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leTTer FroM THe eDiTor

expert care for your Volkswagen model

Dear VolkSwaGen owner, The momentum and excitement continues to build this year as we introduce the all-new 2011 Jetta and Touareg models and grow our presence in North America with the Chattanooga plant, which is nearing completion. When you look at the all-new Jetta, it really is striking in its new design, its larger size and upscale features. Along with a sportier and more assertive stance, the Jetta stands out in the compact-car category with best-in-class* rear leg room and trunk space. And almost unheard of in its class, the 2011 Jetta will come with three engine options and two additional powerplants in forthcoming model years, each satisfying the desire for fuel economy and performance. What you see in the all-new Jetta is all part of our drive to design vehicles that are relevant to the U.S. market and that meet the needs of our owners. The all-new 2011 Touareg is another step in that continual evolution. This latest Touareg exudes the look and feel of a premium SUV with features like the available state-of-the-art 3-D navigation system and reclining rear seats. The Touareg will be available with a powerful V6 engine as well as the everpopular TDI® clean diesel engine. We’re also achieving a world first with the all-new Touareg, which will be available with the first-ever supercharged hybrid drivetrain. It’s German engineering and advanced technology at its finest. Our new plant in Chattanooga will apply advanced technologies throughout, including technologies that have never been used anywhere else in the world. From a cleaner and more effective paint-dipping process to eco-conscious processes, the plant is wholly state-of-the-art. We look forward to sharing the exciting news of the official plant opening in our Spring issue of Das Auto Magazine. Please take a look at the stories we’ve included in this issue of Das Auto Magazine. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the articles as much as we enjoy bringing you all the latest from Volkswagen.

Tim Ellis Vice President Marketing Volkswagen of America, Inc.

*Based on manufacturer’s published specifications comparing 2011 Jetta, to 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, 2010 Ford Focus, 2010 Honda Civic, 2010 Mazda 3, 2010 Nissan Sentra and 2010 Toyota Corolla models.



Volkswagen’s expert technicians are professionally trained and ready to keep your Volkswagen model in top shape this winter. Your Volkswagen dealership has exclusive tools and diagnostic equipment designed specifically to care for your German-engineered vehicle. and remember, genuine Volkswagen parts and accessories are designed to work in harmony with your vehicle’s components and are available at your Volkswagen dealership. Stop by or contact your local Volkswagen dealership today. a staff of skilled service technicians committed to providing expert care for your Volkswagen model is ready to assist you. 1-800-DRIVe Vw

creDiTs Robert Carter is an award-winning illustrator born in St. Albans, England. He now resides in Baden, Ontario, Canada, and creates vibrant, textured illustrations and portraits with subjects ranging from the realistic to the surreal. You may have seen his work in the Washington Post® or the Los Angeles Times,® among other places. Robert created the lush illustrations you see in our Routan story on page 48.

PUblISheR// Volkswagen of america, Inc. eDItORS In ChIeF// tim ellis, Michael Sachs, bianca whittemore

eDItORIal DIReCtOR// Cathy Schannen exeCUtIVe eDItOR// jeremy Pettet ManaGInG eDItOR// ttamzen Meyer Grimes PRODUCt anD bRanD COnSUltantS// t toscan bennett, jill bratina, Clark Campbell, brian Chee, ben Freidson, Maria Garcia, Mark jo, allan kochanek, john Ryan, jeffrey Sayen, bret Scott, Charlie taylor taylor, aylor, brian thomas, eric wilson, Scott wilson

Scott Gilbert Scott Gilbert specializes in photography of automobiles, people and places, and is based in Santa Monica, California, where he lives with his wife and son. He has photographed for Geffen Records,® Parenting Magazine® and The Robb Report.® Scott traveled to Seattle for this issue to capture the all-new 2011 Touareg (page 38) and to Chicago for the all-new Jetta (page 30).

aRt DIReCtOR// Drew wallace w DeSIGneR// Marcus McMillen PRODUCtIOn DeSIGneR// Daniel Dombek PRODUCtIOn ManaGeR// jim baum wRItInG// james buck, w wendy Carlson, byron Copley, Renee wright

PhOtOGRaPhY// ttom om Galliher Galliher,, Scott Gilbert, andrew hall, t kirby, Ray lego, Dave trott, Sean Murphy tom

PRInteR// RR Donnelley, 111 South wacker wacker acker,, Chicago, I l 60606 SPeCIal thankS tO// + + + + +

University Vw, w, Seattle, wa w low Country Volkswagen, Mt. Pleasant, SC Shelley Miles of exclusive Properties, Charleston, SC the Cottages on Charleston harbor Patriots Point links Golf Course on Charleston harbor

Andrew Hall is the second contributor to this issue hailing from jolly old England. Now a U.S. citizen, his studio in Los Angeles is located in an old cosmetics factory. Andrew has photographed for the BBC,® IBM,® Nokia® and Nestle,® to name a few. See his work on page 10 as he captured some behindthe-scenes moments during the making of the all-new Jetta TV commercials.

Ray Lego rarely has a dull moment as he continually travels here, there and yon, capturing images for the likes of GQ,® Nike,® ESPN,® Rolling Stone,® Atlantic® Records and, of course, Das Auto Magazine. This issue, Ray headed to Florida, Texas and Wisconsin to capture our featured owners and to Chattanooga to photograph the next installment in our series of stories on the new plant.

Sean Murphy has captured images ranging from surfing to snowboarding, from automobiles to celebrities and musicians. He pursued photography after coming to the conclusion he did not have the patience to paint. Sean’s work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Esquire,® People,® and Spin.® For this issue, he applied his masterful technique photographing the Volkswagen CC in and around Charleston, South Carolina.

Das Auto Magazine is an owner publication of Volkswagen of America, Inc. Send your old and new addresses to, mail them to Das Auto Magazine, P.O. Box 214378, Auburn Hills, MI, 48321, or call 1-800 DRIVE VW. Send editorial correspondence specific to this publication to Das Auto Magazine, 609 E. Cook Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46825, or email to editor@ General questions or comments concerning your Volkswagen model should be directed to 1-800 DRIVE VW or volktalk@ For subscription information, please call 1-800 DRIVE VW. All contents © 2010 Volkswagen of America, Inc. All rights reserved. Contents may not be reproduced without the express written consent of the publishers. Printed in USA by RR Donnelley, 111 South Wacker, Chicago, IL 60606. // // 1-800 DRIVE VW “Volkswagen,” the Volkswagen logo, all model names, “DSG,” “4motion,” “4XMOTION,” “Climatronic,” “Das Auto” and “TDI,” “Phaeton” and “Passat” are registered trademarks of Volkswagen AG. “Joy Box” is a trademark of Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. “Jetta TDI Cup” is a trademark of Volkswagen AG. “TFSI” and “FSI” are registered trademarks of Audi AG. “Atlantic” is a registered trademark of Atlantic Recording Corp. “BBC” is a registered trademark of the British Broadcasting Corporation. “Cheerios” is a registered trademark of General Mills, Inc. “Condé Nast” is a registered trademark of Condé Nast. “Dynaudio” is a registered trademark of Firma Kommanditgesellschaft Dynaudio Electronic. “E-Shuttle” is a registered trademark of Eisenmann Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG. “ESPN” is a registered trademark of Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, Inc. “Esquire” is a registered trademark of Esquire Publishing Company. “First Act” is a registered trademark of First Act, Inc. “Geffen Records” is a registered trademark of Geffen Records, Inc. “GQ” is a registered trademark of G.Q. Magazine, Inc. “IBM” is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. “Leed” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council. “Los Angeles Times” is a registered trademark of The Times Mirror Company. “M&M’s” is a registered trademark of Mars, Inc. “Necco” is a registered trademark of New England Confectionery Company. “Nestle” is a registered trademark of The Nestle Company, Inc. “Nike” is a registered trademark of Nike, Inc. “Nokia” is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. “People” is a registered trademark of Time, Inc. “Red Hots” is a registered trademark of Ferrara Pan. “Rolling Stone” is a registered trademark of Straight Arrow Publishers, Inc. “SPIN” is a registered trademark of SPIN Media LLC. “The Robb Report” is a registered trademark of Robb Report, Inc. “Washington Post” is a registered trademark of The Washington Post Company. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. CorreCtion: The spring/summer 2010 issue incorrectly stated that the Eos was named a 2010 IIHS Top Safety Pick. The Eos was named a 2009 IIHS Top Safety Pick.

DaS auto maGaZine




A NEw ExpErIENcE A vw.cOM AT Beyond visiting a dealership and experiencing a Volkswagen vehicle in person, the next best thing is the new, which launched this fall. Just as the Volkswagen brand and its products are evolving, the site matures with a progressive user interface, modern functionality and visually engaging product presentation. Likely the first thing you’ll notice is the abundance of stunning images. On average, each vehicle has 18 exterior and interior images that give users a brilliant visual experience. And if you like what you see, take it with you. “As you browse the full-screen images, you can share and solicit feedback from friends on any social network like Facebook® and Twitter,®” says Charlie Taylor, Volswagen’s general manager of digital marketing.

