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CITY VOLUNTEERS The City of Anacortes relies heavily upon volunteers for all sorts of tasks. We are very grateful to all of them. It is their kind of support and assistance that helps make Anacortes such a great place to live, work, play, retire, visit, etc. We're going to highlight one or some of those volunteers in the A-town publication each quarter but want to stress that they are one of many who volunteer. They have the honor of ‘carrying the flag’ for a team’s worth of effort and we appreciate all who assist.

Carrollei Lamoureux This lady was extraordinary in all areas of her life. She volunteered for many years with Kids R Best Fest, Breakfast With Santa and the Daddy Daughter Dance. She spent almost every day helping at the senior center and was involved with all of their special events. She gave 110% and said yes to helping with any and every thing that had to do with kids in our community. She will be missed and remembered most indefinitely.

Stan Jewell He was the Breakfast With Santa Pancake organizer for many years. His attitude always positive. He had a great sense of humor and enjoyed giving back to the community. Stan was also involved with the Senior Center events and activities, including the Meals on Wheels program. Stan will be missed.



I have an important question. But before I pose that question, please let me share what we have been doing here recently at City Hall. This past year I have focused on many vital issues for our community, planning for our future with preparation of a 2016 Comprehensive Plan that ambitiously looks out 20 years. We have committed many hours to upgrades of a “blueprint” that provides a vision, goals, and policy to support population and economic development and growth. We have also focused on basic infrastructure: paving our streets, improving our solid waste and water systems, and exploring fiber optics as a potential utility. A continued priority is transparency in all areas of government, evidenced in part by valuable work from our Citizen Advisory Committee, dramatic improvements to City Council Chambers, and user-friendly upgrades to our City website. Another of the most important areas on my agenda is addressing youth substance abuse and community wellness through the “Anacortes Community Task Force.” Membership in this organization includes representatives from Island Hospital, Anacortes School District, Anacortes Police Department and the City of Anacortes Mayor’s office. Our goal is to provide health, wellness education, and protection to our young people so they can grow into adulthood with all the care and

opportunities this town can provide. We are addressing education and protection in the schools with the recent hiring of a School Resource Officer. We are providing counseling to our student body through Island Hospital and School District programs. We are seeking funding for a drug dog, and we are putting together a Calendar of Events for our families and teens to be made aware of healthy, fun activities this summer. We have heard loud and clear from our teens regarding the need for “a place,” a community center for our teens. A place that is not school and not home: • A place with a strong sense of community • A place to learn to be contributing citizens of our town • A place to where adults and teens can communicate • A place to share a meal • A place to learn • A place to play Today we have a wonderful Boys and Girls Club that has made its modest home in the basement of City Hall. The facility is functional but lacking, and there is no room for growth. I have lived in Anacortes since 1975, watching as our young people explore limited gathering options such as “dragging the gut” and hanging out at Storvik Park. I believe we need a dedicated place to serve our teens and families with programs that engage and challenge. So here is the question. We have not seriously considered a Community Center in the last 40 years. So I ask: Is it time for a Community Center? If not now, when? I respectively ask you to think about this. Talk to your families, friends, and neighbors. Talk to your Councilperson, and please let me know what you think. Thank you, Laurie Gere, Mayor

Community Spaces and Gathering Places Gathering places are the heart of a community. Having spaces to meet, to gather, and to socialize encourages meaningful personal connections as an alternative to connecting over social media. The existing spots to gather in Anacortes get a lot of use by our community. Character rich facilities such as the Depot Arts Center and the Port Transit Shed are frequently utilized for community events. Recently the City purchased the Heart of Anacortes as another unique spot to congregate. Almost daily the sports fields in Anacortes are busy with activities, and the sidelines are filled with parents, siblings, and fans. Over these events friendships form and grow. The playgrounds are exploration grounds and bubbling with unbridled energy to swing harder, climb higher, and run faster. Our forestlands are deceptively private; hikers, bikers, runners, and horseback riders oftentimes do not encounter another person. The city’s extensive trail system gives us freedom to spread out, explore solitude and get some exercise. The community meeting room at the library is reserved on average 3 times per day for a variety of educational, civil and cultural events.

The Senior Activity Center also fills an important niche for socializing, healthy meals, and friendship. The Center currently offers over 50 activities and programs — from creative arts to health and fitness — from language and discussion to games and entertainment. Another popular and busy location is the Fidalgo Pool. The Fidalgo Pool District was formed in May 1972 by approval of the voters for the purpose of building and operating a swimming pool for the Fidalgo Island area. Since this time, the District has added a fitness center and provided the community with fun, educational and healthy programs. Many cities have a community center that serves as a cultural and recreational gathering spot. The Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo is an example of a beautiful facility that offers enrichment programs for all ages in a community similar to Anacortes. While there are no firm plans in place to build a community center in Anacortes, it is important to gather community feedback about possible components to consider. What components would be important to you if a community center were to be built?

TABLE OF CONTENTS ANACORTES BRIEFINGS Mayor Laurie Gere.....................................2 City Volunteers...........................................2 Community Spaces ..................................3 Leslie Dorn...................................................4 Council Member’s Perspective.............4 Summer Calendar.....................................5 Anacortes Arts Festival............................5 Room for Everyone on City Trails.........6 4th of July 2015..........................................7 Protect Your Vehicle From Prowls........7

PARKS AND RECREATION Quarterly Menu..........................................8 Recreation Programs....................... 9 - 15

COMMUNITY PROGRAMS Anacortes Soo Bahk Do........................ 16 Fidalgo Pool.............................................. 17 Senior Activity Center........................... 18 Friends of the Forest.............................. 19 Class Act School Performing Arts........ 20 Fidalgo Dance Works............................. 21 Academic Adventures........................... 22 Friends of Skagit Beaches.................... 23 Anacortes Public Library............... 24, 25 Transition Fidalgo................................... 26 Paddle Boarding/SUP Yoga................. 26 Anacortes Senior College.................... 27 News From Washington Park............. 28 Safety Tips................................................. 29 Boys and Girls Club................................ 29 Anacortes Maritime Heritage Ctr...... 30 Anacortes Energy Challenge.............. 31 Anacortes Museum......................... 32, 33 City Council Members.......................... 34 Anacortes Community Task Force.... 34 City Hall Mural......................................... 35 Community Question........................... 35 Connecting the Community.............. 36

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Leslie Dorn Photography

I picked up a camera at a very early age - back in the 1950’s. I was hooked on photography even then, and now it is my passion. I live in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by the beauty of the San Juan Islands where I love to photograph. I also enjoy travel photography, especially visiting and photographing small towns of the west coast. While many photographers concentrate on one area of expertise, I enjoy the spontaneity and versatility of capturing images that are often not planned or composed in advance. I believe that a great image is one that draws the viewer in and evokes an emotion or response (of any kind) - these are the images I strive for. I have been a member of the Skagit Valley Camera Club for 10 years, currently serving as Secretary. My website: www.lesliedornphotography. zenfolio.com

Thank you Leslie for letting us use your unique image of a Community Gathering Place.

Capital Facilities Ryan Walters Anacortes City Council Member Anacortes has faced a number of infrastructure challenges in the last 18 months—how to finance maintenance of our decaying streets and our threemillion gallon water reservoir, when to fix water and sewer lines (hopefully before they break), and whether to retrofit or replace our seismically vulnerable city hall. In each case, the City Council has been surprised by the poor condition of our infrastructure and the costs of managing it. Cities should never find themselves in this position, because the state Growth Management Act (“GMA”) requires that we integrate planning for infrastructure and other public services in our local Comprehensive Plans. The state calls that “capital facilities planning”— planning for streets (including lighting, signals, and sidewalks), water systems, storm and sewer systems, parks, fire protection and law enforcement, and other government services. GMA requires the Comprehensive Plan include: • an inventory of our existing capital facilities; • a forecast of future needs for those facilities, including the proposed locations and capacities of expanded or new facilities; and • at least a six-year financing plan for those facilities that clearly identifies reasonably certain sources of funding.

We also need to set levels of service— numeric measures that answer questions like: What delays are acceptable at intersections? What level of pavement deterioration is too much? What response times do we demand for fire service? How many acres of park per capita do we need? If we determine through this process that we can’t afford to provide the levels of service we’ve identified, we can’t just ignore the deficiencies—we must adjust either the level of service or our land use plan, or both, until they are consistent. Doing so ensures that we’re consciously and publicly deciding how to provide for infrastructure and public services and that we’re held accountable for the outcomes. To that end, it’s critically important that this information is presented in a way that’s accessible and understandable by decision-makers and the public—not buried in separate technical documents that no one reads. If we choose to underfund maintenance on roads or our sewer system, the cost of that deferred maintenance needs to be readily apparent. If we choose to authorize a new service or build a new park, the long-term operations and maintenance costs need to be disclosed up front. We owe it to both current residents and future generations to be the best stewards of our infrastructure we can be! Ryan Walters, a land use attorney, was elected to the Ward 1 seat on the Anacortes City Council in 2011.


Anacortes Arts Festival Summer Happenings


Sat - Sun 6th-7th Anacortes Waterfront Festival

Check out the water taste testing booth “Z”

Wed 10th AHS Community Meeting @ 10 am & 7pm Meeting will review educational specifications



Independence Day Observed

Trash will be picked up: Mon July 6th

Saturday 11th KIDS R BEST FEST 11 am — 4 pm Storvik Park TBA

New Residential Recycling Totes Delivered


Saturday 1st ART DASH

Half Marathon 10K & 5K

Thursday 27th OUTDOOR MOVIE Starts at dusk 8 pm “Big Hero 6”

The 54th Anacortes Arts Festival is happening August 7, 8 & 9 – taking over downtown Anacortes to the Port Transit Shed. Some highlights of this year’s Festival include: ~ NEW Locals Friday Night activities extend into the evening. Both artisans and the Arts at the Port remain open until 8 pm and music extends into the evening with Country star Chance McKinney on the Main Stage, a Cuban Salsa street dance on the Jazz Stage and Classic Rock on the Port stage. Food, Beer and Wine Gardens also remain open late. ~The Manieri Foundation is partnering with the Festival on the Jazz Stage to bring a weekend of great jazz, blues, and swing music. The stage has a new location on 10th Street, where the Festival opens. ~ Steamroller Block Printing is back! This popular activity in the Working Studios area will pair local artists with heavy equipment to create unique fabric prints. Also in the area is the Tide Craft Project pairing artists with beach debris to create impactful artwork with a message. ~ Arts at the Port fine art show has a free community Opening on Saturday, August 1st. This show includes 41 artists from around the country (including some locals) and was juried by Stefano Catalani from the Bellevue Art Museum. Proceeds from the Festival support arts education through the school district and fund public art projects and activities in A-town – over $50,000 has been pledged in 2015. For more information about the Festival visit their website AnacortesArtsFestival.com



Labor Day Observed

Wed 12th

Trash will be picked up Mon Sept 8th




Room for Everyone on the City Trail Systems I am a cyclist. I ride on skinny tires and travel at a good clip. I love the Tommy Thompson Trail and am so excited to see the progress on the Guemes Island Trail. For commuter cyclists there is nothing better than riding on a paved trail away from car traffic. It is a treat!

