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Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary Portfolio U8 UNIT 8 – FINAL PROJECT Student’s name • • • •

Ana Laura Rosas Villarreal GENERAL INFORMATION This document includes the final project you are required to do for this course. Read the instructions for the tasks carefully before you do them. When you have finished it, save the project-document in your portfolio. Then, submit it by the due date following the instructions given in the Academic Guide.

Final Project: Teaching Vocabulary •

Choose one activity for teaching vocabulary from the units of this course, the resources, or from any other source (please mention it).

You may also want to design your own activity. Feel free to do as you wish.

You are going to write a lesson plan in order to implement the activity in your classroom.

You can use a lesson plan format that you are comfortable with. However, be sure that the plan includes the following elements:


approximate time of activity,


competencies that will be developed,


steps you and the students will follow during the activity,


didactic materials needed, and


form of assessment


a short review of how the activity went

IMPORTANT: You will send in your lesson plan AND evidences of your students´ work as well of the materials you used for teaching: these can include photos, worksheets, audio, video, etc. It is essential that you show

the finished products of your students´ work. You and your students can be as creative as you wish!

- You have two weeks for doing your project.

Lesson Plan Template Teacher: Ana Laura Rosas Villarreal Date: Wednesday, December Unit:4 Things I wear 16th, 2009 Grade Level: Second grade in Topic: To identify clothing and colors primary Language skill: Writing Language competence Writing about clothing Age of the SS: Seven years old Number of the students: 41 students Main aim(s): To identify and write about clothing pieces and their colors. Secondary aims: To write the words in the right order, to describe the clothes starting from the head to the toes, to write the adjective first. To spell right the words. Personal aims: To check if most of my students learnt the vocabulary and colors. Materials/Resources needed: Whiteboard, markers, flashcards, realia. Possible problems/solutions: The students can forget the right order of the sentences, to prevent this, on the first line of the sentence the student only need to fill one blank, on the second line two blanks, and so on. Lesson procedure Before, during and after the lesson Activities: 1. Name of the activity/time: Warm up/ 5 min. Objective: To concentrate the students on the English class Interaction pattern: T-Ss Procedure for the activity: (instructions/steps) Teacher plays a song from the first English program “What are you wearing today? “The song describes the clothing from the head to the shoes. The teacher and the students sing the song while they touch the piece of clothing mentioned in the song. 2. Name of the activity/time: Presentation 5 min. Objective: To review the clothes’ names, colors’ names and the sentences. Procedure for the activity: (instructions/steps) The teacher shows the clothing flashcards on the side that has the name written so the students can read the names. Teacher and students say the names and colors of the clothing, This is a skirt,

What color is the skirt? Red, this is a red skirt. Interaction pattern:T-Ss 3. Name of the activity/time: Practice/6 min. Objective: To describe pieces of clothing. Interaction pattern:T-Ss Procedure for the activity: (instructions/steps) The teacher asks the students What am I wearing? She elicits the answers and writes on the board. Teacher helps the students use complete sentences and start the description form the head. Example: The teacher is wearing a black jacket, a blue sweater, black pants, She is wearing black boots. The teacher asks a student to pass to the front and ask the rest of the students What is she wearing? Then the teacher writes the sentences. 4. Name of the activity/time: Application 10 min. Objective: To write pieces of clothing. Interaction: T-Ss Procedure for the activity: (instructions/steps) The teacher erases in a progressive manner parts of the sentences off the whiteboard. Then asks students that wear different pieces (like pants or skirts) to pass to the front and asks another student to fill on the blanks, on the first line there is only one blank, to write the name of the clothing, on the second line the student must fill the names of the color and the name of the clothing. Repeat with about 4 students that wear different clothes, like pants or skirts. 5. Name of the activity/time: Assessment / 14 min. Interaction s-s Procedure for the activity: (instructions/steps) The teacher asks the students to work with a partner, their task is to draw and write a description of their partner’ clothes. When they finish, they must show and read the sentences to their partner, in the event of any discussion the teacher can help.

Wrap-up / closure

As homework the teacher asks the students to draw and describe a family member’ clothes.

Notes: I based this class on the Backpack 1 course book, usually the book doesn’t require the students to write the names, just to match with a line with the sentence with the correspondent picture, and to practice oral exercises, but I really wanted to challenge my students to see if they were capable of writing and they did, they presented some spelling problems but they wrote complete sentences, some of them were capable of writing very well, many students had to look to the colors poster I pasted on the wall at the beginning of the school year to remember the colors’ name and some needed assistance on remembering the names of words like scarf but in general my students made a fine use of the vocabulary in the classroom ( I have to admit that most of my students were wearing a hat, a jacket, a sweater, pants and sneakers., their challenge was to change the colors) but I feel that they passed the test. The only evidence I have is the homework some of the parents sent me later with the older brothers. That week and the next one were very cold and rainy, the school suspended classes because of lack of assistance, so I used the homework to form a display and took pictures of the only students I had.

Final project  

Lesson plan and pictures of my students work