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Tretempo S.C Professional Event Planners. Av. Albino Hernรกndez 76-A Matamoros, Tamps. 87340 t. (868) 160 8160 Mexico.

//about Tretempo速 We are a professional event planner firm dedicated to make the relationship business society closer and fun. In the last 3 years we have served national and international business, government and non-profit organizations and influenced more than 15,000 people directly.



It’s about our babies,

The largest Baby Expo in the Texas Valley and the north of Mexico. Baby Enterprises, Baby expert Speakers, Great Sponsors, Mass Media, and more than 3000 families visiting the expo!

To participate, Contact us! (868) 160 8160

Tretempo Sc

Some of the successful partners last Baby Expo

Tretempo SC. Professional Event Planners  

Tretempo short catalog. Baby Expo 2010 invitation.