Walkers should also stay to the right side of the trail. Walking two or three abreast is fine, but be courteous to oncoming traffic. At least one person should move over to the right to allow more distance between you and the cyclists. It is great to see all the dogs being walked on the trail, but for a cyclist who is approaching a walker with a dog on a long leash, it can be scary. Some dogs are skittish around bicycles. Keep dogs close, under control, and on a leash. Always remove your pet waste. Bags are available at several stations along the trails.

Unfortunately bikes and walkers sometimes clash on the trail over speed and courtesy issues. I know there is room on the trail for all of us; the cyclists, the rollerbladers, the skateboarders, the runners, people pushing strollers and people pushing walkers. Everyone should feel safe on our trails. A few simple rules and some courteous behavior is all we need to enjoy the trail. Cyclists should be extra cautious when pedestrians are present and should not exceed 15mph on the trail to ensure adequate stopping distance. Pass pedestrians on the left if possible and let them know you are approaching by saying, “on your left” or wishing them a good morning or afternoon. Many cyclists use bells to warn people of their approach. If the trail is really busy, cyclists should ride single file and stay to the right unless passing. Extra caution should be used around smaller children and elderly people with limited mobility. They don’t always move as fast or as predictably as others do. Pedestrians sometimes report reckless cyclists who appear to be swerving and not staying to the right. More often than not the cyclist is trying to dodge a broken clam shell deposited on the trail by seagulls. The sharp shells can puncture tires pretty easily and are a real hazard to cyclists.


Photo by Steve Berentson

by Bonnie Bower

Remember the trails border private property. You must stay on the trail and please respect the homeowner’s property by not leaving any trash behind. Trash cans are available at several stations along the trail. Motorized vehicles are not authorized on the trail, with the exception of wheelchairs and scooters for people with limited mobility. The Anacortes Police Department does patrol the trails, especially on nice sunny days! However we are not out as much as we would like to be. If there is an emergency on the trail call 911. If there is a safety issue on the trail, call 911 after moving away from the issue. Do not be a trail vigilante. It usually causes more problems than it’s worth. Photo credit: Steve Berentson

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please email: gary@cityofanacortes.org Get out and enjoy the trails. If we all are thoughtful of each other, there is room for all of us on the trail!

Protecting Your Vehicle From Car Prowls

4th of July 2015 Schedule of Events • 10 a.m. Gather for the annual Town Photo at Fifth and Commercial or at Causland Park. • Immediately after the photo, parade line-up begins on Second and Third streets. • 11 a.m. – Parade starts. • 12:30 or 1 p.m. – Patriotic Program at Causland Memorial Park begins immediately after the parade. There will be children’s games and food vendors. • 5:30 - 10 p.m. – Rock the Dock Community Concert, Food, Beer Garden, Children’s Activities at the Seafarers’ Memorial Park. • 10:30 p.m. – John Curtis Memorial Fireworks display.

Help Support Community Fireworks The annual John Curtis Memorial community fireworks display costs about $20,000 and is funded entirely by donations. To help, you can drop a donation off at the Parks Department office in City Hall; mail a check, payable to Anacortes Parks Foundation, to P.O. Box 1902, Anacortes, WA 98221; or donate via PayPal, which can be accessed at www.anacortesparksfoundation.org. For more information, call 293-1918.

Fireworks Rules Personal fireworks and sky lanterns are strictly prohibited within Anacortes city limits. For regulations in other parts of Skagit County and fireworks safety tips, visit www.skagitcounty.net/Departments/FireMarshal/fireworks.htm. Zabrina Nybo of the Anacortes Police Department asks that people please leave dogs at home when heading out to view Fourth of July fireworks. The loud noises and sudden flashes often disorient and startle dogs, causing them to run away. Consider consulting a veterinarian about sedatives if your pet suffers severe anxiety or fear of fireworks. If visiting friends, home fireworks can cause severe burns or trauma to a dog that mistakes them for sticks or toys, Nybo said, and unlit fireworks contain toxins that can be poisonous to pets.

Old Glory was glorified by these four youngsters in the 2000 Fourth of July parade. Anacortes Museum, Anacortes American Collection

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Sack races are always a favorite during the old-fashioned community picnic at Causland Memorial Park after the Fourth of July parade. This one took place in 2000. Anacortes Museum, Anacortes American Collection


he Fo

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at li am h

Seventy car prowls were reported last year in Anacortes. Many of these crimes occurred during nighttime hours throughout the year. However, Anacortes Police often receive an increasing number of prowl reports during the warm summer months when a larger volume of vehicles are parked at trailheads or other recreational areas throughout the city. A prowler may intend to “smash and grab” to quickly access valuable items within plain sight in the vehicle, access personal identifying information within the vehicle that they may use to perpetrate other crimes, or cause damage to a vehicle for the thrill of the experience. No matter the intent, there are steps you can take to reduce the opportunity for your vehicle to be prowled. • Lock your doors! Many prowls occur on vehicles that are not secured. • Park your vehicle in the garage when possible. • If possible, do not store valuables in your car. • If valuables are in the car, store them in the trunk or other areas where they are not visible. • Do not store documents with personal identifying information (name, address, etc.) in your vehicle. • Do not store garage door openers in your vehicle which may be used to access your home and perpetrate other crimes. • Park in well-lit areas when possible. • When you exit or enter a parked vehicle, stop and scan the area. CITY OF ANACORTES



Gary Robinson Parks/Forest Manager

Jonn Lunsford Washington Park Manager

Bob Vaux

Quarterly Menu

Recreation Manager

Dustin South Recreation Coordinator

Nicole Johnston Administrative Assistant

Valora Sandstrom Department Secretary

Mary Snyder Maintenance/ACFL

Dave Oicles Maintenance Foreman

Chuck Arneson Maintenance

Brian Strickland Maintenance

Heather Brennan Maintenance

Brian Tottenham Maintenance

Jim Rains

HANDY NUMBERS CITY HALL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 293-1900 PARKS AND RECREATION. . . . . 293-1918 PLANNING DEPARTMENT.. . . . 293-1907 PERMIT CENTER.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 293-1901 MAYOR’S OFFICE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 299-1950 HUMAN RESOURCES. . . . . . . . . . . . . 299-1941 PUBLIC WORKS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 293-1919 LIBRARY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 293-1910 MUSEUM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 293-1915 FIRE DEPARTMENT.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 293-1925* POLICE DEPARTMENT. . . . . . . . . 293-4684* *EMERGENCIES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dial 911


The Menu is published four times per year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The next issue (Fall) should be in mailboxes around the beginning of Sept. The current issue will have events and programs offered by the Anacortes Parks and Recreation Department. The menu can also be viewed on our website at www.cityofanacortes.org.

REGISTRATION PROCEDURES Some classes require a minimum number of participants registered to be held. Such classes are canceled if the minimums are not met. Therefore, if you signup for a class, please plan on participating. If you need to cancel your registration, please notify the parks and recreation staff as soon as possible before the first day of the class. The Parks and Recreation Department will start taking online registrations for most programs on Monday, June 1st. Please be aware that in order to register for classes, payment will be required up front. Registration will also take place by going to the parks and recreation page: www.cityofanacortes.org. Participants can still register over the phone. This can be done by giving a debit/credit card number. Or, if participants would rather


cityofanacortes.org 360.293.1918

register in person, that can be done at the parks and recreation office (City Hall, 6th and Q) where cash, check, and debit/ credit cards will be accepted.

INSURANCE APRD does not have medical insurance coverage for program participants and is not responsible for injuries that may occur as a result of participation in City sponsored recreational activities.

PLEASE NOTE The City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation Department does not discriminate against any person on the basis of gender in the operation, conduct, or administration of community athletic programs or sports facilities. Any citizen who feels she or he has been the victim of discriminatory treatment in violation of this policy should report this concern to the Parks and Recreation Director, Gary Robinson, at 293-1918.

ACCESSIBILITY If reasonable accommodation due to a disability is needed, please contact Mac Jackson (299-1961) at least 48 hours prior to meeting or event date.

Tango Tuesday - Beginner Class Come experience the beautiful dance and music of Argentine Tango. Learn basic skills which will enable you to attend social tango dances and feel at home on the dance floor. Students will receive links to videos which support class instruction as well as a tango terms list. Studies rate dance and specifically tango at the top of the list for enhancing brain health. You don’t even need to bring your own partner. (If you sign up as a couple the fee is $40) A Practica follows this class from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. This is open to the public as well as class students. A drop in fee for “Tango Practica” is $3 evening and are available for purchase on our online registration webpage. Pay $15 for 5 sessions that can be used when convenient for you. Practica sessions have very little instruction and are more of an opportunity for dancers to practice their technique LOCATION: The Depot (611 R Ave) INSTRUCTOR: Pamela Good MIN/MAX: 5/30 FEE: $25 ($40 per couple) Ages Day 18+ Tues

Date Session 1 - 6/2-30 Session 2 - 7/7-28 Session 3 - 8/4-25 Session 4 - 9/1-29

Time 6-7P 6-7P 6-7P 6-7P

The Plaza Dance Come down to the Depot Plaza and enjoy an all age dance under the lights on the plaza. The Plaza Dance (aka the Fishermen’s Dance) is an old tradition of the Anacortes community which staged big band concerts to welcome the salmon fishing fleet on summer weekends in the 1930’s. We are bringing this dance back and invite the whole community to come out to enjoy the live music and to do a little dancing. The Anacortes Brewery will be providing a no host beverage garden providing both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

The Anacortes Parks and Recreation Department and the Anacortes Police Department are working together this year on this event and would like to encourage all dog owners to bring a dog food item donation for the Animal Pet Shelter. Look to drop your donation off next to the Anacortes Police Car at the event.

Adult Paint Party Are you ready for a night of fun? This beginners Art Class will introduce participants to a variety of painting techniques. With step by step guided instruction your friends will be calling you Van Gogh in no time! All supplies are included. Space is limited so sign up early. LOCATION: The Depot (611 R Ave.) INSTRUCTOR: Julene Brogan MIN/MAX: 4/25 FEE: $32 Ages Day Date Time 16+ Mon 7/20 6-8:30P Woodland Reflection 16+ Tues 8/11 6-8:30P Black Canvas Sea Creature

360.293.1918 cityofanacortes.org



Tai Chi in the Parks!


Start your day with Tai Chi - Relax, Balance, and Heal. No prior Tai Chi experience necessary. Instructor, Kari Sherman, will teach a gentle warm up and lead students through core foundation movements of Tai Chi and internal martial arts practices. You will discover new feelings and enjoy a heightened awareness of your body. Kari’s class will: improve balance, strengthen muscles, and leave you feeling lighter and happier all day. All ages welcome. First class will be at Causland Park. Full schedule of class locations distributed by email when you register. Locations include, Washington Park, Storvik Park, and Causland Park.

Come down to the local skate park and support your local skate board community. If you are wanting to sign up for the competition, then you can on the day of the event at 5pm. You must sign a waiver and wear a helmet in order to compete. There are three levels of competition: Beginner Level (12 & under only), Intermediate & Advance. You will be given a warm up time to practice your run, once the competition starts you will only have one run that will be 60 seconds. You will be scored on the level of tricks you land, use of the park and on your style of skating. Prizes are all donated by Hidden Wave Board Shop. Awarded to the 1st-3rd place finishers for each level of competition.

