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DAYBED A float

AT THE END. THE BEGINNING. My ideal place does not need any boundaries or walls with the outside world. I do not necessarily define outside world as the world outside of my own four walls. Sometimes it can be the interior of my own apartment. My ideal place provides me with a sphere for my inwardfocused being. In a period when I am bombarded with impressions and information, I am looking for a way of focusing myself, concentrating and gathering my energies. My ideal place is where I find depth and essence, freedom and peace. I plant three trees close together on a small piece of meadow. Despite their young age, their future growth can be assumed. Over the next few years, they will develop into tall and elegant appearances. The extensive shape of the crowns which extend from the slim trunks will create a natural roof over the years. It will not be closed. Rays of sunshine will filter through the slender branches with their feathered leaves, slowing the natural speed of raindrops. They add shade and offer protection. I myself do not own any land. But I long to. I would like to call a garden my own. My father occurs to my mind. He was happy in his garden and at one with himself. He planted lots of fruit trees, all in rows and evenly spaced. Organisation is half the battle was his motto. He often cautioned me with this phrase during my childhood and told me I should tidy my room because no one can live in such disorder. I lived for the moment and when I got back from school, I went to my room. It often took me all afternoon to do my homework. I listened to loud music, let my mind wander and daydreamed until I finally returned to the here and now. That happened often. Then I found myself on my bed again, not knowing how I had got there. The church bells chime. I do not know where I am. A mild draft of air flows through the open window into my room. I sense summer trying to push through the spring. A daydream? I feel as if I am on an island surrounded by a stack of books. What time is it? I slide my hand absent-mindedly over the surface, looking for my glasses. Smooth leather. I smile and put on my glasses so I can see the time. There are crocodiles all around me.

Editors Wolfgang Novak, Daniela Oberauer Illustration Judith Sombray · · Hamburg Photographs Christian Wind · · Vienna Models Friends Text Bergen Steger · Vienna Text AT THE END. THE BEGINNING. Wolfgang Novak Translation MB International Languages · Mondsee Print offset5020 · Siezenheim Contact All rights reserved. Reproduction for commercial or private use of text and images in whole or in parts of this publication is subject to prior written consent. Circulation 1000 copies

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anah1 autumn 2012 DAYBED A float extract  
anah1 autumn 2012 DAYBED A float extract