...…… 22 Celebrity Gossip ……………………………………………….………………...… 23 Bibliography …………….……………………………………………………...…… 24


Education By: Nicole Hellmund Since as early as time, women have been regarded to as “less”, as “inferior”, as maintaining the lack of the capability to do what men have the (apparently) obvious capability to do. It was in the 80s when women were given more rights, in a way, they were granted intelligence. In 1981, women were allowed to go to college. This was a drastic change in America. With women being able to go to college, more jobs were available for them to apply to. Jobs such as teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc became more popular amongst women. As well as women being given more rights, the education for children became different. In (mostly) private schools the education increased. Certain ideas and topics became common class discussions. Certain lower classes, though, began to become less intellectual and the teaching for many public schools became much less focused on students’ ability to learn and lead to an increase in the low class and a decrease to the middle class. Due to causes from the 60s and later 70s, school made many Americans became aware and in agreement with the commonly used quote, “schools don’t make a difference”. Schools became either better or worse, but nothing near in between. 2


Fashion By: Ana Mendes It is commonly said that the 80’s was when fashion was most bold, at its highest peak. The 1980’s consisted of slogan tees, fanny packs, washed jean jackets, and even the man pony. The colors during this era were loud and bright, just like the people. The style was so iconic that even some trends from the 80’s are in style today. Whether it's Saint Laurent's shoulder pads, Vetements' leggings, or Off-White's entire Princess Diana-inspired spring/summer 2018 collection, the iconic 80’s trends are making a comeback in today’s fashion. For example, the fanny packs were stylish and an 80’s classic before they were seen as a tourist accessory. Another fashion staple was the slogan tees. Words that came to mind when one things of the 80’s is flash and tight. The people were fond of wearing neon colors and really tight clothing. The 1980’s was full of amazing fashion icons. Princess Diana was a classic icon from the 80’s. Her famous suits and designer gowns had everybody obsessed with watching her style. Back in the 1980s Madonna stood for everything that was cool and exciting. Not only was she super renowned in the music industry but she was also an incon in the fashion world. She influenced many people with her bright tutus, leather pieces, and the of course the scrunchies. Also, actresses like Jane Fonda, Olivia newton John, Molly Ringwald, and many more greatly influenced the 80s and were huge fashion icons. 4


Film and Theater By: Nicole Hellmund The television was invented in 1927 and has been popular among Americans ever since. Television and theater have not stopped evolving. In the early 1930s, black and white TV was popular but only with the shows of the hour. Television continued to evolve and soon became ‘in color’. This was a major hit. Movies such as Back to the Future and E.T. became well known. Movies like Grease 2 and The Breakfast Club became worldwide famous. Acting became an actual ‘career’. Back to the Future was loved by millions. Being a movie about the prospect of time travel, Americans were in awe. E.T. became one of the first few movies about sci fi and aliens from another planet. Imagination among directors flew wild and Grease became one of the best movies of the ‘70s. Grease 2 was a movie about fantasy and love, invented 4 years later. Many of these top movies became so famous that are even regarded to and watched today. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a movie about what could happen if one boy takes a day off, became world known and hilarious to all. The movies of the ‘80s were so great that they are still regarded to and thought of today. Most movies of the 80s were top hits then and remain as some of the best movies since.


Food By: Ana Mendes The ‘80s were when Lean Cuisine started gaining popularity. It is a brand of frozen entreés and dinners sold in the United States and Canada by Nestlé, and in Australia by Simplot. It started becoming very known because it gave healthier option in an easier form. Besides Lean Cuisine the 80’s had many famous drinks and foods. One famous candy was the Big League Chew gum. Big League Chew was invented by a professional pitcher as a healthier alternative to chewing tobacco. Jawbreakers were also super popular. People would have competitions to see who could handle the biggest one. Cool Ranch Doritos were unique to the 80’s. There was an original turquoise-flecked triangular chip, with actual fat! The tri-color pasta salad was a recipe that could not be missing in a BBQ. Toss them with canned olives and powdered salad dressing, and you were the coolest kid at the potluck. Artificially flavored fruit snacks were super popular. All the cool moms bought Fruit by the Foot, Gushers, or Fruit Roll-Ups. Capri Sun was one of the most popular drinks. First trademarked in Germany in the '50s, the pouches later became huge at soccer games and in school lunches. Even though there were different flavors like Tropical Fruit Punch or Strawberry Kiwi they pretty much tasted the same.



Culture By: Nicole Hellmund

The culture of the 1980s was very abstract as well as many of the people during this time were from abroad. Everyone was different and differences were accepted and imposed. Pop, rock, hip, and even a little bit of rap music was popular during this time. Even though pop art had originated in the ‘60s, it became very famous and popular in the ‘80s. Pop art even became favored by many. To “real” artists, this was an insult and not “real art” at all, but instead a mere illusion. Fashion also took a major role in the culture of the ‘80s. Fashion was a form of art and it was, like art, criticized and often, even, mocked. In the ‘80s the attitude was even different, people would party ‘till the nights’ very end (or maybe often even later). This era was very ‘straight forward’ (literally) while still very abstract. The ‘80s were an era of fun and crazy. Loud and wild.


