Programme 2014

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DOCUMENTARIES These specially selected documentaries from all around the world open the window to the realities of other lives otherwise unknown to us.

Tarzan, Donxiote and us, Hassen Ferhani, Algeria, 2013 Modou Modou, Virginia Manchado, Spain, 2013 I Can’t Cry Much Louder [...], Robert Cambrinus, Austria, 2013 A City Within A City, Cylixe,Germany, 2013 The Isle of Women, Erwin Maisch, France, 2013

Come and see how creative directors combine abstractionism with reality to give us new perspectives in filmmaking!

Hotzanak, For Your Own Safety, Izibene Oñederra, Spain, 2013 Imaginarium Life, Carla Forte & Alexey Taran, USA, 2013 Taa Bolo, Bakary Diallo, France, 2013 Tea Party, Outi Sunila, Finland, 2013 Recycled, Lei Lei & Thomas Sauvin, China, 2013 The New Model, Jemima Burrill, UK, 2013 Hermeneutics, Alexei Dmitriev, Russia, 2012 Abstraction 36, Morgan Beringer, UK, 2012 Go away, Gabriel Bélanger Oyarzun, France, 2012 Recurrence, Sonia & Miriam Albert Sobrino, USA, 2012 Two Islands, Jan Ijäs, Finland, 2013 Memory III of a City, Gloria Chung, USA, 2013