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INDEX: 1. Choice of type of location………………………………………..... 4 2. Types of events and a proposal…………………………………. 7  3. Set the price…………………………………………………………….. 14  4. Strategies and distribution channels……………………….. 15  5. Strategies and communication channels…………………. 16  6. Database of clients and providers……………………………. 18 



1. Choice of type of location​. Choice of location and its justification: You must choose a rural location of about 20,000 or 30,000 inhabitants. The figures are indicative, although it is necessary that you have some offer without reaching mass. It is important to choose a city different from that of the other class groups, for this you will have to agree between you. • You could choose a coastal town where the event market is not very exploited. • An indoor town near big cities. It justifies the possibility of developing event products and the opportunity of economic development for the locality. To do this, you will rely on an analysis of the area's offer, including: Two hotel establishments, with a brief and original description of them, facilities related to the celebration of events, link to the establishment's own website, if not, link to a website where we obtain some information. Three infrastructure, facilities or tourist services. You can include fairgrounds, restaurants, town hall spaces, etc. An association in the area that may be related to the product and may be interested in this development: hospitality association, professional operators ... etc. • Two companies that represent the native complementary offer. These are services that differentiate and make our product unique as local crafts, wineries, etc.

Our two options are the ​Hotel Miramar​ and the ​AC Málaga Palacio​. Hotel Miramar is located in the district of La Caleta in Malaga, next to the Malagueta beach. Is an excellent luxury hotel, with wonderful rooms, incredible exteriors and areas and lounges to celebrate any type of event. It has spacious lounges, spectacular gardens and a huge terrace with swimming pool. This hotel is also close to the beautiful Malagueta beach, just a few minutes from the centre and nearby leisure areas, shops and museums. EAw5YjjUW3relw44hhlzwqBzl91hqaGMa1FYdfr6z6bG1IaAs9TEALw_wcB


The Hotel ​AC Málaga Palacio is located in the centre of the city of Málaga, between the Málaga Cathedral and the Paseo del Parque and it has spectacular views of the port, that make this hotel the most emblematic in the city. It is near the Picasso museum, the Alcazaba, Castillo de Gibralfaro Castle, and La Malagueta beach. The AC Lounge is the perfect place to hold an informal meeting or to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the company of family, friends, or partners. This hotel has large and equipped rooms for meetings, briefing, etc. Also has lounges and a magnificent terrace for other types of events, such as weddings, family reunions, etc. ec3-4d19-a255-54ba596febe2 Three infrastructures that we can highlight are the port of Malaga just a few minutes from these hotels, the airport of Málaga, easy access by road and leisure areas, shopping and nearby restaurants. The tourist services that we can mention are the Cathedral of Malaga, "La Manquita", the Castle of Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba. Although it is also worth mentioning the “Muelle 1” or the Paseo del Parque, to enjoy a pleasant walk. In the city is the foundation Picasso Malaga, museum and birthplace of the painter Pablo Picasso, in the Plaza de La Merced.


Two companies that represent the native complementary offer in Málaga are “Mercado de Atarazanas” and “Bodega Bar el Pimpi”. The “Mercado de Atarazanas” is of Nasrid architecture and iron architecture, from the 16th century. The main marble door, from which its name comes, has been preserved. Here you can buy or eat local food. The “Bar el Pimpi” is a typical place in the city, where local people and tourists go. It is known because it is also visited by many celebrities. This is in front of the Roman theatre.

Bar Bodegas el Pimpi, Málaga


2. Concretion of a proposal: You will elaborate an example of what you propose. To do this, you must choose one of the establishments included in the previous point. You will be advised on the possible events that you can organize, including. We have chosen the Miramar Mรกlaga hotel because of its geographical location and the availability of 12 halls to hold events, in addition to the outdoor ones. -

Type of events to be held at the hotel: conferences, meetings, weddings, communions, graduations, baptisms

To carry out the different events in the hotel we have 12 rooms with different characteristics for events with a maximum capacity of 500 pax. At the Hotel Gran Miramar in Malaga different events are held such as conferences, meetings, product presentations, weddings, communions, graduations or baptisms. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

For conferences Meetings Product Presentations Communions Graduations Wedding

Meetings Room





The event we are going to develop is a wedding. The wedding will take place on 25 September 2020 at the Hotel Gran Miramar Mรกlaga. Mainly the wedding will be divided into two: a main welcome cocktail and then dinner in the hotel lounges. The wedding guests will arrive on the morning of the 24th and leave on the morning of the 27th. The hotel will have 20 rooms available for the bride and groom to accommodate family and friends of their choice. If the clients wish more rooms it will be under availability of the dates. Rooms will be reserved with breakfast for the wedding day consisting of a buffet or breakfast a la carte.