LOCATION: Various (if inclement weather – the Depot.) INSTRUCTOR: Kari Sherman MIN/MAX: 10/30 FEE: $72 Ages Day Date Time 16+ Tues 6/16-7/28 9-10:15A *no class 7/7 or 7/21

This clinic is geared for kids who are novice or beginner skateboarders and will include tips and tricks to learning the basics for the correct way to “push” for regular and goofy stance riders. The clinic will also go over the run-jump techniques, drop in on a transition, and flow through the skate park maintaining momentum while you ride. You will need to bring your own skateboard and your helmet for camp participation. Parents are welcome to stay and watch if they would like. Instruction is provided by longtime local skateboarder and over of Hiddenwave Board Shop, Adam McCoy. LOCATION: Ben Root Skate Park INSTRUCTOR: Adam McCoy, Hidden Wave Board Shop Owner MIN/MAX: 7/20 FEE: $12/ includes t-shirt


LOCATION: Ben Root Skate Park FEE: Free Ages Day Date Open Fri 6/19

Skateboard Clinic

Ages Day Date K-6th Fri 6-19

All skaters MUST WEAR a HELMET.

Time 11A-12P


Time 5-8:00P

Messy Me Plus Messy Me Plus will include everything we typically do in a messy me class (art projects, crafts, get messy), plus a little more activity outside in the playground area as well. Each week there will be different projects and opportunities for your child to get messy. LOCATION: Sunrise Room INSTRUCTOR/SUPERVISOR: Nicole Johnston MIN/MAX: 10/20 FEE: $25 Ages Day Date Time 1-3yr Wed 6/24-7/29 10-10:45A No class 7/15

cityofanacortes.org 360.293.1918

Pee Wee Sports Camp

Rally - for the Dogs

The Pee Wee Sports Camp is for kids ages 4-6 who want to participate in a different activity each week. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in soccer, basketball, bowling, football (sorry, no tackling), and track & field in a fun and safe atmosphere. The first day of the program will be basketball and will be held at the High School Gym. Each participant will also get a t-shirt as part of their registration fee. Space is limited so be sure to sign up early!

For those who have already taken Marie’s Dog Obedience class. To do this class the dog needs basic obedience and an understanding on how to walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stay and come commands. Rally is a sport in which the dog and handler as a team complete in a course which has signs telling the team what exercises to do. At the signs the team may be asked to perform an obedience exercise such as “Sit/walk around dog” “About turn” “270 turn to the left” “Call dog to front” “360 turn to the right.” Rally can be very challenging for those who enjoy higher levels of competition. Also, limited space is provided, so register early.

LOCATION: High School Gym (first day) INSTRUCTOR/SUPERVISOR: APRD Staff MIN/MAX: 10/60 FEE: $25 Ages Day Date 4-6 Tues 6/30-7/28

Time 10-11A

Kids-R-Best Pool Party

LOCATION: Storvik Park INSTRUCTOR: Marie Padovan MIN/MAX: 4/12 FEE: $84 Ages Day Date 16+



7/8 - 8/12 6-7:00P

Don’t forget, the Open Swim scheduled for kids 12 & under (6 & under and non-swimmers need to be accompanied in the water by an adult.) FRI 7/10 • 6:30 - 8P at the Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center

Thanks to

Kids-R-Best Fest Celebrating kids in our community for the past 26 years! Come join us and play with the giant inflatable bouncers, games and toys, game and informational booths, live entertainer, concessions, and craft projects! All to celebrate kids and what they contribute to the community. All activities are FREE; there is a nominal charge for food. SAT 7/11 • 11A - 4P at Storvik Park

Girls Basketball Camp Calling all “lady hoopsters!” Come learn new and improve existing basketball skills during this three-day camp. Head girls basketball coach Ken Welk will lead this camp with help from other coaches and players. Coaches will emphasize shooting, ball handling, offensive attack moves, moving without the ball, court spacing, rebounding, transition, and defensive positioning. We will also hand out a personal workout schedule to the older group. A camp shirt and ball are included in the registration fee. Be ready to get into basketball shape! LOCATION: High School Gym INSTRUCTOR/SUPERVISOR: Coach Welk and Staff MIN/MAX: N/A FEE: $25 Grades Day Date 1st-4th Mon-Thurs 7/13-7/16 5th-8th Mon-Thurs 7/13-7/16

Time 9-11:30A 10:30A-1P



Youth Art Camp

Kids Night Out

Come enjoy four days of artistic fun! This art camp will introduce each participant to a variety of painting and drawing techniques. The instructor works with each student to suit his or her skill level and to encourage their own unique artist style. An art show will be held the final day. The confidence student’s gain in their creativity will spill over into other aspects of their life and education. Examples of projects may include: canvas paintings, chalk and oil pastels, watercolor paintings, 3-D art and more. Each week will have different projects, so sign up for one or both. Space is limited. All supplies are included.

SUMMER is HERE! Come have some fun with your friendly parks and recreation staff as we spend the evening making art projects, playing games both inside and outside and having some fun. Dinner is included. Parents, take advantage of this opportunity to do something for you or enjoy some quiet time in the house!

LOCATION: The Depot INSTRUCTOR: Julene Brogan MIN/MAX: 4/15 FEE: $90 Ages Day 7-14 Mon-Thurs

Date Session 1 - 7/20-23 Session 2 - 7/20-23 Session 3 - 8/10-13 Session 3 - 8/10-13

Time 10:30 - 1P 2:00 - 4:30P 10:30 - 1P 2:00 - 4:30P

AHS Mini Volleyball Camp Description for Menu and Registration Website: Pass, set and attack that ball with the AHS Girls Volleyball team and coaching staff. This fun three day camp will cover the basic skills involved with playing volleyball. Players will be put through drills that will get you sliding on the floor and digging that ball up. We will separate the younger grades from the older grade levels and end each day of camp with playing games. A camp t-shirt is included with your fee. LOCATION: Anacortes Middle School INSTRUCTOR/SUPERVISOR: Jean Gallo MIN/MAX: 10/50 FEE: $35 Ages Day Date 4th-8th Mon-Wed 6/22-24


Time 9-11A


LOCATION: Sunrise Room SUPERVISOR: Nicole Johnston MIN/MAX: 10/20 FEE: $20 for each child Ages Day 4-11 Thurs 4-11 Thurs

Date 7/23 8/6

Time 5-8P 5-8P

Art Dash Sign up for the USATF 11th Annual Art Dash. Course route is along the Tommy Thompson Parkway. Half Marathon route follows the parkway out to March Point, loops around the refineries and comes back to finish at the Port warehouse. For specific route information or to register visit www.cityofanacortes. org. All participants will receive a performance t-shirt, half marathon finishers will receive a medal and 10k & 5k finishers will receive a ribbon. Participants who are pre- registered can pick up their packet on Friday, July 31st from 8am-6pm in the Parks & Recreation office. If you need more info or would like to volunteer on the course you can call Nicole Johnston, Recreation Coordinator at 360-299-1967 or email nicolej@ cityofanacortes.org. LOCATION: Tommy Thompson Parkway MIN/MAX: OPEN FEE: $50 Half Marathon, $40 10k & $30 5k Ages Day Open Sat

cityofanacortes.org 360.293.1918

Date 8/1

Time 8A

5 Days to Start Your Band

Youth Wrestling Camp

Know any friends or family that want to start a band or learn a song together? Or perhaps you are solo and want to play with other players. Look no further! This camp will get you started the right way. This is a rock band arrangement, so instruments and equipment supplied will be drum set, bass, guitar, keyboards, and microphones for singing. Your group and the teacher will be learning a song together the first 4 days. On the 5th day you will perform the song at the Anacortes Arts Festival in front of an audience. We aren’t kidding about a band in 5 days!

Calling all athletes to come try out the sport of wrestling! Wrestling will help in every other sport because it builds strength, increases flexibility and endurance, improves coordination, and helps athletes become quick decision makers. This skills clinic will give your athlete a good idea as to how wrestling can improve their performance in all other sports. Participants should wear t-shirt, shorts and one of the following: wrestling shoes, clean socks, or never been worn outside shoes each day at camp. Also, don’t forget a water bottle. Come see how fun wrestling can be! A camp shirt is included in the registration fee.

LOCATION: TBA INSTRUCTOR: Braydn Krueger and Karl Blau MIN/MAX: 16/20 FEE: $125 Ages Day Date Time 12-18 Mon-Fri 8/3-8/7 1-4P

Gentle Tai Chi For new and continuing Tai Chi practitioners, this class will offer the joy of relaxation, balance, coordination, and the excitement of learning something new. Instructor, Kari Sherman, will lead students through a whole body warm-up and delve into core foundation movements and principles of Tai Chi. Starting with the basics, classes will build upon what we learn. You will improve balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, and discover greater clarity and peace of mind. Open to all ages and levels, beginners welcome! We will practice indoors and outdoors at the Depot on Thursday evenings. **No class on August 20th.

LOCATION: The Depot (611 R Ave) INSTRUCTOR: Kari Sherman MIN/MAX: 10/20 FEE: $86 Ages Day Date 16+ Thurs 8/13-9/24

LOCATION: TBD INSTRUCTOR/SUPERVISOR: Coach Bickley MIN/MAX: 15/60 FEE: $50 Ages Day Date Time 7-12 M-F 8/10-8/14 10A-12P

Family Camp Fire Come out to our very own beautiful Washington Park and spend the night cooking dinner over the open fire, roasting marshmallows and sharing campfire stories. We will have a few games to play down on the beach for those that would like to join. LOCATION: Group Tent Site, Washington Park SUPERVISOR: Nicole Johnston MIN/MAX: 4/10 FEE: $25 Family of 4 ($5 for additional members) Ages Day Date Time Open Thurs 8/20 5:30-8P

Outdoor Movie Night Time 6-7:15P

Gather your family and head to Storvik Park for our Annual Outdoor Movie. Bring your low rise chairs, blankets, snacks and sit back and enjoy the movie. This Free community event is made possible from generous support of the Anacortes Soroptimist Club. LOCATION: Storvik Park SUPERVISOR: Nicole Johnston MIN/MAX: FEE: FREE Movie is “Big Hero 6” Ages Day Date Time Open Thurs 8/27 Starts at DUSK 8P

360.293.1918 cityofanacortes.org



entle Yoga

2015 Youth Soccer

Yoga is a great healing art that fosters calm concentration, reduces chronic pain, counteracts stiffening from age or inactivity, strengthens the immune system and enhances clear thinking. Accommodations are taught for those with limitations due to injury, etc. Kate Bowers teaches yoga with a light hearted, compassionate approach that fosters self-acceptance and increased self-confidence. For summer we are offering a 6-week program. Bring a blanket and firm pillow or extra firm blanket. Payment is required at the time of registration. Registration is available online. **Late registrations will be taken. Please inquire with the parks and recreation department. LOCATION: WA Park (if bad weather – Sr. Ctr.) INSTRUCTOR: Kate Bowers MIN/MAX: 5/25 FEE: $78

We are now taking registrations for the fall season! Starting in late August, practices are held on weekday evenings and games are played on Saturdays. The league is available for boys and girls who were born between August 1, 2001 - August 31, 2010. To register online or to obtain more information please go to: www.cityofanacortes.org

Ages Day 18+ Thurs

Date 7/23-8/27

Time 6-7:30P

Drop In


All practices and games are held in Anacortes. Teams will play on smaller fields with fewer players on each team. Co-ed U-6, Boys U-8, U-10, and Girls U-8, U-10 FEE: $37


Teams participate in the Skagit Valley Youth Soccer Association recreational league. Teams will practice in-town but play games throughout the Skagit County, including Anacortes. Boys U-11, U-12, U-13, U14 and Girls U-11, U-12, U-13 FEE: $55 REGISTRATION DEADLINES: County League & City League Friday, July 10 @ 5:00 p.m. **Volunteer coaches are needed for City and County teams. Interested??? We will help train you and provide you with tools/resources to coach a team. Please contact as 293-1918 for more information about coaching.

