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Unexpected Benefits of Using IT Asset Management Software On the surface, asset management software seems pretty straightforward. Yet organizations that use asset management software regularly report discovering many unexpected benefits. Here are some of the powerful yet unexpected time-saving, profit-boosting benefits IT asset management software brings to the table. Improve Availability Time Applications and Processes Have a process that's regularly in demand? Asset management software can help monitor and distribute demand to improve availability. For example, rendering time at a video production company might have to be carefully monitored. Good management software can help ensure that graphic processors are never unused and that no one user hogs all the cycles. License and Policy Compliance Asset management can be used to monitor and enforce compliance, both with in-company procedures and with licensing. If users install software they shouldn't be using at work, you get an instant alert. You can also get an alert if your company's licenses are expiring, or if you're about to go over your license allotment. Compare Notes With Other IT Pros If you're using proven IT asset management software, you'll instantly be plugged into a strong existing user base. Some software brands have as many as 2 million users. You'll be able to see common problems and their solutions, as well as ask questions if you ever run into an issue you can't solve. Improve Processes and Strategy Often just the mere act of monitoring your assets yields unexpected insights. You might find devices that aren't being fully utilized, or entire process flows that could be improved. Asset management could lead to a change of course within the entire IT infrastructure or even the company direction. The only reason Amazon is about to offer Amazon S3 is because they have such a streamlined asset management process. These are just some of the many benefits of effective IT management. Investing time and money in asset management will pay for itself many times over.

Unexpected Benefits of Using IT Asset Management Software