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The UkraineR December 20, 2009

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By Vira Pidgaina

Greetings! This is my first editorial as an Editor-in-Chief of The UkrainieR magazine. Many of you may know me from previous years working as a freelancer for the Kyiv Post and SOP newspapers. I have now started this new task and challenge with great enthusiasm. I am also grateful for the supporting team of colleagues a photographer Vira Pidgaina and design adviser Olena Kutovenko. Many times the most ordinary things present us with the most extraordinary moments I hope that this magazine will be another such ordinary thing for you. With sleeves rolled up for a long and steady task I started my work. As the magazine is intended for its readers, I encourage you to submit any type of feedback and suggestions for improvement of The UkrainieR. The UkrainieR always with you – be confident – be informed. Anna Poludenko, Editor.


Briefing By Vira Pidgaina

Massive snowfalls at the beginning of the week clogged up roads of the capital for days. The snowfall is one of worst in unexpected surprises. some Southern and EastWet, froze and angry ern regions of the country decorators of the grand in history. Ukrainian Christmas Kyiv’s biggest Christmas Tree worked no matter tree shines like never beon high levels of snow fore this year as a speall over the city – tradicially-designed software, tions demand respect with an advanced LED and a little bit of suffer. system of lights spanning “Money I’ll get for this job is nothing comparing more than 5km in length, has been produced just for at least with how much tea I’ll need to during to this occasion! Everyone in the city will catch warm up afterwards”, sight of it says Myhailo Bandur, By ANNA POLUDENKO one of the decorators.

The Past and Present Moments Ukraine’s main Christmas tree was lit on Independence Square in Kyiv on Saint Nicholas Day, Dec. 19.President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko participated in the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the main information policy service of the Presidential Secretariat has reported. In his congratulatory speech, the Head of State wished prosperity and success


to the Ukrainian state. Besides, the event was attended by Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky who has also congratulated Kyiv guests and residents with the holiday. This year’s tree will be ‘alive.’ It will be 35 meters high. Around 450500 small fir trees are to be fitted to a 20-tonne metallic tree skeleton. But the preparations for the event brought many


Ukrainian steel industry decline still slowing The Ukrainian tling at 2.17 million tons which would be Steel Disease 9% higher than JanuUkrainian steel makers ary 2009. The current in 2009 on average were output may decline by loss making and broke about 37.5% settling at even in June – for the 1.82 million tons which first time since Summarks an increase of mer’08. According to 10.9% as compared to Metallurgprom associa- January 2009. tion. National steel indus- Steel mills of Ukraine try reduced finished roll were expected to exoutput 18% year-on-year port 19,000,000 tons of in January-November to steel during 2009. This 24.417 million tonnes. export volume was 26.8 The industry cut roll million tons in 2007. It output 30% year-on-year is expected that approxiin January-August, 27% mately 8,000,000 tons in January-September of steel shall be sold in and 23% in January-Oc- Ukraine itself. tober, so the latest figures The steel industry of indicate that the severe the country is expected decline in the industry is to have closed 2008 still slowing. at 10% profit margin. Crude steel production In the first of the year, plummeted 23% in the the margins were very 11 months to 27.008 mil- high but due to global lion tonnes and pig iron economy slowdown, fell 20% to 23.32 million they started to decline tonnes. specially in the fourth The country produced quarter of the year. At 1.458 million tonnes of that time, the loss of the steel pipes, down 35% industry is said to have year-on-year. grown as much as Analysts have said that UAH 3.5 billion where steel output may decline as loss margin by 15.5 in the end of February percent. 2000 9 x 37.8% setINF\FT

BY THE NUMBERS The number of private broadband Internet users in Ukraine at the end of 2009 has reached 1.8 million persons, having increased from second qaurter, 2009 by 11%, according to a report on the results of the investigation of the iKS-Consulting analysts.

2.05 539 8.04

million the total number of high-speed Internet users in Ukraine. million Hr., reached revenues from the broadband Internet services in Ukraine. million is a total number of Internet users in Ukraine.


Briefing A Refuse cost $2bn The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has turned down Ukraine`s plea for a $2bn emergency loan before next year, a senior Ukrainian official said yesterday, citing his country`s failure to adopt a fiscally prudent 2010 budget and muster political consensus before the presidential election, according to FT. Earlier Ukraine has made an urgent appeal to IMF for money to ease ‘an extremely difficult situation’ in meeting its external financial obligations and to avoid the danger of a ‘spill-over effect’ on other economically vulnerable states.

