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CCN Media Ipswich Road Norwich, Norfolk UK NR22LJ Phone: 01603 773311 Fax:

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Andrew Johnson (me)

Mob: 07824179151










Studio-shoot ideas - include any special effects (e.g. green screen): Only effects that i should be using is some green screen so i can superimpose some live action lip sinking over top of the stop motion

Location-shoot ideas - where and when you will be filming: not quite sure yet, will probably just going to have to be opportunistic..? somewhere grungy, definitely..

Summary of Production: stop motion.. very fast pace head banging and moshing.. a few "shots" of some made up band members (probably including me).. jumpy cut aways to scenes which compliment the lyrics : "my feelings are burning inside my brain" - a person holding head and screaming perhaps.. just for example

Stylistic Influences and inspiration (include any music videos, scenes from films, TV adverts etc that have influenced you): musically, it is close to Korn or Mushroomhead, but stylistically.. i want it to be a mix of them and the jumpy movement in videos such as Radiohead : There There.. ..making sure I include some elements of the sky moving really fast, as it all ways looks good in stop motion !

Production equipment needed (cameras, tripods etc.): a stills camera.. camera from studio to do the live action green screen stuff

Dates you need the equipment: not sure yet

Times and dates you need the TV Studio: not sure yet

Treatment 2  

Second treatment for my music video.

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