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Fader Layout strapline

Issue number Simple layout, no cover lines etc.

Colours scheme: Very grey, White. Gives A smooth look, Contrast skin colour, brings it out.

Masthead, sans serif font

main image (medium shot.) Face slightly shifted to the left, follows rule of thirds. Natural eye flow, headmast at top left. kicker

Further analysis • Fader doesn’t follow the standard magazine layout as it hardly uses any coverlines and keeps a very simple colour scheme (2/3 different colours.) It’s worth noting the complete contrast in the model’s skin colour and very light grey colour scheme is very effective as it gives an edgier, more bold look to the image. This layout is successful as it makes the magazine more distinctive to the audience and makes them intrigued in what the magazine actually contains. Also, the ‘F’ in the masthead always has the box around it which changes in colour depending on what colour of clothing the model is wearing. This consistent motif helps make the magazine more memorable and helps make the colour scheme stand out.

RWD Layout Headmast, sans serif font. Cover lines. Main image. Medium shot.

Cover lines

Kicker. Uses two different Fonts, sans serif and serif

Further analysis • In contrast, this cover has many coverlines which works well in letting readers know what they’re actually purchasing. Also, the coverlines consist of two different font colours (white, yellow) which alternate in different cover lines and makes each line stand out more. If they were all the same colour, it may seem like a load of text instead of individual statements. In terms of the rest of the colour scheme, it only uses about 3 colours (black, grey and white) which gives it a more underground, darker feel which suits the genre (mainly grime, hip-hop etc.) This issue features the previous headmast of RWD however, the rewind logo and circle around ‘R’ was consistent in the issues which makes the magazine more recognizable for the reader. The kicker is speaking about the artist/model of the magazine therefore, it is made to stand out by using a different font

iD Layout Masthead. Sans serif font. Motif of one eye covered Main image. Model is in centre which goes against the rule of thirds.


Further analysis • Again, this layout is very simple, lacking cover lines etc. Even the kicker doesn’t explain what the articles the magazine contains. This all makes the reader more intrigued of what the magazine contains as it could be anything. However, because the model is Rihanna, all the reader can assume is this magazine is related to music or fashion and is more edgy. The colour scheme are quite washed-out/ montonous colours like black,white,grey. This makes the neon yellow box containing the headmast stand out, making the magazine even more recognizable to the reader. The i-D headmast (flipped to its side) normally uses the same font and resembles to a ‘winking smiley’, which is why the images always cover one eye- which is an interesting motif. This makes the magazine more unique. On the other hand, the box around the headmast is sometimes featured in the issue, but not always and the colour scheme often changes however, they tend to use vivid colours like reds, neon greens etc.

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