The Head of the IMF European Department Ceyla Pazarbasioglu

The IMF said it was “continuing discussions” with Ukraine`s authorities, adding that -further support could “go forward” after “broad political support” was demonstrated. It provided $11bn in aid this year to keep Kiev financially afloat amid a 15 per cent drop in gross domestic product, but froze assistance in November because of lack of reform and political infighting. The IMF halted a $3.8 billion portion of its bailout loan to Ukraine in October and demanded that the country’s leadership resolve its budget crisis before the funds would be released. (Unian\FT\Pol)


Holodomor Victims Commemoration at the Holodomor Memorial in Kyiv

Named the accused of Holodomor Iosif Stalin is one of the main accused on the criminal case on genocide of the Ukrainian people in 1932-1933. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) passed this criminal case to the General Prosecutor’s Office. SBU chairman Valentyn Nalyvaychenko said this on the air of 5 Kanal. Other high officials of the former USSR and Soviet Ukraine are also involved in the case on Holodomor (the Great

Famine). Investigation of the criminal case on the fact of Holodomor was started on beginning of May 2009. Since this time investigators have collected three thousand and a half documents, found 857 burial places and interviewed two thousand witnesses of Holodomor. They also determined organizers and executors of the crime. Now the case is to be passed to court. The Holodomor issue receives special attenWORTH YOUR TIME

tion since the Viktor Yushchenko presidency. He made an idea of letting the world know the truth about events in Ukraine in 1932-1933 one the leading one during his presidency. He often stresses that Holodomor was not simply a policy but a crime against the Ukrainian nation. The Communist regime was trying to apply best efforts to deprive the Ukrainian nation of its future, Yushchenko said. UN\DW

work on Ukrainian market. Germanwings is among them. It offers KyivBerlin and Kyiv-Koln flights starting at 19 Euro. The company does not launch The first low-cost airline service in domestic flights in Ukraine.“We are Ukraine doesn’t fly any more. for now just trying to get used to the The Ukrtatnafta company has stopped market,” said the press service. supplying aviation fuel to the Wizz Air group of companies and stopped fuelling Next in line is Air Arabia which plans its airplanes. The press service of Ukrtat- to launch a subsidiary offering services in Ukraine. Air Arabia hopes to launch nafta announced this in a statement. According to the press service, this deci- domestic flights in Ukraine this year, but will first, by autumn, offer low-cost sion was prompted by the unacceptable and inadequate behavior of employees of flights between Kyiv and Sharjah, an Wizz Air in relation to passengers at the airport 20 minutes from Dubai. The cost of a one-way ticket is expected to Luton airport (London). be $200, three times less than current. There other competitors ready ready to

Low-cost airlines in Ukraine Any Volunteers?


A Brief Story Of:

Book as a Present

Christmas in Ukraine

Christmas is celebrated in many countries in different ways and at different days, depending on the religion that people belong to. For Catholics, this holiday is on the 25th of December, while for Orthodoxes it comes on the 7th of January. It is not true that everything old goes away with the year that has passed. Christmas traditions of Ukrainians are a great mixture of prefathers’ beliefs and customs with modern ways of celebrating. According to the history of the country, there are some cultural differences between the eastern and western parts of Ukraine. This is why mostly people talk about Christmas traditions of central Ukraine as a pattern. The 6th of January is a very hard day. Most people get up early in the morning and start cleaning and cooking. Why cleaning? Because Christmas means helping to destroy everything bad that is in the life. That means to start with forgetting old offenses and throwing away all the garbage from the garage and “secret� table shelves. Now cooking, but what? Christmas has some special cooking rules. The meal is traditionally meatless, milkfree and features fish. The menus may vary, but the necessary part is

“Kutia.� It is a dish of honey, poppy seeds and wheat kernels boiled in pure rainwater. Food is one of the aspects of culture that endures the longest. You don’t have to speak Ukrainian to eat holubtsi (cabbage rolls) and pyrohy (dumplings). As soon as the first star appears, everything must be ready. That is a symbol of the holiday start - nobody should work than. Evening on January 6th is called Holly Eve (Svjtui vechir). It begins

