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Why We Choose This Company? We chose KFC because this company kills approximately one billion chickens per year with very cruel methods. The company ignored the warnings of the PETA organization, by the sadistic abuse of these animals. This is why we choose this company, because we are against animal cruelty.

The Cruelty of the Origin of this Food

* * * * * *

In overcrowded cages Ammonia vapors Do not arrive at two months of age They cut the peak The exaggerated use of hormones Processes of electrocoagulation


* *

Plucked The violent processes



KFC promised to PETA that was going to make decisions with respect to animal welfare. But he has done nothing. In May 2001 would increase the demand for welfare, but at present to being one of the more aggressive poultry industries.

Undercover Investigation


The birds are slaughtered and drain their blood to put them in boiling water, but this process is flawed as most chickens are still alive and blood has not yet been drained when immersed in tanks of scalding water causing her flesh turns red.


Internal Customer Confession:

Supporting Phrases


“I just find it bizarre – the massive gulf between the marketing of KFC, which plays on the whole soul food, hanging-out-with-friends angle, and the [factory] farm reality. They’re clever … to create that diversion to the point where you don’t think about the process behind it. I’m sure it would put people off for life.” By The Go! Team


“I have been particularly concerned with the sufferings of chickens for many years; I find it unacceptable that violence is the basis of some of our food habits.” By Dalai Lama


What Things KFC Can Do?


Accessing the program "Animal Care Standards", to reduce the ammonia in the air and improve the living spaces



Rules workers do not abuse the chickens


That change chickens






That its rules are being verified Pamela Anderson Supporting PETA


Visit the web page:


Buy the best coffee ever at Starbucks

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Try To Do This You are going to read an article about customer service in banks. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits each gap. Write the letter in the space provided to complete the sentences. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. A Although people do not expect much from the internet these days, this will change in the future. B The managers recognize that customers find them impersonal and unnatural. C First National is al so preparing to adopt this personal approach to its internet banking. D They have the attitude that some skills, such as keyboard skills and so on, can be taught, but a member of staff can’t be taught to be a nice person.

~ 11 ~

E Telephones are very personal because staffs are speaking to people on their own territory. F And if customers try to contact the bank by telephone, they are put through to a call center in another country where they have to speak slowly in order to be understood. G Not everyone wants a chatty, friendly service. Customer Service in Banks The banking profession doesn’t have a very good reputation for customer service at the moment, and it’s not just due to loss of savings. High street branches are shutting down and where banks are available, their opening hours are inconvenient. Staffs at the desks are surly, increasingly under-qualified and often unable to answer questions. F. Astonishingly, however, 86% of the customers at one bank are either ‘extremely satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the service they receive. And what is even more surprising is that the bank in question has no High Street outlets at all.

~ 12 ~

First National bank is run entirely through the telephone and the internet. And its success shows that customer service is just about face-to-face contact with clients. The primary concern of the bank is recruiting the right people. D. So they only recruit people who already exhibit good communication skills. And unlike other services that operate primarily over the telephone, the staff at First National do not use scripts. B What this bank asks for is that staff be themselves and establish a rapport with their customers. Part of this is recognizing people’s needs. G. Some want the process to be swift and efficient. The member of staff has to pick up on the caller’s mood and react accordingly. C. The idea that customer service can be improved on a medium where there is no actual contact with a member of staff may seem strange at first. However, the website designers at First National spend a great deal of time understanding their customers and offering services which meet their needs. A First National is already taking steps to fill this demand. They already offer a service in which customers receive a text when funds are received or when their account falls below a certain level. In

~ 13 ~

the future, online systems may pre-empt customers’ needs in even more sophisticated ways. Additional Instructions: Notice the highlighted words, please write the definitions, synonyms or your own explanation for each of them. Make sure that they are defined in the appropriate context to match this reading. • Branches: a local business, shop that is part of a larger business. • Shutting down: a cessation of operations or activity, as at a factory. • Staff: a group of persons, as employees, charged with carrying out the work of an establishment or executing some undertaking. • Outlets: an opening or passage by which anything is let out; vent; exit. Recruiting: a new member of a group, organization. • Primary: first or highest in rank or importance.

~ 14 ~ •


the text of a manuscript or a

document. Rapport: relation; connection, especially a sympathetic relation. • Demand: to call for or require as just, proper, or necessary. • Pre-empt: prevent or to occupy in order to establish a prior right to buy. Then, write a short paragraph defining why you believe Customer Service is important in business. • The customer service is important in business because with this the company creates a serious public image of it and shows that the company does care about the problems of the client. Without this a company would not exist. The customer loyalty is very important to create a good word of mouth, the best means of publicity that a business has. Other benefits of the customer service are: increasing sales, staff satisfaction, competitive advantage, reducing costs and more. Taking into account the six basic needs: information, options, control, understanding, friendliness, fairness. This is why I consider the customer service the •

~ 15 ~

most important part that a company should have.