When you want to dig a little deeper, the new configuration tool allows you to quickly browse a vehicle’s different trim levels as well as engine and transmission offerings. From there, you’re in full configuration mode. That means you can begin designing a vehicle to your specific tastes. Dare we say the vehicle of your dreams? “In real-time, you can see how other people are configuring Volswagen models. It’s a modern twist on social shopping that hasn’t really been done in any other car configurator,” Taylor states. Want to stand out in the crowd? Pick a color that hasn’t been selected very often. Because building the ideal vehicle isn’t always a simple stepby-step process, Volkswagen has built in the ability to move fluidly around the configuration site, selecting and compiling

Click it!



preferences until you have it the way you want it. The site will also make recommendations to you based on your selections. And like the rest of the images on, you can share images of the vehicle you’ve created with friends. You might expect a bit of oohing and ahhing over those images not just because of your genius at creating a fine-looking vehicle, but also because those images are photo-real, computer-generated. “ That helps you to get angles and see detail that wouldn’t be possible with a regular image,” Taylor explains. It also allows the premium qualities of Volkswagen vehicles to come through in crisp detail right down to the stitching of the seats. Once you’ve enjoyed some time configuring your perfect vehicle, you can see how Volkswagen models match up to the competition. A competitive comparison tool allows you to compare Volkswagen models to other models in the lineup or to competitive vehicles. And for an experience that’s more tailored to your unique needs, you can choose the amount of information you want to receive in the results. First, you’re provided a top-level infographic view with information on major categories, like fuel economy, performance, durability/reliability, space/comfort and safety. From there, if you want more information, you can drill down into a full view of 100+ features and sort by Volkswagen advantages. As an owner, you’ll find a special area of the site that provides helpful tips on maintaining and improving your car, information on Volkswagen promotions as well as easy-to-use guides on key vehicle features. Identify what you drive when you arrive on the site for a customized experience built around information specific to your Volkswagen vehicle. And if you need service, you’ll immediately see the nearest dealer. You can also explore key features and capabilities of the in-dash radio and navigation systems. If you haven’t yet, visit the new for a virtual Volkswagen experience like no other.

In real-time, you can see how other people are configuring Volkswagen models. It’s a modern twist on social shopping that hasn’t really been done in any other car configurator.” Charlie Taylor, general manager of digital marketing for Volkswagen





thE kiDs DiD alriGht

pDa pele goes 2-2 in U12 Volkswagen Junior Masters wo w rld championship in Madrid They flew 3,500 miles over the Atlantic in the first week of May to compete against some of the best 12- and 13-year-olds in the world for a global soccer championship. And before they even adjusted to the six-hour time change, PDA Pele, the American representative to the Volkswagen Junior Masters World Championship, was undefeated and unscored upon after blanking Zimbabwe and Italy by respective scores of 2-0 and 3-0. The next day, however, May 8, 2010, PDA failed to score in successive 3-0 defeats to Russia and Austria. Quantifying the results (Brazil defeated Germany in the finals) is easy. Quantifying the experience…well… never. “It’s the caliber of competition,” says Ben Freidson, manager of sports marketing, Volkswagen of America. “It’s the opportunity for kids from different nations and cultures to interact. We’re fostering memories that last a lifetime. That’s the reason Volkswagen has staged this tournament for the past 11 years.” PDA Pele coach Sam Nellins’ teaching-moment approach to the game found some rich ground for lesson learning.

“Some things you actually just can’t teach,” says Nellins. “You can only put the kids in a position to learn. The second day was a real eye-opening experience about what’s required to compete internationally, and they learned more from their two losses in Spain than from their previous 100 wins.” Volkswagen also organized ample time for play away from the pitch with tours of Parque Warner Madrid, Madrid’s Warner Bros.® theme park, the Madrid Zoo and seats to watch Real Madrid play Athletic Club Bilbao in the stadium where the Volkswagen Junior Masters World Championship took place. Plans are already forming to expand the scope of the U.S. tournament that produced PDA Pele as the American representative. “We’re continuing to expand our role in sponsoring youth soccer,” said Freidson, “and we’re planning on holding a nationwide tournament next season to determine the U.S. champion.”

“Some things you actually just can’t teach. You can only put the kids in a position to learn. The second day was a real eyeopening experience about what’s required to compete internationally, and they learned more from their two losses in Spain than from their previous 100 wins.” PDA Pele coach Sam Nellins




pass it on


Volkswagen awards and recognition continue to build this year



naMED iiHs 2010 toP


safEty pick


onE of 50


innoVatiVe “Winning is

RoUtan rEcEiVEs J.D. PoweR anD associates


awarD* The Routan was recognized as “Most Appealing Minivan” in the midsize van segment in the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study. The APEAL Study examines how satisfying a new vehicle is to own and drive, based on owner evaluations of more than 80 vehicle attributes.

coMpaniEs not a sometime thing; It’s an all-thetime thing. You don’t win once in a while; you don’t do things right once in a while; you do them right all the time.” For the second year in a r o w, Vo l k s w a g e n w a s included on Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies. The list is compiled by Boston Consulting Group, which sends a poll to senior executives around the world, asking them to anonymously name the most innovative companies from outside their own industry. In this fifth annual ranking of the Most Innovative Companies, Volkswagen moved up three spots from 18th in 2009 to 15th in 2010.

Vince Lombardi

The 2010 Jetta SportWagen has been named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an independent, non-profit, educational organization.** Vehicles receiving this award register the highest scores for protecting passengers in front, side and rear crash test evaluations conducted by the Institute. Additionally, vehicles named as Top Safety Picks™ receive the highest rating given by the IIHS for roof strength in rollover crashes and must have Electronic Stability Control. The Jetta SportWagen joins the Jetta sedan, Passat sedan, Golf (4-door) and the Tiguan, which are also Top Safety Picks for 2010. “The Jetta sedan was the first car to ace the Institute’s tough side-impact test in 2005 and one of our first Top Safety Pick winners,” said IIHS president Adrian Lund. “Now the Jetta SportWagen is a top performer across the board with the addition of our rigorous new rollover test. Volkswagen is committed to offering its customers stateof-the-art safety performance that goes beyond basic federal standards.”

*The Volkswagen Routan received the highest numerical score among minivans in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study.SM Study based on responses from 82,095 new-vehicle owners, measuring 236 models and measures opinions after 90 days of ownership. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of owners surveyed in February-May 2010. Your experiences may vary. Visit **“Top Safety Pick” based on 31 mph side-impact crash test, 40 mph frontal-offset crash test, 20 mph rear-impact test, roof strength testing, and the availability of ESC. Test performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. For details, visit See for more information on safety features.

Das aUto MaGaZinE




Great. For the price oF Good.

the campaign that defines the all-new 2011 Jetta A hospital employee opens the blinds to a patient’s room to let in the early morning light. He sees a billboard on the building next door that announces the all-new 2011 Jetta with the caption “coming soon.” A crash-test situation reveals a man in the driver’s seat of the 2011 Jetta instead of the expected crash-test dummy as the front end smashes into the barrier. The world’s best automotive designers work ’round the clock and through the seasons to create the perfect Jetta. Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor dance in the back seat of a new Jetta.



These are not fragments of a disjointed dream, but descriptions of four new Volkswagen Jetta television commercials developed by Volkswagen and its agency of record, Deutsch LA. Each spot underscores different features that make the all-new Jetta “Great. For the price of good,” the six-word tagline that sums it all up so perfectly. “It defines the Jetta as a car with features you would not expect to find in this segment,” says Deutsch LA group creative director Eric Springer. “It’s a very cohesive concept that transcends all media.” The tagline was born from a strategyinput session between Springer; Michael Kadin, also a Deutsch group creative director; and engineers in Wolfsburg. “The engineers told us that the Jetta had a completely new exterior,” says Kadin. “They said, ‘You are going to see an amazingly gorgeous car that is going to generate the same reaction as the CC.’” The challenge, however, remained to define what made this car different and better than the competition, always formidable in this segment. “We needed something that would resonate with our target audience,” says Springer. “The minute the engineers told us the price of the new Jetta, the strategy was born.” “You take one look at the new Jetta,” says Kadin, “and you say, ‘That’s a $25,000 car.’ When it’s revealed that you can drive one for $15,995,* you think that’s impossible.” *StartingMSRPof$15,995fora2011VolkswagenJettaSwithman.trans. Allpricesexcludetransportation,taxes,title,otheroptionsanddealercharges. Dealersetsactualprice.

daS aUto MaGaZiNe




Each of the four commercials builds on the “great” of the all-new Jetta and reveals the “good” at the end. “The $15,995 is the punchline to the story,” says Springer. In every spot, the punchline hits the viewer hard. The hospital scenario, titled “Moonlighting,” follows our captivated protagonist working extra jobs so he can afford what he perceives to be a vehicle otherwise unaffordable. Having saved his money from working the oddest selection of jobs—including as rodeo clown—he discovers he can afford not one, but two new Jetta vehicles. “The car becomes the object of his desire,” says Kadin. “It’s basically about a regular guy who has to have this car and he’ll go to any lengths to get it. He assumes that it costs a lot—no way that a car this sexy and cool is also inexpensive.” The crash-test situation focuses on a safety feature that vehicles in this segment do not normally have—the Intelligent Crash Response System (read



more on page 32). There’s the tension of the split-second crash juxtaposed with slow-motion footage of the human driver reaching for the ignition, unlocking the doors and turning on the hazard lights—all impossibly played out after the car has hit the barrier. “As the driver is doing what we all know is impossible to do,” says Kadin, “we hear the voiceover narration: ‘In the event of a collision, the smartest thing to do is cut the fuel supply, unlock the doors and turn on the hazard lights. Or, better yet, get a car that automatically does it for you.’” In “Dream Team,” an elite collection of designers transcend time and space to collaborate on the design of the new Jetta. When the vehicle is revealed, they beam with pride—until the price is displayed. They cannot hide their contempt that their efforts have been packaged in a vehicle this inexpensive. “The designers think it should cost more than that,” deadpans Springer. The Kelly/O’Connor back-seat shuffle takes the more than three feet of rear leg room in the all-new Jetta into the “fantastical.” Springer’s word, not ours. “We wanted to bring the Jetta’s rear leg room to life,” says Springer. “It has substantial rear-seat leg room for its segment, and we needed to build a spot dedicated to that competitive advantage.” A stroke of good fortune and some diligent research uncovered a clip that featured Kelly and O’Connor doing a “sit-down” dance medley in 1959. Deutsch LA has successfully transported the famous duo forward 50 years in time into the back seat of a 2011 Jetta. The details of this accomplishment will remain a mystery. “There’s a magic here that we’re not sure we should reveal,” says Kadin.