You don’t have to speak Ukrainian to eat holubtsi (cabbage rolls) and pyrohy (dumplings). with the lighting of candles. After a carol and the Lord’s prayer, the kutia is passed and everyone takes a spoonful, but nobody eats yet. The head of the family raises his spoonful and greets the family with the words “Christ is born�. The family answers “Glory, praise him!� This is a signal to start the meal. This evening, children go from house to house singing Christmas carols. While singing, they “sow� on the porch different seeds. This is how children greet people, wishing them wealth, happiness and a good harvest for the next year. Later people start Christmas festivals. By ANNA POLUDENKO

AShort History of Tractor in Ukrainian          Two sisters who don’t get along join together to rescue their elderly and newly widowed father a Ukrainian immigrant announces his intention to remarry. His significant other become a Ukrainian gold-digger who is 50 years his junior with a proclivity for green satin underwear and an appetite for the good life of the West. Thus his daughters must set aside their longtime feud to thwart their father. In doing so, they learn about their parents’ past in Ukraine and come to understand why they’re so different from each other. A well-told, humorous story and a good read. A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian combines sex, bitchiness, wit, and genuine warmth in its celebration of the pleasure of growing old disgracefully.

Festive Ukrainian Cooking            !"" The receipts follow the usual Festive calendar--Easter, Christmas and various saints’ days. In this book old rural food secrets coexist with modern inventions. The foods, like the traditions, are hearty: cabbage rolls meatfilled; borschsic , meat stuffed in casings or covered with aspic; numerous sweet or savory breads, rolls, dumplings, fritters and

many more easy to cook tasty to eat. BY ANNA POLUDENKO




kraine’s HIV/AIDS epidemic is a threat to Europe, experts said, and the government is failing to curb its growth rate, the highest in Europe. The disease’s growth rate, which is the highest in Europe. About 1.63 percent of Ukrainians, or about 756,300 citizens, were estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS in 2007, up from 1.46 percent of the population in 2005, or 685,600 citizens, according to UNAIDS. The statistics only reflect official cases, while those infected is likely higher, officials said. “The current efforts of national and local authorities, the public and donors to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS have failed to have a due impact on the epidemic,” said UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Francis O’Donnell. In particular, the government’s 2004-2008 program to combat HIV/AIDS had grave shortcomings and failing results, according to an audit sponsored by the National Coordination Council for HIV/AIDS (NCC), in cooperation with the UN, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the US government. “Although all the necessary elements were present in the 20042008 program, its scale was not large enough,” said Anna Shakarishvili, the coordinator of UNAIDS Ukraine. “Statistics clearly show that even though really large sums of money were given by international sources for HIV/AIDS prevention, they were being used spottily.” For example, the government program focused its efforts and resources on the Ukrainian regions known to have the highest HIV rates, including Odesa,


Ukraine’s on Financial and Fight Against HI

d Infromation IV

Business\Society Kherson, Mykolayiv, Donetsk, Kyiv and Crimea, while leaving other regions with few resources, said Olena Banash, the vice manager of the Chemical Dependence and AIDS Proficiency Fund. In fact, as many as 36 projects were concentrated in these regions alone, using 30 percent of the total HIV/AIDS funding, Shakarishvili said. “In the western regions, it often happens that there is just one dedicated expert for several oblasts,” Banash said. Donations, from both government and nongovernment sources, totaled more than $255 million to fund HIV/AIDS programs between 2004 and 2008, Shakarishvili said. In order for the government’s 2008-2013 program to combat HIV/AIDS to work effectively, it has to have a bigger scale, better quality HIV/AIDS treatment services and a system of quality monitoring, the audit said. If the new program does not work out, those infected with HIV/ AIDS will continue to increase and potentially cause anywhere between 43,400 to 95,000 deaths in 2010, Ukraine’s Ministry of Health Defense said. Poor management of HIV/AIDS funds, and possible corruption, is a factor in Ukraine’s inability to control its HIV/AIDS epidemic. In the past four years, several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) suspended major grants because of their dissatisfaction with government management of programs. Despite the problems, international organizations remained patient with Ukrainian authorities and maintained financing. In the same year after its grant withdrawal, the Global Fund gave the Ukrainian government’s

20042008 program about $150 million, the largest grant given to an Eastern European country. With these funds, the government led HIV prevention campaigns among high risk groups by offering them information, clean syringes, condoms, specialized therapy and prevention programs for children. Among its other initiatives, the Ukrainian government is establishing Social Service Centers for Family, Children and Youth in HIV/AIDS Prevention, introducing prevention practices, distributing condoms and other supplies, and conducting lessons on HIV prevention in secondary school courses to increase awareness, Shakarishvili said. A network of call centers offer HIV/AIDS patients advice and counseling through a “trust phone” hotline established in June 2002.