Volleyball 18+ Fidalgo Elementary Gym Wednesdays & Fridays (7:00-9:00pm)

Slow Break Basketball 18+ AHS Gym (Sun.) Fidalgo Elementary (Tues.) Sundays & Tuesdays (7:00-9:00pm)

Pickle Ball 18+ Mt. Erie Elementary Gym Sundays (10:00am-12:00pm) Tuesdays & Thursdays (7:00-9:00pm)



Youth Sailing Information At the time this publication went to print we still do not have a summer youth sailing schedule set. We are still in the process looking for a new Head Instructor/Supervisor for the program. Once we have somebody in place we will get a class schedule and other information. You can look on our website www. cityofanacortes.org for any updates. If we cannot find somebody to fill the Sailing Instructor/Supervisor position, we may have no classes offered this summer. If you or somebody you know may be interested in applying for the position please have them view the job posting online at the www.cityofanacortes.org. Go to the Human Resources page and look under “Job Openings.”. cityofanacortes.org 360.293.1918

Skyhawks Sports Academy

British and Brazilian Soccer Camp

www.skyhawks.com or 800.804.3509 Register Online


2015 Skillbased Youth Sport Programs Anacortes Parks & Recreation



Basketball Camp

Anacortes Parks and Recreation


Anacortes Middle School (gym) This fun, skill-intensive program is designed for beginning to intermediate athletes. An active week of passing, shooting, dribbling and rebounding makes this one of our most popular programs. Boys and girls will also learn vital life lessons such as respect, teamwork and responsibility.

• 8/03 - 8/07


9A - 12P



Mini-Hawk® Camp (Baseball, Basketball, Soccer)


9A - 12P



Multi-Sport Camp (Baseball, Basketball, Soccer) Skyhawks multi-sport programs are tailored to your child’s age and skill level while teaching life lessons such as respect and teamwork. Older boys and girls age 6-12 years will learn the rules and essential skills of each sport.


9A - 12P


9 - 10:30A • Mini Soccer • Ages 4-6• $88 10:40A - 12:10P • Mini Soccer • Ages 4-6 • $88 9A - 12P • Half Day • Ages 6-16 • $115 9A - 4P • Full Day • Ages • 10-16 • $173

Tetra Brazil Camp FOR THE MORE COMPETENT PLAYER 9A - 12P • Half Day • Ages • 9-12 • $125 1 - 4P • Half Day • Ages • 12-16 • $125

Mt. Erie Elementary

• 7/27 - 7/31

British Soccer Camp 1 - 4P • Half Day • Ages • 6-16 • $115

Mt. Erie Elementary Skyhawks multi-sport programs are tailored to your child’s age and skill level while teaching life lessons such as respect and teamwork. Tiny-Hawk™ and Mini-Hawk® programs give children age 4-7 years a fun and positive first step into athletics.

• 7/27 - 7/31

July 20th – 24th at Volunteer Park Camp includes FREE ball & t shirt $10 late fee if payment received after July10th

9A - 4P • Full Day • Ages • 10-16 • $183


Soccer Camp

Anacortes Middle School (field) Skyhawks is the nation’s #1 camp for learning the fundamentals of soccer. Using our progressional curriculum, boys and girls will gain the technical skills & sport knowledge required for that next step into soccer.

• 8/03 - 8/07


1P - 4P



Tennis Camp

Anacortes Middle School (tennis courts) Skyhawks tennis programs, boys and girls learn proper grips, footwork, strokes, volleys and serves, as well as the rules and etiquette that make tennis an exciting game. Programs fill quickly due to limited court space.

• 7/06 - 7/10 • 8/03 - 8/07


9A - 12P 9A - 12P

7-12 7-12

$125 $125

Tennis Camp with Quickstart

Anacortes Middle School (tennis courts) In Skyhawks tennis programs, boys and girls learn proper grips, footwork, strokes, volleys and serves, as well as the rules and etiquette that make tennis an exciting game. Programs fill quickly due to limited court space.

• 7/06 - 7/09 • 7/06 - 7/10 • 8/03 - 8/06 • 8/03 - 8/06

M-Th M-Th M-Th M-Th

12P - 1:15P 1:30P - 2:15P 12:30P - 1:15P 1:30P - 2:15P

4-5 6-8 4-5 6-8

$55 $55 $55 $55

2015 Adult Co-ed Softball League We are accepting team registrations for our annual Adult Co-ed Softball League. For more information or to register your team online visit the Parks and Recreation page at: www.cityofanacortes.org. Games will be played again on Sundays taking place in July and August. Deadlines for teams to register will be Friday, June 19 by 5:00 p.m. If after looking online, you need more details please email dustins@cityofanacortes.org or call 299-1948 ANACORTES PARKS & RECREATION



Anacortes Soo Bahk Do®

Korean Karate

A Martial Art for Life! Ages 4 and Up.

1st Month Free! Convenient Saturday Classes



Classes scheduled Monday through Saturday! Time 7:00 - 8:00 a.m. 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. 4:00 - 5:10 p.m. 5:15 - 6:25 p.m. 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.



Mon/Wed/Fri Tues/Thurs Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs Mon/Wed Tues Sat Sat

Adults Adults Tigers (4-6 years) Children (7+)/Families/Adults Children (7+)/Families/Adults Private lessons by appointment Midnight Blue and Red Belts Midnight Blue and Red Belts Children (7+)/Families/Adults

Classes for ages 4, 24, 94 or any age between.



■ Adaptations for age or physical challenges. ■ Tai Chi and Self Defense classes — call for information. ■ Studies have shown that martial arts, including Soo Bahk Do and Tai Chi, offer support and strength for people challenged by chronic conditions including diabetes, MS, and Parkinsons Disease.

2117 O Avenue Anacortes, WA 98221 (360) 299-2905 See our schedule, photos, videos, and more at www.anacorteskarate.com



cityofanacortes.org 360.293.1918

Colette and Andy Arvidson Certified Master Instructors Korean Soo Bahk Do® Association World Moo Duk Kwan®

1603 22nd Street Anacortes, WA 98221 www.fidalgopool.com (360) 293-0673 *Schedule is subject to change.

June 21 - September Summer Schedule 2015 SWIM LESSONS Session I: Session II: Session III: Session IV:

June 22 - July 2 July 6 - July 16 July 20 - July 30 August 3 - August 20

Mon - Thurs: 9:30 - 11:30 am & 3:30 - 5:30 pm Register by phone or in person. Private lessons are available by appointment. View our schedule: www.fidalgopool.com


SHARING LANES Side by side if only 2 swimmers. Circle swim if 3 or more swimmers.

OPEN SWIM Mon/Wed/Fri: 6:30 - 8:00 pm Tues/Thurs/Fri: 1:15 - 2:30 pm Saturday: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Sunday: 1:15 - 2:30 pm (Children 6 & under need to be accompanied by an adult)


Age group USA swim team Head Coach: Jason Hunter Year round competitive team

Mon/Wed/Fri: 6:15 - 7:15 am Water Exercise Mon/Wed: 7:30 - 8:30 am Aquaerobics

Join the team! Must be a level 4 swimmer or higher. All ages. Swim with your friends! We have Masters too! Call for more information.

Tues: Tues/Thurs:

POOL RENTALS Rent the pool for aquatic training, parties, etc! Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 10:00 pm Saturday: 12:30 - 8:00 pm Sunday: 3:00 - 7:00 pm

FEES Single Admission Pool or Fitness: $6.00 Open Swim: $3.50 Reduced Rate (Noon - 1pm): $3.50 Memberships: 10 time punch or a 30 day pass (No annual fee)

FACILITY HOURS Mon - Fri: 5:00 am - 8:00 pm Saturday: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm Sunday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

LAP SWIM & WATER WALKING Monday - Friday: 5:00 am - 9:30 am Mon/Wed 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Tues/Thurs/Fri 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30 am -6:30 pm Tues/Thurs 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:30 am



8:30 - 9:30 am AquaFit & Strength 6:30 - 7:30 pm NEW Aqua Zumba 7:30 - 8:30 am Power Fitness 8:30 - 9:30 am Water Exercise (arthritis) 11:30 - 12:30 pm Aqua Core & More 7:30 - 8:30 am Deep Aquaerobics 8:30 - 9:30 am Deep Water Intervals

FITNESS CENTER OPEN FOR DROP-IN: Mon - Fri: 5:00 am - 8:00 pm Saturday: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm Sunday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm CLASSES: MW: 8:30 - 9:30 am SilverSneakers速 Classic W: 6:00 - 7:00 am Boot Camp MWF: 11:00 am - Noon Gentle Yoga T: 9:15 - 10:15 am Flow Yoga



10:20 - 11:20 Zumba Gold 9:05 - 10:05 am Zumba Gold 6:00 - 7:00 pm Yoga 101 8:00 - 9:00 am Strength & Conditioning 8:30 - 9:30 am Muscular Strength 10:30 - 11:30 am Zumba

Weekend Times may extend depending on pool rentals. Please call ahead.

(shared with TAC programs) 11:30 am - 1:00 pm CITY OF ANACORTES


Helping Seniors Thrive 1701 22nd Street, Anacortes, Washington 98221  (360) 293-7473  www.skagitseniors.org



There’s More!

Watercolor and Acrylics Weaving Mosaic Art Art Appreciation Woodcarving Basket Weaving Creative Circle Cultured Purls Artists Northwest

FREE Computer Clinic Beginning Computer Classes FREE Wi-Fi Closed Circuit TV (Visual impairment aid) Skype Connection Assisted Listening Devices (Call a day ahead) Hearing Loop for T-Coil Devices

Intergenerational Activities Community Resources for Seniors Creative Writing Classes Book Discussion Group Special Holiday Celebrations Haircuts and other services Library Books on Sale And much more ...



Flyswatter Volleyball Silver Foxes Exercise Strength and Balance T’ai Chi Chih Gentle Yoga Seated Wellness Zumba Gold

Ukulele Classes, Workshops, Performances and Jams Piano Lessons Lunch Time Entertainment Special Concerts and Performances

Health & Wellness

Cards & Games

Footcare Clinic Wellness Day Presentations Blood Pressure Checks Dental Hygiene Clinic Chair Massage Reiki Therapy

Pinochle Bridge Cribbage Mah Jongg Scrabble Mexican Train Dominos


Hot Meals Hot lunches are served Monday-Friday from 11:30 a.m. to12:30 p.m. No reservation necessary. Suggested donation for 60 and over is $3.50-$5.50. Nonseniors are welcome for $6 Meals on Wheels: To sign up for hot meals for homebound Seniors, call (360) 419-3420.

Volunteer Opportunities Join the more than 130 volunteers presently working at the Center. For more information, contact the Center Coordinator at 293-7473.

