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Welcome to anaMalz. We are anaMalz: the cuddliest wooden toys alive. First discovered in Australia, we now roam all over the world. We love nature, beautiful places, having friends and fun. Want to know more about us? Read on:

Make Nature Grow AnaMalz don’t just talk about nature. They put their hoofs where their mouths are. And so can you! By letting them into your life, you help to make nature grow. Real Animals need playgrounds too! For every anaMalz that finds a home, a percentage is being donated in preserving nature forever. How much exactly? Next to any anaMal in this catalogue you will find this icon with the amount of space that will be saved.

AnaMalz are graded for 2 years and older. AnaMalz meet all EN 71 (part 1,2,3), CPSIA, and ASTM standards and all test reports can be viewed at

Horns are made from a FDA approved­material called TPR. TRP is mixed with wood powder, an eco alternative to plastic.

anaMalz facts AnaMalz are made from a wood known as schima superba or “needlewood” (a fast growing tree harvested in a forest plantation).

Fabrics are AZO dye free.


The wood scraps from the anaMalz production are used on a farm to grow mushrooms.

All anaMalz are hand painted using child friendly paint and formaldehyde free glue.

Over 15 industry awards have been won including an Australian International Design Award by Standards Australia.

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For a long time it has been uncertain as to where anaMalz came from. Did they just spring out of tree roots? Well... yes they did. In the World of anaMalz.

Grow, play and explore the green fields full of lushy trees, begging you to taste their fruits.

A beautiful beach end: here is where the surprises are. Unexpected new guests make the waves curl with won der.

If you like sturdy, and adventure pack your , then bag of fun a camping a nd join the happy naMalz he re!

irky r the sm lay o , o t n f Bro akily p e roar o ho sne Hear th f Tyranno, w rs. er o n othe laught tricks o

It sounds cold‌ but hey, beautiful gliding tubes that do not end, and a furry white Polar bear as a friend, who minds the frost?




2.08 sq.m.


Raising the red flag, stampeding to the fun side. 10cm tall and 10cm long.

goat GO2010

2.08 sq.m.


donk -ee

Socks, rock climbing, one of the kids, adventure. 9cm tall and 9cm long.


Line dancing, daisy pie, milking the most out of life. 2.08 sq.m.

10cm tall and 10cm long.

2.08 sq.m.





Plaits, hay bale biscuits, being your side kick. 2.08 sq.m.

Laughing, salsa dancing, one stripe shirts. 7cm tall and 7cm long.

9cm tall and 8cm long.

2.08 sq.m.

Knitted pullovers, licorice all sorts, hanging around. 10cm tall and 11cm long.




2.08 sq.m.


Scarfs, shoes, PINK, lattes, living it up babe! 6cm tall and 8cm long.

apple tree


Day dreaming, vegetable soup, flock to fun days. 2.08 sq.m.

8cm tall and 7cm long.

Playing the horn, toothpicks, knocking around. 2.08 sq.m.

orange tree


8cm tall and 7cm long.

ba-boon BA2010


Loves nightly strolls and taste of fresh rainwater. 2.08 sq.m.


16cm tall and 11cm long.

2.08 sq.m.

Loves to sway with the wind, and collecting birdsnests. 16cm tall and 11cm long.

2.08 sq.m.

Face painting, shuffling, flea flicking. 8cm tall and 4cm long.

brown bear BE2010

buffalo BF2010

Salmon fishing, glo worms, sleeping through the alarm. 2.08 sq.m.

6cm tall and 9cm long.


2.08 sq.m.


Tail flicking flies, keeping you in it’s herd. 11cm tall and 8cm long.


13cm tall and 9cm long.

2.24 sq.m.

2.08 sq.m.

Theatre, literature, waltzing, memories with you. 9cm tall and 11cm long.

hippo HI2010

Drums, Donkey Kong, short black coffee, hanging with you.

Limbo, spot counting, leaf souffle, playing hide and seek. 2.08 sq.m.





10cm tall and 6cm long.

Barrel rolling, disco dancing, soggy greens, big smiles. 2.08 sq.m.

9cm tall and 11cm long.


leon LI2010

2.08 sq.m.


Blow waves, sun filled Sundays, roaring around. 9cm tall and 10cm long.

rhino RH2010

2.08 sq.m.


Lasagna, tapdancing, jurassic park, coloring your day. 7cm tall and 11cm long.


Playing checkers with zebra, kung fu, chewing bamboo.

Snowballing, polka dancing, telling jokes. 2.24 sq.m.

12cm tall and 14cm long.

2.08 sq.m.





Muscle flexing, positive thinking, tap dancing, getting things done. 2.08 sq.m.

