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Refuge by Anam Ashraf Ali

Invisible walls, eerie silence With every second the solitude is crowding in tonight Lost purpose labeled as lost case Everyday is toil around the revolutions of twelve hours of tick tock If being lost has a purpose, am serving one with glee Suspended with roots dangling, No home to call your own, No history to claim as mine, No need Silence for my brother , Loneliness for my father Days are going by with no count of order Taken refuge in indifference of my thought My own parallel universe has finally come to existence My refuge, My safe haven, My home which I had always sought after Lost in the oceans of faces everyday, swept by my difference on the bay I am done waiting for acceptance, am taking refuge in my solitary state Confusion collides with beliefs, creating circles of despair and retreat Betrayal paying homage to trust, friendly its getting with deception each day Neither do I have the time for it, neither head, neither thought as dying grace Yes I am sinking into indifference; it’s a sign of relief! Irony? I bet Its like hearing soothing harmony play on broken chords Its like fitting the pieces of jigsaw with a blindfold on The comfort you get when you close your eyes and arrive at home If my mind has to wonder around, questioning trust Questioning motive, mistaking friendship, testing water I am better lost, better unknown, better forgotten


poem about isolation and need for the brain to retreat to safety

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