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Ana DeLacey 2010 Dialogue ACE

April English 8/9

I picked up an old photograph one day while I was cleaning. It was a picture of my dad and I in Hawaii, on the lava shelf that he liked to fish off of. We were facing into the sun so our eyes were all squinty making our faces scrunch up. I had on my favorite Pocahontas hat with the matching outfit, my blonde hair peeking out and my dad was behind me holding my catch of the day up so it was in the picture with us. Looking at the picture made me remember the events of that day very well.

It was warm outside as I watched the sunlight glittering off the ocean, many, many feet above the water. My family and I were out fishing for the day at my dad's favorite fishing spot on the island. All my mom had caught so far were a couple puffer fish, same with my dad. I was getting bored, seeing as how I was little and I had the attention span of a goldfish. I liked fishing but only when I was actually doing something and all I'd been doing was staring at my pole waiting for it to move. I sat there for quite awhile, not really paying attention and just sort of daydreaming. Randomly, I looked over at my fishing pole again and all of a sudden the tip started to twitch.

"Daddy! Daddy! It's moving! My fishing pole is moving!" "You must have caught a big one! I'll hold the pole for you and you reel in the fish, sound good?" "Okay. Don't let go of it." "I won't, I promise. But you gotta start reeling it in Squirt, or the fishy will get away."

I began to reel in my fish as quickly as I could and I was grinning from ear to ear, excited about catching a fish.

"Look Mama! I have a fishy! Can you see it?" "I see it! Good job Honey! Keep going though, you gotta get it all the way up here."

I kept reeling until finally, my fish was up on the lava shelf with us. Seeing the fish, my dad took over, moving away from me slightly.

"Um, Trish?" "Yeas Dear?" "Our daughter just caught a barracuda. At my fishing spot. Even I haven't caught anything like that, and she's only three!"

My mom laughed and began searching in her bag for our camera. She had us pose with the fish, forever saving that moment with the push of a single button.

Indelible Moment - dialogue  

my indelible moment with dialogue

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