9cm tall and 5cm long.

6cm tall and 10cm long.

Striped leather pants, laughing until he’s horse. 2.08 sq.m.

9cm tall and 9cm long.

play mat PM2010

wild tree

toucan TU2010


2.08 sq.m.

Your own land to play on with all your anaMalz friends! 82cm tall and 62cm long.

bronto BR2010

2.08 sq.m.


14cm tall and 26cm long.

Surfing, baking pancakes chasing rabbits. 2.08 sq.m.



Building arcs, knocking on wood, rain, talking totems, safe play.

Fossil hunting, marbles, childrens books. 2.72 sq.m.

4cm tall and 3cm long.



Roller coasters, staying low while reaching for the stars. 2.72 sq.m.

Stretching roots on moonlit nights, warm ponds. 16cm tall and 14cm long.

15cm tall and 23cm long.

2.72 sq.m.

10cm tall and 19cm long.





Pointy questions, sharing a bowl of veggie soup. 2.08 sq.m.

10cm tall and 18cm long.

Camel CA2010

2.08 sq.m.

Midday sun, warm sand between toes, the beach. 12cm tall and 12cm long.

2.72 sq.m.

Things in threes, lucky dip prizes, eating out. 9cm tall and 17cm long.



Licking cheese off lasagna, egg throwing, chasing after you. 2.72 sq.m.

16cm tall and 20cm long.



2.08 sq.m.



Warm curious smiles, white teeth, fishing, cool times. 15cm tall and 15cm long.

Pointy questions, ants in the pants, digging for a good time. 1.92 sq.m.

4.5cm tall and 5cm long.




2.08 sq.m.


Dreamtime, ballet, pecking you on the chest! 11cm tall and 7cm long.

wombat WB2010


7cm long and 3cm tall.


High jump, long jump, tall tales, skipping into your day. 2.08 sq.m.

11cm tall and 6cm long.


1.92 sq.m.


Christmas, lending a horn, warm fires and hot chocolate.

Ice cones, brain freeze, salmon curling, going the distance. 2.08 sq.m.

Loafing around, tree hugging, keeping warm with cuddles. 7cm tall and 4cm long.



Digging holes, teasing emu, playing with you. 2.08 sq.m.


6cm tall and 11cm long.

2.08 sq.m.

9cm tall and 9cm long.

Check for the how-to instruction. Get out there! Look for those boring grey places where you think flowers should grow and drop a flowerbomb... The rain and sun will finish the job for you.

Thank you for making the world more beautiful! compost

flower seeds

(make sure the flower seeds are native)

powdered clay water (to order from shops or to find at a riverbed)

Hang loose and enjoy our all easy Display Deals! Why can’t every deal be as simple as this? Offering a complete display set in two variations, containing a selection of anaMalz and playful additions. Roaming Mountains Barnfields Coral Bay Ice Bergs Outback Hidden Valley

includes 6 of each of the following 15 styles: Moose • Lion • Giraffe • Elephant Pig • Sheep • Cow Toucan Polar Bear • Reindeer y Displa Crocodile • Kangaroo • Koala Triceratops • Tyrannosaurus Rex

fus o e m o S

Eco-friendly and recycled, display size 35cm x 35cm x 62cm (without header). Including header 79cm. Option to use up to four sides, holds a total of +/- 100 anaMalz. •13•

Roaming Mountains Barnfields Coral Bay Ice Bergs Outback Hidden Valley

includes 6 of each of the following 27 styles: Moose • Lion • Giraffe • Elephant • Gorilla • Hippo • Zebra • Tiger Pig • Llama • Sheep • Cow • Black Ram • Bull • Donkey • Horse Toucan Polar Bear • Reindeer Camel • Crocodile • Kangaroo • Koala Brontosaurus • Parasaurolophus • Triceratops • Tyrannosaurus Rex Includes 10 of each of the following: Wild Tree • Apple Tree • Orange Tree • Playmat

s u f o s t Lo Display

Eco-friendly and recycled, display size 53cm x 53cm x 150cm (without header). Including header 180cm. Two sides plus three centre shelves, holds a total of +/- 200 anaMalz plus accessories.

Make nature grow anaMalz is commited to contributing funds to various wildlife organisations around the world. Check out the anaMalz website, become a Guardian and help us to protect nature!

The anaMalz have landed anaMalz Benelux / TGS Meer en Duin 271 2163 HE Lisse The Netherlands

phone: +31(0)641253129

AnaMalz catalogue 2014  

A must-read for strong character-lovers! Drift away to the World of anaMalz while meeting the cuddliest wood alive. All anaMalz are in there...

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