“You take one look at the new Jetta and you say, ‘That’s a $25,000 car.’ When it’s revealed that you can drive one for $15,995, you think that’s impossible.” Deutsch LA Group Creative Director Michael Kadin

“There’s a mystique that we might want to keep,” adds Springer. Okay, Kadin and Springer did volunteer something about how they achieved the effect. They shot body doubles against a green screen and married it to the original film. Though each of these four spots has different lines and arcs, they all arrive at the same conclusion of “Great. For the price of good.” It’s a tagline with range and legs. “We can execute many ideas from ‘Great. For the price of good,’” says Kadin. “It’s amazing,” says Springer, “Volkswagen is at the top of the list of iconic brands. The bar is so high when it comes to their advertising.” “We want to contribute to that legacy,” Kadin shares, “and we don’t want to disappoint our audience. People can reference ads from 10 years ago, and they are always looking forward to the next ads. I can’t think of another car brand like that.” Ten years from now, then, we can expect people to recall this campaign that promoted the safety, affordability, interior space and exterior design of the all-new Jetta and the tagline that defined it: Great. For the price of good.

daS aUto MaGaZiNe



how to

CElEbrATE A ThE hOlIDAy ATE DA S, DAy GErMAN-STylE As icy winds buffet German cities in early December, town squares are cleared of snow for Christmas markets, or Christkindlmarkt. Shoppers stroll the square, browsing stalls selling ornaments, tasty sweets or gingerbread houses, handmade toys and gift ideas galore. When it’s time for a warm-up, they stop for glühwein (“glow wine”),

Step 1.

roast a savory turkey Traditional German Christmas dinners often center on a fragrant roast goose, but in some regions, turkeys are also gaining favor. German cooks often use tart apples as a stuffing ingredient, and rosemary and thyme add a savory herbal flavor.




3.5 hours

a steaming mug of hot mulled wine laced with fruit and spices. Conjure this holiday scene in your own kitchen by stirring up some fragrant German treats. Simmer a pot of glühwein on the stove, roast a turkey, sauté a colorful sidedish, decorate your own gingerbread house. Here’s how—now get your glow on!

+ 14-16 pound whole turkey, neck and giblets removed + 1 medium onion, peeled and quartered + 1 large carrot, peeled and chunked + 1 Granny Smith apple, quartered + 6 sprigs fresh rosemary + 6 sprigs fresh thyme + 1 stalk celery, chunked + ¼ cup vegetable oil + 1 teaspoon salt + 1 tablespoon coarsely ground black pepper + 1 large oven-safe roasting bag

Step 2.

Preheat the oven to 350° F. Rinse the turkey with cold water, being sure to clean the neck and main cavity thoroughly. Pat dry and place in a large roasting pan. Insert the onion, carrot, apple, rosemary, thyme and celery into the cavity of the bird. Baste turkey all over the outside with oil, and season with salt and pepper. Place the turkey into an oven bag, and return to the pan with the breast facing up. Close the bag.

Add A colorful side dish

Along with roasted turkeys and geese, German holiday meals often include a side dish known as rot kohl, or red cabbage. + 1 head red cabbage (about 2 lb), shredded + 1 onion, sliced + 2 apples, peeled and grated + 1/2 cup sugar + 1/2 cup vinegar + 1 cup water

+ 1 Tbsp. lemon juice + 3 Tbsp. butter or margarine + 3 whole cloves

Step 3.

Roast the turkey about 3 ½ hours, until the internal temperature reaches 180°F when taken in the thickest part of the thigh. Let the turkey rest 10-15 minutes before carving, and use the drippings in your favorite gravy recipe. For an extra touch of German authenticity, boil about 2 pounds of small red potatoes until tender, brush with butter and arrange on platter with turkey.

+ Salt and pepper to taste Sauté onions in butter add apples, butter, sauté a bit more; add the rest of the ingredients, stir well. Bring almost to a boil, put lid on pan, lower heat and simmer 45 minutes to 1 hour.




how to

Warm up with glühwein Every region of Germany has its own recipe for this traditional drink, a delicious marriage of simmered wine, the warmth of Christmas spices and the brightness of citrus.


+ A 750 ml bottle of inexpensive dry red wine, such as red Zinfandel or Syrah + 2/3 cup of sugar + Juice and peel of one small lemon + 2 cardamon pods + 8 whole cloves + ½ teaspoon nutmeg + ½ teaspoon allspice + 2 cinnamon sticks (break each into pieces 1-2" long)



+1 hour

Step 1.

Add all ingredients to a heavy-bottomed pot. Slowly warm the mixture on low heat, stirring to melt the sugar.

Step 2.

Turn the heat off when bubbles start rising (don’t let it boil). Let the pot sit for an hour or so to let the flavors develop.

Step 3.

Strain out the peel and spices, then gently reheat just before serving. Optional: garnish with a slice of lemon or cinnamon stick.

Decorate a gingerbread house Hansel & Gretel weren’t the only ones to consider snacking on a roof, at least when it’s a piece of spicy gingerbread iced with snowy frosting. Satisfy your sweet tooth and your inner architect all at once by making your own gingerbread house, working from directions at sites like gingerbread-house-heaven. com or kingarthurflour. com. Or simply buy a kit of prebaked gingerbread house pieces (we’ll never tell!) to go straight to the fun part—decorating.

here are our favorite decorating ideas

+ Small rock candies or jelly beans make great stone paths to the front door of your house, and can also be used to simulate fieldstone on chimneys. + Shingle your house with pastel Necco® wafers, M&M® candies, slices from small caramel cubes or sticks of gum.

+ Make a logpile for the fireplace with pretzel or cinnamon sticks. + Stack marshmallows and stick together with icing to make a few handsome snowmen. + Make scalloped eyelet rooftop edges and door accents with Cheerios® cereal.

+ Stack sugar cubes to make stairs and steps.

+ Crumble butterscotch candies, then sprinkle on a baking sheet and melt in a 350-degree oven for 5 minutes. The resulting thin, flat sheets make perfect windowpanes. + Candy canes make colorful support posts for porch roofs and banisters.

+ Add the perfect finishing touch to your edible masterpiece with a green gummy ring wreath and a few holly berries (Red Hot® candies).





ThE ADv DvA Dv vANcEMENT Of ElEcTrIc MObIlITy Volkswagen has long been a global leader in the development of efficient powertrains, including hybrid technology and electric mobility. This ambitious progression has resulted in many innovative products that are currently in development, several of which will be brought to market in coming years. “Volkswagen is at the forefront in the evolution of automotive technology with a clear vision of creating advanced, intelligent products that will meet future mobility demands,” says Toscan Bennett, vice president, product marketing & strategy for Volkswagen of America, Inc. “The development of electric vehicles is the next logical step in that progression.”

93.2mi sinGLE CHARGE




In 2011, Volkswagen will test a fleet of 500 Golf models with electric drives worldwide. Delivering 114 hp, the electric motor in the E-Golf provides dynamic performance thanks to the generous 199 lb-ft of torque. The lithium-ion battery can store enough energy to keep you going for 93.2 miles*. Helping the E-Golf achieve maximum efficiency is an innovative technology called sailing, which happens when the driver lets off the gas, or maybe we should say electric, pedal. The motor is disengaged from the drivetrain and allows the car to safely coast with the least drag. In other models, the E-Golf recovers kinetic energy through regenerative braking. Sailing is already being demonstrated in the all-new Touareg supercharged hybrid (see below). Following the launch of the Touareg supercharged hybrid and the hybrid version of the all-new Jetta, the electronic vehicles being considered for production are the Volkswagen

E-Golf and E-Up!. Able to travel 82 miles on one charge of its lithium-ion batteries, the E-Up! achieves approximately 80 hp and can hold three adults and one child comfortably—perfect for city driving. If you read our story on Volkswagen’s Electronic Research Laboratory (ERL) in the last issue, you were introduced to some of the bright minds behind Volkswagen’s electric mobility research and initiatives. In addition to the ERL, located in Palo Alto, California, Volkswagen research labs in China and Japan are also working on the company’s global electric mobility initiative. Volkswagen will maintain its leadership in the advancement of alternative power plants, including electric mobility and hybrid technology. This innovative vision will place Volkswagen at the forefront of CO2-neutral mobility and ensure it is poised to offer the automobile of tomorrow. *The specific range depends on driving style and factors such as use of air conditioning and heating.

“Volkswagen is at the forefront in the evolution of automotive technology with a vision of creating advanced, intelligent products for today and for the demands of the future.” Toscan Bennett, vice president, product marketing & strategy for Volkswagen of America, Inc.



Touareg Hybrid


E-Golf Test Fleet


Jetta Hybrid


Electric Vehicle

Hybrid Touareg

Supercharged hybrid Later this year, Volkswagen’s first production hybrid electric vehicle will be released. The Touareg supercharged hybrid combines a 3.0-liter supercharged, directinjection V6 gasoline engine with a special electric motor that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The vehicle can operate in electric mode alone at speeds up to 30 mph.

A combined 380 horsepower and 428 lb-ft of torque allow the Touareg supercharged hybrid to provide true no-compromise performance, including a towing capacity of up to 7,700 lb.* A hybrid power option will also be available for the Jetta in 2012. Read more about the Touareg supercharged hybrid on page 41. *With factory-installed hitch.







y ur vo yo v lkswagen vehicle always re-establishes contact with SIrIUS satellite radio When you consider that SIRIUS satellite radio beams a 2.3 gigahertz signal to your vehicle from outer space, it does a great job of staying connected. Sometimes, though, tall trees, taller buildings, heavy cloud cover and railroad tunnels momentarily interrupt it. Just keep driving and the signal will return as momentarily as it left.

cOMMIT T clEAN TO chattanooga paintdipping process cleaner, leaner and more ecoconscious. It’s mildly startling to learn that the paint department emits most of the pollution generated from an automotive assembly plant, due to the spraying process. There’s overspray; there’s waste; and there’s disposal of the overspray and the waste. The paint operation at the Chattanooga facility will use an economical dipping process. It also skips the primer coat and bake-oven step, saving 20 percent on water and chemical use. Even the top-coat process saves 123,000 gallons of paint and solvent. In the spraying process, Volkswagen uses a dryscrubber system for less water usage, which is more economical. When spraying the top coat on the car body unit, there will be overspray that doesn’t make it on the unit. Paint that doesn’t make it on the unit is filtered into a limestone powder that can then be used in cement. It’s a much more efficient system than wet cleaning.