The majority of callers are younger than 25 years old, said a call center operator Rinat. “They may start asking very simple questions such as, ‘How long have I already been working,’ or ‘Until what time they can call,’ only later revealing that it has already been several years they have been living with HIV and are now experiencing serious psychological problems,” Rinat said, adding that a typical oblast call center gets 250 calls per month. Ukrainians usually don’t take their own initiative to get tested for HIV, and women often only find out they are HIVpositive when they become pregnant.


The Curious Bussines

Soviet Rules Kill Bussines


ager to capitalize on the Euro 2012 soccer tournament by opening up a small motel? Well, then you better plan on providing guests with a water pitcher and installing state radio in each room, just two of many bureaucratic requirements inherited from archaic Soviet days.

The entrepreneurial experience in Ukraine remains get out of meeting the Soviet standards that continue silly and painful. to regulate the business climate, experts say. At a recient forum in Kyiv between government and Some 70 percent of businesses named Ukraine’s tax business, President Viktor Yushchenko called for system as their main woe in a survey sponsored by urgent action. the International Finance Corporation, a Washington, But weary business owners, who in surveys cite D.C.-based organization that finances business develexcessive tax burdens as their top complaint, have opment through loans. heard this talk before from the nation’s leaders. More often than not, businesses find it simpler, faster And nothing seems to change. and less expensive to pay a bribe to inspectors than “Everything is just as it was,” said Ihor Malyi, head to engage in the struggle needed to meet all requireof an alloy plant in Severedonetsk. “Nothing has ments. been done in recent years. I don’t know how they can Most disheartening is the feeling that there is no talk about attracting foreign relief in sight, said Serhiy investors for the Euro 2012 Davydov, head of a business championship projects if they advocacy group in the eastcan’t provide basic support for ern city of Luhansk. “Govour own national businesses, ernment lives a life of its or, beg my pardon, if not supown. Business is by itself,” port, at least they should get Davydov said. out of the way.” Some businessmen, such as There are some 16,000 stanMalyi, complained that taxes dard rules and guidelines that are no less burdensome than were adopted from Soviet in the past. Current rules endays, from rules for buildvision that businesses should ings and food production to be warned about inspections transportation and practically by tax authorities, sanitation everything else. offices and other agencies, Soviet style hotels are still common in Ukraine Today these regulations are and that checks should last officially referred to as the no more than two days. Ukrainian State Standard. Heavily outdated and “In reality, such visits are often a surprise and last, on backwards, they have yet to be replaced with new average, two weeks or more,” Malyi said, referring to business-friendly rules. Lawmakers, experts say, are de facto shakedowns by inspectors eager to stuff their simply too busy lobbying personal interests or are pockets with bribes. locked up in political bickering to get rid of these While businesses have the legal right to refuse entry Soviet rules, responsible for slowing overall business for inspectors, they often settle, fearing retaliation growth. and a costly legal battle through Ukraine’s corrupt These bureaucratic rules form the foundation for and unpredictable court system. much of the red tape that hampers swift growth of “Who will dare? It is easier to give a bribe now and small- and medium-sized enterprises that could shift work successfully for the rest of the few months, Ukraine’s economy into higher gear and spread until the next inspection visit,” said a Vynnytsya prowealth through the creation of a larger middle class. duce entrepreneur. Instead, many entrepreneurs are left paying bribes to BY ANNA POLUDENKO\KP


The Trade Market Most important is to protect producers and make it impossible for the industry’s black market to grow

