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Marketing and communication analysis

Anabelle Madrych


During these 20 years, the brand has stood for an outside the box image. The first shoe that hit the market, Integral, featured a two-tone, where the left shoe was red and the right yellow, in an era when the cycling shoe could be in any color as long as black.


Customer Profile Plays Hard







Works Hard

Wants it all!

Customer Analysis Target : Women & Men: 23-45 Market: Europe, america Needs : Wants to buy good quality shoes and apparel New innovative products Hi-technology products

Brand Values

Passion We are passionate about cycling, we are passionate about developing new innovative, high-technology products. Our collections are not only made with passion they are also made with love for sports, love for performance and victory‌ And all this started in late 80´s

Performance As a brand we are doing our best all the time, to develop new innovative and high-technology products to come up to your expectations. We are all the time participating in the race between US and the other companies

Intelligence By using our intelligence we are able to apply our knowledge and skills into the products we are designing. And all this because we are aware of our customers and their needs.

High-technology High-technology is the key word we are using every day to develop new products. Products that are always better than the previous ones. Because your expectations are our goals that we have to achieve‌

Aggregation We do believe that sports such as cycling for example is connecting people with each other. Connecting people that are passionate, and have the same interests.

Italian Heritage Our Italian heritage, is really important for us at Northwave. Our heart has been green, white and red since late 80´s and we want to keep it like that. We do believe that a product that is designed in Italy and has a strong concept behind it has a very high value.

The unconventional italian brand Our brand values are many, one of the most important values for us, is the fact that we are unconventional in what we are doing. When it comes to developing new innovative products we are thinking outside of the box…We are always thinking of new clever solutions, new fabrics, new designs, new different technologies that we can apply on our products.

The 4 P´s

Products Launch a new limited edition collection for our 20th anniversary - Designs reflecting our Italian heritage - Innovative & Hi-tech products - Custom made products – high value! Goal: Increase brand awareness

Price We are offering our customers high quality, new innovative and hightechnology products At the same time offering them great designs and the best materials

Place Allready existing retailers Try to expand more in Europe and America

Promotion By using our social medias and our website we can take the advantage of promoting ourselfs. Website -Structure -Update it -New design -Easy to use

Social Media -Update -Convey the same message

Communication Analysis

Website analysis

Social Medias

Social Medias Tomorrow


Instagram is an smartphone application that was sold to Facebook this spring for one billion dollars. The application has over fifty million users, get one new user each secondand uploads 300 million photos each day. It is one of the most frequenty used smartphone application and has turned out to a very effective way to reach out to a wide target. Reinvented photo sharing for free.


Foursquare is an online and mobile based channel that has places, stores, cafés, nightclubs and a lot more collected. It is for the user to find new places and shortly review places they´ve been to. The user ”check in” where they are, while having the possibility to post a picture, add friends they are with and comment. Others can see where their friends are and get recommended.

Communication plan





4 times a week

3 times a week

2 times a month

3-4 times a week

Italian Heritage

Limited edition Limited edition –An edition of a collection, limited to a specific number of pieces.

In 2013 Northwave will celebrate an important goal: the 20th anniversary of its brand. To celebrate our 20th anniversary we are going to design a limited edition collection offering our customers high quality products with designs that are reflecting our Italian heritage.

Italian heritage

Italian heritage - price tag

Price Tags – Reflecting our Italian heritage, using Italian colors

1st layer : Cover (Logo) 2nd layer: Pricing 3 rd layer: Concept

Italian heritage – packaging

By applying our known sketon graphics on a red box or a red transparent box, adding some green details, even our packaging could reflect our Italian heritage.

Advertising campaign

”Share your adventures with us” • • • • • •

Get them involved Let them share Send out a strong message, that is also motivating them Using athletes as ambassadors Videos of our athlets sharing their adventures, favourite places etc. Website : Special category where everyone can see all the adventures that have been shared • Sharing all the adventures by using our social medias • Hidden message reflecting our Italian heritage

Advertising tomorrow

Advertising tomorrow

Advertising tomorrow

Advertising tomorrow




Provocative advertising

Provocative advertising

Provocative advertising

Provocative advertising



• • • • • • •

Target Brand values The 4 P´s Communication Italian heritage Advertisements Provocative advertising campaign

Thank You!

Anabelle Madrych

Northwave presentation final  

Marketing and communication analysis - Northwave - Anabelle Madrych

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