20 Percentage of water and chemical savings.



Yeah, the plant’s green, but you can get your new Volkswagen in a wide variety of pigments.

Step 1.

Electro Disposition

Step 2.

2K Basecoat

Step 3.


Step 4.


Step 5.

2K Clearcoat

T UArEG TO SAfETy SySTEM Many features with a singular purpose

The all-new 2011 Touareg features an intelligent combination of passive and active measures designed to help avoid collisions and protect occupants in the event one occurs. Systems like anti-lock brakes, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and traction control help keep the Touareg on the road. “They are all standard features on the Touareg,” says Touareg product planner John Ryan. The all-new Touareg also has a full complement of passive-safety features

including airbags for all passengers: front driver and passenger supplemental restraints, front and side head airbags to help protect occupants during a collision*. Redesigned back rests and head restraints help all sections of the spine— thoracic, dorsal and cervical—move as a single unit. If there is one term that best describes the Touareg Safety System, it’s “integral.” The double meaning of the term is not lost on Volkswagen—the system is equally essential and interdependent. See page 38 for more on the all-new Touareg.

*Airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age.

Systems like anti-lock brakes, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and traction control help keep Touareg on the road.

lASEr r SEAM WElDING Ideal for improving safety and preserving the look of the all-new 2011 Jetta The exterior of the 2011 Jetta looks seamless. That’s because a laser seam welding process seals many of the critical seam-points of the sheet metal, for example, where the C-pillar joins the roof. A laser beam melts copper-based wire into a v-shaped seam that connects two pieces of sheet metal. Hence, the name laser seam welding. The temperatures at the point where the copper wire turns temporarily molten reach 1,800°F, which is actually low by welding standards. High tensile strength characterizes laser seam welds, which seal the tight exterior seams that draw the eye— so they have to be as smooth as they are strong.

Precision laser welds throughout the structure of the all-new Jetta result in superior strength and, in this case, beauty as well. notice how the seam between roof panel and side panels are joined elegantly without the need for unsightly gutter strips, which would detract from the appearance, collect dirt and generate wind noise.





vW Around The globe United States

19.1 United States

14,110 height (in feet) of pikes peak, where Volkswagen set a world record in the 2007 pikes peak international hill cliMb.

aVerage speed (Mph) of stanley, a touareg that won the 2005 darpa grand challenge by traVersing a 132-Mile course unManned.


55 length (in Miles) of the 2008 baJa 1000, a coMpetition in which a baJa race touareg tdi® becaMe the first clean diesel Vehicle to cross the finish line.


463 nuMber of daily tasks on the Volkswagen Motorsport Mechanics’ list during the 2010 dakar rally in chile and argentina, which Vw won.



United States

2,000 approxiMate nuMber of Jobs that will be created by 2011 at the Volkswagen plant in chattanooga, tennessee. Brazil

1953 Volkswagen sets up its first foreign production coMpany, Volkswagen do brasil ltda. in são paulo, brazil.



211.8 Netherlands


Million cubic feet of earth MoVed to leVel the site for Volkswagen’s plant in kaluga, russia.

nuMber of consecutiVe years Volkswagen has been the bestselling car brand in the netherlands (2005-2009).


10 nuMber of years Volkswagen’s autostadt has been open in wolfsburg, welcoMing More than 20 Million Visitors. China

1 Volkswagen reMained the largest passenger car Maker and seller in china in 2009.


Millions of square feet occupied by Volkswagen’s eMden plant in gerMany when it began production in 1964.


1974 the first golf is produced at Volkswagen’s plant in wolfsburg, gerMany.


20 nuMber of different countries represented in Madrid, spain, at the 2010 Volkswagen Junior Masters world chaMpionship, a youth soccer tournaMent created by Volkswagen ag.


330 the weight (330 lb 13 oz) of a serVing of currywurst that was Made at an eVent organized by Volkswagen ag in wolfsburg on noVeMber 20, 2008. it set a world record for the largest serVing of currywurst.

WIn vW KeTchup! Volkswagen’s ketchup complements currywurst, a seasoned pork sausage served at its wolfsburg plant. go to and take our quiz for your chance to win.





life swap

Two young, promising drivers developed in the Volkswagen Motorsport pedigree share their impressions of living and racing on opposite sides of the atlantic. Jean Karl Vernay and Tim Megenbier are living the motorsport dream as it were, each a successful young race champion in his home country—France and the United States, respectively. And each was offered a racing deal for 2010 they didn’t refuse: J.K. to the States for a seat in the Indy Lights open-wheel series, and Tim to the Volkswagen Scirocco-R Cup in Germany. Das Auto caught up with both (barely—they’re fast) to get their take on living and racing in a new country.



Please share your impressions of the people in your new countries.

So what are your favorite non-racing activities?

tm My favorite person over here has to be my main guy (Volkswagen Motorsport boss) Kris Nissen. He is a great guy, always makes me work harder and knows what it takes to make it in racing.

tm I work out, spend time on E-Racing and Forza Motorsport,® learning the tracks, go bicycling, and drive my sick new 2010 Scirocco R!

JK The people in America are cool, laid back and less stressed. Over here, if you sit beside someone you haven’t met, they will engage you in a conversation, so that’s different.

On the ‘Bahn?

How about food? tm I love German food. But, if I need a fast-food fix there is always McDonalds® or KFC.® But why eat there when the best food is right around the corner? JK I like to try new things, but I don’t do spicy…I’m more into a strict diet to help my racing.



tm Yeah, wide open until you run out of gas!

What do you drive, J.K.? JK A very nice Tiguan.

And your activities, J.K.? JK I just like being on the lake with friends, skiing, wakeboarding, camping out, but mostly just being on the water. But nothing too dangerous. I have to race, you know.

To find ouT More abouT These proMising young driVers, VisiT: T T:

we congra congraTulaT la e J.K. who recenTly laT lly clinched The firesTone速 indy lighTs open-wheel racing series, The sTepping sTone To irl indy car racing. a The TiMe of prinTing, TiM was in The Top Ten aT in The scirocco-r cup coMpeTiTion.

das auTo MagaZine




CC IN ThE SUN Anna Maria Island lies just off the west coast of Florida, surrounded by the blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Living at such a picturesque location, water sports and beach activities abound. Brady Quick, 2010 CC owner, and his wife take advantage of those outdoor opportunities whenever they can. Not only are the two island dwellers avid beach volleyball players, Brady also recently began taking kiteboarding lessons. There are many different types of kite-boarding: wakestyle, waveriding, freestyle, freeride, jumping and cruising. For now, Brady is happy to be learning the basics of freestyle. “My wife and I have been so active in beach volleyball, I decided to branch out and try a new activity,” says Brady. “So far kiteboarding has been a rush. I love being on the water.” Brady previously owned a Candy White 2009 CC. After a crash totaled the vehicle, he liked the model so much that he purchased a brand-new 2010 CC.

! #


! # 26


TEAChEr 2008 JETTA !



Kimberly D’Agnolo won a Volkswagen First Act® guitar by taking a Das Auto Magazine quiz in last year’s spring issue. She says, “Winning the First Act guitar was really cool. You can just plug headphones right into the guitar and feel like you’re rocking out!” Her first Volkswagen vehicle was a 1976 Beetle. “That car was my dream car and drew plenty of attention,” Kimberly shares. Kimberly has also owned a 2002 Jetta and now owns a 2008 Jetta, which she loves for its style and great performance. And to give her shih tzu puppy, Beau, a little style of his own, she bought him a VW doggie tee. Kimberly graduated with honors from the University of Houston this past summer and is now beginning her career as a first-grade teacher.


ACTrESS 2008 rAbbIT

! #

Growing up, sisters Melissa and Yvette Kojic have fond memories of their parents’ Volkswagen Rabbit and credit that vehicle as the beginning of their love of the Volkswagen brand. Yvette, an actress, owns a 2008 Rabbit. “As an actress, I often have lots of stuff to tow around,” Yvette says. “If I’m working on a show, sometimes I carry around everything from set pieces to a suitcase full of costumes, makeup and shoes. I can even fit larger items in it, like my guitar.”

rObErT SpIElvOGEl + fAMIly ! #


*2002 Golf TDI (4-door) EPA estimate 42 city/49 highway mpg. Your mileage will vary.

! #


! #


rETAIl SAlES MANAGEr 2010 JETTA Melissa was one of the first owners of a New Beetle in Sarasota, Florida. “I remember pulling up to gas stations and having an audience of people wanting to check out my 2000 New Beetle,” Melissa recalls. Now she’s on her fifth Volkswagen model, a 2010 Jetta, which took her 130 miles round-trip to work every day for two years. She’s active as a volunteer caring for and rehabilitating animals and has competed on a national level in Tae Kwon Do.

