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Trendbook Los Angeles

Trendbook Los Angeles This trendbook is dedicated to the city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a

leading world center of business, international trade, entertainment, media, fashion, culture, science, technology and education. It’s a very populated city and ethnically diverse, where everything happens and get together.

There’s a huge variety of fashion styles, where the hipster get mixed with the vintage, and the vintage with the coquette and everything flows in a very natural way. I chose LA for all of this cultural mixture and so different fashion styles,

for the way the huge ethicanilly diverse get mixed with all the different areas and for the spontaneity that everything happens. This trendbook give us an idea of what is going on and the huge variety that we can find over there.

Los Angeles

Relation between Trends and Zeitgeist’s topic

Trends, can be diverse and identified by the multiple networks, in an international way. Along this Trendbook, some of those trends are going to be associated to the diverse Cool examples presented. Trends introduce complementary views, diverse points of view and help us to understand the changes of mentality.

Some of those trends are:

|Trend – Network|

Retail Revolution – Trendwatching; Clanning – BrainReserve; Ecosustainability – Trends Research Center; Luxury – Trend Hunter;

Connected Society – Trends Active.

Los Angeles

Cool Examples

Los Angeles

Sprinkles - The Original Cupcake Bakery

ATM Cupcakes

“Sprinkles Cupcakes” is a bakery in Los Angeles that had launched an original service, an automatic machine where cupcakes can be bought. Using the touch screen, you pick the cupcake you want. The dozen or so choices include: S’mores, Cinnamon Sugar, Ginger Lemon, Gluten-free, Vegan, and regular Red Velvet, Chocolate Coconut, Strawberry and Peanut Butter chocolate. The ATM would be continously restocked throughout the day and night with freshly baked cupcake flavors. Popular LA bakery Sprinkles is bringing the device to the UK. Why it is Cool? The chance of buying fresh cupcakes 24 hours a day. Associated Trend: Retail Revolution. Vídeo:

Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Caviar

Caviar by ATM

Beverly Hills Caviar is a renowned luxury food concierge service located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. They offer to their customers the largest variety of fresh caviar as well as other gourmet choices. Described as “caviar boutiques”, the vending machines stock caviar from all over the world. They also offer other gourmet foods like truffles, escargot, bottarga blinis, gourmet salts and caviar accessories. A sample of the wares include Imperial River Beluga Caviar, for $500 an ounce, and a pink mother of pearl spoon for $4. Why it is Cool? It’s the right place for high-powered executive/European art dealer/insufferable foodie/socialite about town that don't always have time for a leisurely meal at Petrossian, Los Angeles'premiere caviar restaurant. Associated Trend: Retail Revolution. Related Trend: Bottom of the Social Pyramid.

Los Angeles

Suspended Bamboo Gardens

Urban Air – Los Angeles

Urban Air is a project that have the goal to transform existing urban billboards into living, suspended bamboo gardens. The authors of the project are going to remove the commercial facade and modify the existing structure by installing planters, filling them with live bamboo, hooking up a water misting system and connecting them to a wifi network that monitors the environment. “An artwork, a symbol, and an instrument for a green future.” Why it is Cool? The purpose of the project is to humanize the cities about become it greener spaces. The idea is when people are stuck in traffic they can look up and see an open space of fresh air. Associated Trend: Eco-sustainability. Related Trend: Love Thy City.

Los Angeles

Christian Louboutin Men’s Boutique

Christian Louboutin opens a store solely dedicated to men. The store is divided into four distinct retail environments, each housing a different element of Louboutin’s footwear and accessories lines. Fashionable men can browse Louboutin’s signature sneaker collection, including hip looks like the Louis Junior low tops, which are embellished with studs and come in a variety of fabrics, or the Bruno brogue sneaker featuring a neon accent, both with the signature red sole. The opportunity for customers to create their own personal pair lies within the Louboutin “Tattoo Parlor”. This parlor offers shoppers the freedom to add a unique touch to their favorite pair of Louboutins. Personal tattoos or one chosen from Louboutin’s designs, are expertly translated into bespoke embroideries, to create a one of a kind shoe. Why it is Cool? More than ever men are taking care of them in a different way, they are paying attention to their image and they like to look good. Apart from that in this store they have the freedom to add a unique touch to their favorite pair of Louboutin. Associated Trend: Neo Male. Related Trends: Luxury, The Beautiful People, Egonomics, Small Indulgences.

Los Angeles

The Spare Room

The Spare Room is a Hollywood modern day gaming parlour and cocktail lounge situated on the mezzanine of The Roosevelt Hotel. There is the gaming parlour vibe, with its two vintage bowling lanes, custom and eclectic furnishings, custom-made sets of dominoes and unique surfaces and textures, which convey a handcrafted, timeless feel. And there is the speakeasy cocktail lounge scene with its lavish use of velvet, dark leather, polished dark wood, bronze, cast-iron and hardwood floors. Why it is Cool? It’s a very modern and exclusive bar that offers a different and delightful experience. While drinking a cocktail you can also play bowling, cards or domino. Associated Trend: Experience Economy. Related Trends: Meaningful Nostalgia, Luxury.

Los Angeles

Tempest Freerunning Academy

Tempest Freerunning Academy is California’s first and only training facility solely dedicated to the growth and spread of freerunning and parkour. This place offers a real-world environment where one can learn everything from the basics of parkour to the advanced maneuvers and tricks of freerunning. The coaches are real, working freerunning professionals with years of training and experience in film, TV and live events. The goal of the academy is to bring freerunning to the masses. Why it is Cool? It’s an academy where one can learn about freerunning and parkour with real, working freerunning professionals.

