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Glo Skin® Glo Skin is a line of cosmetic gummy bears based on collagen and vitamins. Apart from having a very attractive flavor, it contains no sugar or fat. Glo Skin is a brand new functional product focused on the beauty and wellness, completely innovative. It is composed of one product line, the Glo Skin Gummies, in four different versions. The product contains multi-vitamins, minerals, and collagen. It has cosmetic functionality and well-being, which helps in health, beauty, willingness and good humor.

The Functionality Glo Skin is a line of tasty gummies, or gummy bears. It was developed with collagen and the extract of organic fruits, to be more functional, rather than just sugar and corn starch.    The collagen that was used is a protein with important structural function of tissues, especially skin, bone and cartilage. The aged human skin is fragile due to loss of collagen type I, responsible for its strength and elasticity.  Glo Skin also contains important vitamins for beauty, such as those with antioxidant function, namely to protect the skin, such as A, C and E.  Besides bringing beauty and wellness, Glo Skin is tasty and zero fat, zero preservatives, zero sugar and zero sodium.

The Benefits Youth (antioxidant protection and skin elasticity)   Hydrate (skin hydration)   Strengthen (nails and hair)   Vitamins vitamin supplement and antioxidants offer   Well-being Benefits:   Purify anti-hangover   Inspire Energizing   Balance anti-stress   Cheer good humor Naming & Logo Glo Skin, founded in March 2011, is a brand committed to create food products with cosmetic and well-being functionalities, which acts inside the body through nutrients that provide aesthetic effects in the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails.

Glo Skin is named by the combination of two words, glowing + skin, which can be easily recognizable to communicate about who we are and to appeal to the market segment. The logotype has a very distinctive and unique style for easy recognition of the brand. The typeface chosen has been modified and manipulated to express the appropriate peronality and positioning of the company. Slogan: “Glowing from the inside out” Brand Objectives Glo Skin has been successfully enhancing its brand positioning with its innovative approach to bringing the beauty from the inside out by using organic ingredients extracted from fruits, protein, and collagen. Equity is contributed by the functional benefits provided to its customers such as glowing skin, tasty flavors, and the feeling of youth.

 Functional: Besides bringing beauty and wellness, Glo Skin is tasty and zero fat, zero preservatives, zero sugar and zero sodium. Innovative: Food product with cosmetic and well-being functionalities Sustainable: Made of organic products Personality: Youthful, healthy


 Brand Mantra

Extending Brand Value In today’s global market, there is a strong tendency for functional products, mainly focused on beauty and wellness, so we see an increasing number of brands and products serving this market. In USA, we are creating this category where just a few are emerging on the market. The possibilities of expanding this line are endless, multivitamins exist but how many in combination of proteins and collagen? These are the future of health: making it easy and fun for the consumer.

Customer Analysis Target Customer Glo Skin is targeted mainly towards women; however, certain men could also be attracted to the benefits Glo Skin has to offer. The Glo Skin customer places a high value on inner and outer appearance, he/she is constantly competing with and surrounded by man/women who make them feel older than they are. With youth being a main concern Â

these days; we decided to come up with a product that could keep man and women looking and feeling youthful without taking drastic/costly measures. Before our target customer was introduced to Glo Skin, consumers were typically signing up for facials, skin peels and botox regularly. With the introduction of our product consumers felt intrigued and excited, as they would be able to save time and money. Demographics Our target customer according to ‘My Best Segments’ has categorized them into what they call the Winner’s Circle. They make around $112,580 a year, drive a Mercedes GL Class, Read the Wall Street Journal, and shop at Neiman Marcus. Their age range is from 35 to 54 with kids, they are college graduates and some have furthered their education beyond their degrees. They own their home and are surrounded by golf courses, tennis courts, and a plethora of upscale places to shop. Beauty is extremely important to them. Psychographics Our target customer loves to plan yearly vacations. They watch programs such as Real Housewives religiously, The View, Oprah and Ellen. They dine at Katsuya and STK. They attend several charity fundraisers, and have subscriptions to New Beauty, Bazaar, Vogue, and People Magazine. The Glo Skin consumer values family, hard work, and life’s luxuries. Behavior Patterns Glo Skin consumers are very loyal to their brands, they will buy one specific item in various colors, sizes and when needing to be replaced or filled. For example, before being introduced to Glo Skin they would faithfully make appointments for various facial treatments and expensive creams such as Kinerase, Dr. Perricone, and Natura Bissé. Now,