293-3725 • www.friendsoftheacfl.org • info@friendsoftheacfl.org


et to know your community forestlands! It’s time to join a guided hike, and begin to learn more about the fascinating wild heart of our island. The Friends of the Forest is a non-profit, citizen organization dedicated to the preservation of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands through education, outreach, and stewardship. We have a multi-layered education program that strives to meet the needs of all Fidalgo Island residents. Our education program includes K-12 guided school field trips, Adult/Senior hikes, All ages hikes, Forest Discovery Day Camp, habitat restoration efforts, Ethnobotany field seminars, a quarterly newsletter, and our two comprehensive school district programs; Growing Wild-native plants for all 3rd graders, and Middle School Watershed Discovery for all students in the 7th grade. Our community hikes are FREE and no registration is required. Please join Naturalist, Denise Crowe, for summer fun as we continue to explore and learn more about the ACFL together. For more information about our group or these hikes please contact Denise Crowe or Jean Andrich at 293-3725. You may also visit our website www.friendsoftheacfl.org or inquire by email at info@friendsoftheacfl.org. These hikes focus on human and wildlife experience, so we ask that you please leave your four legged friends at home. Hope to see you in the woods.


• Friday, June 6th - This program is full, please contact us if you would like to be on a waiting list for future sessions.


(Great for families and folks of all ages, these are hearty hikes with a naturalist guide.)

ALL AROUND WHISTLE LAKE • Saturday, June 20th • 10 am until noonish • Revel in the longest daylight of the year on our summer solstice hike. We will fully explore the trails all the way around the Whistle Lake region of our woods. Meet at the Whistle Lake Parking Lot. ALL AROUND LITTLE CRANBERRY • Saturday, July 11th • 10am until a little after noon • Little Cranberry Lake holds a rich convergence of habitat with bog islands, rocky shore and mixed forest surrounding. This is beaver, river otter, raven, and alligator lizard terrain. July brings forth a multitude of berries and deep green growth. Learn all about this amazing place and enjoy a challenging hike for all ages. Take Georgia south off of Oakes and follow up to the ACFL road, take a right and follow to the parking lot. ALL AROUND HEART • Saturday, July 25th • 10am until noon • There is no better place to be in the middle of summer than in the middle of our woods. Get to know the heart of the forest on this wonderful journey all the way around Heart Lake. Lush deciduous areas flow into an amazing old growth grove. Meet at the Heart Lake Parking lot.

MITTEN POND LOOP • Saturday, August 15th • 10am until noon • Summer isn’t over yet! The cool smell of water floats up the path as we near Mitten Pond. Whirligig beetles spin shining patterns in the glowing green duckweed. Dragonflies drift and zoom around us. Sound good? Please come along! Meet at the ACFL kiosk on A Ave. and 37th.

SENIOR/ADULT HIKES (A little bit gentler, with an adult level flora and fauna focus...)

NORTHWEST WHISTLE • Friday, June 12th • 10am until noon • This route is a regular favorite, providing spectacular views and deep woods feel with just the right amount of physical challenge. Meet at the Whistle Lake parking lot. HEART LAKE OLD GROWTH LOOP • Friday, July 10th • 10am until noon • It’s time for a visit with our elders on the south shore of Heart Lake. Snack on wild berries as we slow to the ancient rhythm of our old growth forest. Meet at the base of Mount Erie on Ray Auld Drive. ERIE VIEW TRAIL • Friday, August 14th • 10am until noon • This is a trail of wonders, twisting and turning through prime wetland wildlife corridor all the way to a hidden meadow. The views of Lake Erie and Mount Erie are a rare treat. Meet at the base of Mount Erie on Ray Auld Drive. BEAVER PONDS • Friday, September 11th • 10am until noon • The Little Cranberry Lake area is filled with a network of beaver ponds created and maintained by local beaver families. We will explore trails that reveal their lodges, dams, mounds, and other daytime clues to their nighttime secret ways. Meet at the ACFL kiosk on A Ave. and 37th. SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, November 7th is our

annual Friends of the Forest benefit party, which will be held at the Port Warehouse.

Tracing Forests and Seas OBSERVING, DRAWING AND WRITING NATURAL HISTORIES AND LANDSCAPES OF FIDALGO ISLAND • Tues, Aug 11th + Thurs, Aug 13th • 10-3 PM • Combining observational drawing and writing we will explore the wooded and watery landscapes of Fidalgo Island with local naturalist Denise Crowe and interdisciplinary artist Kate Clark. • This two day workshop explores the idea of fieldwork as an interdisciplinary creative practice. What does field work mean if you are an artist, writer, or biologist? Regardless of background, each discipline draws upon keen powers of observation. We will learn to heighten our abilities of “seeing” through honing our skills in drawing, writing, and journaling. • We will explore the fundamentals of drawing (perspective, gesture, foreground/background, texture, scale) through a variety of medium and techniques useful to the beginner or advanced artist. Yet “observational” drawing isn’t about looking at a tree and making a perfect version of it in pencil. Equipped with a toolbox of building block drawing techniques, we will explore and develop our own voice as observers in the field. Ultimately, participants will heighten their unique powers of investigation and reflection through creating a series of drawings and writings that merge poetry and documentation. • Advance registration is required for this workshop. More details will be given then. It is geared to adults, though ages 13-18 are allowed with an accompanying adult or permission of the instructors. For those who can, there is a suggested donation of $25 per day or $40 for both days.




Summer Class Schedule 2015 To register call 360-293-6829 For more information: www.acttheatre.com/classact

TREASURE ISLAND Ages: Dates: Time: Performances: Cost: Instructors:

3rd – 6th grade Monday June 22nd – Friday June 26th 10 am – 2 pm June 26th at 7 pm and June 27th at 2 pm and 7 pm $125 Jessica and Sam Guzik

In this classic story, Jim Hawkins unlocks his father’s old sea chest and finds a treasure map. Unfortunately, a gang of pirates wants it too. So begins Jim’s exciting pirate adventure! This class starts with the experience of auditioning and continues with the creation of a character, memorization of lines and a full performance with costumes and makeup. All students will receive a major role in this show that is performed for the public.

ARABIAN NIGHTS Ages: Dates: Time: Performances: Cost: Instructor:

7th – 12th grade Monday July 13th – Friday July 17th 10 am – 2 pm July 17th at 7 pm and July 18th at 2 pm & 7 pm $125 Mike Jenkins

This is the story of Scheherezade who makes one story last 1001 nights to keep the attention of a murderous king. In this play her stories come to life. Enjoy the adventures of Ali Baba, Alladin, Sinbad, and many more! This class starts with the experience of auditioning and continues with the creation of a character, memorization of lines and a full performance with costumes and makeup. All students will receive a major role in this show that is performed for the public.

COWBOY ROUNDUP Age: Kindergarten – 2nd grade Dates: Monday July 20th – Friday July 24th MORNING CLASS Time: 10 am – 11:30 am Performance: Friday July 24th at 11 am Cost: $75 Instructors: Katrina Agnew AFTERNOON CLASS Time: 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm Performance: Friday July 24th at 1:30 pm. Cost: $75 Instructors: Valisa Keller It’s the Cowboy Roundup and all of the cowboys are gathered together to share their wildest stories of life in the Wild West. These are some pretty Tall Tales! This play will be performed in ACT’s Second Stage on the last day of class. Each day of class, students will also have the chance to play fun theatre games and work on their acting skills.

DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST JR. Ages: Dates: Time: Performance: Cost: Instructor:

3rd – 12th grade Monday August 17th – Friday August 28th (2 week class) 10 am – 2 pm August 28th at 7 pm and August 29th at 2 pm & 7 pm $200 Katie Jennings, Rebecca Launius Brown and Diana Farnsworth

Class ACT is excited to present Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. This is a shortened version of the Broadway classic and based on the original Disney cartoon. It features songs from the movie and the Broadway production and is full of fun roles for all students. This class starts with the experience of auditioning and continues with the creation of a character, memorization of lines and a full performance with costumes and makeup. The focus of the class will be on the production, but also on the development of singing and acting skills for each student. All students will be featured in this production that is performed for the public. There will be a limited number of spaces available in each grade level.


Anacortes High S

dniak Hall

Friday, June 19, 7:00 pm Saturday, June 20, 3:00 pm Tickets available from Brownpapertickets.com

Summer Dance Program

PRESCHOOL DANCE COMBOS, JULY 6 – 29 An introduction to pre-ballet, tap and creative movement for young dancers. CHILDREN’S DANCE/ART CAMPS, JULY 6 – 9 & JULY 13 – 16 Two one-week explorations of creativity with classes in dance, theatre, music and visual art. The theme for the first week July 6 – 9: Shipwrecked; the theme for the second week July 13 – 16: Lion King. SUMMER PERFORMANCE CAMP, AUGUST 3 – 6 A dance intensive for experienced teen dancers, culminating in a performance at the Anacortes Arts Festival. 901 Third Street, Anacortes, Washington 98221 • 360.299.8447 dance@fidalgodanceworks.org • fidalgodanceworks.org • a 501(c)(3) nonprofit school of dance


Think Summer Kids Programs! DECEPTION PASS DAY CAMPS In Deception Pass State Park - Weekly beginning 6/29 Exceptional Value and Experiential Adventures! 4 Themes for summer – see web for details. • Beach Combers Paradise -7/6 - 10 & 8/3 - 7 • Aqua Marine-6/29 - 7/3 & 7/27 - 31 • Forest Friends-7/13 - 17 & 8/17 - 21 • Eco-Camp-7/20 -24 & 8/10 - 14 • Class details and registration forms online! $160/student 9am - 3 pm 8 - 12 yrs (Limit 15/wk) TWO SECTIONS! JUNIOR EXPLORER CAMP 6-8 YEAR OLDS! This ½ day outdoor experience for 6-8 year olds itching to get out and explore their world. Camp runs from 9am – noon OR 12:30 – 3:30 pm each day with weeks alternating between forest and marine themes. Sessions can be linked for a full day if desired. See web for details. $79/student 9am – 12 or 12:30-3:30 ages 6 - 8 (Limit 10/wk)

KIDS KAYAK ACADEMY Kids Kayak Academy teaches kids the importance of safety and the fun of kayaking in our region. Each fun filled week results in a student capable of a self-rescue, assisting others, and able to make competent choices. Basic paddling skills & navigation are fundamental. See web for details. Classes offered July - August age 11 - 15

MARINE EXPLORER CAMP For the budding marine biologist! Discover the amazing underwater world with a real marine biologist. Meet scientific divers and learn what they do. What makes seaweed slimy? How do barnacles and seastars eat? What do seabirds do underwater? What do seals and whales eat. Dissect a squid or fish, explore tide pools, and more! Class held at Deception Pass. Ages 8 - 13 $239/student 6/29 - 7/3 9am-3pm (Limit 15)

WILDERNESS SURVIVAL FOR KIDS & TEENS Equip yourself for the unexpected! Learn how to build a shelter, find and purify water, make rope, find food and more! You will never be afraid of getting lost in the woods and not knowing what to do. Learn direction finding with map and compass, the sun or moon, and maybe even GPS. Details sent upon registration. Ages 8 - 12. And Teens $239/student 7/6 - 10 9am - 3 pm (Limit 15) $239/student 7/13 - 17 9am - 3 pm (Limit 15) Teens $239/student 7/20 - 24 9am-3pm age 13 - 17 (15)

NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY CAMP A week of Nature Photography. Learn the finer points of taking amazing pictures using the Incredible Scenery and wildlife found in the gem of the Pacific Northwest - Deception Pass State Park. (Ages 10 - 15) $249/student 8/3 - 7 9am-3pm (Limit 15)

$250/student Dates online 9am - 3pm (Limit 6 per class) NEW! • Explore Kayaking – ages 9 - 10 $250 Dates online • Marine Biology by Kayak 8/10 - 14 $250 • Advanced Paddling for Kids* 8/17 - 21 $250 *previous attendance in Kids Kayak Academy and instructor approval required. NEW! ART IN NATURE Experience different artistic media as you re-create what your eye sees in nature. Learn to see in new ways, and share your wonder with others. Hone your observations. $249/student 8/10 - 14 9am - 3pm Ages 8 - 13 (Limit 15)

INSECTS ALIVE! Ever wonder about the creepy crawlies of the insect world? Never wonder again! Each day you will discover new and exciting insects of all sorts. There are some amazing body plans and life-cycles among the arthropods! $239/student 7/27 - 31 9am - 3 pm Ages 8 - 13 (Limit 15)

www.AcademicsAndAdventures.org Academic Adventures has been providing local marine and environmental education since 2000. Programs are designed for students of all ages! Whenever possible some form of adventure is incorporated that helps the lessons stick. Our work with NW schools, Adult and Kids programs through Skagit Valley College, and our concession with Deception Pass State Park have enabled many to enjoy the natural wonders of our region. We hope to see you soon! Andrew J. Rice, Executive Director



To register: call 360-708-3286 (check/Visa/MC/Discover) cityofanacortes.org 360.293.1918

PROTECTING SKAGIT MARINE RESOURCES Education * Citizen Science * Stewardship

Friends is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. For more information visit www.skagitbeaches.org and sign up for our newsletter. Check the calendar page for event details. Like us on FACEBOOK.


Sat, Sept 12 • 11:00 AM Preston Snagboat

Saturday, June 13th 10 am - 12 pm Location: Seafarer’s Memorial Park, 601 Seafarers Way, Anacortes

BIKE RIDE – Legacy of “the City of Smokestacks” and the Anacortes Shoreline Makeover

Celebrate our 7 NEW Discovery Points with food, fun and learning! Meet at Seafarer’s Memorial Park for refreshments and a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by Friends of Skagit Beaches, Anacortes Park & Recreation Department, and the Port of Anacortes. We invite you to stay for a guided Trail Tales interpretive walk following the ceremony at 10:30 am or you can visit the new Discovery Points at your own pace with our new trail map in hand. From 10:30 am – 12 pm docents will be present at the new Discovery Points ready to share interesting facts and stories. The Marine Technology Center, a new Discovery Point location, is hosting an open house in conjunction with the celebration. The walk route is flat, paved and handicapped accessible. For more information, contact Betty Carteret at friends@skagitbeaches.org or visit www.skagitbeaches.org

TRAIL TALES GUIDED SHORELINE INTERPRETIVE WALKS Thur, June 18 • 10:30 AM Seafarers’ Memorial Early Anacortes Maritime Scene

Thur, July 16 • 10:30 AM Quiet Cove History & Habitat on a Working Waterfront

Thur, Aug 20 • 10:30 AM Fidalgo Bay Resort Sharing Samish Culture Along the Shores of Fidalgo Bay

SAVE THE DATE Sat, Aug 29 • 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Fidalgo Bay Resort Celebrate National Estuaries Day with Trail Tales at Fidalgo Bay Day

Trail Tales interpretive walks, led by trained volunteers, are free and open to the public with no registration required. These leisurely and informative walks on flat, paved surfaces are handicap accessible and last ~ 1.5 hours. Trail Tales is made possible by a grant from the WA Dept. of Ecology’s Public Participation Grant program and support from the City of Anacortes, Port of Anacortes, and generous local donors

Meeting location details: Fidalgo Bay Resort – 4701 Fidalgo Bay Rd. Seafarer’s Memorial – 601 Seafarers Way Preston Snagboat – 703 R Avenue Quiet Cove – O Ave, between 2nd & 3rd Streets New Saturday Discovery Stations

Walkers, bikers and other visitors along the Tommy Thompson Trail will have an opportunity to discover some of the Anacortes Shoreline wonders with assistance from Trail Tales docents at one of the Discovery Points along the trail. If you like to hear stories related to the signs about this wonderful place we live, or if you enjoy hands-on learning, take to the trail and look for docents on the Saturdays listed and discover something new! You can find a map of the Discovery Point locations by visiting www.skagitbeaches.org or picking up a Journey of Discovery brochure at the Anacortes Visitor Center, Library or Parks & Recreation Office.


Discovery Points

May 9

2 Watershed to Sea

May 23

#3 Shoreline Habitats

June 6 #11 Cap Sante Geology & #12 Recreational Boating

June 27

#1 Historic Mill Site

July 25

#2 Watershed to Sea

Aug 15

To Be Determined

TIME: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm CITY OF ANACORTES


Worlds of Information and Imagination

Sheri Miklaski, Director (360) 293-1910

Sometimes gazing at a wall of books can be overwhelming. Jean Oakley, our wonderful in-house graphics guru has created some eye-catching signs to draw your attention and enhance your browsing experience in our adult non-fiction collection. We are facing out titles of note, interest, and some long-forgotten items to draw your eye and hopefully pique your interest. Don’t worry, we have a few final tweaks to the shifting of books and then we will be replacing the long-lost end cap signs letting you know the call number ranges down each aisle. Let us know what you think! And don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook.


Enjoy those summer evenings! Regular Wednesday night adult programs will resume on September 9.

TECHNOLOGY CLASSES TechWise help resumes in the fall; in the meantime, enjoy your summer! If you need help downloading eBooks and audiobooks during this break, please contact Rossy Trejo at 360-293-1910 x35 to make an appointment to receive individualized assistance.


Performances take place on June 14, July 12, Aug. 9 and Sept. 13 from 2pm to 3:30pm at the Heart of Anacortes, 1014 4th Street. For details, visit the jazz website http://jazzatthelibrary.com

ACOUSTIC MUSIC ON 3RD TUESDAYS AND SUNDAYS Our beautiful baby grand piano is located on the 1st floor. We hope you will enjoy the soft background music (piano or other acoustic instrument) from 6:30pm - 7pm on the third Tuesday of each month and from 2pm - 2:30pm on the third Sunday of each month. Experienced musicians who are interested in volunteering to play for the Library may inquire at the Circulation Desk.

BOOK CLUB Mondays at 7pm June 22, “The Lowland” by Jhumpa Lahiri July 27, “Breakfast at Sally’s: One Homeless Man’s Inspirational Journey” by Richard LeMieux Aug. 24, Author month: Ursula Hegi Sept. 28, “Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark” by Carl Sagan

JUNE Wednesdays at 7pm June 3, “The Widow Wave” Listen to how author Jay Jacobs uses his career specializing in maritime law to create a compelling drama. June 10, “Finding Your Own Creativity with the Anacortes Arts Festival.” Join the Anacortes Arts Festival Staff and Volunteers in a fun night of exploring creativity in our community. Learn about some of the programs that the Festival offers, uncover local resources that will inspire you and participate in an art project that will get your creative juices flowing. June 17, “Exploring the Jewels of the Mediterranean (Part 1)” Visit Istanbul, Turkey and some Greek islands with veteran travelers Joyce & Don Paradine. June 24, “Oin and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Tale” While vacationing in New Zealand, Callie Wilhoit took a role as a fulltime scale double for Peter Jackson’s movie The Hobbit.



THE CHILDREN’S LIBRARY “EVERY HERO HAS A STORY!” Sign-ups for our 2015 Summer Reading Program begin June 1 and end July 15. We will begin awarding prize books August 1 and end August 31. This year’s focus is on heroes of all kinds: local heroes, superheroes, animal heroes, youth heroes, and more! During Summer Reading, we challenge youth to keep their minds active through the summer by reading. To participate in Summer Reading, youth ages birth to 18 can sign up for the program and keep track of their reading (in the case of young children, caregivers keep track of the time they read to the child). When the child reaches their reading goal at the end of the summer they choose a free paperback book of their own. To sign up, visit the library website and go to the Children’s Library page. You can sign up and print a reading log from any computer that has internet access. How easy is that?!

NO REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THE FOLLOWING EXCITING, FREE PROGRAMS THIS SUMMER: Mondays June 22 to July 27 at 10:30am: Join Ria in the Children’s Library for Family Storytime, which is designed for young children and their caregivers. Ria offers a mix of stories and activities. Tuesdays June 23 to July 28 at noon: “Brown Bag Lunch and a Movie” returns to the Library Community Meeting Room. Children and their caregivers bring their own lunches and watch a movie while eating. This year we will be showing six movies: June 23: “The Tale of Desperaux” (rated G, 93 min.) June 30: “Bolt” (rated PG, 96 min.) July 7: “Legend of the Guardians” (rated PG, 90 min.) July 14: “Lego Movie” (rated PG, 101 min.) July 21: “Big Hero 6” (rated PG, 93 min.) July 28: “Planes: Fire and Rescue” (rated PG, 84 min.).

Wednesdays June 24 to July 29 at 3pm to 5pm: Ria offers Legos in the Children’s Library. Children create masterpieces with materials that we furnish! All materials are supplied—please do not bring anything from home. This program is open to children 5 to 12 (younger with adult supervision).



Thursday, June 25 at 2pm: Ray Soriano, a drum instructor, brings his large collection of percussion instruments, including djembe drums, and teaches the children how to use the drums. Ray will teach the children how to create a song or two. We will hold this program outside, on the east side of the library building. Ray Soriano is brought to you by the Friends of Anacortes Library. Thursday, July 2 at 2pm: Join Ria and Mr. Doug for a fun program highlighting heroes of all types. They will challenge children to show their superhero skills, such as leaping tall buildings. We will hold this program outdoors on the east side of the library building. This program is made possible by the Friends of Anacortes Public Library. Thursday, July 9 at 2pm: Jason Quick, an extraordinary onearmed juggler and motivational expert, will astonish the children with his amazing skills. Jason can juggle all sorts of things, including a bowling ball! We will hold this program outside, on the east side of the building. Jason Quick is brought to you by the Friends of Anacortes Public Library. Thursday, July 16 at 2pm: Elliott Hofferth, Anacortes’ own superstar of magic, will amaze everyone with his incredible tricks. Abracadabra and shazam, Elliott will delight and entertain one and all. NOTE: this program takes place in the Anacortes Middle School Cafeteria. Elliott Hofferth is brought to you by the Friends of Anacortes Public Library. Thursday, July 23 at 2pm: The Knights of Veritas will be here to show off medieval armor and weapons, talk about chivalry and the honor code, and demonstrate the use of armor and simple weapons. NOTE: this program takes place in the Council Chambers in City Hall. The Knights of Veritas is made possible by the Friends of Anacortes Public Library, Anacortes Noon Kiwanis, Soroptimist International of Anacortes, and Fidalgo Island Rotary. Thursday, July 30 at 2pm: Sarvey Wildlife Care Center will bring raptors to show the kids and talk about the important work they do to save these majestic creatures. This program will be held outdoors, on the east side of the library building. This program is brought to you by the Friends of Anacortes Public Library.