Robert Spielvogel began his long history with Volkswagen as a kid growing up in La Paz, Bolivia. His father always had a Volkswagen vehicle in the driveway, including a 1969 Beetle which he describes as “indestructible, simple and reliable.” His first car was a 1965 Microbus. In his work as a field service representative for a construction company, Robert appreciates the mileage he gets with his Golf TDI* and credits his love of Volkswagen vehicles to their “styling, engine technology and precise steering and road manners.” As avid soccer players, coaches and spectators, Robert and his wife Amy, and daughter Rachel, appreciate the room and many features their Routan offers in their travels.





fOr ThE lOvE Of SpEED Dragon boat racing isn’t something you see every day on ESPN® or down at your local waterway, be it a river, a lake or an ocean. But it’s a centuries-old sport that is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity. From Boston to San Francisco, dragon boat races, festivals and competitions are held each year. And Kevin Young, owner of a 2010 GTI, is part of the action in Tampa, Florida. An environmental engineer, Kevin works to interpret environmental regulations and advises his company on the most effective ways to comply with those regulations. In essence, he acts as a good steward for the environment. It was through his employer, who has a corporate dragon boat racing team, that he was introduced to the sport about three years ago. Originating in China more than 200 years ago, dragon boat racing is an internationally recognized sport. A dragon boat is similar to a very long canoe and is powered by paddling instead of rowing. The impressive boats generally have a Chinese dragon head at the prow and a dragon tail at the stern. “We have about 40 people on our team and two boats, each holding 20 people,” Kevin explains. He and his team practice three times a week on the Hillsborough River that runs through Tampa. This training prepares them to compete against dragon boat racing clubs, independent teams and other companies in 500-meter races. “Imagine five boats lined up on the starting line,” says Kevin. “A horn blows, then everyone paddles like crazy to the finish line.” The excitement builds from there as paddles rip through the water at the will of determined racers hell-bent on crossing the finish line first. ! #




Dragon boat racing is a great rush, and seeing what can be accomplished with 20 people working together as a team is, in a word, awesome.” 2010 GTI owner, Kevin Young

! # *2010 GTI (with automatic transmission) EPA estimate 24 city/32 highway mpg. Your mileage will vary.

What do dragon boat racing and a 2010 GTI have in common? Other than being two of Kevin’s passions, they both embody speed, performance and endurance. “I bought my GTI because it’s fun, it’s fast and it has good gas mileage,*” Kevin shares. “I’m 6' 3" and the GTI is one of the only faster compact cars I can fit in.” Kevin’s first Volkswagen model was a 1973 Super Beetle, which he bought when he was 16. The gentleman he bought it from was the car’s sole owner. It still had all the original parts on it, which Kevin found amazing.




Pho tos • sc ott Gilb ert


ThE all-nEw 2011 JETTa BIG on EvEryThInG BuT compromIsE

With best-in-class rear leg room*, sophisticated features, an assertive neW design and innovative safety features, the 2011 all-neW Jetta is breaking neW ground in a big Way.




Space exploraTion The all-new 2011 Jetta has grown nearly three inches in length. What that translates to is more space. We’re talking a full 38.1 inches of leg room in the rear seat. That’s not only more than all the competition*, it’s more than many larger sedans as well.** Rear passengers, including the tall ones, can rest comfortably. The increase in length of the all-new Jetta also allowed for an expanded trunk size— cavernous is the word that comes to mind. At 15.5 cu. ft., the trunk is best in class* when it comes to space and helps make loading even large items easier with a wide opening. Now, for those times that call for even more space— maybe you’re moving, maybe you’re going on an epic road trip, whatever the case—lower the 60/40-split rear seats and that space grows exponentially.

FeaTure creaTure Really? It offers that? The all-new Jetta will likely evoke a few questions because of all its standard and available features that are not offered on many other vehicles in its class. Take the one-touch up, one-touch down automatic window control. Sure, many vehicles offer this feature for the driver, but the all-new Jetta offers it standard for all four windows. Equal opportunity for driver and passengers to conveniently let in a little of the outdoors or quickly keep it out. And for those who need a little guidance for the road ahead, the all-new Jetta offers an available RNS 315 touchscreen navigation system. Figure out how to get where you need to go using directions from the five-inch display. The system also provides an SD card reader, direct auxiliary input and integrated SIRIUS® satellite radio. Even entering and starting the all-new Jetta is made easier with the available keyless access with push-button start. When the driver approaches the vehicle, the key fob transmits a code that allows the doors to open and the engine to start with the simple push of a button. And when leaving, touching a depression on the driver’s exterior door locks and secures the vehicle.

SaFeTy repeaTed As with previous Jetta generations, the all-new 2011 Jetta will continue to provide a host of innovative active and passive safety features to help keep occupants safe. In the front and rear are Side Curtain Protection® airbags.*** Another passive safety feature is the crash-optimized front end that helps absorb energy on impact.

The all-new Jetta includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which helps prevent oversteer or understeer during an evasive maneuver by applying corrective forces to each of the wheels. While ESC helps the driver avoid a crash, the Intelligent Crash Response System on the all-new Jetta helps protect the driver and passengers after a crash occurs. The system automatically activates when the airbags are deployed and triggers these functions: + Unlocks all doors + Cuts off the fuel supply + Turns on the hazard lights That seamless look you’ll notice on the exterior of the all-new Jetta is achieved by a laser seam-welding process that helps seal many of the critical seam-points of the sheet metal for a stronger bond. The result is increased control, stability and safety.

One Glance aT The allnew JeTTa, and iTS own individual characTer wiThin The volkSwagen model lineup iS evidenT.

TexT JeTTA To 892277(VWCARS) and we’ll send back a video tour.* *Not available for all carriers or devices. Message and data rates may apply.




power up While most of its competitors offer only two engine options, the all-new Jetta has three for the 2011 model year and an additional two power options coming in later model years. Each engine offers the desired combination of performance and fuel efficiency:† + 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder, 115 hp + 2.5-liter 2.5-liter, 5-cylinder, 170 hp + 2.0-liter TDI® clean diesel, 140 hp (available before year end) + 2.0-liter TSI® (available in the GLI in 2011) + Hybrid (available in 2012) While the 2.0-liter TDI clean diesel engine delivers upwards of 42 highway miles per gallon, which equates to about 609 miles on just one tank of fuel, it doesn’t skimp on performance.†† The TDI clean diesel engine propels the all-new Jetta from 0 to 60 mph in 8.7 seconds with the help of 140 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque under the hood. DSG® automatic transmission with Tiptronic® can be added to the TDI model. Additionally, the 50-state-compliant 2.0L TDI clean diesel engine uses common-rail injection that varies the timing and amount of fuel injected into a cylinder, helping to minimize the formation of NOx and particulates by up to 90 percent, making it an environmentally conscious alternative.

on The ouTSide One glance at the all-new Jetta, and its own individual character within the Volkswagen model lineup is evident. The two black horizontal vents in the grille reinforce the distinctive face of Volkswagen vehicles. The grille integrates with the headlamps and is met by two sculpted lines extending from the hood. Look at the all-new Jetta from the side and you’ll see a distinctive sculpturing that carries through the feeling of precision, along with the vehicle’s smooth, rich surfaces. Prepare for an all-new Jetta that sets a higher standard in every respect. From a new, sophisticated exterior to an upscale interior and all the features in between, the 2011 Jetta is set to carve its own path. *Based on manufacturer’s published specifications comparing 2011 Jetta to 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, 2010 Ford Focus, 2010 Honda Civic, 2010 Mazda 3, 2010 Nissan Sentra and 2010 Toyota Corolla models. **Based on manufacturer’s published specifications comparing 2011 Jetta S to 2010 Honda Accord LX, Toyota Camry LE and Nissan Altima 2.5 models. *** Airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age. See for EPA estimates. Your mileage will vary.

30 city/42 highway mpg (2011 2.0L TDI clean diesel, DSG automatic). EPA estimates. Range based on 42 highway mpg EPA estimate and a 14.5-gallon tank.




text Jetta to 892277(vWcars) to get a video tour texted right back to you.* *Not available for all carriers or devices. Message and data rates may apply.

The all-new 2011 JeTTa iS a perFecT example oF geTTing SomeThing greaT For The price oF good. while Taking Some phoToS oF The JeTTa in chicago, we Found plenTy oF greaT ThingS For The price oF good.

LinCoLn PARk At 1,208 acres, Lincoln Park is Chicago’s largest public park. Part of the land on which the park is located was the City Cemetery until 1864, when it was turned into Lincoln Park.

WiShbone ReSTAuRAnT Southern reconstruction cooking is the tongue-incheek description of the food at Wishbone, founded in July 1990 with 23 seats and nine stools. Now with three locations, Wishbone offers reasonably priced, highly satisfying food.

DinkeL’S bAkeRy Opened by German emigrant and master baker Joseph Dinkel in 1922, Dinkel’s Bakery is now run by the family’s third generation and continues to provide delicious baked goods. Try one of their amazing burglaurs for breakfast.

ChRiSTkinDLmARkeT ChiCAgo Bringing a little bit of Germany to Chicago, the Christkindlmarket Chicago, first held in 1996, was inspired by the Christkindlsmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany, and celebrates the season with traditional food, drink and shopping. Christkindlmarket Chicago is held each year at Daley Plaza and will run from November 24 through December 24 this year.

The ART inSTiTuTe of ChiCAgo The Art Institute of Chicago has a rich history that goes back more than 130 years. Come for the sterling collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings (Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, ToulouseLautrec), linger over the extraordinary and comprehensive American masterpieces (Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks and Grant Wood’s American Gothic), and discover art in all forms spanning the ancient to the contemporary world.




The all-new 2011 JETTa

lEG room

lasEr sEam wEldInG

hEaTEd powEr sIdE mIrrors

The all-new Jetta has more than three feet of rear leg room, which is more than all the competitionยน and even more than many larger sedans2.

Laser seam welding technology helps create a more rigid body with less flex, increasing control, stability and safety.

To help prevent them from fogging up, the side mirrors on the all-new Jetta are heated. The available integrated turn signals in the mirrors help alert other drivers of your next move.



Trunk spacE Best-in-class 1 trunk space provides a cavernous 15.5 cu. ft. of room. The 60/40 split-folding rear seats with pass-through expand cargo capacity even more.

nEw ExTErIor dEsIGn

ThrEE EnGInE opTIons

A sophisticated and more aggressive exterior design includes a striking, redesigned front end.

While most of its competitors have only two engine choices, the all-new Jetta will come with three engine options. Additionally, a 2.0 TSI® engine will be available in 2011 and a hybrid option will be available in 2012.

1 Based on manufacturer’s published specifications comparing 2011 Jetta to 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, 2010 Ford Focus, 2010 Honda Civic, 2010 Mazda 3, 2010 Nissan Sentra and 2010 Toyota Corolla models. 2 Based on manufacturer’s published specifications comparing 2011 Jetta S to 2010 Honda Accord LX, Toyota Camry LE and Nissan Altima 2.5 models.






