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Lesson Title: Spelling Words Writing Assignment— Poetic Sound Devices

Name: Ana Ooka School: Southern High School Grade Level: 12th Content Area: English/Lang. Arts Timeline/Length: One week

GDOE Content Standards/Performance Indicators: Language Arts/Reading Standard 4: Writing Purposes, Processes, and Strategies Students use a wide range of strategies and resources to gather and synthesize information and use a variety of writing processes to create and communicate knowledge with a variety of audiences for different purposes. Language Arts/Reading Standard 5: Language Structure and Language Conventions Students apply knowledge of language structure and language conventions to create, critique, and discuss texts. Language Arts/Reading Standard 6: Listening and Speaking Skills and Strategies Students listen critically and adjust their use of spoken language to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences for different purposes. Language Arts/Reading Standard 8: Lifelong Literacy Students use spoken, written, and visual language to accomplish their own purposes as they participate as knowledgeable, reflective, creative, and critical members of a variety of literacy communities. SAT-10 Standards: Language; Spelling ESLRs: RISE - Responsible & Respectful members of society; Innovative thinkers; Self-directed individuals; Effective communicators Key Concepts:  Poetry  Sound Devices  Alliteration  Internal Rhyme Vocabulary:  Sound Device: elements of poetry that appeal to the ear.  Alliteration: the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words.  Internal Rhyme: rhyme that occurs within a line of poetry, as opposed to the end of a line (End Rhyme).

Lesson Overview: Each student is responsible for completing the writing assignments, which must incorporate all 20 spelling words. This lesson is imperative in assessing acquisition of the sound device skill & comprehension of the sound device concept through creative writing.

Lesson Objectives: In this lesson, students will be able to:  Spell each of the 20 spelling words correctly  Use each of the 20 spelling words in their correct context  Use alliteration properly  Use internal rhyme properly

Textbooks/ Materials/ Resources:  Glencoe Literature textbook —Literary Terms Handbook  List of spelling words  Dictionary  Paper  Writing utensils  Time  Teacher guidance

Procedures: 1. Students will write the definitions for the following concepts as notes in their composition (agenda) notebooks: Sound Devices, Alliteration, and Internal Rhyme. 2. Students will view the teacher-made PowerPoint presentation which provides the definitions for the new concepts and examples of the concepts using the spelling words. 3. Using the spelling words list, students will write poems and/or sentences that incorporate internal rhyme for each spelling word that begins with a vowel—students are instructed to avoid using end rhyme for this assignment.  Although words that begin with consonant letters/sounds may be used to create internal rhyme, for the purposes of this assignment, words beginning with consonant letter/sounds will be used for creating alliteration only. 4. Using the spelling words list, students will write poems and/or sentences that incorporate alliteration for each spelling word that begins with a consonant—as per the meaning of alliteration, words that begin with vowels/vowel sounds may NOT be used to create alliteration. 5. Students are to underline the spelling word in their writing. 6. The form of the word may be changed by the student in order to complete the assignment. (e.g. abbreviate may be changed to abbreviated, abbreviating, abbreviation, etc.) 7. When all 20 spelling words have been used in the writing assignment, the assignment will be submitted to the teacher.

Assessment/ Evaluation:  Informal discussions/drafts  Submission of writing assignment  Optional oral presentations  Traditional paper test to assess mastery of correct spelling of words

Wrap-Up/Closing Activity: The writing assignment will be submitted to the teacher for grading and accountability. Students will be given the opportunity to share their writing assignments aloud.

Field Trips: N/A Contributors/Contacts: N/A

References/Additional Resources: Teacher-created PowerPoint Presentation

Alliteration & Internal Rhyme  

A lesson plan for using a spelling words list and poetic sound devices to produce creative writing that can assess spelling skills and poetr...

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