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Intrø We’ve got momentum on our side, now.

networks’, and we’re not calling up

location or genre, and we put it on this

Analøg is seeing art come in from around

corporations asking them to have their

crinkly paper that you’re holding in your

the globe for future issues, but the best

minions send it to designated locations of

hands right now. You might be reading it

bit so far has been watching issue #1

commercial apathy – we are our own foot

by morning light, or the flickering candle

find its way into the weird places

soldiers, and Analøg finds its way from

of a dive bar or the illumination of your

of the world.

our hands to yours through the actions of

laptop monitor – but you’ve got it in your

people we know and people who like what we

hands, and that’s what counts. We want art

do. This is where it starts to get good.

to live the life it was meant for, and be

You hold in your hands issue #2, featuring

seen. Not just good art, but great.

works by artists from The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the USA. We’re not

Analøg brings together the best that the

sending it out through ‘distribution

world of art has to offer, regardless of

Art worth making Analøg.

Cøntents Lisette Jacobs, Photographer Amsterdam, The Netherlands Cody Cobb, Photographer Seattle, USA Sabine Perigault, Photographer The Hague, The Netherlands Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, Illustrator Amsterdam, The Netherlands Kalambo Collective, Design/Art Direction/Digital London, United Kingdom Katherine Oktober Matthews, Artist Amsterdam, The Netherlands Paul van Wijngaarden, Photographer Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Arthur Reinders Folmer, Graphic Designer Heemstede, The Netherlands

Maria Herreros / With a highly distinctive style, this Valencian woman surprises, provokes and even softens with portraits.

Daniek van Doorn, Fashin Designer/Artist Utrecht, The Netherlands

María Herreros’ drawings have a very special beauty, a special sensitivity to meet the show from the intimacy.

Dylan van Vliet, Photographer Westervoort, The Netherlands

Her illustrations show us that we are all a bit bizarre. She published her first illustrated book, “FENÓMENO” about special humans, and is preparing two comics this

Kwennie Cheng, Illustrator Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yes, this piece of art is free!

year, among other projects.

© 2013 – All rights reserved.

The utmost care has been taken to

for any damage that may result

Questions can be directed to

This journal or parts of it may

present the information in Analøg

from the use of that information.

not be reproduced without written

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the artists or the authors.

authors can be held responsible

Analøg #2 / Autumn 2013

Lisette Jacobs

Lisette Jacobs, a Dutch photographer & filmmaker, concentrates on individual portraits. She focuses on people as

their expressions/ways of life intrigues her or just because she loves watching them. She prefers not to think ahead about what she’s going to do; she would rather be surprised.

Cody Cobb

“Monuments” is an ongoing project documenting the Earth’s surface and atmosphere as it folds, condenses and erodes. These observations were made while roaming the landscapes of the American West in search of seemingly untouched nature.

With careful composition and natural light, these Earthly formations appear to exist in an alternate and mysterious dimension.

Sabine Perigault

INFLUENCE CHAPTER 1 – Everything around us has an effect even though you may think it doesn’t. A project about

everything that has influenced Sabine. A person, a situation and choices. Born as one colour you can turn into another. Chapter one: Person I

Styrmir ร–rn Guรฐmundsson

Drawing from the series 999 Ways to Die...

Kalambo Collective

This is a London-based place of creative output. 3 teams producing stuff through design, direction and digital. We create practical and compelling experiences built around robust strategies, concepts and technologies.

Preview: Elsewhere Let’s start with this: it feels good to go. To be moving. I get restless after a time, when everything starts adding up. It feels good to say a dramatic goodbye, one of those “I wish I didn’t have to leave” kinds with passionate kisses and tears choked back, but it feels just as good to say “fuck this” and walk out without looking back. Some people, mostly the ones left behind, think it’s the coward’s way out, because you don’t stick around to see things through. But moving around means two things: you’re leaving one thing behind and you’re going towards something else. When I go to Austin, I’m surrounded by the ashes of people that I’ve left for good or the embers of people that I’m returning to. There’s music and traffic I land for a couple of nights

in the air, and the smell of beer wafts up from the street.

at J’s and replay our history in my head. I lay my head on his chest and say that I love him, because that’s what I know I’m supposed to feel after we sleep together. And I’m supposed to feel it so much that I actually do feel it, even though he’s done nothing but say stupid and angry things, smoke a lot of dope and ask me for a blowjob. The inequality of genders is so obvious these days I have to laugh instead of cry, because I know tomorrow night he’ll have some other girl in his bed, either cooking him dinner and saying Don’t worry, I don’t even want a relationship, I’m not that kind of girl, or lying the same romantic lie

These are the times we live in: the casual sex

I’m living when I say I love

institutionalized complex. The mass-ingested half-boredom

you. We lay in bed and I tell

of fucking because you can and because it’s the closest

him the greatest heist ever

thing to intimacy that you can fake without revealing

perpetuated against women was

anything about yourself other than your skin.

convincing them that fucking was an act of their liberation.

We leave the next day. I start the car, and Nora asks me if

He strokes my bare back and

I’m ok and I say no, as though it’s about him. It’s not,

calls it even.

and I know it’s not, but I’m shaking anyway. It’s about a lifetime of disillusionment consummated in twenty minutes of fatigued sex, one dose at a time.

Let me tell you a lesson hard learned: no matter how far you travel, you can’t escape yourself. You can try to forget all the things you’ve done, and all the things that that have been done to you, but it’ll catch up to you eventually… everything does, whether you thought it meant a damn or not. The one thing you take along with you everywhere is yourself. But sometimes, the urge to go is so strong that all those things, those hidden memories and suitcases of sadness you carry around with you -- they’re just irrelevant details. In the movement, you can forget. Yeah, it’s temporary, but so is everything. It just means is that you have to keep moving.

Katherine Oktober Matthews

Katherine is a writer and photographer originally from the US, living and working in Amsterdam. Elsewhere is a work in progress.

Paul van Wijngaarden

A Matter of Perspective. Vulnerable. Searching for Connection. Melancholy. Reflections. Associative and exploring. Fragments. Insight, sometimes answers.

Arthur Reinders Folmer

Arthur Reinders Folmer is an illustrator and type designer from the Netherlands. His projects combine typography and illustration both visually and conceptually. An important aspect in his work is the usability, often leading to illustrative fonts.

Daniek van Doorn

Daniek’s goal is to fill people’s hearts with the pride and joy just as a nation’s flag or national anthem would do. This is a collection of protest and battle towards victory and freedom. This goal and all the people who fight to achieve it are very important for her. She hopes that her collection can ignite that passion in the viewers’ hearts! This collection was based on the struggle for independence of the Catalan people. She has translated this into ‘victory’, shown in the prints as pennants and using the colours red and yellow extensively.

Dylan van Vliet

Silent sadness – The photos in front of you are telling you something about hiding your sadness. Everyone has experienced in life that we hide our sadness. We all want to be seen as a strong person.

Kwennie Cheng

Ninja Bottles: This illustration is part of the series ‘Homeware ©’ and is based on Kwennie’s childhood need to anthropomorphize everything around her at home. By zooming in and giving an item detail and structure, she tries to add a certain personality to it, as only she can see.

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