Larger yet lighter, faster yet more efficient.* Enter the all-new 2011 Touareg. DAS AUTO MAGAZINE



In the rear seat, the reclining rear split he exterior of the all-new Touareg is visibly sleeker. The wider and longer bench offers considerably more knee dimensions are well packaged; it is both 1.5 inches longer and 0.5 inch wider, and and leg room (an extra 68mm and 27mm lower in overall height as well. Director of Volkswagen Design Klaus Bischoff and respectively) for passengers, rather his team have given the Touareg visibly taut and defined lines, especially in the than a compromise to accommodate front fascia and grille. At the back, the steeper rake of the rear glass gives the a third row. Depending on the need for Touareg dynamic appeal while its stance communicates confidence. maximum passenger room or cargo Full body-color-painted lower panels and aggressive, integrated exhaust outlets room, the all-new Touareg rear seat exude subtle refinement. Amplifying the distinctive and luxurious image of the provides a full 6 inches of fore-and-aft Touareg day or night are standard Bi-Xenon™ headlights with LED daytime running sliding adjustment. lights. Rounding out the styling are 18-, 19- and 20-inch alloy wheel options that Setting a segment benchmark in complement the distinctive lines of the all-new Touareg. driving dynamics, the all-new Touareg The fluency of design and premium appointments continues into the high-end delivers impeccable handling in the interior materials, soft leather seating surfaces and skyward view, courtesy of the city and on the highway. Visibility is available panoramic sunroof. Moving to excellent, ride comfort is supple and the acoustic comfort of the cabin provides the interior surfaces, no shape has been a pleasing sound environment that invites long drives. Steering is nimble and ignored, no texture left untouched. The precise, power is immediate and propulsive. Simply put, the all-new Touareg owns pleasing curves transitioning from the the road. concave to the convex engage the eyes As other SUV models continue to add complexity and weight with each and give warmth to the refinement and subsequent generation, the all-new Touareg again takes the contrarian tack, voting technology beneath. decidedly in favor of efficiency* through lightness—close to 350 pounds of weight A brilliant and functional 8-inch reduction, brought about by innovation and thoughtful design. For example, the touch-screen DVD navigation system, drivetrain of the all-new Touareg features a lightweight torque-sensing mechanical standard, includes 3-D landmarks and center differential and a silky new 8-speed automatic transmission to help optimize a 60GB hard drive partitioned for your its grip on the road as well as fuel consumption*. favorite digital media.



One phrase not in the Touareg vocabulary is “base model.” The Touareg V6 is “fully equipped” from the start, offering features previously unheard of at the entry gate. For instance, Touareg V6 FSI® and TDI® Sport models get Bi-Xenon™ headlamps and LED daytime running lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, a rear-view camera system and DVD navigation, all standard. Additional standard features include an electric parking brake and remote opening and closing power tailgate. Just as the previous Touareg (and Jetta) TDI models taught North America to rethink diesel with new words like, clean, quiet and fun, the all-new Touareg TDI clean diesel model leverages the innovations of the 8-speed automatic transmission, sleek aerodynamics, engine refinements and lighter overall weight to deliver the ultimate premium diesel from Volkswagen. The Touareg TDI model makes this statement clearly. Combining the road refinement and tech-savvy of the Touareg with a supercharger and a hybrid drivetrain, the Touareg supercharged hybrid uses a 333-horsepower supercharged direct-injection gasoline engine and a 47-horsepower electric motor. This combination delivers a total of 380 hp with the performance of a powerful V8 engine and the fuel economy of a V6. It is the world’s first supercharged hybrid powertrain and Volkswagen’s first production hybrid vehicle.




For all this nimble handl i n g , l i g h t e r we i g h t a n d high efficiency, the all-new Touareg offers a robust array of safety features you would expect from Volkswagen, all based on a foundation of a sturdy body structure and occupant cell designed to optimize and maximize yo u r p ro t e c t i o n . S a f e t y features include: front, side and overhead Side-Curtain Protection® airbags with rollove r s e n s o r,** a n t i - l o c k braking system, electronic stability control, seatbelt pretensioners, whiplash-optimized headrests and backrest system, all standard. With a completely new design and an overall weight reduction, one might think towing has fallen by the wayside. To the contrary (again, in true Volkswagen fashion), the all-new Touareg Hybrid delivers an astonishing 7,700 pounds of towing c a p a c i t y.† T h a t ’ s 2 , 7 0 0 pounds more than the 2010 Acura MDX.†† Wi t h t h e ra n g e o f i n novations and craftsmanship offered in the all-new Touareg, it might be easy to assume exclusive pric i n g . Eve n here, the all-new Touareg gets the last word. The 2011 Touareg comes standard with the most important fe a t u re o f a l l : a l l - a ro u n d value to redefine premium performance in the segment. The all-new Touareg is the right SUV at the right time, with the right equipment.

Touareg supercharged hybrid: a vehicle of firsTs + Intelligent downsizing (an industry first) of engine displacement with supercharging and hybridelectric propulsion. + Start-Stop system (a Volkswagen first). The integrated start-stop system helps reduce fuel consumption,* especially in urban driving. + E-Motor (a Volkswagen first). The vehicle can operate in full electric mode up to 30 mph, which helps reduce fuel consumption in city driving. In this condition, the Touareg V6 TSI® Hybrid operates with zero emissions.

*19 city/28 highway mpg (2011 3.0L TDI clean diesel, automatic transmission). 21 city/25 highway mpg (2011 3.0L supercharged hybrid, automatic transmission). 16 city/23 highway mpg (2011 3.6L VR6, automatic transmission). EPA estimates your mileage will vary. **Airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age. Optional towing package required. With factory-installed hitch. Towing mirrors may be required, see vehicle owner’s manual for details.


2010 Acura MDX towing capacity is 5,000 lb according to

+ Coasting transmission (an industry first). As soon as the driver removes his or her foot from the gas pedal, a clutch disengages the engine from the transmission. The driver can convert this directly into improved fuel economy by coasting when possible, all accomplished safely and seamlessly.

hybrid sTaNdard eQuipTMeNT Standard V6 equiptment, plus: + Vienna leather seating surfaces + 12-way power driver and passenger seats + Panoramic sunroof + Navigation system w/ rearview camera + Heated rear seats + Heated steering wheel + Power adjustable steering column + Memory for front seats, mirrors and steering column + Park Distance Control + 19-inch alloy wheels + All-season low-resistance tires + Chrome design package + Upgraded chrome exhaust pipes




Jason Guess

Manager of Safety, Health and Wellness

Excitement, teamwork and enthusiasm abound at Volkswagen’s new plant in Chattanooga. It’s been two years since the company announced plans to build a plant in Tennessee’s “Scenic City,” and since then thousands have worked tirelessly on the design and construction of one of the most technologically advanced automotive facilities in the world. To get the inside story on some of the innovative and downright fascinating aspects of the new plant, we spoke with five professionals, experts in their own right, who are already working on-site at the plant and are witnessing its advancement firsthand.

PHoTograPHEr: Ray





marsha wood

Wellness Disability Specialist

The coLor of innovaTion If you’ve been following our coverage of the Chattanooga plant, you’ve read about some of the cutting-edge technologies in the paint shop. rich Schmidt is the Plant Engineering Manager in the paint department and is involved in new equipment, new technology and productivity improvement. There are six technologies in the paint shop that have never been used at a Volkswagen plant or anywhere in the United States, and a few have never been used anywhere in the world. They define the Chattanooga plant as one of the most advanced automotive facilities in existence. “We’re the first in the world to use E-Shuttle,® ” rich explains. E-Shuttle is a conveyor system that swings the car body into and out of the dipping bath during the paint process. “The old system required the unit to ramp into and out of the bath,” continues rich. “E-Shuttle allows the body to be put straight down, turned 360 degrees, turned straight up and conveyed to the next bath, so we’re able to reduce the tank size, which results in less water, fewer chemicals and less energy usage to keep the tank at the correct temperature.” another technological first is the EcoDryscrubber, a system used to help collect the overspray during the painting process. Paint particles attach to a limestone powder and are eventually turned into concrete for use in other applications.“We’re the first Volkswagen plant and the first oEM automotive manufacturer in the world to have this technology,” rich states. a 21-year veteran of the automotive industry, rich says, “Volkswagen is much more engineering strong” than other automakers for whom he has worked. Considering his first Volkswagen experience was painting a 1969 Beetle in shop class during high school, rich has come full circle.



wade hinton

Corporate Contract and regulatory Counsel

Taking an eco-conscious LeeD Using eco-conscious technology extends well beyond the paint shop. Tobias Schmedding, who has been with the plant since the beginning, is the assistant Manager of Environmental Protection. He and his team head up the plant’s environmental protection and energy management. “From the start, environmental protection was a major focus,” Tobias says. “Chattanooga has focused on creating a very clean city, and they’ve offered us great support in building a good environmental program at the plant.” one of the plant’s eco-conscious measures is the use of smart insulation in the walls. Made of a six-inch thick mineral rock wool panel, the insulation is fully

recyclable, includes no VoCs or CFCs and has a 40-year lifespan. Because it’s ultraefficient, the insulation offers significant heating and cooling savings up to 35%. Technologies such as these contribute to the plant’s efforts to become LEED ®certified. achieving this distinction would mean that the Chattanooga facility meets some of the highest building and performance measures, as determined by the green Building Certification Institute. “We’ll have to wait until after construction to find out our result,” Tobias explains. Volkswagen is also focused on making the plant site better than it was before. The location was formerly the site of an

explosives manufacturing facility. “We improved the creeks because they were pretty much destroyed before we took over the site,” Tobias explains. “We also improved some of the wetlands around the area.” It’s evidence of an environmental commitment inside and outside the plant.

