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Year: 2010 Client: Water is Life Purpose: Raise awareness of water scarcity and it´s pollution. Intention: The intention is to get public´s attencion trhough a highly visual typographic poster, completed with the poster´s slogan.

Year: 2010 Client: City Harvest Purpose: Getting New Yorkers to donate food to those who have nothing to eat. Intention: Get public´s attencion with the brain´s drawing and get to identify and reflect the concept of the poster.

Year: 2010 Client: Pontificia University of Salamanca. Purpose: Attracting foreign students. Intention: Transmit the personal experience of a foreign student in Salamanca.

Year: 2010 Client: Posterheroes Purpose: Raising awareness on the use of energy. Intention: Get noticed by the use of the colors encouraging them to read it, and use this beatiful memories in order to reconsider.

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2010 proyects

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