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Welcome back to solid ground, it’s not a descent - It’s a fall, Force at work pulls me down; I feel the wind hit my face with fearless gall Or is that water? maybe that is rain. So the clouds are here to bid goodbye too? The sun has hid, the darkness shades; The nature is blurring in view Eyes shut close, all out of breath – the madness succeeded to lure me out Maybe your bones will crash, Maybe you will make it in piece Would somebody cry? Would somebody weep? Loneliness pushed me down; a void space pulled my surround Yes its happening, you are falling. Or are you trying to breakthrough? Suspended in air for fraction of second, the ground is getting nearer to your feet Colors vivid, Thoughts clear; maybe its my head which will hit the concrete Is it late? Or have the clocks stopped ticking? The blood has numbed in my veins, I don’t feel the flow; Maybe it’s the death march happening Yes and no, I can’t keep on running. So I decided to answer the great call I wanted to beat gravity while assuming; I can breakthrough, It won’t be a neck-break fall The great escape failed, the binding was stronger then you believed Once you jumped there was no going back; Is that fear or are you relieved? You couldn’t hammer at the chains of force, Now its anchoring you down No I won’t pretend, I don’t want to start over; The rush of fall was all I needed to make crisis drown Maybe its easier to burn then to built, Yes its easier to hurt then to get killed This wasn’t the way it should end, it’s only the way it should begin Only I need to breakthrough this force now, but I jumped – what a foolish sin! I open my eyes and suddenly it looks so beautiful, so breathtaking – Never felt so free Stunning is the nature even though it’s a haze of messy color scheme Am I free falling or is that wind rustling on my wings? I spread my arms, embrace the vastness it craves; The air feels light, its almost whispers at my ears On the top of world, did I cheat my fate? I smile at the serenity that nature translates I did it, I left the chains of the gravity way down, the bind is gone, and the force has left So now I fly, maybe I can soar high; These wings will take me places, mountains and cliffs Slam I hit the ground, I broke through but it was too late..

The Fall  
The Fall  

Poem inspired from gravity