Sip, Sip, Government Hikes Cognac Tax Among the industries already affected by Ukraine’s World Trade Organization entry are cognac producers, who were dealt a 43 percent tax hike. To a 43 percent excise tax hike as the new government led by Yulia Tymoshenko strove to conform with WTO and EU tax rates. Now cognac producers pay Hr 10 per liter of spirit produced. “With the changes going into effect, we demonstrated conformity to the norms of EU directives,” said Hryhoriy Synytsia, chair of the excise tax department at the State Tax Administration, pointing out that taxes are still lower than those in the EU. Ukraine’s cognac producers fear the new taxes will threaten their industry, stifle investment and innovation, and rejuvenate a black market, said Volodymyr Demchak, director of the Association of Wholesalers and Producers of Alcohol and Tobacco (SOVAT). Prior to the increase, Ukraine’s

cognac industry doubled its production in the last two years, according to SOVAT, and exports increased 37 percent. The tax hike has already led to boosted retail prices, declining sales and accumulating bottles on store shelves, Demchak said. “A month’s production stock was left in warehouses, since the consumer is not ready to buy products at the new price,” he said. “This happened for the first time in many years.” “With the aim of getting ready for EU membership, it is necessary to establish excise taxes on alcoholic beverages while taking national interests into account” -Hryhoriy Synytsia, chair of the excise tax department at the State Tax Administration

The higher taxes coincide with across-the-board inflation, specifically higher prices for raw materials, industry leaders said. “In recent years, enterprises invested into modernizing their equipment, technologies and expanding production sites,” said Andriy Okhlopkov, the chief manager of Soyuz-Viktan, adding that investment won’t be possible with the new challenges. Part of the problem is the tax hike happened abruptly and without warning, decided on Dec. 27 and instituted on Jan. 1, leaving companies unable to change alreadysigned trade deals. “A producer had to change his prices to include the tax’s expenses, but he could do that only after the tax law went into effect and all the contracts were already signed,” Demchak said. Another problem is a fierce black market for cognac that industry players must constantly fend off. Higher retail prices for cognac gives illegal producers an opportunity to take advantage. “This will be a disaster, as everything that can be cognac-colored will be,” said Inna Gunchuk, chief accountant of the Symferopol Wine Enterprise. “This stuff will be bottled underground and get to the market, of course.” Cognac producers won’t be able to absorb the tax hikes through higher retail prices and some will simply stop producing, she said. The Administration doesn’t anticipate further tax hikes, but cognac producers claim that soon the tax will increase by an additional 215 percent. BY ANNA POLUDENKO\KP


Life Affairs

Deathly Modern Pattern The Fashion Weeks cause many to speculate about what is fashionable and rarely ponder the question regarding body fashion. Ukrainian models are scrawny but, for most European model agencies, they are too tall. Where is the border between a slim and a”gaunt, skinny frame? How long will emaciated models continue parading on runways in these small-sized fashions?” Modern demands on fashion models fly in the face of medical norms. The wellknown formula 90-60-90 was discarded in the late 1990`s.” A new standard of beauty appeared. According to the new standard, the parameters of a model must be 80-58-86.” The largest modeling agencies look for models that fit this new formula. Such girls are called “size zero.” The transition to size zero has brought about many tragedies. Models have died of physical exhaustion and malnutrition. Two LatinAmerican models died of anorexia in 2006.” Brazilian model, Anna Carolina Reston, died in November 2006. Her close friend said that for the last years of her life, the girl ate only apples and tomatoes. At the age of 21, her weight was 40 kilos.” Luisa Ramos from Uruguay starved to death six months ago. Her food allow-


ance contained salad leaves and dietetic drinks.” “Don`t fashion designers see the models who present their cloths on the stage?” wondered one Fashion TV audience member. Off the

using smaller patterns.”” Social groups around the world that stand for the women`s right to look healthy. Spanish specialists were first to protest against the tendency of new body standards-- standards that, several

While some with their small body sizes serve as cloth presenters the shop windows.

record, designers confess that it is just more comfortable for them to have such skinny models. “Clothes look better on skinny models,” one designer said candidly, “and it is easier to construct garments

years ago, would have been attributed to exhaustion.” The Spanish Minister of Health gathered together leaders from the large fashion houses.” The Minister explained to them that the size of clothes should

