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anaïs blanchard

professionnal experiences internships

Sutdio ASA - Active Social Architecture / august 2018 to december 2018 - kigali,

AnAïs BLAnchARd +33 6 23 45 28 67 4, allée de Bordeneuve 31820 Pibrac, FRANCE


Studio working for the social development of Rwanda. Participation to workshops and sites construction with the community. Conception of two primary schools.

Studio JBMN Architectes / february 2018 to july 2018 - paris (75),


Design on competition for housings projects.


Architecture Degree / 2013 -2019

AVivre Editions

/ july 2015 - paris (75),


Writing articles, research of events and architectural projects for architecture magazine publications

École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture of Toulouse (France)

Copin Multiservices

1 y. of Master «Architecture and Landscape»

Participation to several construction works


/ january 2015 - perpignan (66), france

/ 2016 -2017

Hanoi University of Architecture (Vietnam)

Economic Baccalaureate with honors / 2013

Lycée Emilie de Rodat, Toulouse (France)

student jobs

Animator for disabled people / august 2017, january 2019 and july 2019 - france

French teacher

/ 2016 - 2017 - hanoi, vietnam

skills French : mother language English : read, written, spoken Spanish : basic level OfficePack,Adobe,Autocad,Archicad,Revit, Photoshop, Lightroom, Artlantis, Sketchup

Grape picker - Domaine Els Barbats / sept 2015 - perpignan (66), france


Graphist - Mieux Ensemble Association / 2015 - toulouse (31), france

Realization of the flyer for the association

interests Vietnam, India, Rwanda, Cambodia, China, Italy, Israel, Finland, Portugal, Germany, Spain, UK, Austria, Swiss, Netherlands, Belgium

Volunteer at Garorock Festival / juin 2015 - marmande (33), france

Welcoming / supervising of festival goers, backstage adjustment

Humanitarian mission - FSL India / juillet 2014 - kundapur, inde

English literacy in a school, hygiene awareness, communication and sharing of cultures

InTROducTIOn & summARy I obtained my Architecure Degree at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture of Toulouse in France. I studied abroad for my first year of Master as an exchange student in Hanoi, Vietnam, in the «landscape» department. Then, I did a gap year in order to do an internship in a french agency, as well as in a humanitarian studio in Rwanda, before to do my final thesis in India and France. The several classes that I had really made me realize the importance of the notion of architectural space for a creative use. Thinking a project does not stop at its physical and spatial aspect, but to all events that it will create, before, during and after its construction, on a particular landscape. In my different works, I try to value the human at the center of the project, motivated by the idea that architecture can have a social power in our society.

PROFessIOnnAL exPeRIence








therapy center for children with mental disabilities re-design the ramier island intermediary housings - urban intermediary housings - architecture studing and research centre an exhibition centre in a cloister intergenerational housings

cultural & agricultural research institute public walkway - riverfront layout

city landscape

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PROFessIOnnAL exPeRIence

vIsIT And PARTIcIPATIOn TO The cOnsTRucTIOn OF A PRIMARy schOOl Busogo, Rwanda


InTeRnshIP In A sTudIO FOcus On The deVeLOPmenT OF RWAndA AsA - AcTIVe sOcIAL ARchITecTuRe august 2018 to december 2018

wORk On The desIgn OF A PRe-PRIMARy And PRIMARy schOOl Kigali, Rwanda


PROFessIOnnAL exPeRIence

wORk On A cOMPeTITIOn OF ecOlOgIc hOusIngs Noisy-le-Grand, France - won competition


InTeRnshIP In A PARIsIAn sTudIO JBmn ARchITecTes february 2018 to july 2018

wORk On A cOMPeTITIOn FOR wORkeRs hOusIngs And A nuRseRy Paris 11th, France - won competition


ARchITecTuRe Final theSiS. a theraPy center For children With mental diSabilitieS

To question the role that the architecture can have in the therapy. Think a project in a particular cultural and climatic context : India.

S9. re-deSign the ramier iSland

Work on the urban subject and re-design a singular territory in the heart of the city. Work on the notion of «green area» in the center of a city.

S6. intermediary houSingS - urban

Grasp the concept of intermediary housings (here, 60 housings), by sharing public spaces, parkings and the integration in the urban fabric.

S6. intermediary houSingS - architecture

Then, develop the housing units until the constructive details. A permanent back and forth between the architectural and urban scale were essential in this project.

S5. Studing and reSearch centre

Think and create a public building to the extremis of the village old center and conciliate new uses and the aim of a city entrenched in the time.

S4. an exhibition centre in a cloiSter

This exercise, thanks to the freedom of the program called «exhibition center», have made possible to experiment the architectural space processing.

S3. intergenerational houSingS

First project, that we can summarize with one question : how live a space ? Discover a plurality of scales, the architectural project’s coherence, the notion of housing.


model, 1st year of bachelor


a therapy center for children with mental disabilities

year : 2019 - master 2, final thesis teachers : X. Leplae, E. Chapel localisation : Gandhinagar, Gujarat, INDIA


The project takes part from a social observation. It’s a question about the handicap in India and its consideration in the society. It queries also the role that the architecture can have in the therapy. The program is a therapy center for children with mental disabilities.