LIBRARY HOURS Monday 10am – 7pm Tuesday - Friday 11am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday Noon – 5pm

PASSPORT BOOK & PASSPORT CARD APPLICATION ACCEPTANCE HOURS Tuesday and Wednesday, noon – 6:30pm Saturday, 1pm – 4pm Service is unavailable when the library is closed

HOLIDAY CLOSURES Independence Day observance: July 3 and 4 Labor Day observance: September 5, 6 and 7 Main Desk 293-1910 Children’s Library 293-1910 ext. 27 or 28 Fax 293-1929

FAMILY READING EVENTS! Wednesday, July 1 at 2pm and Wednesday, July 22 at 2pm are the days/times for this summer’s Family Reading Events. Jeane Thomson Read‘n’Grow sponsors Family Reading events at the library. We will have fun family reading activities and guest readers at each program, plus each child in attendance will receive a free quality book of their own to take home! Anacortes Public Library, Read Me a Story, and Watermark Book Company partner to plan Family Reading Nights. For more information, call the Children’s Library at (360) 293-1910, ext. 28, or visit our website at http://library.cityofanacortes.org

TEENS SUPER SUNDAYS! The Teen Summer Reading program offers fun outside activities by the playground on June 21st and 28th, and July 12th, 19th and 26th from 1pm to 3pm. Join us! Details to follow!

LIBRARY INFORMATION FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY Friends of the Library and its FriendShop bookstore raise funds for the Anacortes Public Library. Through book sales, membership dues and donations the Friends are able to provide books, children’s programs and many other items to support the library. Monthly meetings are held September through June in the library’s Community Meeting Room on the second Thursdays at 2:30pm. Membership is $10 and forms are available on the library website. FriendShop bookstore hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 11am – 6:30pm, Wednesday 11am – 4pm, and Saturday 1pm – 4pm. For additional information contact President, Syd Olausen 2936803 or FriendShop Manager, Beverly Reed 293-4149. LIBRARY FOUNDATION The Library Foundation offers many ways to support your library – general donations, bricks may be inscribed and installed in our walkway, or a wall tile may be engraved in our lobby. For a longer-term gift consider a donation to the Legacy Endowment Fund. The Library Foundation administers the Manieri and Maritime Endowments and the Jeane Thomson Read‘n’Grow Memorial. For more information, please check out the Foundation webpage. LIBRARY CARDS Signing up for a library card is easy! Bring in your photo id and something with your local physical address on it (no PO Boxes, please). If you live outside of the city limits, a non-resident library card can be purchased at the front desk for $25 for 3 months or $100 for the year for your family. LIBRARY WEBSITE Be sure to check out the Library’s web page at http://library. cityofanacortes.org for calendars of children’s and adult events, and for other information about the library, including useful websites on a variety of topics. Popular magazines and newspapers are available through the library’s online resources. The library catalog can be accessed from home and items can be renewed by logging in to your account. Free downloadable audio books and eBooks are available to library card holders. CITY OF ANACORTES


Paddle Boarding? SUP “Stand Up Paddle” — Call 298-0293

SUP is taking off as the perfect core exercise. It is a great way for the whole family to enjoy the beautiful waters of Anacortes and surrounding areas. Boards, paddles, and pfds are provided. Choose paddling sessions to learn or improve your skills, tours, or stand up paddle board yoga for individuals or groups. Call Sound Yoga and SUP to enjoy a great day on the water. 360 298 0293 Instructors are life guard, CPR, and PSUPA certified. More information can be found on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/ Sound-Yoga-and-SUP/1388250761502937

Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board! Call for a Private Session of Paddling or SUP Yoga



cityofanacortes.org 360.293.1918

Do you like exploring the beaches and tide pools at Washington Park? So do we! Join us at Washington Park this summer to explore the intertidal habitat and marine organisms at Sunset Beach from our team of volunteer beach naturalists. Take a look at our shell display, borrow a species ID card, or even ask for a guided exploration of the beach! Volunteers will be at Washington Park for 3 hour shifts on the following Saturdays during Summer 2015: Make sure to stop by on July 18 to see the Shannon Point Mobile Touch Tank! MAY

The volunteer beach naturalist team at Washington Park is coordinated thorough the Coastal Volunteer Partnership at Padilla Bay, with funding provided by the Skagit Marine Resources Committee. For more information or to inquire about a group visit, please contact the Volunteer Programs Coordinator, Catherine Buchalski, atcbuchalski@padillabay.gov or call (360) 428-1559.


• May 16, 9 AM-12 PM

• July 4, 11 AM-2 PM

• May 23, 1-4 PM

• July 18, 11 AM-2 PM

• May 30, 9 AM-12 PM



• August 1, 11 AM-2 PM

• June 6, 12-3 PM

• August 15, 11 AM-2 PM

• June 13, 9 AM-12 PM

• August 29, 9 AM-12 PM

• June 20, 12-3 PM

Classes meet at Anacortes Middle School, 2200 M Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221. We encourage you to look for detailed course information in the Anacortes American, the Anacortes Senior Activity Center newsletter and on our website: www.seniorcollege.org. For further information, call 360-503-1255, email info@seniorcollege.org.

ANACORTES SENIOR COLLEGE FALL TERM We invite you to plan ahead for a thought provoking and interesting fall term at Anacortes Senior College. This is our ninth year of operation, with fall classes beginning Oct. 13 and ending Nov. 19. The class lineup is developing, but here is what we know so far. New classes include Ice Age Floods, The Oregon Trail, Mysteries of Mental Health, and Six Novels of “Earthsea.” Popular classes also return. They include Industries of Anacortes, The U.S. Constitution, The Cosmos, Anacortes History, Landscaping and Spanish. In all, about 12 courses will be offered in classrooms at the Anacortes Middle School. Our mission is to provide an enjoyable learning and social experience. The result is boundless opportunities for personal growth. We offer a stress-free environment with no tests or homework. ASC classes are open to anyone age 50 and better. Some classes will run three weeks and others for six weeks. Afternoon sessions meet 3:30-to 5:30 p.m. Evening classes meet 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. A six-week course is $30; a three-week course is $20. During the past academic year, 652 students attended 31 different classes. ASC could not operate without its volunteers. All instructors donate their time and energy to enhance the quality of life for their peers. We greatly appreciate the assistance of middle school staff, and we acknowledge the generosity of middle school teachers who loan us their classrooms for two days a week. Although ASC is a separate entity, we could not survive without the cooperation of middle school staff and teachers. We encourage you to watch for detailed information about fall courses in the Anacortes American, the Senior Activity Center newsletter, A-town is Our Town, and our website: www.seniorcollege.org. After Labor Day, a flyer containing a course schedule and a registration form will be mailed to every household with occupants over the age of 50 in the 98221 zip code.



ey all you local campers! If you have not done so already, it is time to make your summer reservations at Washington Park. We would really encourage you to make this a priority as it is no fun at all to deliver the message, “Sorry, we are full,” especially to our local patrons. Without your ongoing support and enjoyment of our parks and programs would simply begin to wither and disappear. You are our lifeblood, the very essence of why, how, and what we do. As a colleague of mine likes to say, Parks & Recreation gets a report card every day. The happy faces I get to see at Washington Park are a non-stop inspiration to continue to find ways to improve the facility and provide for future generations of park visitors. So, please, get on line at cityofanacortes.org and get your summer camping reservations booked. We look forward to seeing you at the Park!



Resident* of Anacortes: $6.00 per day/$42.00 per week Non-Resident: $9.00 per day/$56.00 per week 14 day stay limit • Paid in advance

UTILITY SITES: Resident: $21.00 per night Non-Resident: $25.00 per night NON-UTILITY SITES: Resident: $17.00 per night Non-Resident: $20.00 per night

SEASON PERMITS (JAN. 1 - DEC. 31): Resident: $126.00 Non-Resident: $189.00



Monday – Thursday: $44.00 • Friday – Sunday: $63.00

$6.00 per night Showers (approx. 2.5 minutes) - $.50 per shower Wood - $5.00 per bundle



RESERVED GROUP CAMP FEE: $94 per night *Resident defined as a person who has their primary residence or owns property within the City limits of Anacortes. Residents will receive the reduced rates for Boat Lot Parking and Camping by turning in receipts to the Parks Office at City Hall.

cityofanacortes.org 360.293.1918

Safety Tips Avoiding Heat-Related Illness • Wear lightweight, light colored and loose fitting clothes. • Stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day: 6-8 cups. • Eat small meals more frequently. • Take breaks to avoid fatigue. • Check on family & friends, children, seniors and those who are handicapped and may not know they are dehydrated or need to take a break. • Shade yourself using a wide brimmed hats, sun glasses and sun screen. • Know the signs: 1. Muscle cramps, pale/moist skin, dizziness, exhaustion, headache, loss of appetite, nausea. 2. More serious are decreased alertness, loss of consciousness, high body temperature, red or hot skin, rapid or weak pulse and breathing. If you or someone you see has these symptoms, call 911.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County Open Summer Enrollment Every day, 15 million kids nationwide (1 out of 4) leave school with no place to go, putting them at risk of being unsupervised, unguided and unsafe. During the summer, an alarming 43 million (3 out of 4) kids in America lack access to summer learning programs, increasing their risk of learning loss and putting them at a disadvantage before the school year starts. The way children spend their time after school and during the summer can significantly impact the path they take. Now with summer programs in La Conner, Mount Vernon, Anacortes & Sedro-Woolley the Clubs are set to serve youth with Targeted Programs focusing on strong outcomes of Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles, and Good Character & Citizenship. Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County wants you to know that when school is out, Clubs are in.

Monthly membership fees are $25 and scholarships are available. Open Clubhouse hours are from1:30pm to 6pm daily (6:30pm in Sedro-Woolley). This Summer all four Clubs will offer an additional morning program from 7am to 1:30pm, including fun themed activities, snacks and meals, and field trips. The cost is $100 per week. Clubs also have dedicated Teen only centers and hours featuring field trips, volunteer opportunities and homework help. Teen membership is only $10 for the entire year. Parents can sign up for the morning program and additional field trips online at www.skagitclubs. org. New members must visit their corresponding Club to register. Please call 360-419-3723 for more information. Attached photos feature Club Kids from the Anacortes Club. Names available upon request.

• Speak up if you believe you are feeling the effects of heat related illness. Let someone know – a neighbor, relative or the person next to you. • Finally, never leave anyone in a closed parked vehicle for any amount of time. Keep your children and pets safe. Sun beating on a car will heat up the inside of your vehicle very quickly.



Anacortes Community Energy Challenge GUEP - Update The City of Anacortes is one of 50 semifinalists across the nation to compete in the Georgetown University Energy Prize to reduce energy use during 2015 & 2016. $5 million will be awarded during the summer of 2017. Of the three components in the competition: City facilities, school buildings and residential, residential is the largest and gives everyone in the community an opportunity to contribute.

Heat and power use in the home is where we have the greatest potential for savings. Residents of Anacortes have the power to save a lot of money on utility bills and to help win the $5 million prize. For more information, visit the city website: www.cityofanacortes.org and click on Georgetown arrow or visit www.guep.org.

