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Ana-Maria Vasilache Architecture undergraduate portfolio May 2018


1. Castor oil plant research centre 2. David Hockney Art Gallery 3. Undergraduate dissertation 4. Extracurricular activities

Samples of Year 2 work Ana-Maria Vasilache 140157046

P1 (Semester 1) Apiary

P.1. was built around an apiary brief requiring both utilitarian, as well as teaching facilities. However, inspired to celebrate the assigned site in Sharrow Cemetery, the building designed grew to be much more. Being configured to be a landmark, the apiary stands out through it’s uniqueness rather than through its proportions. By it’s minimal, jewel like appearance, the apiary is intended to revive Sheffield Central Cemetery as well as play on the intriguing character of the area.

Left: External perspective of the scheme Right: Model based collage explorations

Up: Site model and contextual section Below: Site model and massing explorations

P2 (Semester 1) Community Theatre

As opposed to the previous project, the P.2. design was set from its early stages to create links in the community. Therefore, the theater presented explored not only the most beneficial ways of creating theatrical expression environemnts in a student led area, but also covered bringing together all of the social categories in the Sharrow neighborhood. This was planned to be achieved by creating a cultural community hub. The assembling of the building, utilising up-cycled doors and windows and personalizing the space through the use of furniture donated by the community, creates an even more profound connection between space and end-user, underlining a sense of responsibility and belonging.

Up: Long section through the scheme Left: Site elevations, part of site analysis

Up: Aerial view of the scheme Left: Internal sketch views of the scheme Below: Main plans of the scheme (ground level and upper performance space)

P3 (Semester 2) Housing By far one of the most complex and demanding projects undertaken throughout he second year of architectural studies, the P.3. housing project aims to re-unify a neighborhood divided by social instances. Therefore, creating an adaptable and safe environment was a key driver of the scheme. Encompassing a multitude of spaces researching the infinite nuances of private and public boundaries, the development stands out as unique in it’s context through volume and materiality. However, while the scheme presents itself as extremely distinguishable, the characteristics encompassing the whole of Heeley has been preserved and enhanced. Up and left: Model explorations in context Right: Plans and sections of one of the typical units

Ana-Maria Vasilache May 2018 Undergraduate Portfolio  
Ana-Maria Vasilache May 2018 Undergraduate Portfolio