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We are the trusted advisor to business owners. Invermaster is the result of a joint venture between Invermaster LLC from U.S.A. with prominent Central American entrepreneurs with long experience and recognition. We are a regional investment banking, strategic consulting and corporate finance firm with offices in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Miami. We have developed projects all across the Central American region, MĂŠxico and Colombia.

Invermaster emerges as a different response to the classic business advisory: The Pile of Money: Substantial and tangible economic value, now and in the future, for business owners ... Put your money where your mouth is: We take reputational risk in our recommendations, by taking charge of some tasks, encouraging action and supporting our customers, wherever possible, with our own capital.

We are the facilitator that allows our clients to achieve their business goals. From the beginning, we have been identified as one of the leading and most exclusive sources of expert knowledge and experience for the development of high-impact business strategies. We offer advice and support to owners, shareholders and directors of companies, to maximize the economic value of their businesses through excellence in human talent, insightful analysis of the underline businesses and innovative strategies. For our clients, we buy and sell companies, raise capital, negotiate debt and advise on major strategic issues of their businesses.

Our goal is to maximize the sale value of our client's business facing a decision to sell, or acquire another business in an effective and efficient approach that will add more value to our customers.

Sale Strategy Screening




Business Valuation Road Show) Transactions Negotiation

Strategic Due Diligence Transaction Financing Transaction Closing Post-Transaction Integration Strategy Strategic Auditing

Execute the sale or purchase of all or part of a business. From the start of the negotiations until the receipt of the securities. Including the execution and implementation of the following activities:

Negotiate the price and terms of the transaction “buffer”

Valuing the company and defining the strategy “valuer”

Contact potential applicants “buyer or seller”

Interact with banks and partners to finance the transaction “financier”

Coordinate the Due Dilligence process and the advisors of the Buyer Side “leader”

Ensure the quick and efficient closing of the transaction “doer”

Plan the Integration process “planner”

Invermaster provides clients with decisiones strategic Apoyar a los dueños a tomar advice and assistsdein the de negocio altoimplementation impacto. No ofdesarrollamos high impact reportes decisions. do serán not queWe luego develop reports thatbien willacompañamos then be archivados, sino más archived, but rather support clients tolas a nuestros clientes a our ejecutar execute key strategic decisions decisiones estratégicas claves ofdethela company. empresa.

Análisis y Optimización de Portafolios de Business Portfolio Analysis and Negocios Optimization Mapeo de Industrias y Mercados Market and Industry Mapping Estrategia de Unidad de Negocios Business Unit Strategy Análisis de Mejores Prácticas Best Demonstrated Practices Analysis Demostradas (“BDP”) (“BDP”) Oficina del Director de Estrategia Chief Strategy Management Office Estrategias de Crecimiento Expansion and Growth Strategies

Programas de Lealtad de Clientes Loyalty Programs

Create shareholder value through better management of the finances of the company, from the structure to the placement of securities, the signing of documents and receipt of funds. We differentiate ourselves from the brokers because we execute the implementation of the proposed financial strategy.

Financial Modeling Financing Structuring

Financing Road Show and Booking Transaction Negotiation

Transaction Closing Debt Restructuring Management



Some key projects that have shaped the group's executive experience in developing Strategies and Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions in the past 20 years in the region are:

La Fragua (Guatemala)

Banco Agrícola Comercial (El Salvador)

Banco Continental (Panamá)

Grupo Taca (Centroamérica)

Ford (Brasil y Argentina)

FEMSA (México y Argentina)

CSU / Mas x Menos (Costa Rica)

Amanco (Centroamérica)

American Express (Brasil y México)

Grupo Agrisal (El Salvador)

Motorola (Latinoamérica)

Coca Cola (Embotelladores de C.A.)