 with Glo Skin, they are able to simply eat two or three gummies a day giving them the leisure of adding more youth to their lives, one gummy at a time. Target Audience Glo Skin plans to continue the growth of our target audience, by introducing this product to both men and women. This product could possibly be placed in places like the drugstores, department stores, spas, and beauty/nail salons. Industry Competitive Analysis The Nutritional Supplement Market is a market that is drastically increasing in sales as well as new products every year. The market in which Glo Skin is in would be inner beauty but with beneficial effects in the outer beauty. The inner beauty market is not as vast as the vitamin and mineral markets, but surely a few companies to compete. Also, in the inner beauty market, there are all kinds of products that have different benefits. For example, if consumers do not want to take a prescription and they have acne, they can take an specific tablet which has Yellow Dock and Burdock, Zinc, and Vitamin A.=, which helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes. In today’s society, people are changing their diets and lifestyles because of the health dangers that could occur if they continue their old habits. With the rise of health care costs and doctor visits, people are buying natural supplements instead of going to the doctors and getting prescription. There is also the trend of going green and being all-organic, which is increasingly expanding in the market. The future of this market looks very profitable, because once consumers experience an all-natural alternative, with effective results, probability is they will continue and become loyal customers of the brand.



Communication and Promotional Programs Advertising and Media Strategy As with any product being introduced to the market it is vital that Glo Skin be advertised in the right manner, in the right places, at the right time. In order to place Glo Skin in the mind of our target consumer we will advertise in places such as local country clubs, health food markets, department stores, drugstores, etc. Also, we will supply local spas; GNC's and beauty supply stores with free samples of Glo Skin to offer to customers seeking benefits that Glo Skin has to offer. On top of the special in-store promotions and Â

 free samples, we plan to create a program that allows consumers the opportunity to host Glo Skin parties in their home. These parties will feature a representative from our company traveling to the homes of consumers who have shown an interest in our product and wish to share their findings with their friends and family; we will create excitement within the already interested consumer by offering them free and discounted product for every purchase made by one of their guests. We will take advantage of every health conscious, beauty advice online blog and social media. Sponsorship, Public Relations and Endorsement Programs By creating strong foundations for relationships within local health and beauty retailers, we will be able to earn endorsement deals that will be seen by consumers already interested in what Glo Skin has to offer. As our media/ advertising strategy will place a large emphasis on the " Glo Skin " parties, we will be able to benefit from a large quantity of unpaid-personal advertising as women find pride and satisfaction through using our product and tell others about the amazing and Innovative Glo Skin product they have found. This type of "word-of-mouth" advertising is absolutely priceless (especially with brand new products) as consumers are much more likely to trust the word of already established friends when compared to other forms of promotion.

Alternative media, viral Marketing, Marketing at Touch Points Glo Skin plans on using fliers at local boutiques and salons where we believe would be their go to places. Glo Skin will build many relationships with these local companies, to enhance word of mouth and in turn we will do the same by including them in our weekly blogs.


 Leveraging Secondary Associations Glo Skin has built previous relationships with Bravo TV Real Housewives, with this we have given them all samples of Glo Skin and have asked them to feature us in either one or two episodes, giving us recognition and awareness to our selected target market. On top of our aspirations to be featured on the actual program the housewives will answer interview questions on programs such as Watch what happens live that inform viewers in our target market that Glo Skin is a necessity in the beauty regimen of all housewives-prompting these viewers to see what Glo Skin can do for them!


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Glo Skin®  

Branding Strategy

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