The chaTTanooga perspecTive as a Chattanooga native and Volkswagen employee, Wade Hinton has a unique perspective on the new plant. Wade is the plant’s Corporate Contract and regulatory Counsel, which involves advising various departments on legal tobias schmeddinG matters related to corporate governance, assistant Manager of Environmental Protection contracts, construction, regulatory and other business matters. on Volkswagen moving to Chattanooga, Wade says, “This is something the community really wanted to happen for quite some time. I think it was a perfect fit, especially considering Volkswagen’s and Chattanooga’s ecoconscious initiatives.” Wade believes the excitement that rippled through the community upon Volkswagen’s plant announcement continues as people see the facility’s progress. “The amount of energy that’s been put into this plant really sets us apart,” Wade says.

rich schmidt

Plant Engineering Manager, Paint Department

a proacTive approach Jason guess has worked three plant start-ups during his career. He’s the Chattanooga plant’s Manager of Safety, Health and Wellness, and when he compares this start-up to the others, he says, “I feel more confident and comfortable in the team we have here. “Volkswagen is taking a more proactive approach and trying to prevent issues from happening,” Jason explains. “That makes our job easier and allows us to spend time in areas that our employees and the plant can benefit from.” Jason develops safety policies and procedures for employees as well as in-plant medical and wellness environment procedures. “We proactively look at how employees have to do their jobs, and we set up a way to build cars that is much more user-friendly and makes their jobs safer and more enjoyable.” For Marsha Wood, the plant’s

Wellness Disability Specialist, part of identifying effective methods for building cars in Chattanooga involved spending time in germany, where the processes were designed. “My role was to make sure these processes were ergonomically and safely set up,” Marsha explains. “That took place at a very early stage, whereas with other companies, in my experience, that would have come much later.” The plant also has a mandatory conditioning program for employees. “We’re getting employees physically prepared to do those activities required to build a car,” says Marsha. “We’re headed in a very good direction.” The plant will begin production next year and will become one of the most innovative autom o t i v e f a c i l i ties in existence as a result of its technologies and processes, and the excitement and dedication of its employees and community.






2010 Routan SE shown.

2010 Routan SE shown.

Sam and his family were packing their things, for tomorrow they would set off on a seven-hour drive to Grandmother’s house. Thanksgiving was but a few days away, and they buzzed with excitement at the thought of all that awaited them: warm hugs from family, the delicious taste of Grandmother’s cooking and playing games at the well-worn heavy wooden table that had seen generations of use.

The late-autumn sun rose the next morning and found the family busily seeing to all the last-minute details of their trip. When Sam saw all the bags he’d have to pack into the family’s Volkswagen Routan, he didn’t know how they could possibly fit. But with 83 cubic feet of storage space behind the second row alone, with the third row folded down, he was able to load all the family’s things with no problem. Sam also appreciated the convenience of the vehicle’s available rear power lift gate, which he operated with his key fob. With everyone securely fastened into the Routan, the family set off for Grandmother’s house. Taking the roads less traveled was a tradition. Who needs congested, stressful interstates when you can enjoy the pleasures of the back country? Even at a slower pace, Sam took pleasure in making the trip on just one tank of gas and rested easy knowing his Routan came standard with Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) for an added measure of safety.

Settling into the rhythm of the road, the family was making good time. Emma, Sam’s daughter, colored in a notebook with her new crayons while Abigail and Charlie, his wife and son, used the Routan’s available mobile Wi-Fi system—online holiday shopping for mom and Nintendo® DS® for Charlie, who had his gaming system plugged into one of the Routan’s 12v power outlets. With the Routan’s dual independent screens, two activities, like these, can be done at the same time. Just before entering a heavily wooded area, which the children secretly believed was haunted, the family stopped for a short break after Sam noticed the Routan’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System indicated he had a low tire. Pulling over at a service station, Sam filled the tire with air while the rest of the family stretched their legs. The children stayed close by their parents. They could see the woods just up ahead. Most of the leaves had fallen from the trees, and the uncovered branches resembled bony, outstretched arms, which the children imagined were trying to grab at them. 2010 Routan SE shown.




Before they set out on the road once more, Abigail reached into the Routan’s hidden floor storage and pulled out two DVDs for the kids. It was on long trips like this one that she and her husband were most grateful for the available dual 9-inch, roof-mounted, flat-panel displays that can each play a separate movie—so no arguing from the kids over which movie to watch. It didn’t seem long before Sam and his family spotted the two stone deer that rested at the entrance of Grandmother’s winding drive. Soon they were surrounded by the warmth and charm of Grandmother’s house, thankful for their safe journey, and for the love of family and friends.

2010 Routan SE shown.



Siriu SiriuS—think of it as German for “how to turn your y V into a vroombox” VW

Ask Your volkswAgen DeAler About A triAl subscription* to sirius sAtellite rADio. with over 130 channels, sirius brings you more of what you love. You get 100% commercial-free music from every genre, artist-dedicated channels and live performances. plus hear every nFl game and nAscAr® race, college sports, the biggest names in entertainment from Howard stern to Martha stewart, laugh-out-loud comedy, kids’ programming, news and more. And now you can add the best of XM to your sirius subscription** for even more sports, talk and entertainment. visit to extend your subscription today.

everything worth listening to is on

*Available only on SIRIUS-equipped vehicles. Routan vehicles receive a 12-month trial subscription.**Requires a small monthly fee. If you decide to continue your SIRIUS service at the end of any complimentary trial, the plan you choose will automatically renew and bill at then-current rates until you call SIRIUS to cancel. Subscriptions governed by SIRIUS Terms and Conditions at SIRIUS Radio U.S. Satellite service available only to those at least 18 years of age in the 48 contiguous U.S.A., D.C. and Puerto Rico (with coverage limitations), while Internet Radio service is available throughout the satellite service area and also in AK and HI. © 2010 SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. SIRIUS, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. and its subsidiaries. All other marks, channel names and logos are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.






Look who’s

Adjacent to the sprawling campus of Volkswagen’s legendary Wolfsburg factory lies a resplendent oasis for automobile buffs and those looking to enjoy a multi-sensory experience about mobility. The Autostadt, opened by the Volkswagen Group in June 2000, is celebrating a decade of remarkable success this year as it welcomed its 20-millionth visitor.

Earlier this year, the Autostadt marked its 10-year anniversary by featuring 300 artists from all over the world who presented more than 70 memorable shows. Adults and children visiting the Autostadt during the celebrations were entertained by walking acts, comedy, cabaret and slapstick performances as well as puppet theater, marionettes and street theater. An entirely unique form of communication between Volkswagen and its customers, the Autostadt fosters a direct, emotional relationship with the brand and the company. It accomplishes this through diverse attractions, including seven distinct pavilions dedicated to Volkswagen Group’s various brands: the ZeitHaus, a highly visited automobile m u s e u m ; a n d t h e KonzernForum, the attraction’s c o re e x h i b i t i o n , w h i c h s u p p o r t s t h e company’s ethos of safety, social responsibility, environmental awareness and quality through a variety of multimedia and interactive displays. Since its opening, approximately 80 percent of the Autostadt’s attractions have been completely renewed, ensuring it remains fresh and progressive as the world around it changes. Visitors experience diverse themes covering human mobility with exhibitions and events that introduce Volkswagen products in an inviting and informal way. While some who visit the Autostadt may not be familiar with the Volkswagen brand and its vehicles, others are at the expansive facility for a momentous occasion—the

delivery of their new vehicle. At the KundenCenter (CustomerCenter), a massive car distribution center, more than 1.5 million new cars have been handed over to owners, which equates to an average of 550 vehicles per day. Two striking glass towers house 400 vehicles each and rise above the perfectly manicured grounds of the Autostadt. Vehicles are retrieved from their position in the towers by a futuristic-looking computerized system and are then transported underground to the KundenCenter for delivery. Otto Ferdinand Wachs, Autostadt CEO, states, “The Autostadt has continued to develop from its beginnings as an innovative experiential world concentrating on mobility as its theme and has, in the course of its existence, established itself as one of Germany’s leading tourism destinations.”

June 1, 2000 | First opening of Autostadt for visitors October 2003 | The SunFuel Lab opens September 20, 2004 | CarDesign Studio opens February 17, 2005 | Ten-millionth visitor July 11, 2007 | CarTower Discovery opens November 10, 2007 | Tiguan All-terrain Track opens June 4, 2009 | Exhibition “LEVEL GREEN” opens February 25, 2010 | 20-millionth visitor July 7, 2010 | 1.5-millionth vehicle was handed over at the CustomerCenter DAS AUTO MAGAZINE





Wendy Carlson Words:

| Sean Murphy Photos:

Cruising the Charleston Coast


reliable source told us that if we

liked golf, we’d do just fine in Charleston. As we neared the city, we could see brown pelicans gliding gracefully through the sky on a steady sea breeze just above the magnificent and vast Atlantic Ocean, which unfurled an endless blue before us. South Carolina’s marshy coastline, the “low country” as it’s called, has long been a golf lover’s paradise. Poring over brochures on the area before our trip, we’d discovered that the country’s first golf course and club was in Charleston, circa 1786. It’s also where the term “green fee” originated. So, with 24 courses in and around Charleston, we set out in our Volkswagen CC for the perfect golfing getaway. Our weekend destination, Isle of Palms, was a tiny barrier island located a few miles away from Charleston Harbor. It had the lure of a beautiful coastline with the added bonus of being just minutes away from the city’s vibrant harborfront.