The project takes root in the idea that the village can be a therapeutic notion. We propose a diversity of places and atmospheres - in the form of pavillons - offered to the therapists, which can be used for different moments, activities, depending on the person or the handicap. We assemblate the pavillons to create a friendly atmosphere for the child and his therapy.


To create a center opened to the city, in order to create a link between the children and the inhabitants. To be integrate in the city center to prohibit the enclosing. The project wants to create an atmosphere of village, the same than we can find in the neighbourhoods of Gandhinagar. The project is located between a main city axis and a neighbourhood plaza.

project plan


collage of the interior street

plan et perspectives de l’aménagement paysager et de la qualification du cœur de l’île

collage of the therapeutic garden

collage of the life’s house


inner streer

interstitial spaces

identifiable places




ground floor

elevation of the main entrance


collage and plan of the focus pavillon

collage and plan of the calm pavillon

collage and plan of the pavillon of the stimulation


re-design of the Ramier Island year : 2017 - master 2, semester 9 teachers : R. Van der Becken, M. Bekkoucha, S. Cardiergues localisation : Toulouse, FRANCE


Redefine the non-used territory of the Ramier Island : integrate the island in the urbanity of Toulouse. Re-design the center of the island, dĂŠdicated to the sport activities. To thicken the island and offer new social and students housings. To connect the island to the city, in thickening the river banks.


Connect the island to the city center : make the island more accessible and attractive, but conserve its nature. Offer an urbban walkway, toward the park.


The enhance of the island takes part in the densifacation of the Est river bank, which continues the Empalot area, and integrates the island in the city. It offers a new urban area, near by the waterfront. There is also a reorganization of the facilities and redesign of the green areas.

ground plane


urban intentions

intention collage of the landscape design and the udgrade of the island

model of the river banks’s densification


collage from the river banks to the old university restaurant, restored

transversal section of the university restaurant and the plaza on the river bank


collage of the designed river banks

transversal section of the densifacation of the river bank : a walk way, housings and facilities


intermediary housings - urban year : 2016 - 3th year of bachelor, semester 6 teachers: J. larnaudie, M. le ny, e. charron localisation : Lisle-Sur-Tarn, France


Intermediary housings, between communal and private cluster. 60 accomodations from T2 to T5 and a neighbourhood house and its shared cafe.


Accomodations are located in the heart of the site. Blocks are divided by private gardens and courtyards which offer shared and public spaces. Public areas (parkings and shared cafe) surround the project. The constructive system (concrete wall for the east-west wall) shifts all accomodations towards the river.


Join both riverbanks to create a single parcel, with the public bridge. Orient the project towards the inside, in order to give intimacy to the housing units. Distance cars to create pedestrian space appropriable by inhabitants and neighbours.

project plan


view from the shared cafe

housings model



ground floor plan

transversal section


one housings block with 4 entrances to create life in the courtyards

to create gaps for private exterior

to assemble typologies for each

4 housing housing block


extract plan of the shared cafe and parking

courtyard extract plan

view of a shared garden

view of a walk street


intermediary housings - architecture year : 2016 - 3th year of bachelor, semester 6 teachers : J. larnaudie, M. le ny, e. charron localisation : Gaillac, France


Design of a housing block with a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartment, located on the east riverfront, from the previous urban project.


The block is located on the riverfront and offers crossing apartments. The entrance is on the courtyard and living rooms are opened towards the water. Accomodations are sunny and pleasing thanks to an East-West orientation. Each entrance of the housing block faces the courtyard, the ones on the upper floor have an appropriable stairs.


Use serving blocks to separate night and day parts and give a materiality in the accomodation. Improve the lightness in the living room in opening it towards a private exterior space. Allow multiple self-appropriation on the terrace thanks to a post and beam structure outside. The windows design allows to identify night and day areas.






housing block section

housing block elevation


one block second floor plan

one block first floor plan

one block ground floor plan

serving block superposition


vue du palier à l’étage du t5

interior views


studing and research centre year : 2015 - 3th year of bachelor, semester 5 teachers : P. Courtade, C. Pritchard localisation : Lisle-Sur-Tarn, France


Historical and Local Architecture Archive and Research Centre. The public is welcomed in an exhibition place, a conference room and a reading room dedicated to the research work. This room is connected to the storage rooms. Offices complete the program.


The site is located between the tramed city of Lisle-sur-Tarn and the beginning of the countryside. The building is considered as a «city’s entrance». The building is aligned with roads and offers a large entrance esplanade at the city’s limits.


Show the program with the facade. The massive opaque pedestral made in bricks on the ground floor reflects the private areas (archives and offices) that operate the public area (exhibition place, reading room, conference room). This public area is represented by the lightness of the wood and large windows.

project plan


atmosphere sketches

project model


technical rooms

storage rooms

delivery area archives


ground floor plan

south-east elevation

transversal section

longitudinal section


reading room technical rooms educational room conference room exhibition place reception

first floor plan

perspective section from the reading room


an exhibition centre in a cloister year : 2015 - 2nd year of bachelor, semester 4 teacher : F. Zarcos localisation : Toulouse, France


An exhibition centre, a coffee shop and a housing unit.


