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Free Name Check - Singapore Company By Rikvin A company name check is essential when selecting a name for your proposed company. A thorough check will inform you of relevant legal restrictions, and allow you to work with them in the quest for the perfect name. You should perform a company name check on every likely candidate for your proposed company name during the creative process, rather than just on the name you settle on. There is nothing worse than finding out that the name you have spent days choosing has already been taken or is otherwise restricted. Check that your proposed company name is available. Ensure that the name is not a registered trade mark in relation to the goods or services you provide. Also ensure that the name is not being used by a competing business that operates in your area. Rikvin offers free Singapore Name Check Service for all businessmen who aspire to establish a business presence in Singapore. Before a company registers, its name must be ensured for its uniqueness and conformity to laws in Singapore. “The uniqueness pertains to the availability of the company name. This means no other company registered or reserved in Singapore bears a name similar to another,” Rikvin explains. If in case there are registered companies that may have disputes over similarities in name, ACRA shall make the necessary actions. It may also compel the court of law to issue a resolution. Either way, it may spell inconvenience. Rikvin’s name check service allows every businessman to submit two proposed business names for checking. The investors are also asked to provide an e-mail address so Rikvin can notify them of the result within a few hours. “The company names must also conform to laws such as for copyrights and trademarks. They must also be free from obscenities,” Rikvin continues. Upon availability and conformity of a name, investors and companies have the option to register the name or reserve it with ACRA. The reservation period is two months, which can be extended following an execution of an official request. “If the name is registered, ACRA shall send via an e-mail a notification of its approval and a Certificate of Company Name,” says Rikvin. The name of a company is important. Somehow, it can make or break a company. The name of a company can become a brand name of a certain product. Its name can have an impact on how the customers treat the product. A company name check is performed by Rikvin as an initial step to ensure that your desired/proposed company name is available for incorporation in Singapore. About the Publisher:

Rikvin has successfully helped foreign and local entrepreneurs form a Singapore company. The company provides complete corporate solutions to investors and entrepreneurs both local and abroad. Among its specializations are Singapore company registration and providing professional services relating to financing and compliance services. Rikvin assures its clients of confidence in dealing with every transaction. Its employees maintain competence and above all, Rikvin’s principles adhere to business ethics and all applicable laws. Its goal is to provide a highly personalized and professional service worthy of our clients loyalty. “Our phones are answered during business hours by specialists and not by an answering machine. We appreciate the value of your time and understand that a person cannot be replaced by technology. This is especially true when it comes to making important business decisions.� For more information, visit: Rikvin PTE LTD 20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705 Main Lines : (65) 6438 8887 Fax : (65) 6438 2436 Email : Website:

Free Name Check - Singapore Company By Rikvin  
Free Name Check - Singapore Company By Rikvin  

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