For the 24th and 26th, excursions have been organized for family and friends who stay at the hotel with the bride and groom. The excursion to the Alcazaba, Roman Theatre and the Gibralfaro Castle in Malaga, which is in the centre, will be organised on the 24th at 12:00 pm. The price for the group of 20 people is 70â‚Ź. On the 26th they will have organized a visit by the center of Malaga where they will be able to go to the cathedral, to the museums or other monuments that they wish. This activity is free as everyone will go where they want and at the time they want. On the 27th they will leave the hotel at 12:00 pm. They will be able to make a late-checkout of 2 hours paying an additional price of 10â‚Ź.

Street Larios

Muelle uno

Mainly to organize the wedding we have a website called, which has a contract with the hotels santos, chain of the Gran Hotel Miramar. When you search for the Miramar hotel on the web site, we get all the information we need to organize a wedding. For the wedding cocktail the exteriors of the hotel were chosen, in the gardens and the swimming pool area.


The wedding will be about 250 pax so the guests will enter perfectly in the lounge area (Royal, Reserved and Victoria). The Royal lounge would be chosen with a capacity of 236 pax next to the Victoria Reserved lounge with a capacity of 20 pax.

The bride and groom wanted for the decoration of the celebration a company in Malaga called Arteboda and its price ranges from € 1000, for the decoration of the halls and gardens. Once you arrive at the hotel you will have a cocktail in the gardens of the hotel and dinner in the Lounge Room. The price of the gardens would be 230€ and the rent of the lounges would be 2927€. The price of the menu per person is 150€. The menu includes a welcome aperitif, a menu with 2 or 3 plates and dessert, service personnel, assembly and floral decoration of tables.


The menu will be carried out by our own kitchen, that is to say, it is not necessary to rent a catering. The menu can be adapted for allergy sufferers, diabetics, vegetarians... You will have an open bar with a fixed amount and a time limit. The ceremony of the bride and groom is a Catholic ceremony for what it is for the church. The church chosen by the bride and groom is the parish of St. Martyrs of St. Ciriaco and St. Paula, which is about 8 minutes drive to the hotel.

For the church a decoration company called H Garden Spain has been contracted to decorate the church with flowers and the church benches. Its price ranges from 45 euros, depending on what we are going to use. A photographer can be hired for church photos, photos outside before arriving at the hotel and during the event at the hotel. Pictures from outside the church will be taken in the Alcazaba of Malaga and by the Castle of Gibralfaro. The photographer will be Montiel Fotógrafos de Málaga and the price will be from 1.000€, which will include the photos of that day and the post-wedding. For the wedding music, after dinner, they will have Rubén Gómez DJ from Málaga. The price of the DJ is 200€. With all services included the wedding will go from about 44.132€ Later you can add other services if the bride and groom want but for now that's what includes the package organized by our hotel. 11

The package also includes the menu test gift for 6 people, including the bride and groom and the Bridal Suite gift for the wedding night. Regarding the deposit of money will be made in 3 deposits: -

1st deposit of 1000 euros 2nd deposit of 1500 euros 3rd deposit of the rest of the total + extras added on the wedding day.




3. Guidance on recommendations to set the price. You can organize your professional meetings in our rooms. We put at your disposal a large team to manage your event. We have fully functional rooms and different types of presentations, meetings, conventions, business incentives, weddings, baptisms and communions. We have 12 different rooms for any type of event with a maximum capacity of 500 people. THE ROOMS ARE THE FOLLOWINGS: ● Real Room. ○ Has 440,2​m² ○ Capacity for 236 pax ○ Price 2.400€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Reservado Victoria Room. ○ Has 52,05​m² ○ Capacity for 20 pax ○ Price 527€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Victoria Room. ○ Has 268,8​m² ○ Capacity for 150 pax ○ Price 1.275€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Real+Victoria+Reservado Room. ○ Has 768,1​m² ○ Capacity for 500 pax ○ Price 4.300€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Athenea Room. ○ Has 132,3​m² ○ Capacity for 100 pax ○ Price 975€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Biznaga Room. ○ Has 58,4​m² ○ Capacity for 30 pax ○ Price 546€ ○ Decoration set 230€


● Jacaranda Room. ○ Has 42,3​m² ○ Capacity for 20 pax ○ Price 482€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Malagueta Room. ○ Has 77,9​m² ○ Capacity for 30 pax ○ Price 715€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Gibralfaro Room. ○ Has 44,7​m² ○ Capacity for 24 pax ○ Price 499€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Alcazaba Room. ○ Has 59,5​m² ○ Capacity for 24 pax ○ Price 540€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Marqués de Larios Room ○ Has 22,1​m² ○ Capacity for 10 pax ○ Price 268€ ○ Decoration set 230€ ● Galeria Room. ○ Has 145,6​m² ○ Capacity for 150 pax ○ Price 1.000€ ○ Decoration set 230€

4. Guidance on the most appropriate strategies and distribution channels. As the main marketing channel we have our official website of the hotel (​​) where you can find photographs of our rooms, previous events and where future customers can contact the hotel to ask about prices and budgets. In addition, you will have access to opinions of clients who have previously visited our establishment.