Anacortes Streetlights Go LED The City of Anacortes is replacing 829 high pressure sodium streetlights with GE Evolve LED cobra head streetlights that are dark sky compliant. Replacing all these lights will cost us just $203,018 because PSE is sharing our cost with their IntoLight program. With this change to LED lighting the city will be saving over $50,000.00 a year in street lighting cost. The payback for this project is just under four years. If you have any questions please contact Russ Pittis, the Resource Conservation Manager at 360.299.1964

Choose the Right Type of Bulb Incandescent Light The “original” light bulb. Most of the energy is wasted as heat.

Compact Florescent Light CFI - energy efficient alternative to an incandescent light, 75% more efficient than Incandescent.

Florescent Light CFI - energy efficient alternative to an incandescent light, 75% more efficient than Incandescent.

Reading the Lighting Label Before: Lightbulbs were measured in watts which indicated how much energy they used. Now: Bulbs are measure in Lumens, a unit that tells you about the brightness. Why: Energy efficient bulbs need less energy to produce the same brightness. Lighting Facts Brightness

Per Bulb 800 Lumens

Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $1.69 Based on 3 hrs./day, 11¢/kWh. Cost depends on rates and use.

Life Based on 3 hrs./day

7 years

Light Appearance Warm


2700 K

Energy Used Contains Mercury (some)

For more on clean up and safe Disposal, visit epa.gov/cfl

14 watts

Brightness: Brightness is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb. Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: Helps you compare the cost of using different bulbs Life: An estimate of how long the bulb will last Light Appearance: Measured in Kelvin (K), this tells you the color of light a bulb produces Energy Used: Measures the energy required to light the bulb. The lower the wattage, the less energy is used.


Watts Lumens Use this chart





you replace your old



incandescent bulbs.



to convert between watts and lumens as

HELPFUL ENERGY SAVING LINKS http://www.huduser.org/portal/ consumer/home.html http://hes.lbl.gov/consumer/


Preserving and interpreting the history of Fidalgo and Guemes islands

History of 4th of July Celebrations Anacortes has a long history of hosting grand and a Firemen’s race with hose carts, 12-man teams Independence Day celebrations. In fact, one of the first and $25 to the winner. The community of 3,000 acts of the city’s hosted an estimated founders was to 5,000 guests that throw an elaborate day. Independence Fourth of July bash Day parades and and invite all of events were held Puget Sound. That regularly in the was in 1890 – 10 city, if not annually, months before until brought the boomtown to a halt by the officially became Great Depression. a city. Patriotic Civic activists and celebrations have merchants such as had their ups and Paul Luvera who downs over the missed the patriotic decades, but today, events – and the thanks to the work economic and The first town photo in Anacortes was taken at the foot of Commercial Avenue in of many volunteers, 1890, before the city was officially incorporated, when civic boosters threw a massive morale boost they Independence Day celebration and invited all of Puget Sound. Photo by J.O. Booen. July 4 festivities are provided –came up Anacortes Museum, Wallie Funk Collection more popular than with the Marineers’ ever. Still, it would Pageant, which was take quite an effort to top that first Fourth in 1890. held in late July for several years, starting in 1937. In his new book “Pictures of the Past,” Wallie Funk describes it: “The town marked the Fourth of July with a celebration that drew thousands of visitors from as far away as Tacoma and Victoria. At that time, it was the largest such event held on the Sound and won for the boom-driven city great praise for its historic gala. The ‘grand parade,’ including four bands and horse-drawn floats, was photographed by D.B. Ewing as it headed south on planked streets and sidewalks which covered P Avenue (now Commercial). It was a memorable day that concluded with a spectacular fireworks display that priced out at $500 — all of it from local pockets.” That $500 translates to about $13,000 today – not so far off the $20,000 needed for the 2015 fireworks show. The 1890 athletic competitions included a baseball game, 100-yard and half-mile races, a 100yard race just for fat men, a 50-yard sack race, a tug-of-war, catching of a greased pig, a baseball throw, wheelbarrow and potato races, a two-mile canoe race, a yachting competition with more than 20 sailboats



Marineers Anacortes M ’ Pageant float from 19 useum, Wa llie Funk C 47 ollection were

There parades, pirate girls, queen coronations, dances, a grand parade and watersports, including worldchampion waterskiers, hydroplane races, tribal canoe competitions and battleships at anchor. There were also stunts that made national movie

cityofanacortes.org 360.293.1918

In 1994 Childs handed the parade and patriotic program to the Anacortes Woman of Today (AWOT). Spearheaded by Donalda Wiggins, they reorganized the parade to include adults, marching bands and community floats, as well as children. After the patriotic speeches at Causland Memorial Park, various service groups presented sack races, pie-eating contests and other old-fashioned games. Donalda and AWOT still organize the events today. John Curtis of Bubba Sudz and his family assumed responsibility for newsreels, the fireworks display. Merchants such as a mass donated to the show, and, for wedding of seven many years, the Curtis family couples, and sold fireworks at a stand at the the unique and car wash to raise money for hilarious Catthe display. Curtis, who had a Putter-Outterpyrotechnics license, supervised Derby. The event the show until his death in an stopped for accident in 2009. Today, funds World War II, 4th of July Parades from about 1910 Anacortes Museum, Wallie Funk Collection are raised through the Anacortes made a couple of Parks Foundation, which comebacks, then oversees faded away for the good in the late 1950s. Events were somewhat less fireworks. coordinated and less memorable in the next couple For 20 of decades, although fireworks at Flounder Bay were years, the a hit with kids. Before Skyline was built, Anacortes Anacortes Museum Educator and W. T. Preston Curator Bret American Lunsford remembers, organizers with trash cans has invited asked each carload of viewers to toss in donations. everyone In 1976, the Fidalgo Island Bicentennial Committee, in town chaired by “Mrs. Ben Hughes,” organized a big, to gather old-fashioned patriotic picnic, and the Lions Club before the hosted the fireworks at Flounder Bay. Fourth of Events were low key the next few years, but began July parade to shape up in the 1980s and early ‘90s, largely due for a mass to fundraising and town organizational efforts photo. The led by Felicia Childs, proceeds of who became known as town photo “Mrs. Firecracker” and sales are “Mother Red White donated to and Blue.” By the time the John Childs stepped down, John Curtis is pictured setting up the Anacortes Curtis the events had grown community fireworks display in 2003. He put on the Memorial to include a patriotic show for many years, and funded much of it through picnic, a kiddie parade a fireworks stand, for about 15 years before his death. Fireworks The display is now named in his honor. display. and fireworks. Anacortes Museum, Anacortes American Collection



City Council Members Councilman Eric Johnson serves as Mayor Pro Tem for 2014-2015.

Brad Adams

Ward 2
Term Ends: 12/31/2015
 2201 30th Street
 Anacortes, WA 98221
 360-391-9771 brada@cityofanacortes.org

Eric N. Johnson

Ward 3
Term Ends: 12/31/2015
 2017 Piper Circle
 Anacortes, WA 98221

Erica Pickett

Position 7 Term Ends: 12/31/2017 1112 18th Street Anacortes, WA 98221 360-293-6264 ericap@cityofanacortes.org

John Archibald

Position 5 Term Ends: 12/31/2017 3001 Meridian Court Anacortes, WA 98221 360-395-5923 johna@cityofanacortes.org

Liz Lovelett

Position 6 Term Ends: 12/31/2017 PO Box 547 Anacortes, WA 98221 360-588-8707 lovelettl@cityofanacortes.org

Matt Miller

Position 4 Term Ends: 12/31/2017 818 Haddon Road Anacortes, WA 98221 360-588-9070 mattm@cityofanacortes.org

Ryan Walters

Ward 1 Term Ends: 12/31/2015 P.O. Box 547 Anacortes, WA 98221 360-610-7770 ryanw@cityofanacortes.org


Teen Summer Alcohol and Drug Use

City Hall Mural Depicts Anacortes Fishing History 
Two public murals depict Anacortes’ maritime history on one block downtown: the “Fishing” painting by Kenneth Callahan in the Anacortes Post Office, and another painting of fishing boats at the Port Dock by Glen and Craig Bartlett - on display in the Anacortes City Council Chambers since 1982. Craig Bartlett is an Anacortes High School graduate (Class of 1974) who attended The Evergreen State College and became a professional animator after graduating, eventually forming his own production company, SneeOosh Inc. Among Bartlett’s creations are the Hey Arnold! series and movie for Nickelodeon and Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train for PBS Kids. Craig recently shared his memories about the mural collaboration with his father. The Anacortes Museum is happy to present Bartlett’s mural story here, accompanied by an image of the painting and an article from 1982: In summer ‘82, I was home visiting from Portland, where I had started my first animation job out of school, working for Will Vinton on a claymation Mark Twain feature. Dad had agreed to paint the mural in the City Hall chambers for Mayor Jim Rice, and asked me if I would come up and help. He and I talked about the subject matter, fishing in Anacortes, which may have been Jim’s request and we went down to the pier and decided that the mural should depict a view of fishing boats in the channel at the bottom of Commercial, with Cap Sante and the Cascade foothills in the background. Dad and I did some sketching of the view there, looking east. (Those two vintage wooden fishing boats were tied up there — it looks like the one in front is the “Janice.” Maybe someone in Anacortes knows the story on them.) Then we set up at City Hall and painted the mural in one

weekend — I probably had to get back to work in Portland the next day! I made a sketch on a grid and blew it up to wall size and we started painting. It was very direct, no wasted time. We kept the color really simple, all browns and tans. Something that scale would have been painted with large, house-painting brushes, and art brushes for the details. We painted with acrylics, a fast way to work. Dad painted the two fishing boats, and I painted everything else. We brought ladders and buckets and brushes from home, laid down a tarp so we wouldn’t get paint on the carpet, and just blasted it out. It was always fun to collaborate with my dad, and now that he’s gone, I realize how precious those opportunities were. Glen Bartlett was an entirely self-taught artist who grew up and lived much of his life in Seattle. He and Mom moved us to Anacortes when we were teenagers, looking for a better life in the Skagit Valley, and Dad hung out a shingle first in Anacortes and then La Conner as a “designer,” doing at first interior design for homes and businesses, and eventually designing entire homes and businesses from the ground up. From 1970 until the end of his life in 2010, Dad was very busy designing and building custom homes all over the valley and the state. He never studied to be an architect, and was in fact pretty insecure about his official schooling — as a kid his family moved around Seattle constantly and he somehow missed the entire sixth grade. But he was extremely creative. Both my parents had incredible drive. They were always making something from nothing, building from the ground up, including Dad’s career. They were my first mentors, inspiring me to invent a career for myself, and so I went first to Portland and then to Los Angeles to become an animator, which I’ve been doing nearly as long as Dad was designing houses.

If a community center were to be built, what key component should it include? Shirley Knapp Executive Assistant “Kitchen facilities for community dinners.” Emily Schuh Administrative Services Director “Lots of things come to mind. A staffed facility that includes a multipurpose area that can be a ballroom, a theater, a event location. A commercial kitchen. A computer lab. A hang out room. An outdoor amphitheater. Classrooms.” Lynn Barber Human Resources Generalist “A place to gather with a great fireplace and welcome room to congregate” Michelle Grace Building Permit Technician II “Dance Lessons” Bob Hendrix Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor “A theater space for the Anacortes Community Theater” Nicole Johnston Recreation Coordinator “Multi purpose turf field/gym” Steve Oakley Museum Director “A view of Cap Sante Marina and the WT Preston”





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