The project is located at the Arsenal Park, in Toulouse. The project was born thanks to the cloister shadows pace, reflected on the floor. The volumes align with the arches shadows.


value the cloister. The project closes the cloister : it joins the first arch to the last one and creates an enclosure around the garden. The technical space is composed with volumes around the diagonal line of the circulation linking the first and last arcades. Outside, the course is continuing behind arches, to value this forgotten cloister.

project plan


volumes et implantation

project model



transversal section

longitudinal section


ground floor plan


intergenerational housings year : 2014 - 2nd year of bachelor, semester 3 teacher : P.J. Artins localisation : Toulouse, France


6 housing units, for an intergenerational program and a neighbourhood house with a shared garden and a vegetable garden. One accomodation offers a shared living area and two distinct entities : the senior ones and the student ones, with the objective that the students be independant.


The project is located on the Amidonniers canal’s edges, in Toulouse. There is a green area at the extremities of the succession of houses, with a neighbourhood house, a shared garden and a vegetable garden.


Create and differentiate entities thanks to a wall shift. Both generations can live together thanks to the student entity (which have its own entrance and a small living room) and the senior entity.

project plan


housing model

interior atmospheres


program division

day night water rooms garage

entities : life students senior functional


ground floor


1/50 section

south-east elevation

north-west elevation



Experimentation on landscapes, during a year abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam, as an exchange student for my first year of Master in the ÂŤArchitecture and landscapeÂť department. Work at the region scale, in a landscape and urban research. Precise thinking about the planning and use of public spaces at a local scale.

S8. cultural & agricultural reSearch inStitute

Understand how a particular action can impact on the region, its users and its interactions on a territorial scale.

S7. Public WalkWay - riverFront layout

Integrate landscape notions in an urban project. Understanding a foreign city and its culture and adapt its potential to own knowledges.


territory map



cultural & agricultural research institute year : 2017 - 1st year of master, semester 8 teachers : h. huyen, A. Moisset localisation : Dan Phuong, 30 km of Hanoi, Vietnam


The program is located on the site of an old corn research institute. It includes a cultural centre, a agricultural research institute, and a storage area with a sale point premises.


The projet is located between the city and the countryside, in the heart of a agricultural territory near Hanoi. It is placed along a large road and creates a ÂŤcity entranceÂť. It prolongs the city and creates views towards agricultural landscapes.


Create mineral and vegetal walkways connecting the city to the countryside. Integrate an urban element within the landscape : a structure designed for various usages. Buildings are connected to the grid, creating different framings.

ground plane





vegetal walkway

transition area : to connect city to countryside

mineral walkway

structural grid as a link between the city and the countryside

city countryside

to offer views to the surrounding landscape

to get connected to the structural grid, filling it to create views and frames

torebuilttheresearchinstituteinofferinganew purpose to the territory (cultural centre + sale)

research fields

fields for collaboration with inhabitants and the institute


project plan





cultural centre plan

storage and sale point premises plan


solar cell for the lighting folding material for the cover

night lighting

1 : 50

constructive detail

research centre section

storage and sale premises section



public walkway - riverfront layout


year : 2016 - 1st year of master, semester 7 teachers : D. To Anh, V. Tricaud localisation : Hanoi, Vietnam


A public area layout, occasionally covered to create shelters for several use and public facilities (a sport hall, a reading room and a cultural centre).


To value the Dam Tri lake, the project is located on the riverbanks in order to refurbish them and make them accessible. Some small buildings are located on main axis, and integrate the walkway to the city.


Thanks to the existing riverbanks, create a walkway in the city and enhance the lake surroundings which are currently polluted. Create different atmospheres and relationship to water, all along the walkway, and generate several usages.







project plan


A walkway around the lake, characterized by a common material.

Connection points which integrate the walkway in the city.

Light urban and landscape elements which ponctuate the walkway.


appropriable units detail

urban and landscape design of the busy road and the terrasses of coffe shops


1. sport hall

atmosphere sketch




2. reading room

atmosphere sketch




3. cultural centre

atmosphere sketch




4. covers along a busy road axis

atmosphere sketch





mAn On sTAge

man in the city through a game of shadow and light, photograph the inhabitants of a city to reveal the beauty of an urban space and its daily life.

a human landScaPe towards the vastness of a landscape, bringing it back to a human dimension by integrating the individuals who live in it in order to reveal the uniqueness of the place.


mai chau, vietnam, 2017


man in the city

pingyao, china, 2017

pingyao, china, 2017


jerusalem, israel, 2016

jerusalem, israel, 2016


a human landScaPe

da nang, vietnam, 2017

murdeshwar, india, 2014


shoah memorial museum, jĂŠrusalem, israel, 2016

porto, portugal, 2017


anais blanchard +33 6 23 45 28 67

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