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they will inject that enthusiasm through their respective clubs. The Division Officer Training was very well received by our new club officers of Area 55 and they are also looking forward to their year ahead. It was great to see the enthusiasm from our first time club officers and I know they have an exciting time ahead of them.



t is indeed an honour and a privilege to be the Area Governor for Area 55, Div H District 20, Abu Dhabi. I believe we have put together an experienced, eager and exciting Toastmasters team to lead us through this foundation year that will set us up to be a consistently high performing Area in the years ahead. We start the year with 23 Toastmaster clubs throughout the Division and our goal this year will be to extend our network of clubs and to consolidate the existing clubs. To give our members the

opportunity to hone their communication and leadership skills we have scheduled a number of Educational workshops throughout the year, lead by our Division Education & Training team. Clubs will be encouraged to look for every opportunity to promote their clubs and Toastmasters in general to the public, especially with the new branding this year. Our Division H is extremely enthusiastic and with guidance from our Division Governor DTM Dr. Nasef Dhafari, has put together an exciting program for our club leaders. I am sure

I am really excited about ISC Toastmasters club newsletter that has been put together by your team members under the able guidance of president TM Sunil Kottarathil. The newsletter will provide information for your prospective new members as well as a wealth of resources for your Club Officers and members. It will keep them informed about current and future events on the area & Division calendar and help us all to keep in constant communication. You all have worked extremely hard over the years to be able to make the best newsletter this year and I would like to acknowledge the pioneers, who had the foresight and belief that ISC Toastmasters under Arae55 shall once again become a president distinguished club this year. That time has arrived and we now start a new era of Toastmasters in Abu Dhabi as Area 55. What an exciting time awaits us. Please join us on this wonderful journey. ISC TOASTMASTERS  SEPTEMBER 2011 


Isc toastmasters magazine september 2011  
Isc toastmasters magazine september 2011