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Delegation: ​Republic of Mali. Committee: ​UN WOMEN. Topic: ​Victims of excessive punishment to women in Middle Eastern countries. Delegate: ​Ana Lucía Sánchez López. “Women have lost their dignity, and where exactly is left human dignity without women’s dignity”. Sophie Good morning fellow delegates and honorable chair. On behalf of the president of the Republic of Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, this delegation is pleased to be in this committee in which “Victims of punishment to women in Middle Eastern countries” will be discussed. The topic or issue is important for the UN WOMEN committee to address, because this issue is causing loss of rights of Malian women and they are suffering violence from men. It’s the responsibility of the UN WOMEN committee to address and help Malian women. Women are constantly suffering violence, slavery of girls, loss of rights, imposed marriage, etc. This is why the topic has become an issue in Mali, especially for women. Islamist groups are conquering northern Mali, and they are imposing their religion. The Islam religion affects women’s rights, because Muslim men believe that women are trouble and a curse for them, so they don’t have any respect for women. Unfortunately, the government is not focussing in this important issue. The Malian government is discussing about president’s election, because it had suffered a coup ( a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government), and other inner problems. Leader Malian women organization have already met with the Deputy Secretary-General of the UN organization and with Michelle Bachelet (executive director of UN WOMEN) , to expose their claims about their security and rights. In order to solve this issue this delegation proposes the following solutions: ● The UN organization could send their troops to help women to evacuate or exit safely from northern Mali. ● UN WOMEN committee could organize a sale, raffle or donation of economic resources or products (like rice, beans, etc.), and the resources collected would be sent to a women’s refugee center in Mali. Women would stay in the refugee center until hard times had passed. ● Grant Malian women education and formation so that they learn how to be self-sufficient. This would help women to value themselves, to organize and stand up united for their rights. ● The UN WOMEN committee could organize a meeting with the government in which the committee would propose some possible solutions to solve the inner problems of the government, so the Malian government would finally focus in the

women victims in Mali. The delegation of the Republic of Mali thanks the committee members for their attention and hopes to be part of a viable solution. Thank you. ● ●

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Position Paper of JASMUN Ana Lucia