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A place to help players into better play On behalf of organizers of the Tennis Europe´s under 12 tournament we are pleased to welcome you to the 3rd Kisakallio Junior Open to be held held Friday October the 19th through Saturday October the 27th. It is the goal of us to provide you with a week of great tennis, good food, lots of fun and making new acquaintances. We could not begin to achieve this goal without the generous support of our many sponsors. Thank you. I would also like to thank all the people in the team who put in an effort to make this tournament happen. Kisakallio Tennis was built in 2011 with events like this in mind. Convenient location, good facilities and nice atmosphere that could help players into better play. Also we tried to keep in mind that there are spectators, most of the time not so many but extremely keen. This program contains important information concerning the schedule of events for the tournament. Thank you again for your continued support of Kisakallio Tennis, we look forward to an enjoyable tournament and wish everyone the best of luck!

Repe Jokinen Tournament Director Kisakallio Tennis

Tennis Europe Junior Tour Stepping Stone to the Top Tennis is an international sport which is played by over 50 million people around the world. At the highest level tennis is also a professional sport where competitions are organized in all continents with different prize

This year in Finland there are played four

money and number of participants. Tennis

Tennis Europe 14 competitions, three Tennis

is also an equal sport where both men and

Europe 16 competitions and only one Tennis

women compete at the professional level.

Europe 12 competition – hosted by Kisakallio

Tennis Europe administers the European wide junior tournament series which is played in 12&Under, 14&Under and 16&Under age

Tennis. This competition is a significant addition to the children’s tournament calendar in Finland.

groups. These tournaments are the first

The Finnish Tennis Association presents its

international competition for many junior

thank you to the tournament organizers,

players. In these competitions one meets

cooperation partners, supporters and to you

other cultures, new friends and challenges for

all who have helped to make this tournament

improving one’s own skills.

happen. For tournament participants and their supporters I wish the best of games. Teemu Purho Managing Director Finnish Tennis Asssociation

On behalf of Kisakallio Sports Institute I welcome all the players and their support teams, technicians and officials to participate Kisakallio Junior Open, Tennis European Tour 12&Under Tournament. The third in a row and annual event years to come. That’s my strong belief. Kisakallio belongs to 11 sport institute family in Finland and has strong influence to Finnish sports life and way of living in the fields of training, education, testing, coaching and sport activities. Finnish national sport education centers are authorized by the Finnish Government and the guide lines are based on several educational laws. Our vision is to promote wide variety of sport activities regionally, nationally and internationally. Our biggest customer group by far are children under 16 years old. By sport event organizing like Kisakallio Junior Open we can help both local and international young players to come closer to their dreams. This year we have representatives from 20 different countries, and totally 230 players signed up for the tournament. The Finnish number of participants are 32 (16 boys and 16 girls). We are very proud for the growing interest to tennis in our sport institute and wish that our good spirit and sport enthusiastic attitude can be transmitted to all the participants. May the Tour 12&Under begin!

TE 12&Under at KISAKALLIO in Lohja, Finland Petri Tarkkanen Principal Kisakallio Sports Institute


The Tournament

Kisakallio Junior Open

Boys Singles Main Draw 21--27.10.2013, 32 players, consolation. Sign-In deadline 20.10.13 18:00. Boys Singles Qualifying Draw 19-20.10.2013, 32 players. Sign-In deadline 18.10.13 18:00.

Tennis Europe Junior Tour 2013, 12 & Under Category 3

Girls Singles Main Draw 21--27.10.2012, 32 players, consolation. Sign-In deadline 20.10.13 18:00. Girls Singles Qualifying Draw 19-20.10.2013, 32 players. Sign-In deadline

Hospitality for National Squads until last member eliminated


18.10.13 18:00. Doubles Main Draws 22--27.10.2013, Draw size 16. Sign-In deadline 21.10.13 12:00.

