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Intrø You found us. Brilliant. Lucky you, and

idea between friends has become reality:

Are we really here? Run your fingers over

lucky us. It’s a new year, and Analøg

a free worldwide print publication to

the page, touch it. Smell the ink. Taste

kicks it off with issue #3, our third

spread the word of art. We published work

it – no wait, that’s probably a bad idea.

ink-and-paper effort at making the world

from 21 artists from all over the world,

But definitely look. See the photography,

of art a little bit cosier, a touch more

and saw Analøg arrive across continents.

the collage, the paint. Do more than look,


It was never a certainty what would

contribute. Send us your work, and become

happen, but each issue is another move

a part of the Analøg art world.

The start of a new year is a magical

forward, a surer step on a rocky path.

time -- filled with nostalgia that has us

We’ll keep moving, we’ll keep publishing

looking back, reflecting, and optimism that

Dreams are hard to achieve. And, even when

has us looking forward, daring to dream.

you’ve made them come true, it can be hard

Last year, what started out as a madcap

to see them as real. Did that happen?

the best art we can find.

Art worth making Analøg.

Cøntents Geoff J. Kim, Collage Art Amsterdam, The Netherlands Celien Brijder, Photographer Leerdam, The Netherlands Studio Smoking Pig/Mandy, Graphic Design Heemskerk, The Netherlands Dennis Lier, Photographer/Digital Art Amsterdam, The Netherlands Anne de Groot, Painter Amsterdam, The Netherlands Hannah Wiersma & Maarten Ben Gal, Stylist/Photographer Amsterdam, The Netherlands Analøg #3 / FREE CREATIVE JOURNAL

Paul van Bueren, Photographer Goes, The Netherlands

Brock Elbank / I’ve shot over 200 beard portraits, over the past 7

Emma Winter, Illustrator London, United Kingdom

years but Jimmy Niggles’s had a purpose, please check out his site it’s for a worth while cause. As for the image of Mr Niggles, a long with so

Lisette Appeldorn, Conceptual Designer Amsterdam, The Netherlands

many of the characters I photograph, they have real charisma in front of the lens and this part of the

Erik Benthem, Painter Hilversum, The Netherlands

Yes, this piece of art is free!

portrait process I really enjoy, finding interesting people to photograph.

© 2014 – All rights reserved.

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for any damage that may result

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This journal or parts of it may

present the information in Analøg

from the use of that information.

not be reproduced without written

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All efforts have been made to

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contact copyright holders.

the artists or the authors.

authors can be held responsible

Analøg #3 / Winter 2013/2014

Geoff J. Kim

‘Based Vase’ is part of a collage series by Geoff J. Kim created from Classical European still life paintings. The beauty of collage is such that it allows for the reappropriation of past works which were accessible to some, while wholly unavailable to others. A deconstruction and reconstruction of these images traces a unique dialogue between the past and present. Geoff is an artist from New York currently residing in Amsterdam.

Celien Brijder

The fascination that I’m working on has to do with the fact that we constantly get imposed needs and obligations. Ideal images that are imposed on us by the Western society and culture we live in. I draw a conclusion:

We’re getting more en more self-centered. There is a distance between yourself and the people around you. I show this distance and I want to strengthen that in my paintings by making big contrasts between the people and actions. Together alone...

Studio Smoking Pig / Mandy

Studio Smoking Pig is a small graphic design studio that creates bold, illustrative designs in which paper, scotch tape and a computer are key ingredients. When not working, Mandy likes to watch old pulp movies (and getting oddly inspired by them).

Dennis Lier

Placing his subject in a surreal setting, Dennis is trying to push the boundaries between art and fashion trough a mixture of Photography and Digital Art, and its hard to distinguish what is real and what is not real in his work. Each art piece gives the viewer the opportunity to create their own world/ reality, like reality it’s self it’s how you interpret it... so what is reality?

Anne de Groot

Anne de Groot (1989) graduated from Academy for Beeldende Vorming in Amsterdam(2011). During her course of study she discovered a love for painting and photography. Those two art forms were combined in her exhibition ‘Imperfections’.

Anne is inspired by the beauty of the face. She tries to create a whole new perspective of the face. With her layered oil paintings she can explain the imperfections in her artworks. Anne’s paintings have a fragile feeling with a touch of naivety.

Hannah Wiersma &

As a fashion stylist, normally the model is my canvas. When I first worked on a series of stills, I didn’t like it one bit.

Maarten Ben Gal

The first picture took us 6 hours! Maayan showed me the fun in creating stills. The possibilities are endless and the results

are very satisfying.

Paul van Bueren

I love the slow work pace while using analogue camera’s. Working for over half an hour on one portrait. The total time per photo is longer, there is more room for errors and if you use it right the results are better than digital! Model: Christina Tsene

Emma Winter

Project: ‘Grimms Floral’ Medium: 1000 beheaded roses, willow, lichen, blood sweat & tears. Emma Winter is a London based artist who’s work spans across Set Design, Artistic Direction & Sculptural Installation.

Lisette Appeldorn

The idea of creating masks was inspired by the African culture, because these masks often made out of wood and illustrate the connection between humans and animals. I created a new method of construction, while using the same material as traditional masks. By applying different folding techniques to thin layers of plywood I was able to make the masks look futuristic.

Erik Benthem

As a graphic designer my visual creativity goes further then digital drawing. Painting with acrylics and mainly expressionist portraits is what I love to do. These portraits include many color and coarse set, this is typical of my work. I make these paintings on a commissioned basis.

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New Year


STUDIO270 is a shared work space designed to connect creatives and promote common goals. With tenants carefully selected to maintain a multidisciplinary balance that’s both engaging and supportive, STUDIO270 is a collective home for independent vision. We’re located in a historic canal house at Herengracht 270, Amsterdam.

Analøg Issue #3  

Analøg is a new print publication geared towards connecting creative people worldwide.

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