Heinz (USA)

Grupo Cobán (Guatemala)

Grupo de Sola (El Salvador)

The Company has participated in the success of several companies in Latin America. Geographies • Central America: Panama, Costa Rica, • • • • • • • • • • •

Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala Mexico: Mexico DF, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla Argentina: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santiago del Estero Brazil: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Colombia: Bogota, Cali y Medellin Venezuela: Caracas Ecuador: Guayaquil USA: Miami, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, New York Peru: Lima Chile: Santiago Uruguay: Montevideo, Punta del Este Paraguay: Asuncion

Industry Sectors • Beverages: Alcohol, Beer, Soft Drinks, Juices, •

• • • •

Water Transformation: Construction Materials, Flexible Packaging, General Packaging, Candles, Sugar, Consumer Goods Technology and Telecommunications: Cellular, Fix, Cable TV, Cell Phones Manufacturer, E-commerce, ISP Services: Global Advertising Agency, Car Dealer Financial Services: Banks, Credit Agencies , Insurance, Credit Cards Retailers: Supermarkets, Limited Service, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Department Stores, Hypermarkets, Consumer Goods, Wholesalers Airlines: Operations, Maintenance, Customer Service

Projects Examples • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Post-Transaction Integration Core Business Process Redesign Long Term Alliances Loyalty and Consumption Incentives Plant specialization and rationalization Costs and Expenses Reductions Programs Best Demonstrated Practices Benchmarking Product Line Profitability's Marketing Optimization of Product Line Growth Strategies International Expansion New Segments Penetration Product Development Distribution Business Portfolio Analysis Synergies

Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

Financial Valuation of a Central American Bank and Financial Group

Market Map and Entry Strategy Plan

Guatemala Guatemala - April 2008

Panamรก - June 2008

Mexico - September 2008

Market Map and Country Entry Strategy Plan

Five-Year Strategic Growth Plan and Franchise Model Design

Corporate Portfolio Analysis and General Business Unit Strategic Plan

Costa Rica - December 2008

Guatemala - October 2009

Guatemala - November 2009

Strategic Alliance with Intelident

Market Map and a Market Entry Strategy Plan

Long Term Financing Package from G&T Continental Bank

Guatemala - November 2009

Guatemala & El Salvador - December 2009

El Salvador - February 2010

Internacional de Seguros Panama

Long Term Debt and Mezzanine Financing Package from IFC (World Bank) and DEG (Germany)

Joint Venture with Livsmart SA de CV

Corporate Portfolio Analysis and a Business Unit Strategic Long Term Plan

Central América - May 2010

Guatemala - September 2010

Central America - November 2010

Due Diligence and Advise to the Buyer on Strategic Acquisition

Costa Rica

El Salvador - November 2008

Strategic Alliance and Corporate Finance

Due Diligence and Advise to the Buyer on Strategic Acquisition

Long Term Financial Plan

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - April 2010

Local Market Support, Scouting and Project Implementation

Mexico - September 2008

Market Mapping, Scouting and Entry Strategy Plan

Central America México

Costa Rica – January 2011

Costa Rica – January 2011

Colombia - September 2010

Valuation, Due Diligence and Buyer Advise for Strategic Acquisition

Due Diligence for Strategic Acquisition

Corporate Valuation for Strategic Acquisition

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - August 2011

Guatemala - January 2011

New Market Strategy and Business Development

Valuation and Due Diligence Support

Costa Rica - November 2008

Financial Planning and Long Term Projections

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - October 2010 Mexico –- November May 2007 2008 El Salvador

Private Equity Investment in Real Estate Project

Costa Rica - October 2010

Guatemala & El Salvador – June 2009 Guatemala & El Salvador – June 2009

Strategy - Opportunity Mapping.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Rica –– January August 2011 Costa 2011

Guatemala July 2011 Costa Rica – –January 2011

Colombia - September 2010

We leverage our position, knowledge and skills with access to individuals and institutions that are leaders in their fields.

Consultants: Auditors, law firms, tax, technology service companies, industry-specific experts, technicians and specialists, etc. Business Contacts: An extensive network of owners and managers of leading companies from USA, Europe and Latin America.

Investment Institutions: More than 50 investment banks and venture capital funds with activity and investment in the region Academic Institutions: INCAE (Costa Rica), IAE (Argentina), IPADE (MĂŠxico), Universidad MarroquĂ­n (Guatemala).

Luis Cordón Rodas Cel: +502 5555.0548 GUATEMALA 14 Calle 3-51 Zona 10 Edificio Murano Center, Of. 504 Guatemala, Guatemala +502 2366.5984

Roberto Ponce Romay Cel: +506 8853.3338 COSTA RICA 200 N Escuela España San Antonio de Belén Heredia, Costa Rica +506 2239.0391

Federico Zamora Cavallini Cel: +1 (305) 677.3725 MIAMI 2801 NE 183RD Street Unit 1805 Aventura FL 33160 USA +1 (305) 677.3725

Invermaster´s General Information  
Invermaster´s General Information  

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