Associated Trend: Experience economy. Related Trends: Love Thy City, Crowd Everything.

Los Angeles

Hybrid Office

Designed by Edward Ogosta Architecture, the warehouse space initially appears like any big white space with particleboard detailing. Ogosta named the design Hybrid Office to indicate that every main feature represents two supposedly unrelated things: something from the surrounding city and/or nature married with an office function. The office cubicles are called House-Tables and their skyline represents that of a row of houses. There’s a gathering space, an amphitheater-like area constructed with book cases called Book-Arena, and a tatamicovered thinking space called Sky-Cave. Tall, cone shaped hollow tree trunks have become chairs that provide individual privacy. Why it is Cool? In a big and simple space one can have something from the surrounding city and/or nature married with an office function. Associated Trend: Eco-sustainability. Related Trend: Design = Wow + How + How Good.

Los Angeles

Bicycle Chain Chandeliers

Los Angeles based artist, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, makes chandeliers out of salvaged and recycled bicycle chains. Old bicycle parts are transformed into beautiful and unique sculptures.

Why it is Cool? Something old and with no use can be salvaged and recycled in order to produce beautiful and unique pieces of art. Associated Trend: Design = Wow + How + How Good. Related Trend: Eco-sustainability. VĂ­deo:

Los Angeles

Shoe Vending Machine

The idea of a shoe vending machine came up when Ashley Ross e Lindsay Klimitz stumbled across one of them after a long night out and were in desperate need of a quick-fix for their stiletto-wearing sore feet dilemmas. It’s a great solution because not all the women would walk barefoot and these shoes can help to ease the pain. Soft and squishy, the shoes come out of the vending machine rolled up in a plastic cup, and according to Rollasole, they're also recyclable - to ensure no one clutters up U.S. landfills with too many disposable shoes. Why it is Cool? This machine helps women feel more comfortable and allows them to get rid of the high heels when they can’t take it anymore. Associated Trend: Retail Revolution. Related Trend: Bottom of the Social Pyramid.

Los Angeles


The UNIQUE LA is the largest independent design show in the country and was created by community leader and designer Sonja. The goals of this event are to help designers and small businesses grow and become sustainable, to support the local economy, and to teach shoppers the value of conscious consumerism. Why it is Cool? National products are consumed while helping small businesses and the community. Associated Trend: Riding the recession. Related Trends: Eco-sustainability, riding the recession, meaningful compassion, S.O.S (Save Our Society), Bottom of the Social Pyramid, clanning, Connected Society.

Los Angeles

The Pollen Arts Beeswax Candles

The Beeswax Candles from Pollen Arts are perfect for those who are looking to decorate their home with cute candles but also want to participate in an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The candles are made from 100 percent beeswax in the shape of vintage bottles and antique jars. Why it is Cool? Through a 100 percent natural product, one can have nice, original and environmentally friendly candles. Associated Trend: Eco-Sustainability. Related Trends: Identities Narrated, Meaningful Nostalgia.

Los Angeles

Bazango Creative The Bazango Creative is a company that collects house paints that would have gone to waste, or ended up polluting lakes or landfills, and customizes articles of clothing using various colors. Jeans, jackets, shirts, shoes and even suits can all receive the Bazango Creative treatment, and the company even offers customers the option of sending in their own pieces to be customized. Why it is Cool? With something that would have gone to waste or even ended up polluting the environment this company customize articles of clothing in a fun and creative way. Associated Trend: Eco-sustainability.

Los Angeles

Ultra Modern Living Space This ultra-modern L.A loft was designed by Tighe Architecture, as a creative live-work environment occupying one of downtown L.A.'s existing warehouse buildings. There is a peculiarity about the unique design idea that's hard to describe where the angular geometry of the faceted stone-clad monolith stands in contrast to the free-flowing, organic, elliptical-shaped room. Modern living spaces as live-work environments are becoming more popular. A raised living area is the workstation by day, and transforms into a luxe lounge by night, ready to entertain residents and guests alike. This innovative, ultra modern and contemporary loft has a spa area, complete with a stylized garden and a floating steel fireplace. Why it is Cool? An ultra modern and innovative house that have a live-work environment. Associated Trend: Design = Wow + How + How Good.

Los Angeles

Rockstar Vino

Celebrity Cellars is the exclusive creator of its highly collectible limited edition, star tribute wine bottles. Classically elegant hand-etched, hand-painted bottles capture the beauty and power of the entertainment world’s most recognized names and faces. Considered by serious collectors to be an important investment, these very rare works of art become the centerpiece of the true fan’s collection. Why it is Cool? One can have a personalized bottle wine with their own favorite artist. Associated Trend: Pop Culture. Related Trends: Experience Economy, Luxury.

Los Angeles

American Tribute

Vans California recently released these american flag shoes, representing a fusion of urban, defiant style and patriotism. Embracing the brand’s classic hi top design, the shoe features an American flag on the entire exterior, excluding the heel and toe areas. Vans California, as can be expected from the iconic shoe brand, used a selection of high quality materials including suede, washed canvas, giving the shoe an aesthetically appealing vintage feel and worn white leather for the laces. Fusing a vintage design with a sentimental image such as the American flag is a perfect method to target more than one audience of consumers. Why it is Cool? High quality and pratical shoes that represent a fusion of the urban style with the rebel and that at the same time has a sentimental image with an interesting and atractive design. Associated Trend: Meaningful Nostalgia. Related Trend: Clanning.

Los Angeles

Trendbook done by: Ana Isabel Figueira Los Angeles

Los Angeles (english)  

It's a trendbook done by me where I show some Cool examples that can be found in the city of Los Angeles.

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