Life Affairs During a press conference in Milan, world famous designer Giorgio Armani declared, “The successful fashion world does not need models who suffer from anorexia. Models who are too skinny are unacceptable; there is no luster in their eyes.”” In 2006, Italian Fashion Chamber (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana) and “Alta Roma” association signed a deal. According to their agree-

reflect the real size of Spanish women. “Normal Spanish women don`t have 36 or even 38 sizes, unless they are seriously ill”, said the minister. “ According to the doctor`s report, 1-2% of world population suffers from anorexia.” Additionally, fashion size discrepancies can increase indifference and cause depression.” Argentina selected other methods to prevent the spread of anorexia. They adopted a law that

tificate. “ This new body fashion type continues to create many scandals. In Britain, for example, popular model Kate Moss sparked weight-loss frenzy among teens.” Young girls refused to eat. Many of them developed anorexia or bulimia. British authorities actively discussed the tendency. As a result, “unhealthy models” were not allowed to participate.” Later, the British Fashion

requires manufacturers of teen apparel to produce garments beginning with size 42. In Brazil, it is forbidden to display small-sized clothes in store windows. Models who take part in fashion shows are required to have a health cer-

Other with their even smaller sizes create both the body and cloth fashion.

Council rejected the restriction in favor of just suggesting that models should have a healthy look. As for Kate Moss, she tried to vindicate herself by claiming that she is naturally very skinny.”

ment, only models with a medical certificate will be engaged in fashion shows. As part of the agreement, fashion designers will limit their collections to sizes 40-42. By ANNA POLUDENKO



Anna Poludenko

By Vira Pidgaina

XXI Century Fashion - Make Yourself Every century creates its own style. The cleverest spend time inventing technical innovations – that was an honorable hobby for the “peculiar people”. Those who did not follow the “fashion” were expelled from the tribes.

The most ancient commonwealth – Egypt, had its own popular trends. All the people believed that if the bodies of the dead men were preserved, these men would live happily in the other world. It was very popular among Egyptians to build houses for mummies – pyramids. Those were known as eternal homes, while the houses they lived in during their lifetime were called temporary ones. Many people lived tjheir whole life in poverty, just to save money for their pyramids. That was the demand of the fashion the year 2700 B.C. Then The Middle Ages created a new mode. For example, the demand of the Teutons’ society was to do well with weaponry. They started to wear steel at early ages and gave it up only after death. All of their traditions were connected with this fashion. Even the bride prized

We have to form the mode of health, and responsibilityle for what we do. 14

with this fashion. Even the bride prized her husband with spear before the wedding. The late middle Ages formed new people’s preferences. Now it was popular to study science, philosophy, and art. The main task for the artist of this time was to show humanity its vices without humiliating

the “God’s creation”. Most of the countries tried to reform their social order and abolish the serfdom– “because their neighbors do so!” The next period in the history of humanity demanded something new. To know science was very important for every selfesteemed person. In general, people tried to read a lot and to be aware in many fields of interest, because to be well educated become popular. Among men appeared a new manner. To sing serenades under the balconies of their beloved women, but the

pick of craze was to be known as a “conqueror of the married ladies’ hearts”.

The new times brought new trends. Now to be the knight of a woman’s heart was fashionable. To be cool those days meant to be bourgeois - to be busy with trades and producing goods. Money became more popular, and not only that, but gold and possessions also. To know banking was honorable. The richest women danced a lot and smartened themselves up.Later, we find ourselves in the XXI century. What we have to do now is recognize the fashion achievements of the previous centuries, accept the best of what they had, mix it with the good things that are popular now and create a new “Fashion of the XXI century”. Without health problems connected with drugs, cigarettes, and being overweight. We have to form the mode of health, and responsibilityle for what we do.

because needing an MRI is scary enough.

The Infinion 1.5T by Philips is an high field MRI system that is designed to maximize both efficiency and the quality for your patient’s care. This system is one of the shortest and most open scanners available.


World Affair


very generation and society dreams about sky in its special way. Thirty years ago, every boy who lived in the USSR knew this: to make a space flight one must work very hard. This means to have excellent marks at school, to go in for sports and be a good member of your society. Any loss would get the comment, “Now then, how can you even think about becoming an astronaut?” Our present generation does not think about space as something too far or too unattainable. First reason is virtual world in which everyone can become the chief of a space ship and make a flight of their own-- any place, any time and for a low price. Secondly it is because children accept that they can make a real tour to space. All one needs for this is to be rich enough. Today everyone (who has enough money) can buy a ticket to the International Space Station. We have several examples of wealthy people without any special education or competitions who have taken flights to orbit. Dreams become a part of trade – International Space Station is turned into the most glamorous resort-place. The entire tour will cost approximately $20 million. Pioneers of space-tourism say that entertainment flights over the sky will be much cheaper in 2-3 years. A lift of 100 kilometers-- a three-minute flight and landing-- will cost $100 thousands.