Our hotel also has social networks, where we upload photos of previous events, our facilities and innovative ideas that customers have had for their events: -

Instagram:​ @granhotelmiramar Facebook:​ Gran Hotel Miramar

An external distribution channel is ​ that promotes the events we have through its website. On this page, banquets, suppliers and costume rental shops are promoted, depending on what you are looking for. Our hotel comes out in the banquet section and our information comes out such as the menu price, number of guests we welcome, photos, brief description, ... Through this page, filling in some information, you can contact us and ask for a budget.

5. Guidance on the most suitable strategies and communication channels. The means of communication by which we usually have the first contact with our customers is our website (​​), where they write us emails or call us or through our social networks.


Once the clients contact us, we send them a dossier with all the information about the events in our hotel (rooms, prices, ...).

Recently, to innovate our mass media, we contacted an influencer named Paula Gonu. It all started because she attended a wedding a few years ago, his followers were interested in knowing the place it was and we decided to make this agreement with her. From time to time we send her offers / promotions that we can offer to his followers and through his Instagram stories we reach many more people. It is thanks to her that we have increased the demand for our hotel.

Once a year, we hold a small event where we gather all the suppliers with whom we work in this department, each one has its stand and we invite customers who plan to hold events in our hotel to see everything we offer in a closer environment. We give Paula Gonu 10 invitations to distribute among his followers. A very important means of communication that we also have is an agreement with the 17

Bullring ​La Malagueta, which is only 250 meters from the hotel. Our agreement is to offer a very economical price of our rooms for artists and people who perform some type of event (concerts, motocross, bullfights, ...) and all the team personnel that they bring, in exchange for advertising in their events through banners and PA system. Finally, as we are close to the beach, we leave flyers in the beach bars, which by presenting with them at our hotel they can benefit from a 10% discount on breakfast, lunch or dinner.

6. Create a database of our customers, external service providers. Mind you, how do you know that you are complying with current data protection regulations? Give examples.



H Garden Spain

Flowers Decoration


Flowers Decoration

Montiel Photographers


Victor Muñoz Photo

TELEPHONE 692967309



LINK Málaga m floristerias/h-garden-spa in--e111810


Málaga floristerias/florymar--e9 9936



Málaga fotografos/montiel-fotog rafos--e59943



munozfotostudio@gmail .com

Málaga fotografos/victor-munoz -photo--e65650

Rubén Gómez

Music DJ



Málaga musica/ruben-gomez-dj-e47875

Toni Dirola

Music DJ



Málaga musica/dj-toni-dirola--e1 16225

KAVA Alquileres



Málaga mobiliario/kava-alquiler es--e32243

Oh! Cakes

Wedding Cakes


weddingohcakes@gmail. Málaga com tartas-de-boda/oh-cakes --e53929



Dulce Silvita

Wedding cakes


silvitadulcecakes@gmail. Málaga com tartas-de-boda/dulce-sil vita--e84443

Olalá Cars

Wedding cars


Málaga coches-de-boda/olala-ca rs--e81320

Romance Bodas & Eventos

Wedding organization



Málaga organizacion-bodas/rom ance-bodas-&-eventos-e1870

Ana D. Morales

Wedding Video



Málaga video/ana-d-morales--e1 29837

Fotfashion Juan de la Chica

Wedding Video



Málaga video/fotfashionjuandel achica--e129837

Autocares Aguilera



autocaresaguilera@gmai Málaga autobuses/autocares-ag uilera--e41165

Vázquez Olmedo


952626024 / 952433523


Málaga autobuses/vazquez-olme do--e50428

Dogma Eventos

Food truck y mesas dulces

670439932 m

Málaga food-truck-y-mesas-dulc es/dogma-eventos--e13 3835

Velas de la Ballena

Wedding Decoration



Málaga decoracion-para-bodas/ velas-de-la-ballena--e16 660

i-Blue Decoraciones

Wedding Decoration


decoracioniblue@gmail. com

Málaga decoracion-para-bodas/i -blue-decoraciones--e11 8969

Pepita Exquisita Weddings & Unforgettable moments

Wedding Decoration


Málaga decoracion-para-bodas/ pepita-exquisita-weddin gs-&-unforgettable-mom ents--e134789









María Santiago Colmenar






Alba María Moreno / Alejandro






Celia Ramírez Navarro






Manuel García Alameda




alamedamanu Granada

Jorge Morales García




jorgemorales0 Murcia

Tania Ortega






Triana Marin / Hugo





Belén Gámiz







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Big Task Event. Ana, Celia, Alba y Tania.  


Big Task Event. Ana, Celia, Alba y Tania.