Sports By: John Schappert 1980 Summer Olympics The U.S. did not participate in the Summer Olympics because they were held by the Soviet Union in Moscow. 65 other countries also boycotted these Olympics, but many records were broken. Over 100 records were broken and 74 of them were Olympic records. The Soviet Union got the most medals during these olympic games. 1980 Winter Olympics The Winter Olympics were held in the U.S. at Lake Placid, New York. Although the U.S. had boycotted the Summer Olympics, the communist countries came to the Winter Olympics. An incredible American athlete named Eric Heiden won five gold medals for speed skating. The U.S. also scored an amazing victory against the Soviet Hockey team that became known as the “Miracle on Ice.� Boxing Muhammed Ali was knocked out for the first time in 1980 by Larry Homes. Mike Weaver won the heavyweight title for 1980 after he knocked out John Tate and Gerrie Coetzee. In 1981, Muhammad Ali came out of retirement for his final fight against Trevor Berbick. He lost and never boxed again. Trevor Berbick came close to becoming the heavyweight champion, but he lost against Larry Holmes. 10


Music By: Nicole Hellmund Music was very popular in the 80s. In particular, pop music was very well known among teenagers and even some adults. Many singers, still well known today, became popular in the 1980s. Michael Jackson, who was previously part of the Jackson 5, Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie, Prince, and even the band Tears for Fears became very popular during this era. Michael Jackson was one of the first African American singers in the United States. In his childhood, he was part of the ‘Jackson 5’, a group of the Jackson brothers who composed and sang songs as a band. This band was very famous and, later, Michael grew even more famous and became known for songs like ‘Beat it’, ‘Billie Jean’, and ‘Thriller’. Cyndi Lauper wrote many songs, but was mostly known for her song, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ about girls partying in the 80s. David Bowie was very well known and popular for songs such as ‘Space Oddity’. Prince was not only popular for his music, but also his good looks. Women and young girls would go crazy in his concerts. The band, Tears for Fears was a british-english band. It had eight members: Roland Orzabal, Curt Smith, Manny Elias, Gail Ann Dorsey, Jamie Wollam, Will Gregory, Mel Collins, and Pino Palladino. Tears for Fears was popular for its rock and roll as well as pop music. The 1980s was a time period full of pop and hip culture.



The Way We Lived By: Ana Mendes One thing that was very different from the lifestyle in the 80s from now was the form of communication. Smartphones and social media did not exist. Therefore, kids did not spend their time snapchatting each other or facetiming. They would simply talk when they saw each other in person or use the house telephone. Also, moms could not message their kids several times a day to know their whereabouts. Another difference of lifestyle was they did not have netflix and other forms of entertainments. They watched what was playing on TV. Full House was popular in the end of the 80’s and people would wait every Friday to watch a new episode. Another thing kids would probably not survive without today is Spotify, Apple Music, or all the other apps to listen to music. Back in the 80’s people had to listen to music through cassettes. They would insert the cassettes into the cassette players, a machine for playing back or recording audio cassettes.


Government Politics By: John Schappert

The 1981 Presidential Election Reagan barely beat Jimmy Carter in the presidential election of 1981. He got 51% of the total votes. Reagan decided to keep his promises to make big tax cuts. His “supply side economics” which was an economic plan to cut taxes for individuals and corporations by reducing government spending.

The Reagan Doctrine The Reagan Doctrine was Reagan’s policy to stop the spread of communism by providing aid to anti communist governments. This applied in Grenada, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Reaganomics The economy was still suffering from a recession that was caused by the Great Depression. Nine million people were left unemployed. Reagan's economic policies helped to pull the United States out of a stock market crash. The middle class and the wealthy Americans liked his policies. This helped the wealthy Americans and Reagan hoped that the money would “trickle down” to the others.


Law & justice By: Nicole Hellmund The 1980s were a time of great debate and much solitude. During this time a lot of public debates as well as prominent trials were held and many new amendments and laws were incorporated into the governing system of America. One of the many important trials in the 1980’s was on 1982 a trial known as, ‘North Haven Bd. of Ed. vs. Bell’. This trial ended in the determination that people would not be segregated because of their sex while applying for a job. It is obvious that this was further enforced in the ‘80s. Another very important trial held in the 1980s, specifically 1984, was known as ‘Grove City College vs. Bell’. This trial was, in fact, part of the ‘Title ix’ which were a series of trials regarding education in college as well as the funds for education. The title ix was started in 1972. Specifically, the ‘Grove City College vs. Bell’ trial determined whether the Grove City College got financial aid. Hundreds of rules and laws were added such as the “Equal Rights Amendment” which, actually, began to be proposed in the late 1800s and was not made into a law until July 14, 1982. The United States was anything but very lenient to grant women the same, equal, rights as men. After hundreds of years of persisting, though, women got what they finally deserve: equal rights. In the 1980s African Americans also protested for equal rights as well as full freedom and no discrimination. As well as both of these trials and the ‘Equal Rights Amendment’, there were hundreds of other important trials held in the 1980s as well as a numerous amount of laws made and enforced as well as added to the “10 amendments”. During the 1980s, new laws were imposed as well as previous laws further enforced and hundreds of trials were taken to court to debate the regulations in America. 16