Congress about regulating advertisements in space. Well-known brand names may soon cover the convoy of space ships. Five people have already had a tourist spaceflight. Who knows? Maybe some of them were selecting a nice place out of Earth for their advertisements. The first space tourist was Denis Titio, a New Yorker. He made a flight in 2000 at the age of 60. The price of his trip was $20 million. He earned his first billion as a founder of Wilshere Associates, Inc. that specializes in consulting. The second tourist was Mark Shattlvort, born in South African Republic. He now lives in London. He flew at the age of 29. George Olsen was the A ticket to the space third tourist who bought with an discount for only a space tour. Born in the United States, he earned $100 thousands. his first million in the scientific and IT-business The only orbit tourist operator is fi elds.Anyshe Ansary is an Russian air-craft-space agency. A American but she has Iranian small network company: the main origin. The company of her office of the Space Adventure parents invested in the program Agency is in USA. They use Rusof spaceship creation. This is sian technique bases and rockets. how she made up her mind The agency initiates to build a speto make a space flight. She is cial Cosmodome in Singapore. It not only the first space-tourist will be equipped for tourist’s races woman. She was the one who launched from a pad of their own led a blog of her own from the instead of the one they use today Space Station. Charles Simony, which belongs to Russia. That is the 58-year-old US billionaire business with its demand and supand co-founder of Microsoft, ply, consumers and infrastructure. started the space trip on April What is a business without ad10, 2007. vertisement? There is a bill in US Would you like to be the next?

Fly to Space During the Weekend

International Education Ads.

Focus on


Society and The Arts

Glass as a Style of Life People around the world have become crazy about the same thing “ glass. All the things made of this material have become a new fashion stream. All the things made of this material have become extremely popular, such as the new fashion stream, which can be easily explained: this is natural material, easy to work with and suitable for making a great variety of things. The other reason is that it is trouble-free to take care of things made of glass “ just don`t be too rough with them and sweep off the dust from time to time. Natasha sometimes says that she lives in a glass-world. This 32 year old woman is a popular designer. Everything she is busy with censers somehow this fragile material. She creates style and glass is a very thing that helps her. This type of decoration will always feature your individuality and will give some charm to you “. Multicolored earrings and necklaces fill our shops today. They look differently, as well as their prices. The quantity of money you`ll have to pay for the two same-looking rings depends on the type of glass they are made of. The most expensive is a well-known Venetian glass. It is also sometimes called “ Myranski glass, from the name of a small Italian island where it has being produced for already seven centuries. In 1291 the governor of the city decided to remove glassmelting workshops for producing decorations to the island. That was made in order to secure their invaluable invention from competitors. At the same time glass-blowers had a lot of privileges, however, they lost the right to move from the island. Those who dared to become busy with the creation of glass-decorations outside the Venetian lagoon were captured by the secret police. Punishments for them varied: from cutting off their hands to the death penalty. Moreover, after every


Glass-blowers always had a lot of privileges. Today a professionaly made glassy thing may cost more than gold per gr.

Glassy things have become a new fashion trend

Society and The Arts new technological discovery, security measures toughened. As every innovation made the famous Myranski glass of much higher quality and more expensive. When we choose a decoration. The first thing you have to pay attention to is the quality of the material. The place where it was produced, whether it is hand made or not, what way it was colored. “ -says the designer Natasha. The structure and shapes of the glass-necklace everyone has to choose for himself. According to the shape of his face, body lines and general cloth fashion that he prefers. Of course, the best is smooth handmade glass. When a craftsman takes a metal tube (3 half of it is made of wood “ not to burn the hands) than dive the heated part of it into melted glass mass, that easily sticks to it, forming a hot lump. The master pulls the tube out of a stove very fast and starts to blow into the tube from the opposite side of the lump. Cavity is formed inside the glass mass. It increases in size depending on how long the craftsman blows. This is a way glassware, decorations, as well as large mirrors are made. It is known that the metal tube did not change after 2 thousand years. But things we make with it helps become more and more popular every day. Things made of glass are everywhere. Personally in my life, this material plays a great role “, - Natasha goes on. When I create clothes, at the same time I create in my mind decorations that will fit them. “ Natasha, as well as many other people today, has got a new hobby “ walking on broken glass. Psychologists say that walking on sharp things is a very good way to get rid of stress, fear, depression and a way for someone to get the feeling of satisfaction, the kind of emotional relief. When you start dealing with glass this way, meaning “ to have