To reach it from Charleston, we crossed over the massive Ravenel Bridge, a graceful, white cable-stayed structure with soaring diamond-shaped towers. As we drove up and over the great span, I felt as if I was being lifted into the heavens. Which, in a way, we were. The bridge transported us from one world to another, shuttling us away from the fast pace of the city and delivering us to a more laid-back island setting. And, our sleek CC proved to be the perfect conveyance, merging sophisticated city touring with relaxed island-hopping. At the foot of the bridge, we rolled into the historic village of Mount Pleasant, which was just that. The 22-acre waterfront park has the longest fishing pier in the area, a cultural center, a playground and a naval and maritime museum. At Patriots Point Links next door, I struggled with my first stroke against the harbor breeze. In talking with the general manager, we learned the ever-shifting breeze makes playing a daily challenge on the course. That, along with the possibility of spotting an alligator, kept me on my toes with a firm grip on my five iron. The next day, we indulged our love of handmade souvenirs at a roadside stand that sold hand-woven sweet-grass baskets, an art form with origins in West Africa. Nearby, a vendor with a sweet smile cajoled us into trying boiled peanuts, which date back to the Civil War, when

The 2011 Volkswagen CC has all the practicality of a sedan with the sleek styling and dynamic drive of a coupe. Its commanding exterior design is reinforced with a low, assertive stance. Along the low-slung roofline is an available power glass panoramic tilt sunroof* that offers an open atmosphere within the CC’s luxurious interior. V-Tex or leather seating surfaces available in solid or twotone color schemes add to the highly sophisticated design. 58


Confederate soldiers boiled peanuts in brine to extend their rations. In 2006, “goobers” became the official state snack for reasons we’re still scratching our heads about. With the windows down and fresh ocean air to invigorate us, we drove over the Isle of Palms Connector, a span that rises above acres of verdant sweetgrass and offers a stunning panoramic view of the marshland. The sound of distant thunder ruled out golfing, so we opted to explore Sullivan’s Island instead. Sullivan’s, composed of mostly summer rentals and a two-block commercial avenue, is the quieter cousin of the two islands. At one end, we found Fort Moultrie, originally built as a stronghold against the British. Now open as a museum, the low-lying fortress sits on a series of sand knolls just opposite Fort Sumter in the Charleston Harbor, Powering the 2011 CC are two engine options: a 2.0-liter turbocharged and intercooled fourcylinder gasoline engine with 200 horsepower and a 3.6-liter, narrowangle VR6 gasoline engine with 280 horsepower and 4motion® all-wheel drive for exceptional traction, handling and stability.

where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. A storm was brewing and as the thunderclaps grew louder, I closed my eyes, imagining for a few brief moments what it sounded like the day those first shots rang out over the harbor. To escape the ensuing downpour, we headed to Poe’s Tavern, a convivial lunch spot located in an old beach house. While stationed at Fort Moultrie, Edgar Allan Poe penned his short story, “The Gold-Bug,” and judging by the restaurant’s décor and the crowd, the place was still making a good living off his brief sojourn. His somber visage stared down on us from a portrait hung above our table as we devoured the pub’s tasty yellow tuna tacos. Back at Isle of Palms, the place was teeming with activity. We found two golf courses (both open to the public), tennis courts, a hotel, several restaurants and other amenities. Golf carts were the de rigueur mode of transport, but with the storm over, we were anxious to take a relaxing walk along a portion of the seven miles of sandy, white beach, arguably one of the prettiest stretches of coastline outside Charleston. Our townhouse—brown- and cream-colored like the dunes—was designed in the typical Charleston style; the garage was the first floor and the living areas rose above it. After Hurricane Hugo demolished much of the Isle of Palms in 1989, revised building codes required houses to be built up, to protect them from storms. Residents also planted more than 800 palmetto trees, whose fronds sway like welcome banners along the main thoroughfare. Out front, we strolled down a long, narrow wood pier that led up and over the dunes, where we chanced upon a sea turtle nest marked by a wooden stake. I’d heard that this time of year, house lights facing the beach must be kept off at night. Even using flashlights on the beach is prohibited, because the turtles follow the light of the full moon to reach the ocean after laying their eggs. No matter, *Standard on Luxury, VR6 Sport and VR6 4motion® models




we were thrilled to find ourselves the unofficial caretakers

natives get a little restless. One night, we cruised back

of a nesting ground just beyond our doorstep.

over the bridge and found our way to Charleston’s

Judging from the activity on the beach, the shoreline

dining scene, where eating can be a gastronomic

offered no end of water activities: kayaking, kiteboarding,

adventure in regional cuisine. We sampled the delicious

surfing and sailing, to name a few. But we preferred to

she-crab soup, a cross between bisque and chowder

relax on the beach chairs, watching the surfers negotiate

made with blue crab, and a local favorite: roasted

the breakers while savoring glasses of sweet tea.

shrimp and grits. Stuffed, we barely managed to tackle

With all the natural beauty surrounding us, it was

the “Seafood a la Wando,” a wondrous medley of

a given that dinners would be al fresco on the patio

sautéed shrimp, scallops and fish deglazed with sherry,

of one of the many seafood restaurants along the

then finished with a crabmeat, mushroom and scallion

Intracoastal Waterway. There, we watched a maritime

saffron cream sauce.

parade of passing yachts, schooners, shrimp boats and an occasional school of bottlenose dolphins. Toward evening, as the island lights dim, even the

After that repast, an evening stroll was in order. We started at the intersection of Meeting and Market Streets, where a Greek Revival building housed vendors

As with all 2011 Volkswagen models, the CC includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which compares the driver’s intended course with the vehicle’s actual direction, automatically braking individual wheels and reducing engine power if a discrepancy is detected.

selling everything from Civil War memorabilia to homemade perfumes. From there, we followed Meeting Street past the dozens of galleries, cafĂŠs and shops to the historic district and wandered the narrow residential streets lined with antebellum homes so meticulously preserved I expected to find Rhett Butler, or rather an impersonator, strolling under the magnificent moss-draped oaks. We paused in front of one particularly colossal mansion, inhaling the sweet scent of flowers and sea salt wafting through the air. Time, it seemed, stood still. We could have easily lingered, but it was already dusk, and the primeval solitude of the island beckoned us. Back in the comfort of the CC, we headed back to the tiny Isle of Palms, where on the moonlit shore the turtles were making their own pilgrimage.




CUStOM Plate

Personalize your license plate. Made from aluminum with a stamped logo. Measures 20.44" x 4.38"

BlaCk Maggie Bag PUrSe Black. Superdurable recycled safety belt webbing, purple satin lining with a zippered pocket, cell phone pocket, pen pockets and key pocket. Four nickel-plated feet on the bottom. VW logo.

SMall tOte Safety-Belt PUrSe Royal and white. Recycled from surplus vehicle safety-belt material. Small tote purse measures 12" x 5.5" x 5"

62 |

Maggie Bag Wallet

A great wallet that can be used alone as a small clutch or placed in a bag. Multiple credit card pockets, a zippered center pocket and two large side pockets. VW logo.



Brown. Features faux sheepskin inner lining on a non-slip rubber sole to help keep your feet warm and toasty on the coldest of days. Imported. Suede boot outers. Ladies sizing.

gaMeDay fleeCe

Grey. 80/20 cotton/poly. Pick up this hoodie and wear it to the next big game. VW logo screen-printed.

DaS aUtO MagaZiNe




COPeNhageN JaCket

Navy. Lightweight and waterproof nylon jacket. Features racing stripes on right chest and left arm in light grey and white. Zippered side pockets. VW logo on left chest.

fOSSilÂŽ Bag laDieS SeqUiN hOODie

White. 80/20 cotton/poly 10 oz., brushed fleece with front kangaroo pocket. Ribbed knit side panels help keep this fleece in great shape wash after wash. Volkswagen logo in silver sequins.

i’M NOt a PaPer CUP

An ecoconscious alternative to disposable cups, this 10 oz. singlewalled ceramic version with a pliable silicone lid and matching silicone grip helps keep beverages hot.



Vintage-waxed canvas looks better the more you use it. Accommodates standard 15" laptop and other daily necessities. Front exterior flap pockets and side and rear slip pockets. Magnetic snap closure. Antiqued brass hardware. Measures: 16" x 5" x 12"


tO OrDer theSe aND Other WiNter iteMS gO tO drivergear.

Black/Royal. Hidden zipper compartment, perfect for your ID and keys. 50/50 acrylic/ microfleece. 8" x 64". VW embroidered logo.

lUV BUS SPeaker

Includes cable to connect to your MP3 player and USB plug for your computer. Built-in AM/ FM radio. Functional wheels, lightup headlights/ taillights and horn sounds. Also features digital clock at the rear window. 7" x 2.5" x 3"


Black/Royal. Euro-styling jacquard helmet with microfleece lining. Heavyweight 100% acrylic. One size fits most. VW logo.

DaS aUtO MagaZiNe




frONt aND rear SiDe WiND DefleCtOrS

Ski aND SNOWBOarD raCk

Securely transport four sets of skis or two snowboards. rack quickly installs on base carrier bars (required). Does not include snowboard or skis.

The front and rear side wind deflectors help reduce in-cabin wind noise and air turbulence and are customized for your Tiguan. Sold separately.

BaSe Carrier BarS

ChrOMe MirrOr CaPS

Designed to fit your specific Volkswagen model, the base carrier bars support our roof rack systems so you can easily and safely haul your gear.

Custom-fit to help protect your side mirrors. Set of two.

19" SaVaNNah allOy riMS


17" ONyx BlaCk riMS Rabbit/Jetta/GTI/GLI/Jetta SportWagen/Golf

rear hatCh SPOiler*

DOOr Sill PrOteCtOr

DUal exhaUSt tiPS

Help increase your vehicle’s rear down force with the hatch spoiler.

Help protect the sill area from scratches and damage. Set of two.

Stainless steel dual exhaust tips are corrosion-resistant.



*Item is primed, not painted. See dealer for painting costs and final pricing.

MONSter MatS These especially thick-styled rubber mats help protect vehicle carpet from spills and the elements. A positive retention clip and a nibbed back help mats stay in place.

hitCh MOUNt Bike Carrier

Holds two bikes. Fits 2" and 1 Âź" receivers. ChrOMe aCCeNt StriP

hOOD BUg DefleCtOr

Add a distinctive look while helping protect your vehicle from scratches and damage.

High-impact acrylic shield helps protect from stone chipping and bug debris. Complete with mounting hardware.

DaS aUtO MagaZiNe




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