Foreign Affairs By: John Schappert

The Iran-Contra Affair Reagan instructed McFarlane to assist the Contras in Nicaragua. These were very influential people who got most of their money from the cocaine trade in Nicaragua. The U.S. made an arms deal with Iran to ensure that prisoners in Iran would be freed and to give the CIA an excuse to give money to the Contra. Oliver North was the one who admitted that the CIA had been transfering funds to the Contra.

Tensions with Russia Tensions with Russia were increasing, so Reagan initiated the SDI which was a ground and space based nuclear protection system. Fortunately, tensions began to decrease and SDI never became a reality. Mikhail Gorbachev is elected in 1985 and Reagan is able to improve the U.S. relations with Russia.

The Berlin Wall was Destroyed President Reagan convinced Gorbachev to “tear down that wall.� It was taken down on November 9, 1989. This united Berlin and it finally ended the Cold War.


Foreign Affairs By: John Schappert

Indian Prime Minister is Assassinated Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984. This was a consequence of her decision to order an army raid on a Sikh temple to get rid of Sikh extremists. Her bodyguards were both Sikhs and they assassinated her. She had the chance to replace her bodyguards with other people, but she did not because she trusted them. Following Indira Gandhi's death, many riots broke out in New Delhi. Over 1,000 Sikhs died in the next two days. Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Explodes The explosion of chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine was tragic. It occured in 1986. 28 people died in the week after as a result of radiation poisoning. Two other workers died in the explosion. The cause of the explosion was a flaw with the nuclear reactor. The reactor was not recoverable because of all of the damage. There were 134 cases of confirmed acute radiation syndrome.


Domestic Affairs By: John Schappert

Reagan Assassination Attempt On March 30, 1981, a man named John Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Reagan as he was entering his car. He fired six bullets and only one of them hit the president. Press Secretary James Brady and police officer Tom Delahanty were wounded by gunshots. A secret service agent named Tim McCarthy took a bullet for the president. Reagan was taken to George Washington Hospital immediately by a secret service agent named Jerry Parr. He was able to return home after eleven days. Tax Reform Act of 1981 This act provides incentives for companies to invest in real estate businesses. Overbuilding made real estate investments less attractive and the Tax Reform Act of 1986 removed the incentives from the Tax Reform Act of 1981.


Domestic Affairs By: John Schappert

Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 The Medicare Catastrophic Coverage act significantly expanded the amount of help that Medicare offered to the disabled and the elderly. This act faced a lot of criticism, so it was repealed by the Medicare Catastrophic Repeal Act of 1989. Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 This act was created in response to the S&L crisis. This was a period of time in which 1,000 S&Ls were forced to shut down. It was extremely important because it allowed the government to use money that was collected from taxpayers to resolve S&L company failures. It established two new savings accounts called the Savings Associations Insurance Fund and the Bank Insurance Fund. It also created the Resolution Trust Company to help the S&L industry temporarily. 20

Matilda book review By: John Schappert & Nicole Hellmund

Matilda is a wonderful and enlightening book for children. It was written by Roald Dahl on 1988 and has been known as a “children's’ classic since�. It follows the story of a child named Matilda Wormwood. Matilda, in the book, pranks adults for mistreating her. In the book, she pranks her parents and even the principle of the school which she begins to attend. Matilda is an extremely bright and vibrant child who has read many books as well as intricate novels and, as her teacher decides, deserves to be moved up into a higher grade. Mrs. Trunchbull (the principle) forbids this. Eventually though, Matilda develops her telekinetic abilities and she uses them in an effort to remove Mrs. Trunchbull from her high position. Mrs. Trunchbull is replaced by a kinder and more civilized teacher and Matilda is moved up into a higher grade and she loses her telekinetic powers. It is an interesting and beautiful book that every child must read!



Celebrity Gossip By: Ana Mendes and John Schappert

Pete Rose was Banned from Baseball For Life in 1989 Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball in 1989 due to his betting issues. Rose bet on his own team, the Cincinnati Reds while he was managing them. 52 of these bets were found and Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball for life. Marvin Gaye is Murdered Marvin Gaye was a marvelous singer whose career was ended prematurely. Marvin Gaye was murdered by his abusive father on April 1st, 1984. His father punished his children physically and he drank too much. After a violent disagreement, Marvin’s father shot Marvin three times in the chest with a revolver. It is a shame that a man of such talent should end his career like this. The fact that he was murdered by his father makes this even more tragic.


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Decade project- Ana, John, Nicole  
Decade project- Ana, John, Nicole