daily trainings of walking on glass “ you may get small grits into your feet. But you can easily pull them out with the help of a simple needle. After some time, it is said, that your body will get to know itself how to resist debris. The supporters of this way of relaxation say that walking on glass is the same type of extreme as skydiving. When you put your feet on the broken glass adrenaline appears and some kind of euphoria “ “ Natasha, a strong supporter of such hobby, told us. The other popular thing that is connected with glass is drawing on this frail material. It is hard to say what kind of art it belongs to. The technique can be put to the stainedglass windows. You`ll never study this in the ordinary art schools. If you decide to try by yourself, everything you`ll need is: glass, paints of high quality and good brushes. Plus, of course, a great desire to create something great and at least a small idea for warming up. There are not too many museums of glass in the world. One of the biggest is in Czech Republic, the other one is in the USA. To put it more precisely “ it is the Corning Museum of Glass in New York City. The best in the world collection of historical and art glass is right there. More that 45 000 exhibits represent the history of making glass during the period of three and a half centuries. There is also the workshop for glass-blowers where you can watch a master doing what he does best. Two more places where you can enjoy and study creations of glass are museums in Great Britain (Broadfield House) and in Israel (The Glass Museum in Arade). The other things that are made of glass and that we use very often are telescopes, cameras, lamps, furniture, glasses and many other things that we can not imagine our life without. By ANNA POLUDENKO


The Last Word

Fair Products Might Soon Come to Ukraine


air Trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries. The movement advocates the payment of a higher price to producers as well as social and environmental standards. Trade’s strategic intent is to work with marginalized producers, workers in order to help them move towards economic self-sufficiency and stability. About Fair Trade and its perspectives in Ukraine we talk with MAKSYM BUTKEVYCH, an international journalist and MA in Anthropology Of Development and Social Transformation University of Sussex (UK).

How can a consumer know if he\ she buys a product that is produced according to FT standards? Apparently, we can not. We can just assume, that this product was produced using a FT approach. There are several international bodies that witch are busy with FT labeling. The first one is an International FT Organization. There are two or three such bodies and they are internationally recognized. They check conditions of the production chain, social need of the producers and how the cost benefits the producer. If I see the specific label at some products and I am familiar with it, I can be sure that this coffee or this chocolate was produced and sold as FT. Otherwise I can never be sure. What is the price difference between FT approached products and those that have not much to do with it? The FT products are more expensive. It depends on witch products we are talking about, if we talk about products that are mostly associated today with the FT which are coco, chocolate, coffee there is already a market of these goods being sold as FT. If we talk about something more rear like FT cloths or jeans then we have bigger difference in terms of price. Mostly it is about amortization for producers of possible losses


FT is more a matter of choice than a matter of economic circumstances. in back years and it’s also about finding social projects in producing countries but it’s not about big difference. But this basic products people can afford them. It is more a matter of choice than a matter of economic circumstances. Can FT label be used to promote low quality? Thus making people pay more for a low quality products. I am not familiar with examples like that. Usually we are talking about higher quality among the conditions for applying the FT label, not only the conditions of labor, but also what is used for the

production. Thus there should be no strong chemicals etc. So in the receiving it we have cleaner and more healthy product. I have never heard of low quality products sold as a FT labeled. On the other hand I think it can be possible, it just depends on what we mean by quality. If we talk about clothes … may be. Is cheating with FT label possible? Yes it is possible. I came across examples when the labels, different one - just with the mark ‘FT product” that obviously were not correct were sold. It was just some people trying to sell their products for higher price pretending that to be the products that are more socially responsible. Is FT labeling possible in Ukraine? I think so, previously I was quite skeptical about it but, it is not that we have a bright and perspective future for FT in Ukraine in the nearest future but I think we already have people that being more familiar with the FT concept can pay more for things they buy - If they know that at the producing end people will receive more. I think FT products might come to the Ukrainian market in some 5 years, but who knows. BY ANNA POLUDENKO

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