Tournament Director - Repe Jokinen


Tournament Organization - Akseli Virtanen

Qualifying Courts: 4

Tournament Referee - Toomas Jurikivi Player Services - Roope Lehtinen

Main Draw Courts: 4 Court Surface: Acrylic hard court

-Stringing and Racquet Maintenance:

-Player Help Phone: +358442062835 -Transportation) arranged at the tennis hall buffet -Physiotherapy -Laundry Service Kisakallio Sports Institute Services - Lauri Ikävalko, tel. +358445628549

Make of Balls: Technifibre

PROGRAM, Tentative Pre-Tournament Programme 15-16.10.13 Preparation camp for the Finnish Team at Kisakallio Tennis Qualifying Draws / Karsinnat Saturday 20.10.2013

Qualifying Draws First Round

Sunday 21.10.2013

Qualifying Draws Second Round

Main Draws / P채채sarjat Monday 22.10.2013

Singles Main Draws First Round

Tuesday 23.10.2013

Singles Main Draws First Round Doubles Draws First Round

Wednesday 24.10.2013

Singles Main Draws Second and Third Round Consolation Draws Begin Doubles Draws First Round

Thursday 25.10.2013

Singles and Doubles Quarterfinals

Kisakallio Tennis Hall Court 1 / Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Court 2 / Best Hall Court 3 / Katrin Court 4 / n-1 Publications Address: Kisakalliontie 284, 08360 Lohja, Finland email: Tel. +358442062835

List of Participants - Girls




List of Participants - Boys




Kisakallio Tennis Kisakallio Tennis is a tennis think tank and a training center located within Kisakallio Sports Institute, at Lohja, south of Finland, near Helsinki. Everything at Kisakallio Tennis aims at the learning of the players. Our aim is to provide the best possible environment for this. The heart of Kisakallio Tennis is the newly built indoor training center with four hard courts, designed from the beginning to the end with only one thing in mind: the playing and training experience. Our center is simply a very good place to play and practice tennis. The premises include also a track and field training possibility, and they turn easily into floor ball, futsal, gymnastics and marshal arts practice environments. Within 150 kilometers there lives over half of the population of Finland, and even a larger percentage of the tennis players in the country. The location and quality transport connections (airport 40 min., major ports 1 hour) have made Kisakallio Tennis into a well functioning practice environment for Finnish and foreign clubs and national teams. Pasi Virtanen from Kisakallio Tennis team and Jurgen Zopp (ATP 88) and Jurgen Zopp (ATP 71, career high) are a frequent sight at are a the premises. We work to support and complement training at local tennis clubs, we analyze play techniques and play tactics, and master all in depth physical tests for tennis players, we build personal training programs and carry out intensive training camps with special focus areas. Our team offers tennis training from the beginners’ classes to more advanced levels – but always from the same premise centered around learning experience. Kisakallio Tennis has also gained recognition as an organizer of interesting tennis events. In addition to more than 20 national competitions (Finnish Championships, SEB Junior Grand Prix, Junior League, Men’s and Women’s national competitions) we organize yearly three to four big international events, which bring players from around Europe and the world to Lohja and raise this small city to the awareness – and even to the center of attention – of everybody interested in sports. After Kisakallio Junior Open (Tennis Europe Junior Tour 2013) at hand, which is a real breading ground for the tennis stars of tomorrow, our plans next include ITF 18 and Tennis Europe Senior Tour competitions. And of course the 4rd Kisakallio Junior Open TE12 will be held at the end of October 2014.

Every year we offer to companies and other partners cooperation, visibility and attention in these events in tailor made fashion. In addition to more traditional means, we can offer visibility in staff outfits and at Kisakallio Tennis Web TV streaming all matches, we offer customer and employee events, product placement and demonstrations as well as sales during the events. The head architects of Kisakallio Tennis are Repe Jokinen and Akseli Virtanen. Repe Jokinen has worked as the Finnish Davis Cup team captain, the head coach of Finnish national team and as the personal coach of many young players making it into professional tour like Tuomas Ketola, Juho Paukku, and Aki Rahunen who entered ATP top 100 under 18 year of age. Docent, Dr.Sc. (Econ.) Akseli Virtanen is a docent at Aalto University School of Business and the director of Future Art Base research unit of new economic theory and creative organization.

