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Blurring the lines of gender equality By anabel epstein Editor in Chief

I would like to believe we have reached a for what a woman should be. For some reason, her point in our nation’s history that men and women reputation is tarnished from this performance, while can be considered equal.  More importantly, I hope Thicke walks away nearly unscathed.       The problem goes even further.  Cyrus, that I can uphold and advocate on behalf of the mentality for such equality.  We are all human, and 20, was once seen as an idol to many.  Doubling as therefore able to achieve equal goals and express Hannah Montana, she had the hearts of young girls ourselves in equal fashions.  99.9% of our DNA is, all over the country.  As soon as we see her breaking out of that image, she immediately receives backlash in fact, synonymous. As I heard all the buzz about Miley Cyrus’ and criticism.  It is as if we are trying to hold on to incredibly provocative performance with Robin the “old Miley,” even though she is venturing in a Thicke at the VMAs, I was instantly intrigued.  The new direction. And here many of us stand, judging Cyrus sight of her in a plastic bikini dancing with teddy bears genuinely caught my attention, as it did the based on a strand of events -- two tantalizing music entire nation’s.  Immediately after watching it, I videos, one shocking performance, and many could not help myself from judging her based on the other accompanying factors. Maybe it is time to reconsider what we expect from others, and outward expression of sexuality. Shortly after, I found myself slightly differentiate our criticisms from perceptions. Cyrus disappointed with my judgements towards her.  may be reinstating a new identity, yet it is unfair to Robin Thicke danced around the stage in a similar denounce her simply for being a woman, especially fashion, partaking in her suggestive routine.  since Thicke was equally involved. It must be another issue - our false beliefs Regardless, Cyrus was taking the all the blame. So I continue to wonder, why are we that Cyrus could maintain her innocent and angelic directing our criticism towards her, when Thicke reputation. Regardless, she is human, like me and you. Her DNA is in fact a mere 0.01% different than participated equally in the stunt? It seems as if we uphold certain standards the rest of us.

Miley Cyrus attend the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at The Barclay Center in New York City, NY, Sunday, August 25, 2013. (Nancy Kaszerman/Zuma Press/MCT)

Understanding Common App presents struggles

By Paolo scalla Print Managing Editor Going into senior year, I expected that the stress associated with standardized testing and college applications would be behind me and my last year in high school would be a breeze. Instead, I find myself confused and worrying about filling out the Common Application on time, all the while facing anxiety about everyday classes and fulfilling never-ending college application supplements and requirements. As I was finishing my junior year, I made the resolution to finish my personal statement essay and Common App supplemental essays over the summer in order to avoid college anxiety during my senior year. However, I soon discovered one of the biggest flaws in the Common App, which is that the program is not made available to students until Aug. 1. Personally, I believe that it is unreasonable to deprive students of the ability to finish their college application during their time off when they are not overwhelmed with schoolwork and athletic involvement. For whatever reason, the Common App seems intent on making the lives of students applying to college more difficult by delaying the launch date to a time that coincides with the beginning of school. In addition to the late launch date, I encountered the incredibly inconvenient problem

faced by the Common App of missing one of the most crucial parts to college applications: the individual college supplements. According to the official website of the Common App there are over 500 member colleges and universities, yet on August 1 a total of 0 school supplements were available for completion. In fact, as late as August 29, only 483 college supplements were live and available for student completion. With the newest version of the Common App, known as CA4, launched this year, I also noticed difficulties students are likely to face in perfecting their applications to individual schools.

Unlike previous years, the CA4 Common App denies applicants the opportunity to submit different personal statement essays to different schools. Although the new version streamlines the process of applying, I feel that this particular restriction is detrimental for those students who want to tailor their applications depending on the type of school they are applying to in order to help them stand out. Due to these unexpected challenges I have encountered with the Common App and the poor release timing of the applications, it appears that senior year will be the most challenging and overwhelming one yet.

Seniors Aleksis García and Amaya ContrerasDriggs continue to work on their Common App for college. Although a tedious process, it allows them to stay organized. Photo by Anabel Epstein.

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