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Ana Dias Architectural Jewellery

From the intersection of architecture and jewellery, linear and geometric shapes that live in proximity to the body are born. Ana Dias — Architectural Jewellery – speaks to the woman who values design and seeks individuality. Paying maximum attention to detail, the author transforms silver in contemporary jewellery pieces that are simple and delicate and that result in a striking but unassuming language. Ana Dias was born in 1988 in Paredes. Her interest in manual techniques manifested itself early on, a clear sign that her future would lie in the art world. With a degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, the area of jewellery design is where she finds the perfect outlet for her strong creative impulse. With spontaneity and experimentation at the core of her work, the author creates jewellery that materialises her minimalist, conceptual vision. Following specialisation courses in jewellery at Cindor and at Contacto de Autor, she found the ideas and inspiration she was still lacking to create her own brand in a trip to Thailand. Fascinated by natural stones – unique in their shape, colour and texture – she began to draw. Back to Portugal, in 2016, she devoted herself to the artisanal production of her pieces, exclusive in detail and construction.


Broken line

Tourmalines, aquamarines and amazonites - small treasures from Thailand – set the tone and are at the core of this first collection. Inspired by the longitudinal shape and uniqueness of each stone, minimalist design compositions come to life, based on a transversal structure: the broken line. It underlies all pieces, as a key element, it assumes the size and the shape of the gem and is materilaised by the delicacy of silver. Thought for women who value simplicity and versatility, the minimalist jewells this collection encapsulates are manufactured with maximum attention to detail.


Uneven Amazonite




Asymmetrical Tourmaline

Fragmented Aquamarine




Ana Dias

STUDIES 2013 - 2014 Technical course of Jewellery in CONTACTO DE AUTOR 2013 Technical course of Jewellery and Filigree in CINDOR 2006 - 2012 Master´s degree in Arquitecture. FAUP - Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

EXIBITIONS / WORK EXPERINCE 2016 Selection for Academia Portojoia with Ana Dias Jewellery project 2015 - 2016 Jewellery Designer in Parfois 2014 Finalist in contest POPs (Original Portuguese Projects – Serralves) 2013 Presentation of the Jewellery Collection “Á Vianesa” for deCÁ 2013 Jewellery Designer in Atelier deCÁ 2009 Project selected for “Anuária 09” : Best Projects of the year 2009 _ FAUP - Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto


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