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«The Modern Slavery»

 Introduction: 

First of all, hello everyone. I introduce myself, I’m a young journalist and as part of an interview on slavery, I had to find a topic of slavery in the world today. So today we will focus on “the Modern Slavery” ; For this I went to see an association called Comity against Modern Slavery. First I went to speak you about the story of this association and his goal. Comity against Modern Slavery was born in 1994 in order to help in France the victims of Modern Slavery, inform the public of the persistence of slavery and publicize its contemporary forms. Because we know that in 1848, slavery was abolished. But this law is challenged today… Then, denounce all forms of slavery, servitude and human trafficking. and finally call out the French and European politics.

So, we will emphasize on the Modern Slavery… Even if the abolition of slavery was abolished. It still there today, in the 21st century, in the world, or in France. In another form, but it is still there. Millions of people are victims of slavery and live in despair. These people are the result of modern slavery. It isn’t like the ancient slavery but there is a link which still exist between the modern slavery and the ancient slavery : It’s the violence. And today I want you send a message…

But before get you this message, I will proceed to the explanation of what is called modern slavery. In the first section I will describe the modern slaves, then the form of this “new” slavery and in a last part I will explain you why this association is important.  You can find all informations about us here.


What is a modern slave and who is concerned ?

To clarify, women, men and children, are intended to work for the exploiters who have no pity toward these people. These slaves are voiceless, helpless, but one thing holding them back : is the hope of a better life and get out of their misery. And the member of this association are here to help them escape their misery. But it should be noted that for them it’s the beginning of a nightmare: these humans are mistreated, terrorized, brutalized… And live in difficult living conditions, they aren’t paid or almost, don’t have to eat for some and live in inadequate housing. For that, They help them to reintegrate life and social life, and put them right. But it takes time because they have a lack of confidence toward everyone, they’re afraid of what happened to them. So it’s very difficult Most of slaves became slaves when they’re children, and therefore live all their lives under the influence of their exploiters ... In the second part, I will speak to you about the forms of slavery and then I will develop this forms.

The main forms of slavery are the slavery for debts, the hard labor, the sexual slavery, the forced marriage, the traditional slavery, and the exaggerated work of the children. * We speak about slavery for debt when the poverty is too great, a person as the mother or the father or even a teenager suggests working for an exploiter in order to earn money. * The hard labor concerns the persons who are, under the threat, obliged to work for somebody. These threats are often in the form of physical or psychological violence. Most of the victims are children. Example: work in fields (India) or the pickpocket in the European capitals (Paris). * The sexual slavery contains generally women but also children. This practice of slavery can turn out one of the most terrible. Often trapped by traffickers, the young women are victims of an extreme violence. * The forced marriage aims, for the young woman or the girl, at using the person as domestic worker. This woman can also serve has the prostitution. The film “taken” illustrates very well this situation of prostitution, in the film, Bryan will save his girl, Kim to the hands of a dangerous gang specialized in women trafficking. * The traditional slavery, Although she is abolishes, certain countries as Mauritania, Niger, Sudan, or certain countries of Persian Gulf continue to tolerate this practice of another age.

Then, we will focus on children who are treat like modern slave. II.

The children who are victims of modern slavery.

Now I’ll speak to you about children who are affected by this new form of slavery today, because I think me and you can change something and help them. And I will speak to you about children because I think that you are sensible about them, that’s why I will tell you in order to you react as quickly as possible.

 

To give a number, 250 million children aged 5 to 14 are currently working in the world. For example, In Tanzania some children work 11 hours for day on the plantations. Carpet factories in India and Pakistan, are accused of making children work 20 hours a day, 7 days 7. In the best cases, these children are underpaid, but most of them do not receive a salary for their trouble, and some are sometimes abused. And these children are concentrated in Asia, Africa and Latin America. But today I will focus on Europe. Two million of young people are also involved in Europe, especially in Italy, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom. These children come mostly from other continents like America, Africa, Asia.

The child labor is forbidden in France. But in reality this rule is not respected. Near a third party of the victims of domestic slavery helped by the Committee against the modern slavery were minor when they arrived in France. They are generally native of western Africa and the North as well as Central Africa. To facilitate the departure of the children of their country of origin, the exploiters "adds" the name of the children on their passport. Donc ils sont contraints de les suivre. Ils n’ont aucun mot à dire. Il faut savoir qu’ils y vont non pas parce qu’ils savent ce qui les attend, mais parce que les exploitants leur cachent la vérité, et surtout le cauchemard auquel ils vont faire face. Ils savent bien qu’une fois qu’ils seront entre les mains de ceux-ci, ils ne pourront pas partir. Moreover you should know that this new domestic slavery is even more difficult to assess, it’s very discreet.

This is not because there's a law against slavery and the forms of treatment that doesn’t prevent people to practice this is very difficult to find these people as victims of slavery, operators hide them in their homes or blackmail in order not to crack.

 Conclusion : This form of slavery is a crime! We must denounce it, talk to your family and your friends : - To respond - Above all for them. Save them from their misery, help him up and forget. Return to a normal active life, and for that they can live their salary. It is clear that today the law on the abolition of slavery is challenged. Bcp but do not know the existence of this new form of slavery. So that was the purpose of my intervention. Of course there's a challenge on the abolition of slavery but it’s maybe cause of immigration? Because most of these people are foreign immigrants… Should we stop immigration to stop all this? These are the questions that I have to analyze as soon as possible ... But please for our country, our homeland, to react faster.  Our contact.

The modern slavery  
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