Kisakallio in a nutshell . Good location, half an hour from Helsinki . Four first class hard court tennis courts, track and field . Excellent place for long and short term training camps . Technical and tactical analysis, video analysis, comprehensive testing services . Training programs for juniors, adults, pro players . Tailor made tennis courses, tennis clinics, for beginners and experts . Interesting international tennis events: Tennis Europe, ITF . Multifunction: Floor Ball, Futsal, Gymnastics, Ping Pong, Marshal Arts . Larger company events (we have hosted company summer events with 800-1200 people)Â

The Landscape in Kisakallio Tennis Hall

We’ve been thinking about people who train and play at Kisakallio Tennis as well as visitors. The idea for the landscape was to bring a picture that can be at the same time impressive at first but also one that you can actually be with day by day.

The scale of players in the image comes from Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s paintings. They represent different models of society or community. In his religious scenes, which were particularly revolutionary painting for the 16th century, you can actually see mostly folk around and beside the usually cen- tral and alone hero. I’ve thought about it after visiting Lohja, and watching a tennis competition there. It was touching to see the aliveness and largeness of community around it. That brought to mind Bruegel and this more com- plex picture of tennis community as more interesting than just concentrating on the player heroe.

The idea for the landscape comes from preparing traditional Japanese tea room for the tea ritual. It is a very minimal space that has only what is necessary for meeting and conversation. It somehow stuck in me that tennis game is somehow a similar encounter between two in minimal conditions. Yet in the tea room, the garden, flowers and kakemono calligraphy or landscape has an important role. They bring elements from outside world to the meeting to make it complete. The meeting never takes place in a void. My thoughts on it were to bring a landscape as a grounding element. The meeting of the players does not happen in a completely abstract situation and the landscape reminds of this.

We thought also about the Japanese concept ‘mu’, which is somewhat ‘emptiness’ but still potential and active. In the image it is the birds that are flying on the sky. Traditionally, the ever-changing formation of birds is considered ‘mu’. It is the potentiality dwelling in every situation, which we should never forget. In the middle of the image, the flying pieces of paper, from the famous 18th century Hokusai wood print “Sudden Gust of Wind”, which has also been re-created wonderfully by Jeff Wall, is also following this concept. The flow and fury of the great wave refers to the same Japanese wood print tradition. “Kataja”, the juniper tree cut in a bonsai way, is the symbol of Kisakallio Tennis, and that of resilience. Karolina Kucia and Tero Nauha

Kisakallio Sports Institute

Kisakallio Sports Institute is a non-profit foundation which offers a wide variety of sports, activities, educational possibilities and excellent facilities for professional and amateur sports enthusiasts.

Our team of specialists is experienced in designing sport specific training plans and interventions for your assessment. The result will help you improve your fitness and performance in various situations.

In Kisakallio we have high quality facilities for gymnastics, football, floorball, ice hockey, figure skating, volleyball, basketball, tennis, curling, orienteering, rowing and canoeing, just to mention a few.

Kisakallio Sports Institute is a partner of the Finnish Gymnastics Federation, The Finnish Ice Hockey Association, The Finnish Dance Sport Association, The Finnish Curling Association, The Finnish Rowing Association and The Finnish Canoe Federation.

Kisakallio Sports Institute also offers excellent knowledge in coaching and athlete testing.

Come and join - Kisakallio Sport Institute

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you. Tommi Fäldt, key account manager,, +358 44 777 8936 Lauri Ikävalko, key account manager,, +358 44 562 8549


Lohjalle valmistui syksyllä 2011 Kisakallion tennis- ja urheiluhalli. Tiedämme, että tämä halliyhtiö on perustettu rakkaudesta tennikseen. Kisakallion tennishalli on pääosin junioreiden. käytössä ja me best-hallilaiset olemme ylpeitä ja iloisia, että olemme saaneet olla mukana edistämässä junioritoimintaa ja nuorten liikuntaharrastusta tenniksen parissa. Kisakallio Tennis Hall was completed in September 2011. We know that this enterprise was established out of love to tennis. Kisakallio Tennis Hall is used mainly by juniors and we at the Best Hall are proud and glad that we have taken part in working for juniors and for children’s activity with tennis.

Kisakalliontie 284, 08360 Lohja Finland email: Tel: +358405005036

Artistic Direction: Mollecular Organization

Kisakallio Tennius Europe Junior Open 2013  

Lohja, Finland

Kisakallio Tennius Europe Junior Open 2013  

Lohja, Finland