Some Studies suggest that the red vine is the best cure for heart problems

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The Exposure of Companies Many companies will not worry about the well-being of their clients in various aspects such as monetary, health, among others. As the following companies: Subway is a company which sells submarine sandwiches and salads. But this company uses a chemical called azodicarbonamide in its breads, which is use most commonly as blowing agent in the rubber and plastic industries. Another demand to this company was the sides of the sandwich because in every place of the world the sandwich of Subway has to be of 12 inches.

~ 17 ~

Another company that was exposed was Bancafe, this company lost large sums of many after the announced suspension of payments. Leaving many families without money to live and the banking system was lack of cash circulation in the country. In many cases the government has helped several people to try to recover their money. In these two examples can be seen the lack of honesty on the part of business in the failure delivering a product or service of poor quality that affects humans. Today many companies like these have been exposed for their poor service such as KFC, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and among others.


~ 18 ~

Word Word of Mouth



Oral or written

The word of mouth is

recommendation by a

very important for Apple

satisfied customer to


the prospective customer s of a good or service. E-commerce

Buying and selling of

Amazon is a good

products or services is

e-commerce website.

conducted over electronic systems. Reliability


The ability to be relied o

The reliability of the

n or depended on, as for

products is very

accuracy, honesty

important for a big

or achievement.


Is the ability to endure.

The durability of that cell phone is very good.


The act or practice of calling public to


The advertising of Coca-

attention Cola is very expensive.

one's product

In manufacturing

The quality of the

a measure of excellence

products is really bad.

or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies and significa nt variations.


~ 19 ~ Customer Service

The process of ensuring

The customer service

customer satisfaction

department is the most

with a product or service.

important part of the company.


All those who are outside

Isabelle is an external


de company.

customer because he likes eating in Pizza Hut, but she does not work in there.


All those who are working

Monica is an internal


inside the company

customer, because she likes eating in Pizza Hut.

Good will

Is the way that a

Costco has a good will

company values the good

since 2001.

reputation adds to its overall value. Globalization

When a company decides

Pizza Dominos have a

to sells the product in

globalization system.

other parts of the world, making an international product.


Is a description of the

Making an improvement


problem to gaining facts

analysis Pollo Campero

for developing of new

can see the aspects to



~ 20 ~ Personnel

Age Issues

Work-life balance

The body of persons

The personnel is an

employed by or active in

important part in a

an organization


The age demographics of

Starbucks consider the

customers and employees

age issues of its

are changing


Our world is shrinking

The work-life balance in

and boundaries are

Apple is enormous.

disappearing .

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Summary Pictionary


Extra information and Pictures

Extra information

Top 10 List: the Greatest Business Person in the World

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Shake up the Happiness

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Word of Mouth Positive Word of Mouth Keeps Customers


It costs five or six times as much to GET a new customer as it does to KEEP an existing one.


Some people think that advertising is a good way to induce people to buy. (U.S. business spends about $11.5 billion a year on advertising.)



Advertising effectiveness to induce people to buy:

* * * *

25 %

television advertising

15-13 %

newspaper or magazine ads


advice or recommendation

Word of Mouth is STILL the best way to

~ 26 ~

attract customers.


Advertising increases awareness of products and service, BUT personal referrals and recommendations lead to actual decisions to purchase those PRODUCTS and SERVICES.


To sustain positive Word of Mouth advertising provide exemplary service. People talk about extraordinary experiences. The Impact of E-Commerce on Word of Mouth


The uses of electronic media (Web pages, Social networking sites, and Blogs) are ways to spread the word. + / -


It is now simpler than ever just by forwarding emails.


Posting on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

The Good and Bad News of Customer Service


The bad news: the typical company will lose 10 to 30 percent of its customers per year mostly for poor service. (Customers go to the

~ 27 ~

competition without hesitation.)


The good news: organizations that initiate effective customer retention programs may see profits jump 25 to 100%.

Golden Rule


Customer service will always be the decisive battleground where winners and losers are quickly sorted out.

The Cost of a Lost Customer

* * *

Mrs. Williams

1 person

Tells 11 other

+11 persons

Who tell 5 more +55 people


Total who heard = 67 people

~ 28 ~

The Ultimate Goal for a Company

Developing Customer Loyalty for LIFE Understanding Loyalty


The ultimate goal of customer service is to create customer loyalty.

This is NOT Customer Loyalty


Customer satisfaction alone (they could be satisfied today but not loyal in the future).


A response to some offer or temporary special incentive (loyalty must be earned not bought).


Large market share (competition could be

~ 29 ~

deficient and your prices more attractive).


Repeated buying (some buy for habit, convenience, or price: seeking alternatives).

This is Customer Loyalty

* *

Driven by an Overall Satisfaction Involves Commitment to make a sustained investment in an ongoing relationship with the company.

Customer Loyalty Reflects


Combinations of attitudes and behaviors: * Repeated buying * Willingness to recommend the company to Others (positive Word of Mouth) *

Resistance to switch to a competitor

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Buy the Edition #17 of Service Magazine Author: Ana Careen Villatoro Orellana

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