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Discovery By:Marco Antonio  Exploration and discovery  Important discoveries through time  The discovery of America  Navigation tools

Explorations and discoveries Exploration: The exploration is to see new things , learn new things and to prove new things that the world doesn’t know about.

Discovery Is to discover new things and to find things that you have never seen in your life.

The discovery is something that the humans do to know more of the new new information,to have be more and more information, to do and touch new things, and to be more intelligent and to invent new things

Important Discoveries Through Time The investigations are growing up and that’s why all of the people know a lot about new things. In the future we are going to discover new things and invent a lot of new things that we are going to use more than the others like fire that was discovered by the Homo Erectus

The Air and Atmosphere

The air

The atmosphere

 Without the oxygen we can’t live because the oxygen gives us air that gives us life , and without the oxygen we die. The trees give us the oxygen necessary to live.

 The atmosphere is around us because the atmosphere is around all the planets. Without the atmosphere we don’t have space and we can’t discover things of the space because there’s no space.


The Discovery of America was an accident because Christopher Colombus wanted to go to Japan and Christopher Colombus thought that he was in Japan, but he was in America. Christopher Colombus killed many people and when Christopher Colombus arrived to Spain with many treasures the quen and king gave him only 15% of it. Then, Christopher Colombus got sick and he died and the queen never read his messages This teaches us to be not selfish and have more fun.

Navigation Tools

Astrolabe  The astrolabe is for similar to a telescope and we use it to find the stars and to see where you are. The modern one is more like a telescope.

GPS  The GPS is a tool to know where you are, and not get lost. That’s why we use it in ships, airplanes, and many more things.


The maps are a way to find treasures that are hidden in the caves and the maps guide the people to the caves. The maps give you information to find many places.



1 Student shows minimum comprehension which does not allow him/her to fulfill the task.

Explains how discoveries and exploration lead to new learning. Identifies and explains some important discoveries. Explains different perspectives towards the Discovery of America. Recognizes different kinds of navigation tools and processes. Identifies the characteristics and functions of different navigation tools and processes. The informative texts are clear and coherent. The texts have correct spelling. The texts have correct punctuation.

You did not include the perspectives in your magazine.

2 Student shows limited comprehension when completing the task.

3 Student shows partial comprehension when completing the task.

4 Student completes the task successfully.

5 Student applies and transfers their understanding in different contexts.

6 Student applies and transfers their understanding in a variety of contexts taking decisions about their actions and reflecting about them.

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Magazine about discoveries made by a third grader

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